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Play chess in an all-new way! Chezz breaks the rules to create the fastest, most frantic new way to play the classic board game.

Play free chess online

Challenge yourself in a game that lets you move all the pieces at the same time. Fight online PVP battles in real time with other players, or solve hundreds of levels in adventure mode. Pieces change on each game board and can be upgraded. Fast like checkers, intense like chess. Play the ultimate board to action game conversion. Become the ultimate king or queen and join the Chezz revolution today!

Chezz Features:

Chess Tactics meet Action Gameplay in a fun chess new game
* Queens, Kings, and all pieces move at the same time
* Upgrade your army for faster movement
* Checkers speed with chess moves! Matches can end in 30 seconds or less!
* Board game strategy with unique twists across hundreds of levels

King Yourself in Single Player Adventure Mode
* Can you beat every level to be king or queen of the city?
* Upgrade queens, knights, and your entire army to increase speed and movement
* Customize pieces with unique skins and colors
* Unlock achievements & rewards

Challenge other players
* Real chess online multiplayer
* PVP combat with both players moving pieces simultaneously
* Chess becomes a frantic, 1-on-1 army battle
* Play multiplayer chess with friends

New Challenges and New ways to play
* Traps to avoid on the battlefield
* King protect and other new game modes
* Board setup changes with every level

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- We fixed most of the desync issues with online matchmaking
- Improved overall stability of the game
- Online matchmaking games can no longer be cancelled

Continue sending us feedback so we can improve the game, thank you for playing Chezz !


40 comentarios en "Chezz: Play Fast Chess FULL"

  1. Great idea. I disagree with having an upgrade system, the players should be on equal terms. It discourages new players. Players with lag will easily win. A guy named Phoenix had a full 2.4 seconds of lag for his king, and his piece could live. There is a Japanese bot which just doesnt let you make a match and wastes your time. Occasionally, a piece can be considered on a certain tile where there is none, blocking the tile. It’s a great game with problems. However it is a pretty solid game.

  2. Great idea, not so great execution. Way too many game breaking bugs. I just had a bug where the other player’s king was immortal. He had no other pieces and I still had most of mine, but the game would not let me capture his king even though he wasnt moving it at all. Couple the bugs with a broken elo system where you have to win 10+ games for every loss in order to progress (even when the other player is the same or higher rating), and it can be pretty annoying. Very infrequent updates too.

  3. I’m a fan of chess, but I’ve never considered myself really efficient at playing. One of the main reasons for that is lack of practice. It’s not always easy to find someone to play with, and playing computers has always been a bit boring. Chezz has fixed the latter problem. It turns a turn based strategy game on its head by removing the turn based part. The different piece set ups and layouts are fun, but the real joy for me is being able to play piece after piece without waiting for the other person/computer to move first. Strategy takes a whole different perspective when you add that level of potential speed to the game. In the midst of thinking about your next move you also need to be constantly thinking about the opponents continuing moves. You can win or lose based on, not only your skill set, but the speed at which you can implement those skills. I’ve beaten people who I’m pretty sure would beat me in the classic game, because I was able to spot a opening just a little bit faster. On the other hand, I’ve lost to people just because I focused to much on one thing and missed something on the side of the board my attention wasn’t on. If you enjoy chess even a little, and also enjoy games that make you think on your feet, then I highly recommend giving Chezz a try.

  4. Val E dice:

    I greatly enjoy this game, but there are a couple of things that disqualify it from a 5-star: the massive slow-down of leveling past level 19, and the level-cap at 21. I’m rank 3500, and I’ve been playing for a long while. The fact that I won’t be able to upgrade my units anymore, despite putting in hours upon hours, is kind of frustrating. Still, the strategy involved in 1v1 is awesome, and the concept is both very fun, and incredibly well executed.

  5. very fun and addictive. HOWEVER – I can’t tell you how many games I’ve lost because of stupid bugs like pieces not being able to move where they should be able to move. Had a knight in position to end the game, but moving it to the right square was not an option for some reason, despite being a legal move. Happens with rooks and queens a lot too, especially over long diagonals/straights

  6. very good game, but there are some very annoying glitches, such as pawns (the currency), which seem to increase and decrease with no discernible pattern, and the online play, which becomes disabled after switching wifi networks. also, a lot of the “online” players are just AI, they all have very similar opening moves and will still play when you come back after uve had your phone in sleep mode for hours

  7. in multiplayer you get a random map every game and the maps are ridiculous, you cant try out new stategies because all the maps are so wildly different and there is no consistancy, if they had a separate playlist for a normal chess board i would actually like this game a lot, but they ruined it. also the more yoy play the game the more advantage you have such as your pieces have a lower cooldown or travel faster, thats very anti-chess, both sides should be equal.

  8. I love the little animations, but this is barely chess at all. First of all, both players are lacking chess pieces, and the way that you can just make a move anytime you like makes the game disorganized and confusing. This isn’t strategic, it’s just putting your pieces everywhere hoping you’ll crush the opposing king.

  9. Great game with an amazing and unique concept. However, there are several bugs that both me and other reviews have been experiencing which hasn’t been fixed yet. The fact that this game hasn’t been updated in almost a year gives me a sense that the developers don’t care for this game. Also, the nearby players option for online mode is grayed out for me, which is a shame. Ontop of that the game only supports Facebook when adding friends which limits players ability to connect with friends.

  10. Great concept and good execution. I really like the idea of this game and the originality of the variant and how strategies can be made. I do have some problems though and i was wondering if you could address them. Sometimes, when taking an opponents king, it doesnt ‘take’ as in the pieces stack on top of each other and the king does not go. Also sometimes the opponent king can move more than one space (somehow a king took my rook from the other side of the board. Other than that, 9/10

  11. It’s a fun game for non chess players. For chess players it’s an easier version of chess with some tactical ideas added in cause your pieces can move at will, except for their cooldowns. But it just amounts to an easier version of chess. All the strategy and tactics of the original game is removed and you get a battle like scenario with the same pieces, but its a totally different game. Basically, you may as well play any army game or battle simulator game if you want to play a game like this.

  12. DO NOT DOWNLOAD This game has incredible potential, but in this state it’s completely horrible! You can see pieces that are not there anymore, some squares are sometimes randomly blocked even though they should be 100% playble, and the in-game currency you have randomly goes down after you get a reward. Amazing graphics, amazing gameplay, but the game just doesn’t work the way it us supposed to…

  13. Oshean Bro dice:

    This game is awesome, but the thing is this game is not popular! I sometimes play online with others but i get to play with bots! And this game should add new maps, If we play the same map it will be pretty boring. So if this game could add more maps like every week, This game could get over 1 billion dowloads. This game should be active and should be up to date every time!

  14. I enjoy this game. I complete all level early. All level is great. Put new thing that I can make game like creative. But in online I ready and someone isn’t ready and that I wait a lot , so I come back this game again and my pawn get down. Sometimes it’s unfair that someone is master and not me. Offline difficulty looks normal but I enjoy it . online need fix.

  15. The gameplay is excellent. However, there are still bugs need to clear off. For example, I’d played up to level 20 or so. But when I logged in with wifi, my data was all gone, and remained only level 9 left.

  16. I’ve played for 4 days and got 3960 ranking. Amen Raw! is hacking and his pieces are invincible. The game is full of bugs such as certain squares cannot be moved onto or across. Combine this with the fact that attempting to move a piece to a square it can’t move it will make it move to another square can easily suicide your pieces. Btw the real max level is 16 as leveling only cooldown will give your pieces BOTH max cooldown reduction and speed. I’ve seen some 3800 players with slow pieces.

  17. It’s a pretty fun game, but I wish that I could add more than just Facebook friends (since I don’t have Facebook). What I like: games are fast-paced and tense at times! The online feature is nice, because it allows you to play with actual people (I haven’t used it yet). My only problem is the one listed above.

  18. Like the game very much but problem with display on my Samsung A03s. The right and left rows of chess board are mostly cropped off the edge of the screen …Not had such an issue with any other app.. even changing the DPI in developer mode has no affect (although that changes displayed area in other apps)

  19. I like the concept, but the AI is pretty bad even for a pretty bad chess player like myself and oh my, soooo many ads. If you win there is an ad. If you lose there is an ad. I don’t mind some ads but this is overkill.

  20. I like this game but the glitches are extremely annoying. Sometimes, I win in a one vs one but still lose points. Sometimes when playing a game, two pieces will stack on top of eachother without destroying the piece under it.

  21. I was looking for a “kung fu chess” clone, this is close, but it’s full of gimmicks instead of focusing on the gameplay. The game mechanics are subtly broken, two pieces can attack each other and both survive; pass through each other.

  22. Good, however, it’s abit buggy but has potential…. If you add two vs two, that would be amazing…. P.S make the map bigger…. Yes, you heard me, There are many versions of chess out there that don’t go by the 10×10 tile rule so make gamemodes with 20 or 30. Also, now this is unlikely but, if you somehow managed to incorporate other Variants of chess like in like Shogi (i think that how its spell) and others, than you have basicly won the competition. Also, I don’t like how you need facebook to “add” friends. And if you really want to rule the world, trust me, make a gamemode called Four Kingdoms. It’s four player chess (search it up if you have to it’s real) and the tile positioning is plus two on each side of (once) square board. This would be where the 2 rows of troops will be….. Also, (yeah I say this alot), add custom units like builder (builds defensive structures like walls e.t.c), special abilities like slow-motion, very handy if you want to defend or attack, and ranged troops like archers. (this probably means troops now have health, sorry but I can’t help you guys there).. Thank for listening, I know this is a lot but it is a suggestion, one that shouldn’t be ignored but CHEERS……. 😉

  23. It’s a very fun version of chess, easy to play and easy to master through practice. Just the only problem I have with this is the repetitive ads that I see every time I press the restart button when I lose, it’s very annoying.

  24. J M dice:

    Amazingly fun real-time take on chess. Pieces are moved in real time, but each piece is on a timer. You can customize your pieces to adjust cooldown, movement speed, etc. Fun single player campaign and great multiplayer due to customization options.

  25. I’d give it 5 stars but it is missing a rematch-player in the online feature and the possibility to add friends by their username/nick I also have to add that sometimes the game ends without even showing the chessboard thus making the players lose rewarded pawns, please fix it.

  26. I think this is a very fun game but it really bugs me that im literally only getting 3 score per win when im at 3000+ score and when i loose its instantly 30 score down the drain. Once this finally gets fixed ill start playing again but for now ill stop since there is absolutely no sense of progression to me

  27. David Blue dice:

    Fun game. A really cool idea to make a chess game where there are no turns and you just fight with what you have. Too bad though, the game might of stopped being updated and a lot of ads.

  28. This is a fantastic game, I’ve been playing for way too long and I can’t stop! My only criticism is that there should be an unranked mode, as in the higher ranks losing a game can cost up to thirty consecutive wins worth of points

  29. Great game except for the fact there are way too many ads when i play adventure. In other games there are 1 every 3 games but with this it is every time you win or loose. If there weren’t so many it would be a 5 star.

  30. A whole new to play chess. I enjoy chess from time to time but this is something else. Fast paced. There are ads Everytime I restart a match but it doesn’t feel like a money whoring app. The devs know that they have created a solid product and they let it speak for itself. I can see myself playing this game for a long time. Well done. 8/10

  31. there are apps with ads, there are some with a lot of ads, then there are some with annoying ads. I get the need to place ads in order to get people to buy in and not see ads; the way the app is designed to play ads when you lose is not allowing me to get a feel for the app to know if I’d enjoy purchasing an upgrade.

  32. The game never ends if the position is a draw. It should be possible to gain rating points faster in online mode, as I beat everyone easily at my rating level but my rating increases too slowly.

  33. such a great game. a great idea about how to change chess more intresting and fun. only bad things are lots of forced ads and few numbers of levels in adventure mode.

  34. It’s a fun and modified version of chess that is easy to pick up for non chess players. Lots of 30 second ads, but at least the game is good.

  35. Only been playing a day so a 5 rating seems unwarranted BUT this is a great! Its Chess designed by a madman! The real time play is unique and makes the game engaging and more resembles how a real battle works. The puzzle features keep it from getting stale. It makes me smile, laugh, and grumble. What more can you ask.

  36. I love this game. But I want to have you update this game and add more levels and crowns in Adventure mode. I would be happy if you add more levels, crowns, and skins in this game every 3 months. Can you also allow us to set the speed and cool down time for the king ,too?

  37. I like chess. This version really causes you think, plan, and react quickly as well as effectively. For ppl who enjoy blitz chess, or want to learn to think quickly under pressure, this is a fun alternative

  38. Great game, but it takes 10 “pawns” to play a game, and they just keep not connecting you and still taking the pawns, pretty much making you unable to play after the bug happens a couple of times

  39. It’s pretty cool and all an I like the sound but I can’t login with my facebook it says this app doesn’t support that option right now. I want to play with friends etc..but I can’t cuz we can’t find each other without facebook. Try to fix it .

  40. I do Luke the concept and even the execution but sadly most fights are against bots even in online (I’m in chezzmaster and I see “people” do stuff like Qc5 even though I have my pawn on d4 and that happens in like 30% of the games) I would rate this game a solid 4.5 if if at least 50% of the games were against actual players. Over all tho rly nice game but please make or the AI better or don’t put bots in online games it’s just so stupid like really just stop. I myself am an OK player and I know when I see a not maybe some players don’t but believe me it is pretty easy to spot one (for example there’s a very good start against bots just put your king or queen under attack then when they come to take them just move them and tale with a piece that protects them. BTW just saying but all but the crown that let’s you preorder moves are pretty bad/worse when compared to just being without one

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