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VOEZ invites you to embark on the remarkable journey of teenage dreams,
Following after Cytus and Deemo, two titles that took the world by storm,
Rayark’s remarkable rhythm game, VOEZ, has officially arrived!

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Listen to our voice!
Chelsea, a girl who wholeheartedly loves baking and singing. Due to an unexpected event, she and her Lan Kong High School classmates decided to pursue their mutual dream, leading to the birth of their band VOEZ. Over time they face obstacles and fight hardships together, completely devoting themselves to band practice so the world may hear their voices.

Game Features:
-Game app free of charge, just download to join VOEZ!
-Dynamic tracks with falling notes, bringing visual and gameplay experience to a whole new level!
-Striving to be a record-breaking rhythm game with the largest music collection to date!
Players will be able to access new tunes on a monthly basis!
-As the game progresses, players will join the game characters on their youthful adventures
-Occasional updates will feature a vast selection of new free and paid song packs
-Ability to create game account and engage in real-time competition with other players around the world for the leaderboard

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Bug fixes and performance adjustments


40 comentarios en "VOEZ MODDED 2022"

  1. The gameplay is unique and really fun but It can get a little complex, sometimes the notes will suddenly change positions and constantly move around. It can take a lot of getting used to. What kind of sucks is that you unlock songs by earning keys from completing challenges, but if you get stuck on a challenge you can’t move forward and can’t earn keys. Each song needs like 3 or 5 keys to unlock but i might be wrong. I loved this enough to buy the switch version. Now i have all the songs.

  2. This game is better when played on a tablet (more specifically an iPad- my Samsung tablet isn’t that great with this game). I think this game is more for experienced players that really love rhythm games. There is a storyline with goals but the goals aren’t really emphasized so often I forget what I need to get done to unlock the next part of the story. The songs for the most part are really good and the beatmaps make sense (as long as the app doesn’t glitch). Many of them do need to be purchased, but the app does let you try some songs for a limited time, which is nice.

  3. I’ve always liked the game, but as everyone else pointed out the new update is buggy. Announcements won’t load, and my biggest issue is that whenever I quit a song (meaning I don’t finish playing through it), I get softlocked. I can’t exit out from the song select screen and when I try to play another song the game just freezes. I have to restart the app to fix it.

  4. So. The game is a good concept. The art is amazing. But I could be on a completely different game or have just turned my phone on, not even having tapped the app at all, and it’ll give me a pop up saying the game stopped working. Also, you should give a seizure warning. All the crazy flashing and constant changing of where the tiles would be makes it very hard to focus on the gameplay. And gave me a headache. But all in all a pretty decent game. Just need some more upbeat songs added in there

  5. BEST APP I’VE EVER DOWNLOADED!!! I love this game! It has beautiful artwork and songs. when you play a song, the game feels very futuristic. I love that it has different difficulties as well. if you’ve played a song enough in easy mode, then you can challenge yourself with using hard mode and so on. there are many songs to choose from, so you won’t have a problem finding the song you want. I am so happy with this app.

  6. Mrjjspace dice:

    Hands down the best rhythm game out there. I still love it after many years playing and will keep coming back to it. It’s a refreshing take on the falling note style games. By allowing the note bars to move there able to create a wide range on feelings for different pieces which few other games are able to do, or at least do right.

  7. I really love this game! There’s a good variety of songs to choose from, and they’re all pretty easy until you get to the Hard or Special levels. The audio doesn’t sound as clear and beautiful as it does on the Nintendo Switch (I purchased the game because of how much I love it). I’m giving it 4 stars because of the audio quality, which is rather disappointing on mobile, but otherwise, it’s a very pretty game with amazing mechanics, which are very straightforward.

  8. As someone who bought the Switch version of this, I can say I prefer the Switch release to this. It has more control options, no micro-transactions, and all songs from the start. Although, the android version has limited time songs and around 60 more songs in general, if your willing to shill out. As for critiques of both, a way to change more sound settings like in Deemo would be great. Still an amazing experience no matter the version. A must play for all skill levels.

  9. Ther is no option to pay to unlock everything on mobile. You buy “keys” and each key can unlock one song permanently. However, if you wanted every song, it would cost you over $100 even with discounted keys. The switch version is literally $25 and comes with every song unlocked right away. There is an option to buy every song on mobile…for one key each. Is this game worth $25? Of course it is, the music is great. $100? No, but at least they make it clear what you’d pay for all of it.

  10. This is a great game for rhythm veterans, especially on mobile. Its got a great interface and a unique way to organize notes (they move around quite a bit.) But one issue I’ve had is that since the 2.0 update, I need to enable wifi in order to play, even though I usually was able to play on data.

  11. VOEZ reminds me a lot about some of the mainstream rhythm games out there. Everything works excellent in terms about gameplay and the controls, except a few things. The first problem I found was regarding the Hold notes, sometimes they don’t work properly. the second problem was how the play field tends to move around more than the notes do. Other than that, VOEZ is a really fun game and a very faithful one.

  12. This game actually was my first rhythm game. Making it probably one of the rhythm games I’d recommend to start with. A wonderful selection of music in varying genres, gives the player the availability to choose! The artwork is beautiful, from the storyline to the covers. The storyline is actually presented in a unique way too, but the only flaw would be it’s harder for a f2p to access the locked songs. Hence the 4 stars… but overall pretty great!

  13. I played for about two hours. Really enjoyed it tbh. Amazing graphics, the hits are on point, the music is nice.. there is so much songs. But I was only able to play a few.. I had to watch ads for some.. and the others. Were unlocked using a “key” feature.. which I don’t understand. But from what I have read.. they aren’t so easily obtainable. You only get 1 per song.. and if played.. you can’t get them again. Unless, you… use money.

  14. Ary Asylum dice:

    I absolutely LOVE this app. However, recently it’s been working for the first day I have it downloaded, and then every other time I try to log in it tells me “Cannot access internet. Please check connection.” Even though my connection is just fine. I’ve redownloaded the app twice because of this. I just want to play it without having to reinstall every day.

  15. I love this game! The music and art style are beautiful. However, I’ve been having trouble logging on using Facebook and I don’t want to lose all of my progress so far. The only time it allows me to log in is when I completely reinstall the app. If this little glitch can be fixed it 5/5 stars, hands down.

  16. Nar Whal dice:

    I absolutely love this game. I’ve been playing it for years and i never get bored of it. There’s always around 20 songs that are free at one time, so i can play even without buying tokens which is great. I’ve actually gotten pretty good at it (full combo on a lvl 15), which i never thought would happen. With just a bit of practice you can play some super fun levels. I think everyone should play this game 10/10 recommend.

  17. I love this game! Amazing songs, art, and gameplay in general. Its easy to play but hard to master and i also love that each song have 3 different type of difficulty to play. Although i was there was more to the game. Maybe multiplayer mode would be nice and daily challenges so that we can get keys and icon faster!

  18. I like the game, I like the music- but I don’t like the system for unlocking music. As far as my experience went, you can only unlock 3 keys for free (keys are the items used to unlock music) and you have to pay for the rest. And no, I’m not paying $5 just to get the keys to play 1 song from Deemo. At least the art was nice…

  19. I’ve come back to this app again and again and discovered great new tracks each time. I like the game enough that I’ve put money into it. PLEASE, give us a way to download some/any/all of the tracks for an offline mode. I tend to open phone games outside of cell service and would love to play this during those times.

  20. Probably my favorite rhythm game right now. Some of the maps can be a little bit wonky but i love them all the same. Edit: A really annoying bug that I run into all too often is where the game doesn’t sense more than one finger at a time, making much of the songs unplayable. I really hope it gets fixed soon.

  21. Suni dice:

    The game is easy to understand, it’s just the music selection that’s the issue. So in the game there’s these tokens that you can use to unlock songs but the issue is, is that you have to pay for them. At least have a log in to get prizes set up. Also at least have a decent sized free music selection and honestly, the limited time music sucks, at least have good music not techno. If you want this game, you better hope you install it when there’s actually GOOD free music

  22. the games amazing and i love it、but when i recently opened it the audio was all messed up and slowed down makibg an annoying sound and stuff. i reinstalled the app、but it didnt do anything. if this is a problem that could be fixed、i hope you could try to fix it.. if its with my decive、then sorry for the bother. for now、itll be 3 stars

  23. kitt_270 dice:

    This was a great game, it was easy to use and the difficulty settings we’re great; but for the last few days the audio has been extremely slowed and crunchy. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled but it’s still happening. I’m still giving it 2 stars because it was my favorite game to play before that happened.

  24. Great game, not a fan of the number of inputs. I find the game uncomfortable to play, but I do enjoy this kind of gameplay and the music is great, unfortunately most games like this are just very difficult and being decent at them is frustrating to do. When I play rythym games I like them to be fun and enjoyable, something I can get lost in, right on the edge of challenging but not frustrating. This game is not that, if you like a challenge then it’s for you, but it’s not for me unfortunately.

  25. I couldn’t get passed the downloading screen. I got permanently stuck at 271/277. Waited hours and nothing. If it helps any, I use a Google Pixel 3, Android system 11 and I’ve played the game before and had progress. Don’t know if it’s that that’s messing it up or anything. If anyone can help with this issue, I would gladly take suggestions cause it actually was a fun game from what I remember of it.

  26. I would rate this app 5 star to be honest. A truly fun game for rhym game player that looks for challenges while listening to great musics. But one problem is that the game’s bug still persist, one after another. Right now when i chose to play a song, the game’s stuck at the loading screen and won’t play, even after awhile. And there’s also no cancel option. It’s basically a crash. I have no choice but to restart the app, which lead to the login page(more waiting). Its getting annoying. Plsfx

  27. egg yolk dice:

    How about adding a feature where players can rate a song after they complete a level? Then there could be a category for the more popular songs :3 Anyws, I absolutely love this app!! >:0 the art is amazing, the music is soo beautiful and I love the design of this app!!(how do I say it;;)It’s very clean and easy to look at. I love theres a thumbnail for each song so you could pick a song based on the cover art(coz I’m a visual person lol) and u can sort of tell the genre of the song by the cover

  28. Leon Davis dice:

    This game has worked great on every phone I’ve played it on. The controls are simple and bled together well in songs. But they also provide a good challenge with the higher difficulties and speeds. There has never been a point where I feel I’ve been cheated of a full combo. The cover art is another bonus too. Overall I’d say this is the best music game on the store, in my opinion anyways.

  29. This is a great rhythm game for those who enjoy simple gameplay. There is also a vast amount of songs to choose from. It would be the game for you if you like rhythm games that has a storyline that unlocks after completing it’s requirements. Like to unlock one part of the story, you would have to play a / the same song once for 5 consecutive days. [For you info, this game doesn’t have any spins like some other rhythm games, however there are some flashing colours for certain songs.]

  30. I’ve been playing this game for a long time and i love it a lot. The only problem is no matter whice device i use to play it, the game always takes a reallyyy long time to load, often 5-10 minutes just at the opening screen. The songs take a while to load too. It’s not my internet problem and i’m sure of it. Regardless, love the music choice in this game

  31. Jim Jew dice:

    Here is a list of problems I’m experiencing. 1. Lag: when I’m playing an easy song, the game starts lagging and I miss most of the notes on it whereas on a level 17 song the game does not lag at all and there are way more notes on a level 17 then, say a level 3. And 2. Closing the app: while I’m searching for a song to play or playing an actual song, the game has a chance to make the screen go black and just go to my home screen. I would appreciate it if you would could fix these issues thanks.

  32. So, it’s a great game and all, but i’ve been having issues with it. 1, sometimes, when i’m playing a song it lags, even if it’s on a low level(for example a level 3 easy song). 2, when press select on a song, the game freezes, but the music is still playing and i can’t do anything. 3, i don’t know how to get more keys. For real, if you could put some tips that could help us get more keys, or just watch ads to get at least 2 keys. If you could do somthing about it, it would be awesome.

  33. Needs a seizure warning! In this one, rayark took minimalist to the xtreme. The UI looks good, but it’s a mess to navigate. The music tracks are also beautiful, with moving parts and the like. But that’s also a problem, those are colored background, flashing and moving around. I never had seizure with stuff that gave such warning, while in this one I had it. This game prioritise too much style, throwing functionality into the dumpster. NotABotPC’s review cover the rest very well.

  34. Mei Ling dice:

    Honestly, VOEZ is a pretty cool rhythm game with a cute story. However, it’s a 3/5 because of audio issues. When I launch the game if I tap, even accidentally, the audio becomes slowed down and distorted. To fix it I have to restart the game, and sometimes the audio breaks without me even doing anything. Please fix it, if possible.

  35. The art style of the game is gorgeous and the music is awesome, but it lacks a lot of little things that make it feel less satisfying to play than other games in the genre. There is no feedback when you hit a note, so you have no idea how accurate you are. Also, once you start getting to the harder songs, the game seems to go out of its way to confuse you, moving the lanes around willy nilly without any indication where they are going to be ahead of time. It also lacks meaningful progression.

  36. Nice. The graphics and songs are also amazing. The problems are, sometimes it stuck at loading screen like 276/282. Edit:10th Rayark Anniversary, all songs are free but I can’t play. I tried several times but I really can’t play (maybe it’s my phone problem I’ll try playing it at another phone). I know playing a song for a first time requires some internet, my internet is super fast means I can play but can’t. This game doesn’t have any cache to clear, lags and freezes often.

  37. Joyc0n • dice:

    I really enjoy playing this game. I really like the songs and it’s fun, but I have one big issue, I’ll play a song and when I finish it and go to click on another one it won’t let me swipe left or right, I can’t click on anything else. The only way I know how to fix it is to re-open the app and that can be really annoying g having to do that per song sometimes considering how long the app takes to load. It’d be really great if you could fix this

  38. I’ve played this game for almost a year now and i never really have a problem with it but lately, the game has been lagging in the middle of my playing the song. the screen just froze and no matter what i do the interface won’t work again unless i forcefully return to home screen and back at the game again restarting it. but the button on the game interface actually still working. i could hear the voice effect when i clicked it but the frozen screen would just stay still.

  39. Aodxxc dice:

    I really love this game, though my problem is that i can’t play the songs i am usually playing because the “Cannot access internet! Please check your connection” keeps popping up even though i have a stable internet it keeps doing that, ( I can still look at the main menu and look at the songs, but i cannot play ), and even though i restarted my phone, deleting the app and installing the game again, the problem keeps repeating. I don’t know if my net has the main issue or is this a game bug?

  40. Fix the damn lag and I’d start playing again! For the love of Life, I really enjoyed playing this game, but I have a really HUGE pet peeve when games lag (and sometimes I even rage-quit; not that I’m proud of that, mind you). The gameplay is interesting and enjoyable, but if I find it lagging even a pixel bit, I totally flip out. I know it may be me that’s the problem here, but whatever. I call it quits <3 (besides, there's no multiplayer mode from what I know? so meh)

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