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From zeros to heroes: the most fun-filled Idle RPG game on Google Play
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Evil monsters have taken the holy trees to cook them for oil. Assemble your team of semi heroes and lead them on an adventure across worlds to rescue the trees and receive their blessings.

★ Ton of epic battles cross different gorgeous realms
★ Simple tap/click to defeat monster and titans
★ Turn idiots to heroes, unleash their potential skills
★ Ascend your semi heroes for powerful artifacts
★ Unique cartoon style
★ Quests, missions, achievements and so much more

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- Minor Bug Fixes


40 comentarios en "Semi Heroes: Idle & Clicker Ad FULL"

  1. Game looks ok for this kind of game but wayyy too many adds. At the end of a lvl, to evolve a character, when a chicken shows up and even when you rescue a new character. If you watch every add they ask you too you can end up watching 5 or 6 in just 2 or 3 mins of gameplay. And it’s ot shoes 5 seconds add, its at least 30 seconds each. Ruins the whole game experience. Would easily be a 4 stars if it wasn’t for all the money grabbing adds. Make them more optional and not as often!

  2. L Scorpio dice:

    Okay….at first I wasn’t into this game….but I gave it another try and it’s a pretty decent time killer. No difficult mechanics…and the play is straight forward. However, there is no “clicker” mechanic that I’ve found…but it’s worth it for a time killer.

  3. Hey, love the game hope you guys see this!! There’s a minor bug not a big deal but the “Free” Level up upgrade isn’t free, it just changes the word to free but still costs the upgrade amount. Just thought you should know.

  4. Great game, however, Please remove the beginning story when opening game. It should be appear once when u introduce game. Waiting for more things that player can interact with beside waiting for heroes defeat monsters.

  5. Could be fun, but due to the fact there’s no auto skill option it’s not a game I’ll play. Disappointed. Also, some of these reviews, yikes, paid for quite clearly…

  6. They rift off the “ALMOST A HERO.” Even the title of the game realy? And other people said it was buggy. So original is good but dont riftoff its name.

  7. When you hit the chicken and watch an ad, then the squad move on and the egg still on last scene and can’t be Cracked… So we watch those long boring ads for nothing

  8. It’s fun, very “mobile” –lots of currency in your face, menus, ads, “deals” etc, like playing timeshare seminar the game

  9. it’s a very well made game. pretty decent graphics. I really enjoy the game. thanks everyone who made jt

  10. Lot of fun. Easy to get into. Easy to pick up and play for a short time or extended periods. Well done!

  11. preety fun, good graphics, simple and easy to play.

  12. quirky, easy and somehow time consuming, 5 hours later im somehow still playing and enjoying it ahah!

  13. Was good until they started forcing ads on you constantly. Waste of time.

  14. This game is trash it can’t even open it is so not satisfying I thought it will open but it can’t I didn’t expect this from you worst game ever it doesn’t even work and you don’t even do anything about it I am so so angry that doesn’t work on android phones

  15. Do not like forcing ads and no way to get rid of them…..enjoyed game until that ruined it for me

  16. everything costs gems and free gems are hard to come by. Not a game for me.

  17. good game little slow . I think its need auto double speed like another similar game . nice game well done

  18. tons of ads.. i know you need money but you are too greedy.. uninstall,thanks.

  19. Easy to learn and play good graphics as well

  20. the game is awesome but please update the game soon becuse the game is the best just add lvl and update sion as posible thanks

  21. Just started and in quite good so far. Loving the gameplay. 😊

  22. Enjoy the easy game play and fun characters

  23. Long time no update to fix bugs

  24. Fun, lots of details, well made.

  25. love this game ,a bit late to the scene but loving it

  26. Simple good game with coolest developer team.

  27. Like the upgrade and reward system

  28. So sad game, game for 20 minutes not more, don’t know what else to add

  29. the test for your brain and the other side of things to do with it and the home

  30. it always crashes when i start playong this game

  31. You know what😠 this is the most beautiful game that i’ve ever played good job guys!😁😁😁

  32. it nice but it exits out on its own

  33. Nothing new. Nothing interseting. Bored in 3min

  34. I like this game, but I reached stage 200.

  35. very fun good sense of humor

  36. it is not opening !!!! CRASHING

  37. The game is awesome very addictive

  38. Weiner Man dice:

    Best game in the world in my opinion currently

  39. Nice game for offline games

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