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Download the Redfin App to get updated MLS real estate listings every 5 minutes. Find the latest homes, condos, and townhouses for sale and for rent in your area. Browse photos, see up-to-date home details, and instantly book a free tour with a Redfin Agent to see homes for sale even faster.

Some of our most popular features:

Find New Homes First
• See Listings First: Get notifications within 30 minutes for new listings in your area. Redfin has more homes for sale than any other real estate app because we’re powered by the local MLS.
• Quickly Share Your Favorite Homes: Text or email new listings to your house buying partner.
• Search on All Your Devices: Save your favorite homes and property searches to your Redfin account and access them anytime, anywhere on the app or Redfin website.

Customize Your Home Search
• See Every House: Receive push notifications for any house, condo, or townhome that meets your search criteria.
• Customize Your Home Filters: Search by price, property types like single-family, condos, townhouses mobile homes, and desired features to find your dream house. Even tiny houses.
• Draw Your Custom Home Search Radius: Outline your desired neighborhood or particular area to narrow down your house buying journey.
• Start Touring Early: Search for homes with open houses scheduled for the upcoming weekend.
• Search by School: Search for homes near specific schools and school districts.
• Calculate Mortgage, property tax, HOA, & insurance with our mortgage calculator on real estate for sale.

Tour Homes for Sale Fast
• Schedule both video chat & in-person Tours Instantly: Book free tours with a local Redfin Real Estate Agent right from the app.
• Plan Open House Visits: Get directions and attend every open house in your area.
• Share Homes: Easily share your favorite homes via text message, email, and social media before you book a tour.

MLS Real Estate App
• Don’t Miss Out: We’ll tell you which homes are likely to sell the fastest so you don’t miss the perfect home.
• Learn to be a Home Buying Expert: Sign up for free house buying classes and real estate events.
• Gain Exclusive Insights: Read comments about what a home is really like, written by Redfin Real Estate Agents after they tour the home.
• Sold Home Data: Get the latest property data on sale prices of nearby homes in most markets.
• Find Accurate Home Data: Most MLS real estate listings refresh every 5 minutes.

Redfin operates in the following states:
Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin

85% of new listings in US MLS feeds received by Redfin will post within 5 min.
Tours subject to property and agent availability.
Photos, floor plans, and 3D tours may not be available on all listings.
Photos for illustrative purposes only. Screens simulated. Individual results may vary.
Listing fee subject to change, minimums apply. Buyer’s agent fee not included, e.g., if buyer’s agent fee is 2.5%, seller will pay a total fee of 3.5%. Sell for a 1% listing fee only if you also buy with Redfin within 365 days of closing on your Redfin listing.
Sell for more based on analysis comparing price per sq. ft. of the sale and list price of Redfin listings to other brokerages’ between May 2020 and April 2021.
#1 nationwide brokerage site per Comscore report October 2021. 1M listings as of 09/2022.
Redfin agents close 2x as many deals based on the average number of transactions in 2021 per Redfin Agent compared to agents at competing brokerages, per the MLS data.
Equal Housing Opportunity.


Thanks for using Redfin for your home search! This version includes several bug fixes and performance improvements.

We're always looking for ways to improve the real estate experience for consumers. If you have any feedback, feel free to reach us at


40 comentarios en "Redfin Houses for Sale & Rent MODDED 2022"

  1. While it seems to be the only realty search app that allows me to search by the amount of property taxes, there are issues with the favorites map and list view. I can see my favorites on the map again, but if I perform a number of actions like viewing listings from the map view, I sometimes cannot get back to list view unless I leave my favorites. An improvement would also be a way to see on the map if any of my favorites are under contract or pending, similar to Zillow.

  2. I really don’t like the app or the feed. The app is constantly trying to zoom in on areas it thinks I’d like, but always ends up zooming into the Atlantic ocean. Also, the feed. Stop already. I have my saved searches already. I don’t need your feed giving me a bunch of homes that don’t match the acreage, Sq footage, or areas I want. You’re trying to do too much and it isn’t working

  3. It’s a great app, but the recent updates have made it a little frustrating to use. The mortgage calculations are not correct. If the amount is less than 20% the other fees do not calculate correctly. This includes any applicable hoa fees. When in the favorites list, the option to display from list view to Maps does not work at all. The new ui update is nice though. Also, the street view option would work a bit better if it were a fragment into Google maps instead of actually opening Google maps.

  4. It’s a good app and I enjoyed it while it worked. Unfortunately I tried everything when it came to troubleshooting including uninstalling and reinstalling the app. I also tried reaching out to Redfin in regards to this issue regarding the price sorting option. The prices listed for properties whether it be high to low or low to high are not in order making it difficult to find what I’m looking for. For now I’ll be using Zillow since that feature works properly.

  5. This app is layed out well except that the filters really don’t do anything useful. What is the point of having a filter to search just houses if ypu are letting places be posted that are clearly apartments. It makes sifting through what is actually a house so much harder than it needs to be. Super annoying. I just want to see homes, not someones apartment that they decided to post as a house. Please moderate this or fix it or something, it’s extremely annoying to use the app with this issue.

  6. Rey G dice:

    App works ok for the most part. However, wish I could do a more detailed search. If I’m only interested in looking for a reverse 1 ½ style home with a finished lower-level and possibly a split-level style, that’s all I want to see. Not have to sift through 2 story homes as well! And, as of late (past few months), the street view on the app no longer seems to work. I prefer to see how a home is situated and hate cul-de-sacs! I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled…. same problem persists.

  7. The one I like most, however, could be improved. It is easy to use. Would be nice, though, if one could filter certain notifications more, for example, it would be nice to be notified only when the price on a property one likes goes down, not all listings in ones designated area. Would also be nice to filter out certain areas, or even certain areas due to schools, that wat one does not waste so much time opening properties in which one would not buy due to schools or area one knows is bad.

  8. This app sorely needs a browsing history. I can’t begin to count the times I’ve spent 15-20 minutes or more trying to find a property I was looking at before an app crash, or I’ve mistakenly closed the app while trying to answer a phone call, or for several other reasons. Aside from that it’s a very good app. A bit crash-happy, but a browsing history would compensate for that.

  9. Great app for looking at homes, layout works great and the search options are exactly what you want/need. One small issue I am having though is with my search filters saving. When I first downloaded the app I set some search parameters and ever since then they have been “stuck” on those filters. I can change them no problem, but any time I put my phone to sleep or exit the app and come back, it resets back to those original parameters. It’d be nice if it would save the most recent search.

  10. Data is pretty reliable, especially for initial home searches. It has all the standard info with an intuitive layout and navigation. I haven’t figured out how to copy an address to my clipboard, not sure if that’s intentional or just me but it’s annoying. I frequently run into lack of availability in smaller communities but it’s a good app for larger communities.

  11. It has a lot of features i really like such as sharing favorites with your spouse. However, my one complaint is that the street view portion opens up another app, losing my place, and often times not even opening to the address of the house. If I’m buying a house, i would like to see the neighborhood. Other apps like Trulia have this feature. It’s the only one Redfin lacks; everything else, like the “X-ing out” of properties you don’t like, are extremely helpful.

  12. When you zoom my app shows prices for everything, for sale in or not, making it unusable in an dense urban area like NYC, Boston, SF, etc. I can’t even imagine what would have driven that design decision. Especially when it has an option that should allow you to turn that off. For shopping one of these areas, find another app. That’s easier and more efficient to use.

  13. The app lacks several key features that the site has. The map on a listing’s page is way too zoomed in for me to tell where the house actually is in the city. On the website you can zoom that map out, but on the app you have to click into the map and wait for Google maps to load, then go back to the app. Secondly, the website allows you to follow links in the listing history to see previous listings for the same property, the app doesn’t have this feature.

  14. Was very happy with the app for a long time. But something has broken over the last month+. I rely heavily on saved searches. And the app had been fine. But the last several weeks, saved searches do not work right. When I first open the app and run a saved search, it was fine. But if I try to refresh the data, it loses the borders of my saved search and it won’t rerun the saves search. I have to exit the app entirely and try again. Then today, even that doesn’t work.

  15. You can’t draw an area. The app finishes the area long before you’re finished drawing it. Can’t get the whole area search I need. Still has the same issue months later: can’t draw the entire area; the app cuts you off midway through. Also, they used to show nearby properties for sale. That feature has disappeared. Redfin has good info, but Z*ll*w is a better app for real estate.

  16. The X-out function is not working properly when I try to eliminate a new property. The “notify me if the price changes” isn’t either. The favorites button only works on the list, not inside the individual listings. This is making sorting very unwieldy. The error message claims the issue has to do with a network, but it’s not related to internet connectivity on the user end. This problem began on Friday, 2-15-19.

  17. There are a lot of options available, but it’s not nation wide. I needed to search in an area and it wasn’t available yet. I can understand that. That was where the 2 stars came in. The absolute constant never ending notifications however… is more than annoying. I set it to daily notifications yet I get one every couple of minutes. All day and night. The user interface isn’t as easy as it could and should be either. Overall.. not impressed. Sorry.

  18. The content of the app is fantastic, and I found it pretty useful overall. However, the interface is absolutely terrible: Press on the map to see house location, instead app start navigating there. Suggestion on the feed is close to random, and changing settings has barely any effect. Instead of one area that you don’t care, app will replace by another area you don’t care etc. Buttons located all over the place and behave unpredictable. Developers need UI/UX overhaul by professionals.

  19. This last update seems to have broken the saved searches functionality. When I try to view my searches, the app loading widget just spins. 9 out of 10 times, it never loads the results. When it does, it takes a really long time to do so. It was a great app until this last update, which I used every day. Now, I am using other apps that actually load the results.

  20. What happened to the commute options? Being able to put in multiple destinations and getting a peek at your possible commute times set this app apart from others. Now it’s the same as all of them. Please bring this feature back! Additionally, the recommendations are all out of wack. If you accidentally look at one house outside og your price range, this thing suddenly only recommends thosw to you.

  21. I love the pictures, for the houses that have pictures. I love the possible monthly payment breakdowns and the estimation of what the houses are really worth. It is ready to maneuver and understand. I love seeing the new houses come on the market and updates when my favorites get sold. Awesome app. My one grievance is that it gives notifications for houses outside my price range. I thought I changed it but the notifications just kept coming.

  22. Exact location shouldn’t be necessary for searches! I’m trying to search for 100+ acres of land, and I’m looking in-state, and surrounding states. The app won’t let me do a search without me turning on GPS. It keeps resetting my search if I select the “ignore” option when prompted to turn on GPS, and it won’t let me remove the boundary if I do enable GPS. Super annoying!

  23. This app is great for finding a home. It really does update as often as it says it does. The only issue I have with it is, that it doesn’t show the crime rates of the neighborhoods the house you are looking at are in. I have to look the home up on the realtor app to find that out and that’s really inconvenient. Please create an update that has this included!

  24. UPD: the latest update broke something, now getting network errors when adding x-outs. Overall great experience. Four stars instead of five because for some reason the app decided to recommend me places that don’t fit my saved queries (tiny houses with little land etc.) As a feature request, it would also be nice to have an option to filter out particular states and counties because sometimes square map filter is not enough.

  25. Terrible app. I just downloaded this yesterday. Saves search doesn’t work. The draw feature pops up in the middle of the map and won’t allow you to start the draw where you want. I got an HTTP error…on app. WTH? I get nonstop notifications about cities I have zero interest in. I’ve updated my locations multiple times and it still does the same thing. It’s been less than 24 hours. This app is garbage, use a different service.

  26. I have been using this app for awhile. It’s easy to use but the filters don’t seem to work properly. I requested a certain zip code, yet I get all sorts of zip codes in my email. I hate having to sort through several houses to get maybe a couple from the filtered zip code. It also keeps showing houses from long ago deleted filters in other states. 🤷

  27. Pluses: ability to “x” listings (though it’s not perfect). The commute time feature. I’ve gotten some listings faster than on Zillow, important since houses in our price range can be under contract in a few hours. I like the lot shows without clicking because house orientation is important to me. And sold house report with listed & sold prices. But! I have 2 searches, for 2 counties. I had 3 & deleted 1 but still get those notifications AND for nearby listings too! The UI is wonky.

  28. I really like the way this app is laid out and how easy it is to use. When viewing a listing, seeing the small map icon of the property’s location is a great time saver – no need to go to the details if the location isn’t desirable. The only thing missing is a view of a crime heat map around the property. When I am viewing a property of interest, I do have to use another app to check crime in the area. I prefer using the Redfin app more than all others I have used so far.

  29. Not sure what is going on with the app, but it used to work fine and then one day it crashed and though I’ve made multiple attempts to uninstall and relaunch the app, I am still unable to get it to even open on my Pixel 2XL phone. Works ok on my iPad and on my husband’s iPhone X, but that doesn’t help when we’re both trying to search for homes together on the go! Also – when it used to work – I found that it can be tough sometimes to locate homes that I pass with a “for sale” sign in the yard. Not sure if Redfin isn’t updating the app with all the latest listings, or if they purposefully hide properties that aren’t as profitable for the Redfin agents to represent, or would compete with properties that Redfin is featuring in a particular neighborhood, but either way it makes the whole experience rather frustrating.

  30. In comparison to similar apps, I have found this one to be the most informative. it gives measurements of rooms & land lots which most of the other apps don’t. I also enjoy the many filtering options when trying to search through hundreds of listings. I will say that the new home alerts for listings not matching saved search criteria can be annoying (I dont care to see listings from places that I have ruled out or priced way off from my price parameters).

  31. This is app is easy to use, filter results and it’s fast. One thing is bad about it, they delete listing price if the property was taken off the market, or most times when the price was changed it does not show the previous price. This is valuable info that needs to be included. I’ll change my rating once the app is updated to include this info.

  32. Update: Redfin has since adjusted the app and it no longer automatically opens to the feed page. The recent update of forcing me to view the useless feed page is so annoying that I’m now exploring other platforms to use. The feed shows updates for homes I’ve never viewed and there is no way to turn it off. I tried looking for a support email to contact but was unable to do so, and choosing the “send a message” link went to nowhere.

  33. Used to be a great app, now I have two major issues. First, the recommendations are overloaded with past search histories. So if you are like me and look across multiple areas, the recommendations are all over the place. Honestly the tune recommendations feature is not worthwhile, a saved search was enough and better organized. Second, when I zoom in on a con building there are multiple duplicate boxes and the app tends to bugs out if I zoom in too much.

  34. Could be better if school information can be more accurate instead of based off distance, plus the possibility to filter base on school scores. Also X-out’ed properties sometimes cause problems when they are close to other properties displayed on the map view; if the app could lower the “priority” of X-out’ed properties for display and when the user taps around on the map, it would be better.

  35. Excellent app! My wife and I were in different states while we were searching and this app allowed us to search, rank, comment, and favorite houses. List of favorites was mapped so it was really easy to drive around and look at houses. When I found a house by just driving I could instantly pull up details of it on my phone. Fantastic!

  36. This app has historically been great. I hadn’t opened it in a few days until this morning when I discovered a new issue when launching the app from a link in a redfin email. it seems now that when I open the app directly, it works fine, but when I try to open it from an email, I get stuck indefinitely on the splash screen.

  37. Don’t bother. Identical interface and information as the webpage, but for some reason it removes your ability to select addresses. If you view listings within your browser rather than this app, you can highlight the address and be given the choice of opening the address in Maps (for satellite views for example), or do a search so you can see the walk score, nearby schools, etc. all from the web’s many original sources. Copy the address and now you can enter it into places like sex offender registries, ask your insurance agent for a quote, or enter the address into an email. Who designed this app thinking these are things that consumers don’t need to be able to do? Total fail. UPDATE RESPONDING TO DEVELOPER’S REPLY: Nope. Can’t select the address within the app. It lets you highlight only one line of the address which of course is worthless because every address occupies at least 2 lines. Context menu options are mostly useless other than “Copy” which of course doesn’t even copy the actual full address. Inside my browser I can copy the full address AND the address is recognized by my OS so I get the option of opening the location within Maps, Uber, etc. Uninstalling again, this time for good.

  38. R Vasquez dice:

    I enjoy using the app it does what it’s supposed to. shows houses near you and it’s updated frequently. I do not like that no matter how many times I use the filters to look in my price range the app keeps resetting and showing me houses out of my price range. also do no enjoy that I turn off notifications and somehow I keep getting notifications every now and then.

  39. 90% of what shows up in the update feed is out of the price range or area from my saved searches, and houses that meet the criteria don’t always show up. Updated: This is getting ridiculous. Houses that are almost 2 hours away, have less square footage and bathrooms than are in my saved search, and between 50k-400k over my budget (also in my saved search) are not only showing up in my feed, but I am getting notifications for them.

  40. It was very useful for organizing a home search and planning open house visits. There seems to be some functionality issues with calendar and flagging OHs to visit. Now I just get a network error and all the OH I had saved to my calendar for the upcoming weekend have been removed from the OH Schedule feature. What was valuable about the app for the past several weeks is just frustrating now. I’m using an Android Galaxy Note 8 and really disappointed with the loss of functionality.

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