Travel Center Tycoon MODDED 2022


Travel Center Tycoon is a fresh cartoon style business simulation game.
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Ready to build the most fascinating trabel center in the world now?

Back to the gold rush times, every little west towns are built by the explorers.And nowadays we build truck stops in the nowhere and develop it to the most amazing traveling center in the world.

Welcome to Travel Center Tycoon—A unique truck stop simulation game. In this game, you start by building a gas station in the desert and after monetizing the business for some time, you can start building other facilities and finally finish your dream little truck stop center. Remember, always go big!

Unlock Unique Truck parking lots
The truck stop is designed for multiple types of trucks, so after qualifying for the upgrade criteria, players can unlock the special parking lots, for example industrial trucks and military truck parking lots.

Build Accommodation and Truck Service Facilities
Each player starts the business from operating a small gas station and expand the business through building numerous facilities, including accommodation and truck service stores. By upgrading the gas station and opening more parking lots, players can build other buildings like car wash, diner, bathroom and convenient stores.

Hire management staffs
The truck stop will continue to run when you are offline and the earnings will be stored in the vault. But if your truck station has a large daily cash flow, you might want to hire a business manager to help you operate the site.

Collecting Truck Stamps
From time to time, some special trucks will hit the road and visit the truck stop. And players can collect a unique stamp for each unique truck.

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We dedicate this game to all the truck drivers delivering our foods and goods in this epidemic times!


40 comentarios en "Travel Center Tycoon MODDED 2022"

  1. Enjoying the game so far. Has an actual IDLE game experience (push notifications are off by default, and selectable) Doesn’t hold your hand for every second of the game, which is nice. Ads are skippable. Does have a few grammatical errors and incomplete blurbs (Truck wash employee) and the ads occasionally lie about how long they are to get rewards. Solid game, but needs a couple tweaks.

  2. Jen Helbig dice:

    I find this game frustrating. It is all good for about 48 hours. Then upgrades get to costing more than your vault can hold. Once you are at that point there is nothing to do. It is also frustrating that you have to click multiple time to get a location to come up. Allow more expansion of the vault so players can continue upgrading.

  3. Chantel T dice:

    Great gameplay, timers get a little long quicky, but the biggest issue is the ads every 2 seconds. If you click away from an upgrade station, expect to watch an ad. It is honestly so bad that calling the game unplayable is a bit of an understatement. I refuse to pay for no ads until I have played a game long enough, but after two days I have watched more ads than played, and the ads are sneaky and the X’s force the app store to open if you don’t release your finger fast enough. WAY TOO MANY ADS!

  4. I enjoyed this game up to a point. I’d have to pay to go further. I don’t mind buying a full game, but this game sneaks in its pay-for-play. The max that you can upgrade your in-game wallet for free is $5.8 million but there comes a point where you’ll need to more progress further. The only way is to pay a minimum of $2.99 in real world money. I didn’t like feeling “nickel-and-dimed” especially with all the ads which you can remove for an additional $9.99. Full game experience is $29.99 + tax.

  5. It seems super fun at first, but they cap your money just beneath where you can progress, and push you to either watch ads or buy gems so you can access the rest of the game without sitting around and waiting, but you don’t only have to upgrade the vault, you have to wait even longer and spend that money to research the upgrade for the vault, then you can spend that money to wait even longer. On top of that you still get forced ads even when you’re trying to be patient

  6. Vault wont upgrade past 10, your vault is stuck at 15 mil. Then you have upgrades you can’t complete as they either require more than 15mil or higher vault levels. Very frustrating to play. To interact with any of the zones, sometimes 1 tap and your upgrading it. MOST of the time your tapping your phone 6, 8, 15 or more times to bring up the section. Zooming in on the room sometimes helps, sometimes. Restarted phone and game several times, same scenario. Other similar games play just fine.

  7. I’m enjoying the game. Hoping there are more rest areas to build after this one. One glich I found is that the system will not let me buy more than one researcher. Also, bank is only level 10 and buildings are level 11 and some upgrades are higher than level 10 bank. Game becomes fruitless at this time. Also, trucks drive into and through one another and pedestrians get run over. Disappointing.

  8. Liked it when i started it. Upgrades go smoothly. Since I have got all I could upgraded and my vault is at level 10 and holds 5.8 million. In order to finish upgrading I need to get the vault to level 11 but you need a special level of special vehicles. Until those show i can’t do the last research. Guessing this is needed to open the 11th level. For about the last 2 weeks I have been stuck.

  9. This game is UNBEATABLE! The max level for the vault is lvl 10, and many upgrades say you need the vault to lvl 11. I looked up how to do so just to make sure I wasn’t messing something up, the only thing I found was multiple versions of this game by different “Creators”. This seems to be a copy and paste game that these people didn’t even bother to do the whole thing. This was an awful experience.

  10. Stuck on the tutorial. It wants me to spend a gem on a toilet to bypass a 60 second timer. Now, unlike every other game I have ever played, the timer is paused. It’s only a minute guys. I also noticed a bug in that by closing and reopening I keep getting free gems. It keeps track of them too. I’m going to uninstall now…

  11. Game play is great, but when you get the vault to level ten you can’t get it any higher so you have things you can not complete. Wish I could finish everything, disappointing after all that work. Hopefully they will fix that problem and come with other travel centers to build.

  12. Initially the game was very fun and addicting, but then I encountered some problems. Sometimes when watching ads for extra in game money or gems the ads freeze and don’t give the rewards (not because of internet interruption or anything like that. Another reason (and the main reason for the rating) is that the game has a build and investigate mechanics in which you need builders and investigators. I bought an investigator but did not recieve it. My money went down the drain. Very dissapointed😞

  13. Honey P dice:

    Once your bank hits a level 10 you can’t upgrade it anymore making it impossible to keep going in the game. You’re only allowed to have one inspector. Which also makes it impossible to research other properties on site. I spent way more money that i should have on stars 🌟 and I still can’t upgrade my buildings because they don’t have anymore levels for your bank to hold more $$$. Don’t bother with thus game.

  14. Oversll, this is a fun game. There is an overabundence of ads, which make the game free. But thats not the case here. The ads are overabundent but yet to actually grow the game, you have to spend real money for “employees”. While I dont mind ads or ads that make it possible to build up resources, I do mind the amount of ads AND the need to spend real money. Poor game design in that regard. Will likely uninstall and find something else since I won’t put real money into a virtual game.

  15. Game seemed fine at first. Ads weren’t intrusive and were earn extra cash or hurry production. There was an option to rove ads that I was considering should I play more than just that evening. After the first session I closed it down to idle up some money. When I got back ads started to randomly inturupt play. That’s a show stopper for me.

  16. Ugh. Starts well. I hit all the ad buttons. Moving right along when all of a sudden select menu item … pop-up ad. Select a feature … pop-up ad. Select another feature … pop-up ad. I’ve already paid you by watching all the “offered” ads. And I’ll watch tomorrow’s ads. But, I’ll not sit through unwanted advertising. Thanks though.

  17. Made in app purchase and was charged but did not give me my purchase. Game is clunky and has too many features to thoroughly enjoy. No real help or support function in game. If you play do not spend money in game. Can’t spend money fast enough and when upgrading takes way too long. I know it’s an idle game but spread it out more build up to where you have all the things incorporated into it. Could be a 5 star game but needs work.

  18. Clearly a pay to play game. The timers take forever to countdown, you only get one worker and one researcher so you’re constantly stuck waiting for timers to countdown if you want to advance. I grew bored with it quickly because the entirety of the game is just wall after wall of blocking progress. Don’t even get me started on the ads, there’s not enough space in the review box to allow me to explain how annoying they are when you have to watch them every 5 seconds!

  19. Another cash grab… Seems like it would be fun but it is so ad-centric you can’t really get into it. I understand ads but this is crazy. Greed also evident by the cost of ad-free. I’ve payed 4 or even 5 dollars before for games I enjoy, but $10 is too much just to see if you could really like the game.

  20. This game is unable to be beaten, as the folks who designed it made it impossible to have enough money to fully upgrade. Things say to get a tier 11 vault, but the highest you can obtain is tier 10. I have every research complete and just need to tier up car wash 4 to tier 5, and then I will have nothing left to do in this game. Kind of sad, as I like idle games. This could have been more entertaining, instead they went and did a little bit of everything and didn’t complete the project.

  21. Great concept. Easy to navigate. Very likable game in the tycoon series. My only gripe is that the game is only letting me have one “investigator”, causing a longer time upgrading areas. The game/play store stated I already purchased this item (one investigator) but you’re allowed up to 5. Seems like a bug.

  22. Ricky Dodd dice:

    Tons of ads. Which is smart I guess for the developer, sucks for us. Then you have to wait 2 hrs, 4rs, 8hrs, etc for some things to upgrade. Luckily there’s a way to defeat the times but even learning that, towards the end, you can’t upgrade anything anyways, unless you actually buy a $2.99 pack because the vault doesn’t surpass $5M when an upgrade starts costing 6M, for example. So out of the ads, they want the more money right in there pockets on top of that. Other than that, its ok I guess.

  23. Wolfie a dice:

    Was great until it got stuck telling me to upgrade the gas station and I can’t because it was already upgraded. 🙃 It won’t work because it keeps repeating that interaction even if I close the game out and come back in later. It was a little time heavy on waits, but definitely gives enough gems if you watch ads on it to speed it along. I’ll update my review if I remember when it gets resolved.

  24. Nimble dice:

    Seems like it could be fun but the biggest problem is the time spent unlocking and building things vs the amount of money you earn is grossly disproportionate. You get on to spend 2 minutes upgrading and setting research and building starting then log off for hours while that happens just to get on another 2 minutes hours later to repeat. Also, the pop ups for ads and all the extra menus blocks so much of the screen. I just want to watch the people run around!

  25. Cute game, however, the only way to play it is to NOT to play it. You sign in once every couple hours to start construction and research, come back and upgrade it (which takes under a minute) then start construction and research again. That’s it. There’s nothing else you can do. Do yourself a favor and turn off your WiFi if you do play. You’ll spend more time watching ads that do nothing to help you, than you will playing.

  26. It starts off fun but hits a pay to play wall pretty quickly. Additionally, they mask it being a pay wall by using a countdown timer. It starts at 15 minutes and goes up dramatically. To make matters worse EVERY area has MORE of these and the only workaround is to leave the gate alone. So, I advise you to, also. Uninstalling, too much space to be forced to spend time elsewhere.

  27. Ads completely ruin this game. Also if you want to play for more than a minute, you either have to pay money or watch ads. It’s gotten to the point where I log in, start research, start an upgrade, and leave. I have so much money and nothing to do with it bc you only get one builder and one researcher. Want more? $3-$5 for EACH ONE! The greed for money in this is insufferable and it completely hurts the game. People play less when it’s pushed so much!

  28. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. What a fun game to play; right up to the point where the forced ads show up. It does not take long for this to happen. Then it is time to uninstall not worth it after that. FORCED ADS FORCE ME TO UNINSTALL. You can shear a sheep many times but skin him only once. Devs should follow the game “Adventure Capitalist” to see how to set up your revenue generating ads. Over 55 million downloads they must be doing something correct.

  29. The game and concept are fun. I don’t have a problem with ads especially if you gain something from them. Now forced ads are terrible and this game has a lot. After watching an ad for a bonus you might instantly get another ad even before you apply anything. That’s the annoying part.

  30. Honestly an alight game. It’s just obviously a cash grab. Every action you take has some sort of ad or if you pay to remove the ads. You can’t even finish the game without paying more money to upgrade anything. Game is not worth it. Once you max out one of your stations there are sub levels to be upgraded. Those levels cannot be upgraded with your maxed out vault. Basically can’t finish the game without paying more than you have already payed to remove ads. It’s an impulsive money grab.

  31. The game and concept is fun. I like when you can watch ads when you want to get stuff but I hate to have an add right after because I exit a window. One thing they should really improve is the zoom out. Its way too close to the entire area and it would be cool to see the overall from above and trucks moving and all the sections. Other than that its fun. Buying extra construction workers and scientist is wayyy too expensive. Otherwise I’d have more right away.

  32. Brian Weir dice:

    Decent game ruined by ads, after a few clicks of things your flung I to an advert and some last way more than 30 seconds and can’t be skipped. I ended up closing the game! The daily bonus wheel is pointless for same reason hit with an advert that lasts more than 30 seconds and can’t be skipped. Less ads would make this far more enjoyable for a game that could be good. Hopefully the development team actually listen to this and change it but they never do!

  33. Great at first, then disappointed. I enjoyed it in a casual way until I reached the point where the vault can’t be expanded enough to keep upgrading other facilities without paying real cash. I’m fine with slogging through a game that others can buy their way ahead in but when you absolutely can not continue the game with paying money, then I am disappointed.

  34. Pretty nice and simple game to play every now and then, but it is really slow since you have to research and build stuff (especially the vault since otherwise your money cap is too low to get more stuff), but you only have one researcher and one builder, so it takes way longer to research/build than to get the money to do it. My vault is almost permanently full, but I have to wait for a free researcher/builder – or pay

  35. Game was pretty good to begin with but when I reach the higher level depending on station I have problems. Vault won’t upgrade past level 10, stuck at 9.3 mil. Frustrating when you tap 19/20 times and can’t finished the job because it requires more money then in my vault. Some of the zones the “staff tab” is locked. Unable to add another investigator. Tech support is non-existence from TCT who never bother to respond to my email.

  36. First off. Pay someone to check your English. Secondly. Can someone please make a more realistic game like this. Something were you don’t make money from people going to the washroom. And where it doesn’t cost 10 000$ per person after upgrading. It’s just another time waster with no realism to keep you hooked. Otherwise it’s ok. Just not enough to get me interested in sticking around.

  37. Warning! This game is a Money Trap! After a new installation of the game, all research, as well as all upgraded buildings and parking slots are lost. That means you have to start all over from the beginning again, and all gems that was used for research or for the expansion of buildings and parking slots are also lost. Developer not responding to any email at all. The only chance is to ask google for their goodwill of an refund. Don’t buy anything in this game!

  38. I’ve changed my review because the problem with my purchase got fixed. My only issue not is that I’ve managed to upgrade my vault to level 10 and the max is can hold is 5.8m… but I have upgrades that cost 7m. So I don’t know how to continue from here without spending $25 on this game. Like I was ok with the little purchases because I always do that sorta thing but $25 just so I can continue playing is really steep.

  39. Dan Baker dice:

    The game is enjoyable at the start, upgrades are done nice and quick, you can really build money up but then when you start to get bigger it gets less enjoyable. Starts taking hours to build or research then you can’t do nothing you come to a halt until that’s done and then you move to a different game. It would be preferred if you can buy builders with in-game money instead of your own money that way you can keep moving on and playing the game.

  40. Absolute trash game. 1 builder 1 researcher and you have to buy more if you want them… Ok can live with that. Upgrade vault to max.. Can’t hold enough for upgrades go to the staff area of the vault where you need to use stars and max that out… Still can’t afford all the upgrades. They literally want you to drop money non stop into a game that’s basic at best. Just don’t waste your time on it. Can’t stand greedy developers

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