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Hide your IP address + browse privately with PIA’s Fast & Secure VPN network
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Get instant secure data protection and keep your identity private with PIA VPN. With PIA, get Secure Access, Internet Freedom, Secure Connection, Online Privacy and more! With our fast VPN servers, PIA keeps your private data secure, even on public WiFi. Hide your IP address & connect anonymously to the internet.

🏆 Enjoy online privacy with Private Internet Access®; the world’s leading secure VPN service for Android.

Download the Private Internet Access® VPN app and enjoy exceptional connection security and a lightning-fast VPN:

✔ Open Source Transparency: Get maximum online privacy with VPN protocols like OpenVPN and WireGuard – designed for anybody to inspect or modify for complete transparency.

✔ IP Protection: Hide your IP address and change location with Private Internet Access® VPN. Trust us to keep your online search anonymous with no logs ever.

✔ Safe Connection: Keep your personal data safe as our VPN router directs your traffic through a secure WiFi connection.

✔ Powerful Encryption Standards. Stick with our defaults, or optimize your VPN experience to your own personal needs and get instant access to the sites you want!

✔ Multi-device Support: One PIA subscription keeps up to 10 devices protected simultaneously.

✔ Split Tunneling: Choose which applications or IP addresses can bypass the secure VPN tunnel.

✔ Per-Network Settings: Automatically enable the secure VPN connection when rejoining an unsecured WiFi network.

✔ Kill Switch: Unexpected VPN network connection failure? Our kill switch feature will automatically block your internet connection preventing any data leaks.

✔ Biggest Network. Extensive network servers and locations in over 77 countries and more are added daily.

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✔ FREE Email Breach Monitor. Check to see if your email address has been affected by any security breaches.

“Private Internet Access is one of Lifehacker readers’ favorite VPN service providers, making it easy to surf the web anonymously, privately and securely from anywhere.” – Lifehacker

“There have been several Editors’ Choice VPN services recently, as one product tops the next, but Private Internet Access out-performs and out-features the competition. With 4.5 stars, Private Internet Access sets the bar high and is truly the Editors’ Choice, trumping all our previous favorites.” — PC Mag

“When shopping for a VPN service, it is recommended to find a service that keeps no logs of its customers’ traffic and prevents an anonymity-unmasking issue known as IPv6 leakage. Private Internet Access carries the highest level of security.” – Wired

Still unsure? Try PIA with a 7-Day Free VPN Trial and 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Sign up and choose the Private Internet Access® VPN plan that’s best for you.

We’re always here to help! PIA provides a dedicated resource library, email support, and 24/7 live chat.

GDPR Compatibility
This application only sends usernames and encrypted passwords to our servers as part of using the app. During signups, we also collect user emails. We do not collect or store any other user information.


- Bug fixes and performance improvements


40 comentarios en "Private Internet Access VPN MOD"

  1. I’ve used PIA for years on my desktop PC. With a new phone I decided to set it up mobile. The mobile app is every bit as impressive as the desktop version. No need to shop around, it doesn’t get any better than this. Followup: I ended up uninstalling PIA. The VPN works great, but with one caveat – the widgets don’t work. I have to be able to shut the app off quickly as some sites (like my bank) refuse VPN traffic. I tried every widget and all are dead, just icons. Oh, well

  2. Edit: if you have problems, uninstall and reinstall the app. No other prompt from support worked. Still not a great solution if you have no data, but it’s fixed. Contact from within the app is still broken. I use this when traveling and connecting to untrusted WiFi. PIA will not connect at all no matter what I tried. My installed app is the most updated version. To top it off, I can’t contact support from inside the app and needed to go to a website, forcing me to use the bad WiFi.

  3. M J dice:

    Used to be great, now it’s very finicky. Have to go through so many servers to find a decent speed, no where near when not connected. Troubleshot everything, it’s just the servers Edit, to clarify, i have used the help of support staff and the only solution has been to endlessly change servers until a decent one is found and latency filtering doesn’t make a difference for speeds.

  4. Neal Hart dice:

    Really good customer service. Had their service for several years now. Unfortunately the app blocks wifi calling. The only way I know to get it to work is turn off Private Internet Access. Also the Per App settings don’t list all the apps. So again you have to turn it off. Which defeats the whole purpose of having the app.

  5. J K dice:

    Have used this and Nord, to give some context. Getting right down to it, the amount of customization features are unmatched, just like one of the recent pitches I heard during a YouTuber ad break. I am especially thankful for a port to forward, as only having Nord made configuring Plex remote access all but impossible. The only clear improvement i can think of would be to offer more than a single listening port. Even if it was a small amount extra, either as one time payment or per month

  6. Bill Erwin dice:

    After having numerous horrible experiences with Norton’s VPN, PIA’s VPN is like night and day better! It’s fast, flexible and very solid as an app on both my Android devices and Windows platforms. So easy to setup and use, I now get the protection I wanted while still being able to access sites that gave Norton so much trouble. Very good value and great price. Would highly recommend PIA to anyone. Their support has been fantastic! My emails and questions were responded to within minutes.

  7. Bill Bale dice:

    I’ve been using this app on my pcs for years, and now the mobile app too. It is quite reliable, has great settings, and has never no issues. I particularly like the latency returns so I can select the fastest location. I site won’t load unless shut dow . 2021 More locations. Sort by latency for the lowest number which is the fastest location. AT&T and Verizon have no idea where you go or search for. They only know the amount of data you used. 2022 All the above still true.

  8. Antonio dice:

    Will not connect to servers anymore. Troubleshooting didn’t help, just made it slower to attempt to connect somehow. Makes 3 attempts to connect then asks for feedback. Tried 50+ times to connect and all were failures. It usually never connects when using the quick tile connect option from the pull down menu, but once I closed the app and then opened it from the app list, it would connect. But now, it does not. I can’t even send feedback from the app cause the captcha is broken and doesn’t work

  9. Split tunneling needs to be fixed. I can’t find half of my apps in “per app settings” This problem has been going on for a long time. I’ve used this VPN service for years, now I will probably have to find another with working split tunneling as I am not going to turn off VPN just to use certain apps. Fix it.

  10. Haku A dice:

    I’ve been using this app for about 3 years now I think, on my phone and it works very simply and very well for letting me access certain music streaming services and my mobile bank app here in Europe. I think I had some hiccups with it in the beginning, but the customer service was good and was able to resolve the issues and now I practically forget that it’s there because it just works. Many thanks 🌉🎑🌍🥰

  11. Best when paired with a Tor browser. However, some websites such as Amazon or GameStop actively block VPN servers. Login pages that serve CAPTCHA may also be disrupted or display incorrectly. This is true for mobile and desktop platforms, it’s probably better to whitelist those sites, if possible, unless there’s a reliable proxy or DNS workaround.

  12. PIA is an absolutely great VPN. On the PC side it offers extremely well built perfectly functioning applications. I use Linux for example and often find that many of the vpn desktop applications don’t work or require specific tweaking. PIA on the other hand has probably the best functioning app not to mention the servers (tons of countries and a server for every state in the USA) as well as hands down the most amazing useful features. Even as a developer the functions go above and beyond.

  13. Echo Mike dice:

    Only issue is selecting the right server on the app. It keeps automatically selecting servers over 1000 miles away instead of ones that are physically closer. I only want to connect to the server with the lowest latency, that’s it. There’s no obvious way to do that.

  14. It is impossible to get help. The application doesn’t work. I tried to contact them multiple times and tried the captcha they require even though you’re signed in to their app a 25 times. Every time it told me the capcha was wrong and would not let me submit any request especially to cancel or for Tech Support. Next stop my credit card company. I tried to use it when I was in Europe for the 1st time in a long time and it didn’t work. I have tried it on all my devices and none of them work.

  15. Endless loop of attempting to connect. For many months this has been an issue making this app unusable. Plus I use this for my computer as well.. it’s very annoying. I paid for 2 years. I feel scammed. Plus trying to send a troubleshooting ticket the captcha is always a problem. Typing the correct letters and numbers don’t work. (There are some errors with your submission. -csrf This is ridiculous – I want my money back!

  16. The app is so much better and the dev team has been doing a great job improving the features. connectivity is consistent and the speeds are good. the automation feature should use wifi networks instead of location, some networks i connect to require different setting to bypass, one might need wireguard, while another needs port 443, and another port 53. etc. it be nice for it to change based on networks and when im connected to the mobile.

  17. I love PIA VPN. The app has been really good on my Galaxy Note 9 and S22 (not to mention Windows 10 and 11). PIA VPN has excellent service and fast speeds at a reasonable price. My only gripe with the app is it disconnects sometimes without reconnecting. The only time I notice is when I have it set to block all connections that don’t go through the VPN. Overall this is a minor inconvenience, because I always check to make sure it is enabled before I do any sensitive transactions, etc.

  18. It worked great for a while. Now the app is unusually buggy and it doesn’t actually connect to the VPN service, just gets stuck in a loop of connect disconnect connect disconnect and so on. I’m glad I got the promotional discount they were offering at the time cause I’d want my money back if I didn’t. But even then I’m paying for it, would be nice if it functioned the way it was supposed to. Please try fixing the bugs.

  19. Dave B dice:

    Today is a good day. My membership finally ends soon, which pushed me to shop for a new VPN. I chose NordVPN, and all of my issues with PIA are not a thing with Nord. Per App Setting (Split Tunneling) works perfectly and the speeds are amazing. I’ve had issues with my Amazon app, but with Nord it just works. I thought the ESPN+ app was broken, but it turns out that all my issues were caused by PIA, it works flawlessly now. I loved PIA for a long time, but things went downhill. Godspeed.

  20. I like the app and the layout. I am having an issue where my settings get reset back to default without warning. It does this on app updates, which is fine. Recently it has started to do it more often without any updates listed online. When it does this, the screen shows up as if I had just installed the app or updated it. Other than this I like the program and hope the Tech Team can help me. So far the person helping has been communicating well with me and I appreciate it.

  21. Malaika P. dice:

    It stopped working with last update. Spins around at authenticate and just stops. Had a nice run. 2 stars for nostalgia stake. Update: I tried to complete the form as directed, and the required drop-down menus wouldn’t let me choose anything, so I couldn’t submit the form. -1 star, for playing with my emotions. Update: It’s back. Customer service didn’t leave me hanging with the broken menu issue, so that alone is worth another chance.

  22. Z dice:

    I’ve used PIA for nearly 4 years now and have never had a single complaint; the service provides a simple option for users, as well as the ability to make it your own. The UI is very friendly and clean! However, as of its latest Verdon (3.10.1) it is not cooperating with the latest version of Android 11. MMS messages have not been working at all no matter what I try. Pictures, audio, group texts all fail in the Samsung messaging app. I hope to see this issue corrected soon, I really love PIA!

  23. PIA is a VPN for the “average user” done right! It’s apps are visually appealing and it gives you just the right amount of info on activity. Even better than that, it just works. Every time. Quickly connects and I haven’t had to troubleshoot it once. Just click connect and let it do its thing. I do tend to lose about 50% of my speeds when connected, but I’ve never noticed a lag or slow down in any real world use. If you’re looking for a secure, cheap, easy to use VPN; pay for this one!

  24. Been using PIA for a year now. Love the fact they have a great working Linux client. Never had a problem. Connections are fast and reliable. Just signed up for a new two year commitment. Price is unbeatable. And best of all: MACE, the Ad blocking component. Only available from their website (🖕Google). Thing is though, it’s hard to find there and if you’re not reading all info you’ll never know that feature exists.

  25. The best VPN I have used. There are no in app ads. The app is easy to navigate and had many more customization features than I’ll use. It does slow the connection slightly but isn’t usually a big deal. There are lots and lots of servers to choose from and some of them are optimized for streaming. For some reason it disconnects while I’m sleeping pretty regularly.

  26. I’ve used PIA for well over a year, maybe over two by now. My experience is very mixed. I would say 70% of my time is easy going. However PIA constantly drops in and out of connection. As far as I know it’s not the wifi or data connections fault. I’ll pause or disconnect and my connection will be fine. Once I reconnect it’s usually fine again. But I do this often enough to where it’s getting annoying. I have the dedicated IP feature. That one also frequently loses connection for no reason.

  27. I really want to love it, but there’s ONE thing that has failed to work for the past month. The trusted wifi. I can actually sit there, connected to the only trusted network (within the PIA app) and turn off the VPN, and then watch within a few minutes it will turn back on and reconnect. I’ve turned off All auto-start options in the settings and this still happens. Very frustrating when you have wifi enabled/controlled products like lights or Chrome cast. Other than that, I really do love it!

  28. Will Smith dice:

    I’ve subscribed to PIA for many years. On my PC’s and Android phone, I love PIA. It works and I’m happy with the price and quality of service. On my FireTV sticks (1st, 2nd and 3rd Gen), not so much. I can install it from the play store and log-in, but can’t connect to any servers. Tried changing ports and tcp modes, but no joy. I’ve tried redownloading every few months for the past 18 months with the same results. So, as long as you want it for a PC or phone, PIA is a great choice. Your results may vary.

  29. Works great when it works, but it keeps closing. The school I work at has a wifi filter, even for the teachers. So I use this to get around that. On my pixel 3, it just closes randomly and I never know until I try to answer or send a DM and it just doesn’t send. Or I don’t get them at all in the first place. It’s seemingly random. I think I’ll try a different VPN next month

  30. Occasionally acts as if it’s running for the first time ever, which includes resetting the VPN kill switch to the default “off” position. It almost got me fired. Satisfied otherwise, but that’s so huge, I can’t always remember to check that setting! 3 stars because still a great value. New design: Good luck closing the app if you have kill switch/auto-reconnect enabled: I gave up and now go straight to Force Stop.

  31. I have been a member for over a year. I haven’t had many issues so far which is very surprising given that sometimes updated software can be buggy or problematic sometimes. I can no longer connect via the quick menu settings on my Note 8. This isn’t a big issue being that I can still connect by opening the app and it works just like it should.

  32. Well integrated across all my devices. There are occasional connection issues, but rarely anything beyond having to restart the app. Further, for the inherent complexity of putting a network in your network, such issues should be expected from time to time. I’ve used PIA for more than 5 years across several machines and platforms and it just keeps getting better and just keeps working.

  33. PIA works great. I use it on my PC and my occasionally my Note20u. I only have 2 complaints. Firstly, it does seem to max out around 35Mbps, so my 200Mbps connection at home gets cut pretty badly. Secondly there have been four different times in the 3 years of my account that all of the access points in the US seemed to be offline and wouldn’t connect at all for a few days (one time it was nearly2 weeks). Other than that, it’s pretty awesome and I’d recommend it.

  34. As of the past several months it keeps disconnecting itself randomly and without notice, forcing me to constantly manually connect – a few times every day. But it often fails and I have to wait a few minutes and switch to a new location for it to function. The inconsistency of the connection is very frustrating. Once the term ends I’ll be switching to another VPN if they haven’t fixed this by then. Update 2/25/22: I get warnings about the app suddenly stopping. Time to uninstall and switch.

  35. PIA has been a great VPN with a stable reputation for keeping customer traffic secure and anonymous. This is why I’ve used their services for several years now. The app however is a bit hit or miss with features actually working correctly throughout the whole time I have used it. I have always desired automating the VPN connection for specific networks but most of the time I’ve had the app, it does not let me do that either through the app (due to bugs) or through Tasker. It is frustrating.

  36. With the latest update, the Per App Settings menu is not showing any of the apps on my phone. It only shows system and stock apps. I’m also having an issue with the connect/disconnect button. A lot of the time it doesn’t respond. I have to force close the app to get it working again. And finally, for a while now PIA has been blocking captchas from appearing on websites that require them. I have to turn off/pause PIA and refresh the page to get it to appear. Lots of bugs in this latest version.

  37. I use PIA for pretty much everything. The desktop app is great, wakes from sleep and immediately connects. Quickly reconnects when switching networks. This app is an absolute mess. Takes 2-3 times to get it to successfully connect. The VPN connection drops seemingly whenever the wind changes. And domestic VPN connections never seems available. When it works, it’s great. But it rarely seems to work.

  38. Something’s gone very wrong with PIA in the last week on both my phone and tablet. It’s dropping its connection more frequently and failing to establish a connection for long periods of time. It used to be that PIA would drop its connection in the background and never bother to reconnect until i open the app. I have a tasker routine to help with this. Now i watch the app as it tries and fails to connect.

  39. PIA is like flipping a coin every few minutes or anytime you open an app or browse online. It is either very quick and maintains a solid connection or it stalls everything and reports there is no data thus cutting you off from everything (notifications included). It does work really well on PC but it’s awful on mobile. I paid for two years of service about a year ago and I will not be renewing it again due to the inconsistency of it! If you want a VPN that just works then this one isn’t for you.

  40. Love this app! Only 1 minor issue… the app has a notification of some type that I cannot figure out how to clear for the life of me! On the app icon on my home screen, there is an orange circle with a 1 it it (the typical new notification symbol). I have tried everything I can think of to clear it and nothing! I even restarted the phone. It is cleared when restarted but then pops back up soon after. It is not a “problem” but most certainly ultra-annoying, especially for me who has OCD!

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