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Superior Route Planning and Mapping for Pro Drivers, Couriers and Fleets
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Create reliable multi-destination routes RoadWarrior Route Planner. Designed for drivers, couriers and traveling professionals, RoadWarrior gives you a customized route based on real-time road traffic, client availability, and your own busy schedule. Last mile drivers and dispatchers can optimize hundreds of stops, customize routes and sync between web and mobile experiences.

Road-tested since 2013 and recently partnered with MapQuest to leverage tremendous capabilities in terms of maps, mapping, routing, fleet management, driving directions and logistics planning. Join thousands of drivers who save time, money and gas by relying on RoadWarrior Route Planner’s best-in-class optimization and driver-first design.

Who can save time with RoadWarrior trip planner?
Professional couriers and delivery drivers: Drivers for Fedex, UPS, OnTrac, DPD, Amazon, logistics managers and many more!
– Flower and gift delivery
– Insurance agents
– Fleet managers and dispatchers
– Sales reps
– Pharmaceutical sales
– Landscapers
– Realtors
– Food delivery
– Logistics workers
– Motorcycle enthusiasts, motorcycle routes
– Groups planning a roadtrip
– Local running groups

Download RoadWarrior Delivery Route Planner router now to get started with fast, gas-saving routes. Fleet managers can pair this app with the RoadWarrior Flex web product to manage multiple drivers.

RoadWarrior trip planner Features
– Plan delivery routes with multiple destinations
– Optimize your routes for fast, gas-saving routing
– Navigate using your favorite navigation app such as Waze, HERE Maps, and more to get driving directions
– Upload addresses in bulk via RoadWarrior’s quick upload tool
– Even faster address and manifest file upload for FedEx and OnTrac drivers
– Drag and drop your stops to adjust your route in seconds
– Add availability time windows in the route tracker to arrive at locations during open hours
– Track your progress by checking into locations
– Send ETAs to clients on your route with Glympse integration
– Search for addresses from the web, your contacts or simply click on the map

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What RoadWarriors Are Saying…

“Lifesaver! Increased my number of deliveries by 40%”

“Off the chain… as a Fedex Ground Contractor, this helps TREMENDOUSLY!”

“Best delivery route planner hands down!”

Route Tracker For Pro Drivers
The RoadWarrior Pro Route Planner upgrade unlocks premium features and increased capacity for optimization and smooth navigation. All the tools and reporting you need for logistics and last mile planning and reporting.

RoadWarrior Pro is available as two auto-renewable subscriptions:
1) $10 USD per month
2) $100 USD per year

Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your Google account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can cancel your renewal at any time on this Google Play Store page.

We’ve Got Your Back
RoadWarrior requires Google Maps and Google Play to be installed and up to date. Navigate using your favorite navigation app such as Waze, HERE Maps, and more to get driving directions. Learn more about RoadWarrior Route Planner at:

If you encounter any issues or questions, please reach our friendly RoadWarrior customer support team here: [email protected]

For the Geeks (TSP)
RoadWarrior solves one of the most complex challenges known to computer science, the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP, TSPTW). RoadWarrior elegantly solves the TSP with a custom genetic algorithm for the professional driver/courier. Large transportation and courier companies (FedEx, UPS) have used this type of logistics productivity software for decades to optimize routes for high levels of efficiency. RoadWarrior makes this powerful TSP software available to Android drivers.

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42 comentarios en "RoadWarrior Route Planner MODDED 2022"

  1. Jacob Bond dice:

    Loved the app and its feature set before the newest update. The new “here” map that has replaced the old “google” map has made this app feel like I’m trying to use a 10 year old phone on the daily. Has made my work life significantly harder. I work for a large scale delivery company where time matters. The new “here” map has easily added 1+ hours to me and my teams day. Will be soon switching to a different service. Reached out to support and they stated they are unable to offer a switch.

  2. I’ve been using this app since February and it has been terrific! I loved this app, it made my day more productive and efficient. Then last week they “upgraded” the app and switched to HERE. Since that change this app is unusable. It won’t connect at all. I enter all of my addresses and wait for it to load. And wait… and wait.. until it tells me it can’t connect and shuts down. I contacted support and was told to log out and log back in. That is their solution? That obviously doesn’t work.

  3. Been using this app for about a year and it was AMAZING. Now, since the new update… The optimization for the stops do not work. Having the exact same issue everyone else is having. Support just tells you to reinstall the app and it still doesn’t work. I need a route app for work so it looks like I’m unsubscribing and uninstalling.

  4. This app was the best one until the most recent update. The location lags by 10 seconds so if you’re going 25mph trying to find an address (with cars trailing behind you), by the time the map refreshes, you already passed it! Highly suggest turning off auto-update since it seems like RoadWarrior gets worse with each update! Why do they keep breaking something that already works? 😡🤬

  5. I’ve been using this app for my day to day route planning as a pest control technician for 2-3 years, it was Great and I highly praised it to my co-workers. With this new HERE map integration how ever, it’s extremely buggy and take well past 3 minutes to calculate routes then says to check my connection even though I’m on wifi! For the love of all that is holy don’t try to fix things that aren’t broken! Instead, make it so that pro users can login on multiple devices!

  6. It use to be better. It use to be easy and quick to add stops then optimize your route but now it’s such a pain and takes more steps than before and than are needed. The app constantly logs me out, even while in the middle of using it. If I hadn’t already paid a full year subscription I’d look for a different app. I’m not a fan of the monthly subscription based apps. What happen to being able to buy an app once and be done with paying?

  7. I loved using this app for the 4 years I’ve used it as a pest control technician, I would always recommend using this app to the new hires and trainees. BUT with this new Here map this app has gone completely down hill for me. It won’t let me select stops from the map and it takes forever to load now. I’m highly disappointed that this great app messed up with an apparent upgrade.

  8. works great. easy to use. Since the price of the app doubled, the functionality of the app should double. Each stop should be prioritized(or grouped) so stops that are in the future can be on the map without being routed. Additionally, I shouldn’t have to re enter my password everything you reset the app after you fix something.

  9. This app is easy to use. On my route in Colorado I often lose service in the mountains. I can find my way back following the map provided. It shows where you are and follows you as you drive. It’s simple to see you’ve taken a wrong turn. The app keeps track of your route and guides you to the next stop or until you’re reconnected to the internet. This app has saved me hours and money. It makes the route simple and efficient

  10. I’m able to provide very accurate ETAs over a large area on different daily routes over 1 and 2 month cycles. This has been very advantageous in terms of new customer acquisition as well as customer retention. To be exactly at the beginning of a 2-hour arrival window with a new customer makes a very good impression when trying to secure a contract where money will change hands over and over. This app makes me look great.

  11. I love this app. I have successfully been using the app for over two years now. It’s one of the best out there for routing. I do approximately 30 stops a day, but sometimes have need to route over 100. This app does it all. I love the color coordination for different stop types. The web based report stats have helped tremendously. The ONLY thing I wish it would do, would be to recenter the map with the stops. Once I’ve zoomed in, I have to move it back in place to show the route. Make automatic!

  12. Very useful app. I can make routes fairly quickly based on speed or distance. The only improvements I can suggest would be the ability to port nine stops at a time into google maps. As of right now, to my knowledge, it only does one-at-a-time and you have to go back into RoadWarrior to check-in. Google Maps can have up to nine stops at once. Also if traveling between multiple zip codes, the ability to focus on one area at-a-time.

  13. The app does its function. It’s really annoying that you can’t modify your routes on a desktop. You have to reload your entire route and then look at it on your phone. For instance, I would really like to be able to upload all my data, select a specific area, and then make that my route. Sometimes the navigate feature takes me to the general street, not the specific address. That could be a Google maps issue, but it’s super annoying nonetheless. For sure this is the cheapest route mapping app

  14. Every few months they like to take features away and try to jack up the price. Do not go for the paid version it is not worth it.. you say this is your first price increase that is an absolute lie. First you took away the ability to use multiple devices and wanted us to update our subscription with a higher price then you came out with this last price change. Stop lying! When you remove features and want more money for those features that is a price change. LIERS

  15. Great app! Does exactly what it says. I have been using the app for months now with rare problems. Only problems are, you can’t open the app on more than one device and you need to review your “Optimized” route to make sure it makes sense. Optimize does a pretty good job but doesn’t consider the time places close or you may end up passing a stop just to come back to it later. Sometimes it makes sense, other times I wish I reviewed the “optimized” route and edited it.

  16. Good at optimizing routes for multiple addresses. It has been fairly inaccurate with certain locations. It will get you close to where your going, but you might have to check the house numbers to make sure you aren’t a few homes away. It is kind of expensive considering it just gets to close to the location instead of directly to the location like a GPS app will do.

  17. At first the app runs excellent, I even bought the premium subscription. 2 things have been big issues though, one is that the app quit displaying which side of the street the address is on (which really sucks when you drive a big pesticides truck that is difficult and risky to turn around in people’s driveways with tight, narrow roads, and I need all destinations to the right of the truck for equip.) The other major issue is that once I click “Navigate” on R.W. it brings me to maps like always, but the actual destination on google maps is mixed up and not the correct address that was put on the R.W. app. Same thing happened with the “Circuit” app. If I could upload screenshots on this review I definitely would. But I cannot explain the frustration this has cost me, I used to love this app but it seems to deteriorate in proper programming. I am now stuck with this subscription and am having to constantly change the screwed up addresses to get through my 45 stop days… it seems this now is only useful to display my routes.

  18. Couldn’t do what I do the way I do it without RoadWarrior. I wish I could upload routes with more than 120 stops, but the average user wouldn’t need more than 120 per route. This app helps me optimize my trips, which gets me back home faster. RW even helps me see my travel path when I don’t have cell service – which is a huge help as I often travel through remote areas. This app is an indispensable, productivity-boosting tool that will help get you where you’re going and back.

  19. Awesome, works like a charm! I use this app for my Saturday route (I’m FedEx) because it’s very spread out and changes every time. I plug in the stops, hit optimize and the app does the rest. It sets you up for the fastest and most efficient routing possible. If you have certain time commits then you need to keep an eye on that, you can jump around and do stops out of order and then hit optimize again and it redoes it from ur current point. Really, really like this app!!

  20. This app was OK for awhile. Then they made changes so that going into maps requires more key strokes to start navigation instead of going straight into navigation like it used to. The new search mode to find destinations adds more key strokes and is just more cumbersome. And now I can’t be logged into my tablet and phone at the same time making the app even more cumbersome to use. I’m canceling my subscription and going somewhere else.

  21. The algorithm that is used seems to keep changing between updates. And to be honest it feels like it’s getting worse. That’s has been multiple times I organized the route and saved myself over an hour. That is a lot of time I would have wasted had I trusted your app. I have been using this app for about 3 years now and I may have to switch if things don’t start progressing into a more positive direction soon. Other then all that app seems to work fine.

  22. This is amazing! I just started a new job delivering equipment and this app is a life saver. Super simple to use, never disappoints, and it puts all my stops in the best order. I love how the customization works with color coding stops, moving them in different orders. It basically makes the hardest part of my job the best part. I’d say a absolute must have for mutli route driving. Thank you devs!

  23. Been using this app since September 2018. As a help route, I make 20 to 80+ delivery stops per day for various routes. Locations constantly change from day to day. This app has been a lifesaver. It pinpoints addresses ensuring I get the job done without much, if any, confusion. (Some rural folks don’t like to post their house numbers for whatever reason, but they want their packages. ) One improvement I’d like to see; the ability to scan addresses into the app.

  24. Been using it off and on for years. Round trip and variable visit times makes things very accurate. Being able to favorite locations, add notes, and edit open/close times are super helpful. Only issue I had was user error. Editing a pin on a route apparently DOES NOT save to that pins favorite and will reset when making a new route. You need the view favorite to edit and save. Caused me a few errors and a bit of lost time but all is good. Other than that iv never had issue and it’s a great tool.

  25. It does not do the correct sequence when you optimize all the numbers and houses are out of order. Then when it does not do correctly you have to re load all you stops . I guess that’s ok if you have time to waist. I have emailed the company at least 6 times in 15 days and every answer they have is the app is not capable of (ex. ) When you are finished with the route you can not just reload and start again you have to re enter a new route and retype all the addresses or put it on a spread sheet and redown load. We are now looking for a new app if any body knows a good route finder with multiple address. Put it out there for us.

  26. the app is very helpful, as a courier for a large company. i use it everyday at work for my deliveries, it organizes all my stops in order for me easily. i purchased the pro version for more stops and it saves me time and headache. would give 5 stars but the accuracy of the locations is a little off and needs small adjusting sometimes, but i can find the exact location on maps, even though they sort of work together.

  27. This app really does give you a great way to manage your time and route! I would give 5 stars, yet it does cost 10 bucks a month to “upgrade”. Even with the upgrade its still limited as far as the stops you’re able to input. I feel it should be more than 130 stops you can input. Especially if you’re paying for the use of the app! If this changes, i’ll make it 5 stars!

  28. Ive been using this app for a couple of years and it’s just gotten better over time. I use it professionally in my job as a courier and have found no other multi stop routing app that that comes close to matching this one on how well it works, and ive tried them all. Any app can be improved, and I’d love better accuracy for plotting stops in rural areas (which im sure is an issue with the map source and all maps suck for my rural area), and id love the ability to export favorites. Great app!

  29. Better than any other map app I use; however definitely not perfect. I am using this app now and then, but I’ve noticed that this app makes you make alot of u-turns even on major roads because apparently the app doesn’t remember the last stop or which way you are facing. 95% of the time when you optimize the route every stop is on the left hand side. When you navigate to the next stop it always defaults as if you were walking to each stop. Great app otherwise

  30. As promised, I’ve had the opportunity to test out the app, and have changed my rating since the first review (from a 1 to 4). Being very skeptical at first, I’ve actually had time to use the app in multiple applications, especially since I was just assigned a new route, being an unfamiliar one. My route works great with the app, and has become a very handy tool indeed. However my route is fairly straightforward. I’m still withholding one star due to the increase, where I have had to unsubscribe.

  31. I’ve been using this app for several years and have put up with a 100% price increase, and some head scratching routing (having 2 addresses that are next to each other but the app having another address in between them,ect.) Now today, and this has happened before, the app cannot load/ find addresses and tells me to check my connection. Full bars on 4G. It’s not the network. Final straw is after trying everything else, I tried to Uninstall and reinstall the app. Now it won’t even load.

  32. I work 4 UPS & use the app on Saturdays when we have between 15 stops & are scattered everywhere. While some people are running all over the place, I’m finishing extremely quick. If there was a way to take a picture of all the addresses from the manifest they give us & have the app add the addresses, this app would be amazing! Very annoying how it skips addresses on the road I’m on, this app needs a ton of work!

  33. G Gomez dice:

    Works well if you work for UPS, FedEx. Wish it had the bar code scanner featured in another app so I wouldn’t have to manually enter addresses. I’ve been subscribed for a few weeks now and notice I’ll geg logged off lately at random and have to renter my account info. Not sure if this is only an Android problem when switching through apps back to RW. Giving it a try for at least a month to see how it pans out. Will update after.

  34. Im daily user of this app. I landed on it upon trying every single other routing available in the play store. Everything worked flawless for a while (last 8 months or so) with the exception of a bug that takes me to a “close enough” location every now and then. When i press the navigate button it sends me to an adress thats somewhat close to my destination, i.e. across the street. Lol. This morning app died and i got in touch with developers who fixed in a matter of hours. Not bad….

  35. I enjoy using this app it really dose help make me a more productive and efficient driver. My only two complaints are that the u/I could be more fluid and that there doesn’t seem to be a option to reactivate a allready completed route. I go through the same routes about every week and would really like it if I dident need to reactivate every stop individually. A option on the multi stops actions screen to activate/ deactivate individual and groups of stops would be vary vary helpful.

  36. Great app for optimizing driving routes. My only complaint (more of a suggestion) is that it could be easier to use a ‘search’ function when in list mode. I accidentally added a few stops on a different route and being able to search would have made it easier to delete them.

  37. At first I did not like the app, but after learning the little quirks and getting used to the functions, I can’t work without it. I love the fact that it makes every effort to have stops and turns on the right side instead of left. Most routing apps out there don’t do that. The only thing I wish was that it had an option of it’s own navigation instead of Google Maps. Keep up the good work! And yes, I crush my routes now thanks to Road Warrior.

  38. Chris Cox dice:

    Overall the app is okay, but the schedule function is broken. You can set a schedule for a stop, but when you optimize the route, it will just ignore the schedules. It shows a warning, but there’s no way to fix it other than manually reordering. Support is responsive, but after going back and forth half a dozen times following all their suggestions the problem isn’t fixed. Imo that’s unacceptable for such an expensive subscription. I can’t recommend this app if you need working stop schedules.

  39. This was a solid app for plotting a large numbers of stops, however the new $10/mo fee is ridiculous for this type of app. Just looking at the reviews has to make the devs realize that. It’s useful, but there simply isn’t $120/yr worth of features in it, just greed. I was hesitant to keep paying the $5/mo because the optimization is mediocre most of the time, not factoring in what sides of the road stops are on so I’m often spending time fixing the optimized route it creates. Uses Google Maps. Confused how the “provider map costs increased 10x”?? It uses Google maps.

  40. jeanie t dice:

    A huge help! I’m a home health worker and this app is a lifesaver. I can schedule patients by geographical area and predict my entire day. Lots of customizations that are very useful. I couldn’t be as productive as I am without this app. I minused 1 star because navigation takes you to a coordinate, which sometimes is not the exact address you want. This is easily fixable by typing in the address manually when you use Navigate. Not a deal breaker. Excellent app. *added a star, fixed navigation

  41. Pretty good at routing but most times I change it so I wish I could move the pins around in the MAP view. It’s also not very good at transferring an address to Google Maps for navigation. Instead of 123 Main St, I will get 120 – 200 Main Street when I get close. It’s still worth it to visualize and manage big routes.

  42. Capitalism kills another great thing, sigh. I’ve been using the route planner on the website or this app for work for years. The latest update switched from Google Maps and now the website and app are absolute trash and literally do nothing correctly. I’m assuming Mapquest switched maps because felt they could save money, but now they’ll lose a ton of money from subscriber losses. Terrible business choice from every angle.

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