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Vertical rhythm game, Kalpa! Meet nice songs, and illustrations!
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Can you hear my voice?

Somewhere in the universe, a desolate star that has lost its light.
A mysterious girl is standing in front of the star tree.
The dead tree glows when the mysterious instruments begin to play beautifully.
The stark stars turn blue.
I ask her a lot of questions out of gratitude, but the only thing that comes back is her name.
I didn’t know anything else.
She was known only as the guardian of stars that roamed the universe and saved the stars.
I didn’t know the rest.
She is called by various names. Kalpa, Savior, Apocalypse…
The instrument she plays is made of light, so we don’t know the shape, but it seems that only she can play it.

Game Features:
– Play the original top-down rhythm game on mobile
The score is obtained by touching the note according to the line of judgment like normal Rhythm game

– 10 songs + IAP, more than 50 songs will be included Rhythm game!
with selected quality songs and illustrations Rhythm game

– 250+ note patterns Rhythm game

– A concert tour with a mysterious girl, Kalpa Rhythm game.

email: [email protected]
site: https://www.queseragames.com/
discord: https://discord.com/invite/892YwATA2F
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEBCnH0s86ArhQ0L3YTLrjA
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KalpaOfficial

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KALPA V2.0 Update!
Aste's Guide Mission is added for beginners!
Meet with attractive characters in the upgraded constellation system and receive various rewards such as songs and stories!
Set your profile easier with renewed profile system!


40 comentarios en "KALPA – Original Rhythm Game FULL"

  1. I know I don’t have great rhythm and reaction time, but the input lag/sync of notes kept changing while I was playing the game, making it impossible to play. One second I’m playing a song and everything syncs up fine. The next I’m missing every note because the timing’s completely different. I’ve also had a huge range of numbers in the sync menu, going from -290ms to -160ms. Text is also hard to understand, and some menus and tutorials are confusing.

  2. So far I have been playing this for awhile and I have had no complaints. The stories are cute and I like most of the songs. Especially Seven Days Of Genesis in the daybreak pack! The art of the game is very neat itself and I think that everything was all well thought out. I really like how there are different things you can do for challenges and different types of games to try.

  3. KALPA is a great ad-free f2p rhythm game to pass the time with. The daily missions are a nice incentive to keep coming back, including opportunities to try out otherwise paid songs. There are even chances to earn paid currency, making it not feel as strongly paywalled as other games like it. The recent update to 2.0 really upped the polish on the game, and the tutorial was a great idea. Unfortunately, the translation is still poor. Please polish that next for 5 stars!

  4. It’s a good rhythm game so far. 🙂 It’s a 5 lane bemani style rhythm game with only 2 types of notes, tap and hold. I’m actually happy there are no slide or flick notes since those tend to move phone sometimes if playing with device sitting on surface, causing misses. Nice customization options to unlock or spend on. No ads. I’m not yet able to gauge how f2p friendly it is. So far it seems fairly f2p friendly, but could hit a wall eventually.

  5. It’s a nice game, cute characters and a good soundtrack… but it has parts where it’s hard to follow which part of the song it’s keeping beat to (something that often changes mid-song, even several times during a repeating sequence) and there’s some strange lag that has prevented me from actually hitting the notes- which is a real pain if you’re trying to do *good* in any way. That being said, it is still pretty fun and I do enjoy it overall. Just a bit frustrating.

  6. Lex B dice:

    The game is good, I love the mood and challenge, however I have a couple problems with it. My problem is smaller, it’s that it’s pretty challenging to earn any of the currency to buy other packs, which makes it kind of a pain unless you buy some. It does kind of throw things off when the song slows down suddenly, I feel like there should be a warning. Other than that it’s an amazing game, lovely drawings and lovely songs!!

  7. Story mode. Extremely difficult. Difficulty goes up extremely fast. But I can now, without a doubt, wholeheartedly recommend this game for rhythm game fans. If you can get past slightly off English, and a barebones UI with little in the way of letting you know you did something on a menu, you will have a lot of fun. Past level 9, songs can get extremely hard extremely quickly, whether you play thumbs mode or not; precisely why I love it now. Takes a bit of getting used to, but worth it.

  8. This is a lovely little game. Prices for packs are very reasonable I feel. There isn’t too much music, but what there is is very good. I really like the currency system to progress in the constellations for some reason. Translations, however, are very rough and engrishy at times. It has a certain charm to it, but it can be jarring. Sometimes text gets cut off and you can’t scroll when characters speak, but overall this is a cute game with cute characters. Rythmn part is rather easy.

  9. iced tea dice:

    I tried out the game and it seemed really enjoyable, which it is. But I am giving it 3 stars for a few reasons. One, sometimes the game detects my taps late, or sometimes not at all. Two, playing songs on higher difficulties requires you to unlock it via stage, such as Hard+ or Multi Finger Mode, and then you must unlock those difficulties to play in stages and it just gets more of a chore for experienced rhythm players. Good game, but it does need some improvements.

  10. So, I’ll start out with saying I’ve played many M&R games, from Arcaea to Deemo, and almost everything in between, and this game is a good one. It is very easy to pick up the gameplay, while being hard to master, and has a good selection of songs, especially to those willing to drop a few dollars…overall very clean nice looking game, with no bugs(that I found). Many game modes and difficulties allow any skill level to do well and have fun. TL:DR Great game to invest in, especially if spending

  11. I originally typed a 3 star review because of lag. However I discovered if I turn vibration off, it fixes the problem. No more lag. I was even able to leave the hit effects on, which I had originally turned off. However the translation needs a LOT of work. It seems like it was translated by Google. The songs are good, but hopefully as it takes off we will get better songs more well known in the rhythm community. Good game overall tho! I like the idea of thumb play vs. multi finger play.

  12. Sothis dice:

    Fundamentally, as a rhythm game, it gets the job done. I love the difficulty increasers and the moddifers to make it more challenging. The artwork is beautiful. This game is honestly a ✨vibe✨. Personally, the music selection is a tad-bit lackluster. Just a tad-bit, but the variety is appreciated.

  13. The game mechanics are really fun and the levels give you a lot of difficulty options. There are some problems though: 1 The slide mechanic is really finicky and doesnt really work in harder lvls just due to the amount of notes 2 There are HUGE PERFORMANCE ISSUES and once you get into higher difficulties (for me it started on maxed out lvl 3 even tho i turned all of the possible visuals off) 3 The menu is really clutered is quite annoying to navigate (just like most rythm games)

  14. Redeal dice:

    Very fun 5 key game, both modes for multi finger and 2 finger gameplay which means you can play handheld too! Both modes feature a lot of challenging levels, multifinger levels can get much harder as well. It has a couple minor bugs I’ve seen through some textboxes and obtaining things from the rewards is a bit slow, and allowing offline gameplay for all the songs you bought and unlocked would be a great aspect this game is missing but should have.

  15. At first I absolutely hated it because I use styluses to play. you cannot use them; for me at least. After I decided to use my fingers, suddenly I wasn’t getting misses all the time. the constant misses kinda hurt me ngl. It’s a really nice game and the sudden fast to slow makes it more challenging and unique. It’s a very good game in my opinion.

  16. I think this was a very enjoyable game, ignoring some of the typos within the game. One of the major issues for me at least, is that the game does not mesh well with wireless headphones. The music is way behind when playing all songs, and to catch up it skips and glitches the song. The notes lag when this happens too. It makes it almost impossible to play with them on. If they fix this I’ll update the rating but until then it stays at 3 stars.

  17. it’s just okay,, there isn’t really anything special about it and I found more cons then pros. as someone who has been playing rhythm games for years this was difficult to play just because of how annoying everything is, the only thing I really did like was the vibration instead of hitsounds. I believe this game has potential but it really does need some work

  18. Great game, I’ve been playing for about a year now and this is a good game to get occupied with. The different game modes are very cool and challenging and as for the songs they are great. My only dislike it that at one point the hard mode got really nurfed. I don’t play as much bc of this. The chart is extremely easy, very close to normal. While in hard plus they add more notes to the ones already there. I suggest to change that since hard mode is where players can challenge themselves. Thanks.

  19. The game is really good. The judgement line and note speed is adjustable and the note style can be chaned. However, I have been experiencing songs while playing Noah not loading in. My internet always has a full bar. Meanwhile, in other games, it works normally. Please fix this. But, overall, Kalpa is a well-made game that has tons of songs to play with.

  20. shiki dice:

    I enjoy the beginner’s guide update. It made the experience more motivational into unlocking new songs and getting to know more about the game. I downloaded this before, without this guide, so it made my experience confusing and I had trouble where I should go. Downloading it again made me think differently of the game and I am now enjoying it.

  21. I just got back from this game, and oh boy there is a lot to unpack here. A lot of things have changed since it was released, so the additional contents are quite confusing. Although some issues were already fixed thanks to the beginner mission. The graphics were spectacular as always.

  22. River dice:

    Used to think this was the best rythm game of it’s type but ever since the new updates the multi finger modes are unplayable. The game is no longer properly optimized for how many notes per second some songs give you, when you get to harder difficulty songs with so many notes coming at you the game can’t keep up and just gives up on reading your inputs leading to many missed notes. What’s the point of going to harder songs if the game can’t keep up.

  23. I absolutely love this game, my only complaint is not being able to unlock a lot of songs without paying, other than that the gameplay’s great, there are a lot of different objectives to focus on, and there are a lot of options to choose from for playing, it’s really fun and everyone can learn to play it, so good job devs!

  24. Caramel dice:

    I have played so little but still this game is so good. the graphics are good, the music is good, everything is great. And u dont need to go through a lot of story just to play the game it’s optional. I would recommend this game for rhythm game lovers

  25. soup dice:

    Probably one of the best rhythm games I’ve ever played. The aesthetic is appealing with fantasy-ish themes and amazing art. The gameplay is rather note-spam heavy and if you hate flick notes, this game is for you (there are no flick notes). One feature that I absolutely love is the haptic feedback. You can also adjust the vibration level. The story, however, doesn’t really appeal much to me and it’s quite confusing but if you just came for the gameplay then go ahead and try this game out.

  26. It’s not bad I really want to give it a five stars but it has at least one problem the notes and the sound of the notes. Notes is very loud I wouldn’t recommend it and it doesn’t really match with the song that you put in the notes are very skinny and I barely can see them at times for people who have problems with their eyesight or they’re just aren’t very good at playing with type of notes I like the ocean notes more than the original that’s the only problem I have I would give this a five*

  27. Is a great game. Lots of song choice and good challenge for any level. Up until recent update and i hope its fixed, the game never – not once lagged for me. Right now its lagging out nonstop but they did just make a big update so what else is to expect. It’s surprising this didnt happen sooner.

  28. Solid rhythm game with a nice choice of songs and fun to play maps. The UI feels cheap and there’s an overall lack of polish but that’s fine. The storyline is quite clichéd and uninspiring. What makes it hard to keep playing in the connectivity issues. Claiming quests takes ages due to that and I’ve been stuck at the last song in dark mode too many times just because of connection error. I’m willing to change my rating if this gets fixed.

  29. Toxic Neko dice:

    When the 1.5 update hit, all my settings were reset. Playing a game right after the update is almost impossible as the sounds were at FULL volume for no reason and the timings were all off. The menu is now even harder to find your way around. I cant even use astral melody to give my the 200% and 500% boosts. Still my favorite music game, and hoping i will soon get used to it!

  30. Han Chung dice:

    Levels are casual if you wanna enjoy, and tough if you wanna challenge, and aesthetic is just marvellous, and like the styles of notes and constellations characters are unique, prettty and interesting!

  31. Haru White dice:

    The game doesnt even work, when i try playing a song the app just freezes and i have to close the app and reopen it, only for it to still not work.

  32. Daniel Ma dice:

    Solid rhythm game that keeps things simple and refreshing. I wish my unlocks/purchases don’t disappear while offline, though.

  33. Can you put more O2Jam songs here, even just the raw one will do. I like them so much, thus nostalgia. 10/10 rhythm game for me. Thank you for this!

  34. I still love this game but I miss the older updates. It’s kinda hard to navigate around with the new system & i hate the sounds when you tap the notes (i already minimized the SE sounds but it’s there) wishes there was a way players could choose their own backgrounds (older or newer kind when playing) the sounds are kinda off beat too😭😭

  35. Positives: Great difficulty range, so it’s good for beginner and experienced players. Features thumb mode and multi-finger modes. Good amount of free content, something the game let’s you play a paid chart for free. The art is pretty. Negatives: Translation isn’t the greatest at times. Menus can be difficult to navigate for a first time player.

  36. This is a very good game ! I enjoyed playing it ^^ though there is something that has been bugging me lately and makes me really pissed , while playing the ( resume / retry / quit ) setting keeps popping up and makes me lose all the time so I would really appreciate it if it got fixed !

  37. Changing my review to 2 stars it’s sad because I enjoyed this game but having it only be online makes it not fun to play I want to play this without an internet connection but they don’t provide that sadly

  38. peringuina dice:

    its a good rythmn game- it has five lanes with the only game mechanics being the fact it only has two types of notes and on hard songs the speed changes at times and the settings are pretty catering. however, its not that f2p friendly. you need to buy music packs with real money or devote hours to grinding in game currency and the only other way to get new songs, the story mode, you hit a paywall pretty soon enough and you cant progress (chapter 1 part 4). id enjoy it if i could.

  39. ok dice:

    The new UI is bad in my opinion, it’s completely different than before and a lot more confusing. Playing feels diffrent and a lot more buggy among other things. I think the previous UI was a lot simpler and fit the game better

  40. Graysson dice:

    Great game love the music but its awkward to play. The five note set up is weird on hard+ but anything less is too slow for me. If there were 6 notes it would be 10 times better because you can divide 3 notes between each thumb. But that’s just my opinion

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