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Pay and get paid. Send money, exchange currency or invest in stocks with ease.
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Easy money management, all in one app. Manage your budget, spend, save, exchange and send money, use your card online and in-store, at home and abroad, with no hidden fees. Open an account today, and join the 20M+ customers using one app to manage all things money.

Pay and get paid in seconds
– Make easy, instant and free payments to other Revolut users in 30+ currencies
– Split and settle bills in one place
– Send and request money with just a few taps and more. Make moving money, easy

Easy global transfers
– Send money abroad within minutes
– Spend like a local with excellent exchange rates
– Get 10 zero fee international transfers a month

Get a card you control
– Keep track of your money with notifications whenever you spend
– Stay in control of your card’s security with our Freeze feature
– Generate single-use virtual cards, set spending limits, and more – all from the palm of your hand

Go from cash to crypto without fees up to $200,000 a month (Capital at risk)
– Trade crypto by buying, selling and sending Bitcoin, Ethereum and other tokens with 30+ currencies. No hidden fees.
Cryptocurrency services provided by Apex Crypto LLC, NMLS ID 1828849. Not FDIC or SIPC Insured. May Lose Value

Get paid up to 2 days earlier
– Get paid by direct deposit to your Revolut account to be eligible to receive your funds up to two days early

Start trading by investing in stocks from global companies with commission-free trades.
– Access the stock market from the palm of your hand.

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Brokerage products and services are provided by Revolut Securities, Inc., member SIPC. Investing in stocks can be volatile and involves risk, including loss of principal. Consider your individual circumstances prior to investing.

Brokerage Products: • Not FDIC Insured • No Bank Guarantee • May Lose Value.

Get more from your money with our Paid Plans
– With exclusive cards, better benefits, and more, there’s something for everyone in Revolut’s plans Pick the plan that’s right for you: Premium or Metal

Eat, shop, and pay less
– Get cashback and exclusive discounts on your favorite brands, restaurants and hotels
– Revolut helps you easily discover and pay for the things that matter to you most

Never overspend again
– Take control of your money with smart budgeting and analytics tools
– Set limits that help you stick to your budget and get notified when you’ve nearly reached them

Maximize your money
– Reach your financial goals faster with Savings Vault.
– Set money aside with spare change roundups and get up to 1.2% annual interest, paid monthly
Annual percentage yield is a variable rate and subject to change. Savings Vault services provided by Sutton Bank, Member FDIC

Join our 20M+ customers and check all the reasons why they love Revolut. Download it now!

See Terms & Conditions for details. Revolut is a financial technology company. Banking services provided by Metropolitan Commercial Bank (Member FDIC)


Welcome to a better Revolut.
We've been working our socks off making improvements to ensure this latest version of the app is the best one yet, so it's easier than ever for you to get more from your money.


40 comentarios en "Revolut: Spend, Save, Trade MODDED 2022"

  1. Couldn’t ask for better customer service . Easy to use app. I was able to receive a virtual card as soon as I was verified. So no waiting, unable to use my account. They had my plastic one to me within that week. I had never used this type of financial app before they made it very comfortable & easy to ask questions and to figure out things and my 1st transaction was fast. So far so great.

  2. Sam Mort dice:

    The app is ok. I like setting up vaults easily and being able to add people. The banking sucks. Transactions fail more than they go through even with funds clearly available. Local or international. Small purchases or large. Just tired of always having to play the transfer game, back to my old bank to actually pay anything. I can’t find anyway to contact support or get help either.

  3. I really enjoy Revolut! It has so many cool features, like creating multiple virtual cards to use for paying specific things (i.e. subscriptions like Netflix, etc, or one for bills, another for shopping, etc). The Revolut debit card is also really cool and the fancier ones are even cooler being actual metal cards in different colors. The app is super easy to use and navigate and has tons of awesome features as well. I really enjoy using Revolut and highly recommend it to everyone!

  4. This app is nowhere near as good as it was. I used to be able to track currency rates and set up exchanges when a currency reached a certain value. This has gone and been replaced with a counter intuitive exchange process that led to me exchanging in the wrong direction. Really not happy and thinking of switching to something better. UPDATE – tried several chats with Support but they don’t take on board what the issues are. I give up!!

  5. Bazzasurf1 dice:

    Time for an update: been with revolut for about 5 years. App is finally improving after so many years of worsening. Although still very non-intuitive I know my way around. At least it’s not trying to sell me 10% off pret a manger or some other bs I never use. I wish it would be easier to swap currencies, or I mean to say; to find the place where I should swap currencies. But good work finally. A step in the right direct after so many years of appalling updates.

  6. Top up with Gpay is buggy. After paying with Gpay, the screen will refresh the gpay screen (as if the first payment didn’t push through) So I confirmed again, only to find out after the 2nd transaction that I topped up twice! Good thing it was not a big amount, but imagine if it was. Serious big. Be careful, just double check your balance before confirming top up again. I hope revolut fixes this. This bug happened to me twice.

  7. Great fintech outfit. Use it all the time in Asia and transfer between GBP, EUR, USD and regional currencies. The Vault saving mechanism and spare change multiple means you save money without knowing it! However the original free solid plastic debit card is much more robust then the paid for Premium card, which looked good initially but began to peel and look awful within a month. Likely built in obsolescence to force you to upgrade again to the top end Metal card.

  8. run ner dice:

    Great app. Last star would need two things : – more intuitive way to find friends’ reimbursement approvals. I’m always having a hard time finding them. Actually, there should be a clickable notification inside the app redirecting you to them. As they have an expiration date, and aren’t very noticeable, one could easily ignore they are present and let them expire 🙁 – a clarification about adding new accounts from the main screen, as this could be easily confused with adding external accounts

  9. J B Barley dice:

    The app became a mishmash of products and the UI difficult to navigate. It needs a complete overhaul, redesign. Go back to the roots. Look at the original App. Split out (bury) product not related to transactional banking. Stop blasting us with music when you want us to read about new products. Take a look at the WISE app as an example of a clean interface, which is super easy to navigate. This review is NOT about the *product* itself but even that seems to be losing its way…

  10. I installed this app and created this account because I needed to pay for something today, and it had to be through Revolut. I added money to the account through the app, but the money never showed in the account, even though it shows as a successful transfer from my bank. I tried to contact support multiple times, but the chatbot is broken, it takes minutes for it to open ( if it opens at all), and when it does, as soon as I send a message I get an error and nothing is sent Unacceptable!

  11. Very good app. Makes splitting a bill so much easier! But be careful of falling for their campaign of getting money for every person you add. There’s a very strict criteria that you have to do in a quick time frame so you don’t really end up getting the cash.. that being said the app is still really good!

  12. Good banking app, it offers a lot of free basic functionalities. As for the plans, i won’t buy them because you have to sign it for the whole year, if it was monthly maybe I’d buy. Also the vaults make no sense, there should be some way to invest it while the money is there. There should also be a basic interest just by leaving the money there.

  13. Very happy with the UI/UX and all the flexibility offered. Drop-down menu for different currencies was a nice improvement. Only downside is the commission fee on cash withdrawal and not recently also on top-ups above a certain monthly threshold… but you can’t have everything. Edit – less happy with the UX: counterintuitive to set a threshold for currency exchange, auto top-up doesn’t work

  14. Great app. Love using it. It’s easy to transfer money to friends and split bills or I have used it to creat group vaults for planned holidays. Only ever have one issue. Pretty sure it’s my phone being slow. When I try to add money sometimes it doesn’t work. I just close the app and wait a few minutes and try again and it works. Other then that I love the app.

  15. Revolut worked well for me until recently: when creating a beneficiary account I can fill out the IBAN, but not the BIC/SWIFT, because it fills out automatically, but wrongly. When I want to transfer to this account, the app says invalid BIC/SWIFT info so the transfer cannot even start. I’ve talked with chat support, they said this is a known issue that has to be fixed. It’s getting annoying, because if you could just manually enter the correct BIC/SWIFT the transfers would work.

  16. None None dice:

    Really confusing app with widgets everywhere without the ability to hide them for good… it could be much lighter, elegant and efficient, however, they are going in the opposite direction, I can’t wait to logout every time I open it! It doesn’t event show all the top-ups in one place (the only workaround is scrolling through 100s transaction)!

  17. Whenever I first go to download tge app, it asks me to enter in my details when I sign up. I do that then it asks me if I want to allow contacts, no matter if I click allow or no, it always has an error message that tells me something is wrong come back later, even if i try again or re install the app, I can’t get past that page either, you have to answer it and it’s broken.

  18. While the Revolut service is really good, the app has become very slow since the last UI revamp. Each tab is simply making too many network calls, which makes everything slow down dramatically. This is on a flagship device (Samsung S22 Ultra), on WiFi6 and a 1Gbps fibre connection, so it’s not the hardware or the network, the app is just slow the way it’s been designed.

  19. Marky Boy dice:

    Please could you make it so that the account labels you assign yourself actually show on the transfer page and/or transactions history which would make it easier to transfer in the future. I have about 3 accounts which all just say my full name despite the fact that I have labelled them. Also there is a bug whereby the very bottom account in list of accounts to transfer to is hidden by the Android navigation bar. Will award 1½ stars if those issues are rectified/improved. As-is, it’s 3½ 🌟👍

  20. Leo Dujić dice:

    Before few years when I started using it Revolut was very good option, but now they charge you with many “hidden” fees. I will look for another alternative app for virtual bank account. One example: All the time you are getting notifications about one month free Premium account upgrade, after one month if you want to downgrade back to Standard you get charged (close to 15€) for terminating your Premium account. I my case, I didn’t need Premium, I accepted it by mistake.

  21. At first I had problem with not responding fast enough – little while ago with previous problem. The second time(now) I had problems with the Smartdelay. My flight was delayed and I couldn’t get my free lounge pass. The help in the app was bad – the bot wasn’t really helpful. I wrote the review and I got the help of live agent Faraz who was really helpful. He managed my situation and I am happy how he handled the problem. For me bot is bad and can never replace live agents.

  22. They couldn’t verify my identity so they just blocked me. I tried on 10 separate occasions with both ID card and passport and verification failed each time. Eventually they just deactivated my account and now it won’t let me create a new account with either my phone number of my email address. Verification is done automatically and all it says is “we can’t use this document” without giving any reason why.

  23. Deedee Iv dice:

    I love how advanced the bank app is! You can easily have multiple currencies in one card and the rate of exchange is very good and competitive. The app has great analytics on how you spend and you can set up a spend targets, etc. The downside is that you ate limited to 3 free cash withdrawals per month, if more than 3 you get charged I believe. As well, there is no physical bank offices. However, overall – so far, great experience and a happy user! 🙂

  24. So far best UI/UX among all similar app that i used! Appreciate the smooth experience. I would like to get an option to decrease the different options/functionality of the home page as I feel sometimes having so many options can be confusing. Or being configurable home page would be an option

  25. Tried to create a new Revolut account but the verification process decliened my driver license photos. After taking new photos, my account got closed without telling me the reason. Support is no help at all. Revolut seems to have serious problems with their system and isn’t willing to fix them or provide support. FYI, I have a clean criminal track record. I also never had any problems with any other bank. Edit: Thanks for the useless reply. As I said the support is NO help. I tried!

  26. Works very well overall. Only two issues I would highlight. Revolut cannot transfer your UK Direct debits automatically from your UK bank account. It must all be done manually which makes a complete switch from a “normal” UK bank account more time consuming and involved. Also the deposit rates in vault, which were competitive before interest rates started rising globally, are no longer as competitive and furthermore they take a long time to reprice upwards after each government rate rise.

  27. The app works great. Have used it successfully for international transfers. The customer care is also available on chat and is responsive. Keep up the good work ! The only con with revolut is that the revolut website does not have all the features available in the app. Edit: Reduced one star for 3DS failure. Everything except revolut works fine with 3DS.

  28. Been using revolut for about 6 months. So far pretty good. The service seems reliable. I havd had only one issue so far and it was resolved via online using the app chat. I have a few of these banking apps and revolut is perhaps a little better than the others, that’s not a criticism as the other ones are pretty good. If I were to make a suggestion it would be to make the app interface more customisable, as it tends to have a few items that don’t really need to be there.

  29. It’s a great app but there’s a few things I’d like to see them add. First, they don’t ask for your middle name, which I should have added because now my card doesn’t show my full name. I have seen other people have this problem as well. And to add a middle name you have to contact support which can be a hassle. Second, when you upgrade your plan, they don’t ask for a confirmation. So if you misclick, you have to ask for a refund which a is instantaneous but it should ask confirmation.

  30. Started using it for a week now. Just can’t find any fault in it, so far. I enjoy using it. Can’t wait for my next travel to try it out. It’s been a year now and the automatic top up and countless other features has been amazing! Edit: Been over 8 months since I started using it and I find it as helpful as it’s ever been. Edit: It has been around 4 years since I’ve been using this app and I truly am a big fan. Keep up the great job, Revolut Team!

  31. balazs909 dice:

    The app and the service is really good. Some services which would take banks personal attendance and days to take care of can be managed with a few taps on this app(like ordering/freezing cards). Also there are numerous other benefits even for free users which are great, like free transfers and exchanging currency without additional charges. I hope they can keep it going in the long run.

  32. Unable to create an account based in South Africa. When selecting a location option and proceeding with “sign up securely” an error message appears and I am unable to continue with creating an account. Deleting the application and reinstalling works to no avail and clearing the cache is also useless. If I can’t even create an account, it renders this application completely futile. If I could rate negative stars, I would. Find another application to use instead.

  33. If you use it for currency exchange at some point they will ask for source of funds and will keep asking for more documents without reading your messages. It also takes forever, even with Metal. By default they sell you data to marketing companies (turn off in settings), so maybe requesting more documents than needed does make sense for business. Only thing I don’t like it. I don’t feel safe for my money. Revolut got even less trust now. Use it only with small amounts to spend abroad.

  34. Naz 1234 dice:

    Please update the app to allow the customer to determine timeout settings. Everytime I leave the app I am forced to re-enter passcode or biometrics, there should be an option where we can determine how long before we need to re-enter passcode/biometrics etc. This is a nightmare when trying to copy/paste account nos etc it can be problematic especially when it’s time critical in some situations. Updated Review – thanks for quickly fixing this issue, that was really fast and works perfectly.

  35. Been using it for budgeting since it automatically categorises purchases and has a budgeting feature. Also easy use overseas. My only complaint, however, is how sensitive it is on some purchases. It thinks a lot of stuff is fraud when it isn’t, which can be really annoying.

  36. The app is ok, not altogether intuitive. The user support is via online messaging only a nd they send you round in circles. I have an outstanding issue with them a couple of weeks old and I don’t think their support people even understand the problem yet. Their responses suggest they have only half-read the case history.

  37. Girlfriend sent me money to send to her other account as she was locked out for the time being. Payment showed as pending. Took 12 hours for support to reply then when they did I had to show a picture of myself and what the transaction was for, still wasn’t good enough and they tried to decline the transaction still. Premium is also a scam, they tell you it’s monthly but when you cancel it you have to pay an early termination fee. Useless bank.

  38. Techno Don dice:

    The app works great, it’s fast, very stable and the exchange rates are good. The problem is customer service, their are polite and efficient but are unable to really help and give you any information except some stardardized replies with meanings such as ‘everytihng is ok’, ‘just wait’ etc. I hope customer service can improve and this can happen only if staff are trained and retained.

  39. Great app, it’s really good when you are traveling, when sharing bills with friends, when saving, when transfering, etc. I stopped using my main bank for credit card payments in general as there is no need to. It also feels way more safer to pay card in revolut as you can easily freeze it if something happens.

  40. Not sure what happened in the latest update, but the widgets are invisible and jump around on my second screen until I “remove” them. The issue report screen also doesn’t let you go back from the topic select screen. Developers, if you see this, please try to fix it.

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