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With Pocket Yoga you can keep up with your practice at your own pace in the comforts of your own home. Simply roll out your mat, place your device in front, and Pocket Yoga will guide you through your entire session.

Choose between 27 different sessions of varying duration and difficulty. Learn the poses with the pose dictionary containing detailed explanations of the correct posture, alignment, and benefits.

• Detailed voice and visual instruction guides you through every pose, including each inhalation and exhalation.
• Over 200 beautifully illustrated pose images with correct posture and alignment.
• Dictionary of poses containing the descriptions and benefits of each pose.
• Unlock new environments as you progress in your yoga journey.
• Quickly preview a practice to see if it’s right for you before you start.
• Maintains an ongoing log of all your yoga practices to track your progress.
• Practices designed by experienced yoga instructors.
• Play music from your music library in place of the default music.

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‣ Selected by CNN as one of the “10 great mobile health apps”

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40 comentarios en "Pocket Yoga MOD"

  1. The variations of ocean, desert or mountain are great; the options meet your needs depending the type of flow, duration and difficulty level. I’m still on the beginner level but I’m hoping as I progress the app will challenge me. I’m not sure if there is a way to choose different music, I thought maybe the music was associated with the various environments but that does not appear to be the case.

  2. I’m a beginner at yoga; this app is easy to follow, has a clean interface and nice relaxing music. The voice instructor is not robotic sounding as some other apps I’ve tried. It gives breathing techniques during the poses and also explanations for each pose once selected. The transition from one pose to the next seems to go extremely fast. If there were an option to slow down or speed up the pace, based on skill level this would be a 5 🌟 app.. IMO. Still, by far the best yoga app I’ve tried.

  3. I Like the Routines. There are several times when you’re holding a pose and I would like to just breathe, but the app does a count down. It didn’t always do that, but apparently it was a bug preventing the countdown. I asked about an option to get rid of the countdown and the customer service was not friendly.

  4. Excellent! Every yoga App, DVD, & video always has too much talking, boring instruction & lots of lag time. This one get started right away, is easy to follow, and has just enough instruction that you’re on the right foot most of the time. The flow is fairly quick for beginners, but if you do it a couple times you start to pick up the sequence. I LOVE that you don’t have to have internet to do it! It’s a pretty good workout too. I’ll keep this one.

  5. Disappointed. The website has a whole list of routines. I found several I want to learn and use. I bought the app. Not only are those routines not included, the app has no apparent way to acquire them. 😒 The description says 27 sessions. There’s only 5 listed. I’m also unhappy about the music option. It seems linked specifically to Google Play, which is no longer functional. Don’t waste your money.

  6. 194 poses is nice. Looks beautiful. Love the music and karma feature. Really wish I could queue up my own flow instead of the few pre-made ones. If I could make my own flows, even just showing the picture of each pose I picked would be perfect. Hope to see a feature added. Not a bad way to build a routine, but would be nice to actually have guidance on poses while doing so and accumulating karma. Don’t know how much I’ll use this 😅

  7. Divya gs dice:

    Amazing App! ❤ This is one of the best things that happened to me. Have been using it for few years now. The workouts are very well designed, although there could be more options developed, but since I do yoga max 2-3 times a week it works out fine. I’m hooked to the voice and the whale sounds towards the end is just icing to the cake. Compliments to the developers and love from India!

  8. Brady Penz dice:

    Excellent At-Home Guided Yoga I’ve been using this app for a while to do some yoga at home when I can’t get out to a studio but now use it exclusively to practice at-home. Different routines for different goals (power, cardio, flexibility) as well as difficulty levels and time options make this app shine. The voice guide is great, and the images are super helpful generally (sometimes hard to tell for some poses which leg is forward vs back). Sometimes guide mixes up its left/right as well. 5/5

  9. Very disappointed in the lack of options and timed sessions. 30 minutes is the least. Also, some of the poses in the beginner are too advanced for beginners who don’t have the strength built up yet. I’m giving it 3 stars only because it’s probably not bad for what you pay.

  10. This is a great app with 3 different flows, each with 3 difficulty levels. It is available offline and guides you through the practise without a lot of needless chat. There is also two Sun Salutations for quick options. Totally worth the money. My one criticism is there are not enough flow options. I would happily pay more if others were added.

  11. Very good for what it is; a cheap offline yoga app. As some others have said, unfortunately, it hasn’t got many different yoga sessions. Devs, the way you can preview the practices is really good, but it works be so much better if there was a link from the previews to the pose library so i can easily look up the pose if it’s new to me.

  12. I like that I can take this with me anywhere, that all the poses are catalogued, and that there are different combinations to choose from, of which you can choose the difficulty level and duration. I look forward to using this app to grow my yoga practice abilities.

  13. It is easy to use,for a beginner the pace at some point is a little fast and when you pay for a app (even if cheap) you would hope you wouldnt have to unlock more through points. But looks really good will continue to use have seen good things

  14. This app presents itself as something with many different options of various difficulties, but you only get to choose between 30, 45, and 60 minute exercises. The actual exercises are incredible repetitive amd offer no explanation.

  15. I like the app, I even bought the full version. BUT! I am a bit sad that you can’t build your own sequences there, as apparently there is a Pocket yoga sister app ( not possible to find in Gplay??) that is made just for that. Why not put that feature into this app? That would surely make me ad a well deserved star. The biggest disappointment is that the app cannot be synced with Google fit, that’s just something very annoying with a health app. Another star – worth feature.

  16. It’s a good app, especially considering it’s free. It has a guide for each pose and options to change the difficulty and duration of each session. The only downside is you can’t make your own yoga routines, but there are other apps for that if you REALLY wanted to do that.

  17. I’ve been using this app for at least give years. It’s my go-to for exercise. I’ve tried other, more professional looking exercise apps, but I don’t think any of them combine ease of use and workout quality as well as this one.

  18. Paid app still has in app purchases. Timing are a bit off for some transitions between moves, as in less than a second before switching again to a completely different position.

  19. Ryan R dice:

    Progresses way to fast for beginners Uses slides of poses instead of videos. Needs more count down timers and could use “next we are going to” prompts. Instead of just flashing poses. Might be useful for experts

  20. I love the way you can track your sesions by the hour. I am working my way up to 100 hours per style . I have noticed a definite increase in my yoga fitness over the 3 months I have been using it. Its handy, I recently went on a holiday and was still able to do my yoga .Great app..the only thing I would love added is a way of filtering using style, for nerdy counter types like me. Thanks Pocket Yoga ..🙏👨‍👧‍👦

  21. I absolutely love this app because it definitely lives up to what it promises. I don’t have to worry about paying big bucks to learn yoga. So far since doing Pocket Yoga, I’m more aware of my body, breathing and my posture has greatly improved. I used to slouch in my chair and it would hurt when I’d try sit the proper way. After doing these moves I no longer have that issue. I’m hopeful that soon I’ll be able to build my strength and balance in order to move on to some of the intermediate poses.

  22. What a convenient app! I like the overall simplicity, and that I can control the intensity level of each workout and the music as well.

  23. Would like to give 4 stars. I’ve had it for about 5years and I see people are still commenting that they wish they could customize their experience (create their own practice from all the many poses available). Well, there IS a way. This provider also has an app called Yoga Teacher…. only avail on IOS. I sent an email asking when/if they would make it available for Droid. Never heard a word

  24. Great little app for 2.99. Not as in depth or expansive as Tummee but useful to have as an added option to give a bit of inspiration for self practice

  25. Paul Kry dice:

    Really like the Desert sequence. Thought that there might be others than the basic set given what I see on the web page, but don’t think it is available on Android.

  26. It seems some kind of collusion exists between yoga app makers on google play – no one offers creation of a custom routine. This app is no exception. Why to include a large set of yoga poses and provide no means to use them? Please implement such functionality – this would make your app stand out from the other ones.

  27. I am sure you have worked hard to make it a paid app but a trial would be appreciated . I paid for it and on the first day beginner. It just didn’t let me catch-up , no way I can reduce the speed , not a good experience, money down the drain 👎

  28. Time to hold any pose was insufficient. Thia meana movement from one pose to another was a fraction of the second. Good as a reference app for yoga poses. Not really enjoyable as an app for practice.

  29. Alex Mac dice:

    Simple yet effective. If a position is too hard search web for an alternate and away you go.

  30. Nice pose encyclopedia. I use the software to just keep a minimum daily track. I would like to broad the use but there is not versions for teacher available in Android to create a routine variety.

  31. Good app overall, but the sequencing is way too fast. Also some of the beginner poses are too difficult.

  32. Isaac Wall dice:

    So far I’m loving this app. Intuitive, simple, and streamline. Excellent descriptions for poses and images to guide.

  33. The best yoga app I have found. It has few but powerful routines, which work fantastically well to strengthen the core and extremity muscles.

  34. Love this app. It makes it so easy to work out at home. And the idea of earning points makes it fun and helps me stick to my goal of a daily practice!

  35. The app fulfills its function of being a patient yoga instructor. I found the exercises and poses very helpful.

  36. I like the fact you can follow the yoga sequences when offline and can unlock further things by practicing more, rather than just paying more.

  37. Great guided yoga with a few different options, a cardio/HIIT focus, strength focus, flexibility focus, and some sun salutations. very easy to use

  38. I dont know a lot about yoga but as someone brand new, this is a lot of work. Also, wish we had better music options.

  39. Been using this app for years, zero complaints other than not being able to transfer karma points to a new device (unless you can and I haven’t figured out how?) .. 10 stars!

  40. amazing. this is just like real life yoga classes. I feel amazing everytime I do a yoga session. my favourite app (for health anyway).

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