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Collect your favorite recipes from anywhere, and sort them into Cookbooks for super simple meal planning. Share with friends and build Cookbooks together. Never lose another recipe.

Organize your entire meal process with our intuitive Meal Planner. Tap to drop recipes into your week or Quick-Add a meal idea. Customize and rearrange your plan in seconds.

Shop with Smart Grocery Lists that match your plan. Ingredients sort into categories for efficient, satisfying shopping. Check off items as you go, or get groceries delivered or ready for curbside pickup.

Get recipe suggestions you’ll love based on what you’ve cooked before and who you follow.

Cook with our clear recipe screen that lets you see ingredients and directions together. Check off steps while you cook so you don’t lose your place. Your phone stays on while you cook.

Here’s what our users are saying:
“Just a big THANKS! I so needed this in my life!”
“This tool is amazing for me!”
“A list of what’s in my pantry… what! what! Love this feature so much!!”
“I’m freaking OBSESSED with this concept.”
“LOVE IT!!!!!!!”
“Thank you SOOO much for creating this. I think it will be a game-changer in my life!”
“This is SO well thought out.”
“Love it, it has cut my meal planning/prep time in half.”
“The more I use it, the more I like it… Really easy to use.”

Get Prepear to stay connected to your favorite recipes and your most important goals.

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We're constantly refining Prepear to make your planning and cooking experience even better. This release comes with bug fixes and performance improvements so you can keep on cooking your favorites!


40 comentarios en "Prepear – Meal Planner, Grocer FULL"

  1. Andrea S dice:

    Used to be an amazing app, but now it’s nothing more than the food section of Pinterest. Actually, it’s worse since now I can’t even access my recipes. When I click on them, it just blows up the picture and won’t give me an ingredient list, directions, or anything. I was really holding out hope they would bring back features and work out the bugs, but now I think it’s time to break up with Prepear. Back to Pinterest I go.

  2. Gone down hill. I loved this app. Spent many hours uploading my recipes because it was a simplistic app. Gave what I need. But lately it isn’t saving my planner. Constantly glitching out. I’m very disappointed because I’m getting the feeling that I’m going to have to locate a new app and waste MY TIME redoing everything I’ve spent several years doing already. Thx so much!

  3. I loved this when I first got it a few months ago, now it’s just frustrating. I like to keep my checked items so i can easily add things to my grocery list that I buy regularly. The grocery list started unchecking all of my checked items, and it always happened at the store, which was super inconvenient. Now I have to clear out all of my checked items at the end of each trip. Also, in the last couple of weeks, it says it can’t import any web recipe I try to save.

  4. My favorite meal planning app. I like that I have the option to scroll through their recipes or add my own. I’ve had some trouble with the feature that is supposed to add all the ingredients from my plan onto my grocery list. It seems to miss a lot of items. I just add each recipe into the list individually instead, so it’s not much of a problem. Overall super happy though.

  5. They never list all of the ingredients in the ingredients section. I’ll be in the middle of cooking, and it will ask for something random like apple cider vinegar or a chopped tomato and it will never be listed!! And sometimes it leaves the ingredients list items out of the recipe! Waste of time and money spent on groceries for this app to mess it up. I had to tweak a lot of things in order to use it.

  6. this app has a lot going for it, but some significant shortfalls at the moment. The biggest shortfall is cost, if you want to subscribe to one of the meal plans – $10 per month. The other big shortfall is content – there is a recipe “feed”, but very few bloggers contributing to it at the moment…the grocery list can be tricky, make sure you are using the same “measurement” across recipes, but even then results are iffy. HOWEVER I love having a menu planner and place to store recipes, share, etc

  7. I’ve been using this app for 2 weeks now and absolutely love it! Not only are the recipes really easy and delicious, my kids love them too! I think the “Prepear mode” while cooking a recipe, to show on half the screen your ingredients and the other half the instructions, is genius. But I think my favorite part is the shopping feature and how it auto-populates the ingredients into a search. I haven’t stepped foot in a grocery store in 2 weeks and it has been wonderful.

  8. So very broken. Glitchy, confusing, and the developers are constantly revamping the app. (I think they’re still trying to figure out how to monitize.) Your shopping list is unreliable, with items disappearing and reappearing randomly. The backend servers seem sluggish and unresponsive, because sometimes the app won’t load your lists or recipes. It also has a walled garden model, so you can’t share/download any, except with other people with the same app. Though you can print from their website.

  9. This app was great before the changes. I often recommend it and shared on social media encouraging others to join. But not anymore since they made it so difficult to use. The biggest draw for me was the ease of adding a recipe from the website, now if you use that feature you cannot edit the recipe or the ingredients list. Now you view the recipe in a small window that takes you to the original website where you have to deal with pop ups and lots of scrolling to find the actual recipe.

  10. I love this app! I meal plan on a weekly basis and have come up with my own system, but it would take too long. This has all I need in one spot digitally. I love that you can save some of your own recipes from the web, create cookbooks and add to your grocery list. I also love that it keeps track of whats in your pantry. I also love the feature that connects to Walmart grocery. I do wish there were stores you could pick from and connect to other stores. But other than that I am living it!

  11. Best recipe and meal planning app I’ve ever used! Great features, adding and categorizing recipes is a breeze compared to Paprika and others I’ve used in the past. The UI is beautiful too! Love that the experience is nearly the same on both my phone (Android) and on the iPad (iOS) as I often interchange the two when cooking. My only “criticism” would be that the nutrition section is fairly basic, but all of the main info is there. Would love to see some sort of integration with Fitbit or Lifesum in the future, but until then I’ll continue using and loving Prepear!

  12. Amazing for meal prepping This app is ready to use and VERY handy for planning or meals too easy during the week. I love the grocery list feature as well. Lets you scale it to the amount of servings you intend on making, and you can modify the list too account for what you already have as you add things. Very well thought out. This app has won me over and changed the way I eat forever!

  13. Update: I uninstalled and reinstalled and now the app seems to be fine…editing to 3 stars from 1…will reserve judgment until I’ve used it more. Orig: My review disappeared…how strange. Reposting, I don’t know what happened in yesterday’s update, but the app no longer works. I just get a blank white screen when I open it. Yesterday I was able to plan my meals for the week and create a grocery list, but today, nothing. Not good since I needed my grocery list today!

  14. I absolutely love this app! It’s super easy and convenient to use! I have a lot of allergies and it takes that into consideration when finding recipes. I can even edit the recipes that I have found. It makes meal preparation easy and fun! They merged my recipe list with my grocery list for FREE! This is the best app I’ve ever used hands down!

  15. **Update** The Devs for Prepear contacted me and they were able to track down the bug that was causing the crashes. After a couple months of using the app sporadically, I’m using the app for meal planning and forming grocery lists. I’ve really enjoyed it. I think the app has some very useful tools and is mostly intuitive. Would love to see a calendar view in the planner! *Had high hopes. Tried to add the same recipe 3 times. It crashed at a different point each time and didn’t save the recipe.

  16. It’s so easy to use. The meal planning feature is great but the real gem is that you can take the meal plan for the week and automatically make a grocery list from the ingredients in the meal plan. That way you can ensure that you never forget an item you need. It’s also easy to create your own recipes or take ones you found on the internet by simply copying and pasting the link to the recipe. Then Prepear automatically turns it into a meal for you!

  17. Really like to ease of the app, I am able to add my own receipes and recipes from the internet. Then I can put my weeks menu together and it is supposed to create a grocery list. I only gave it three stars because i could not add any more recipes from the internet. For some reason it keeps giving me an error and takes me back to the last recipe I saved.

  18. Update changed or took away the entire reason I got this app after searching for hours to find a good one. You can’t import recipes anymore, just bookmark the original site. Then when you scroll to the directions, pop us repeatedly block everything. If I wanted to bookmark a website, I could do that on my phone, tablet or computer. I don’t need an app to bookmark. PUT IT BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS! It was so much better before the update made it useless.

  19. Prepear is an easy way to find yummy, healthy meals and put then in your meal plan easily. It creates a shopping list divided by category and it is easy to check off as you get each item. It also has a pantry where you can tell it the staple ingredients you always have and don’t need to buy. Definitely an app you should get to simplify and organize mean planning.

  20. It is so easy to add recipes from the web or by cut and paste. This app instantly formats the recipe for you! I love that feature. Making a shopping list is super easy and it will even omit ingredients from my shopping list that I have deemed pantry items. I use both the app on my phone and on my laptop. It keeps your device from going to sleep while you are preparing a recipe so you don’t have to keep touching your dirty device. I love this appb and have recommended it to all my friends.

  21. Galaxy Phones (like my S9+) are currently not loading the recipe discovery menu. Effectively, you can search for things and find them but you can’t just mindlessly scroll. You can type “tuna” and find a bunch of tuna related stuff, for instance. Going to the website + Desktop mode is a workaround for now. App is otherwise great so I haven’t factored this bug into my rating. I’m stupid tired so won’t talk about why I took a star off too much but the tldr is just that I haven’t been able to use the app much due to this bug. I’ll be actually using my PC instead to find and add my recipes and once that’s done I’ll use the app and have a full proper review. I don’t want to mention perceived missing features only to find them. >.>

  22. Keeps freezing whenever I try to add ingredients to the grocery list. The recipes look good, but I’m better off using Pinterest for ideas with how ridiculously slow this app runs. This would be worth it if y’all optimized your app a little more, but until then, pass. Also, the subscription price is ridiculous, and not worth 120$. For the cost of ad free Hulu for a year, this app will LET you read a recipe. Disgusting. There has to be better apps out there that aren’t trying to bleed you dry.

  23. The old App was amazing. They recently updated the App with some massive downgrades. They changed how they do websites to try to make more money for themselves, and it’s almost impossible to use in terms of making an organized shipping list, editing to fit what you really do, or easy to follow directions when cooking. It’s now just painful. If you aren’t already sucked into this, I strongly suggest you shop around- this is no longer a top App for food organization.

  24. I’ve been using the free version of this app, and it’s great. The ability to add most recipes from websites and drag and drop them into the meal plan is awesome. And the shopping list and pantry functions are also incredible. I do wish it was cheaper for a subscription. I can’t justify paying $120 for a year for a couple extra things. But I will keep using it free and recommending it to my family and friends!

  25. Shows great promise but currently falls short. I’ll list a few examples starting with their Unlimited subscribe, which comes in at $100 a year (or $70 on its current sale)! That is vastly overpriced! The quantity of ads shown is sorely overdone. Ads aren’t necessarily bad, devs need pay, but this is too far. Things load rather slowly and the header on the Shopping List page is half cut off which furthers a feeling of missing polish. Also no darkmode is to be seen, which is a standard in 2020.

  26. Lovely app when it stays open . I went through the process of creating quite a lengthy recipe not once , but twice only to have the app crash on me again. There is no saved draft of either. To be a free app, it has lots of great features! The shopping list tool is pretty cool too.

  27. I used to really like this app, until the recent updates. Ever since the updates, I can’t permanently delete items from the pantry. I will delete an item and after I leave the screen or put my phone in sleep, the item comes right back. When I put a recipe in the grocery list, it won’t upload several ingredients because the app says that it is in the pantry (when I already deleted those ingredients). I tried emailing the help contact, but received no response.

  28. So I want to love this. It ticks off the all marks I’ve been trying to get in an app without taking out a second mortgage to purchase and upgrade every few months. I give it a 3 because I have an extensive collection and it will not calculate nutrition values when I cut and past the ingredient list….only when I type them in individually.

  29. I absolutely LOVE this app. It’s been such a great tool to keep my family in healthy eating. I love browsing recipes, you know, if I have some chicken in the freezer I don’t know what to do with, and being able to just add the ingredients to my shopping list… I’ve been pressuring my family members to use this, too, because I want my “What’s Cookin’?” feed to be FULL, but they haven’t jumped on this train yet. It’s awesome to be able to search for low carb recipes that take 30 minutes or less in the french cuisine for dinner. The search parameters are sure to keep everyone pleased. The only thing I wish we could do, especially at this time of year, is create multiple shopping lists. Things pop into my head for gifts and I want to add them to a christmas shopping list. I have a specific event I’m cooking for, and I don’t want it to mix with my home grocery list. You know, stuff like that. Anyway, MUCH LOVE to the Prepear team. You guys ROCK. Go hug a kitten for me. 😉

  30. Kat Seiler dice:

    Great concept & looks like it would be nice but none of the recipes open. I paid for full access but the cookbooks open to blank pages and individual recipes in meal plans do the same. Only things I can see are meal plan daily summaries (with pictures of the meals but the recipes don’t open) and titles of cookbooks (that when I click on send me to a blank page with a “search cookbook” bar at the top.. that also doesn’t work). I wrote to Prepear but haven’t heard back.

  31. Was a great app. Didn’t even mind clicking off the ad asking to update to $9.99/Month for more than what I need a place to store and access recipes. But now that ad just turned white and I can no longer access my recipes!! Please help!

  32. I love the meal planner and automatic grocery list, saves me from forgetting ingredients for recipes and keeps me from picking up unneccesary items at the grocery store. Great to have all my recipes – from the web as well as my own, in one place. Nutrition info and scaling the recipe (e.g. if you want to do 3 servings instead of 4) a good bonus. You will need to invest some time to key in your own recipes, but the effort is worth it IMO. Very rich in features.

  33. Metatr0n dice:

    Very nice app, very organized and a lot of useful features for a free app. Only issue I have is that I can’t upload any photos, no profile picture and no recipe photos and I can’t figure out why. When clicking on add photo, the file picker opens, I choose the picture, hit “done” and then I’m presented the rotating loading circles for an indefinite amount of time, without anything happening, not even after 10 minutes of waiting. Using Huawei Nova 5T on Android 10 and EMUI 11.

  34. delia tee dice:

    Absolutely in love with this app! I use it for all my cooking needs and planning with it makes my life so much easier. I hope they continue development for a loooong time. Edit down to 3 stars because of the new price and forcing you to pay monthly. I gladly would have paid up to 6usd a month for the gold but 120 usd in one round is not doable. Moving to a different app within my budget.

  35. It constantly has problems opening. And crashes when you scroll to the end of the list, furthermore there is no support for these issues to be reported.

  36. It has so much potential… but.. when try to set up things at desktop for the first time, it does not work. When I clicked on something, ie : add a recipe.. etc… sometime it works , sometime it does not! Spending too much time on trying to figure out what will work, what not! Please help to stablize it and make it work.. thank you very much…

  37. It looked really promissing – all the features that I was looking for, but once I installed it and wanted to start by adding my own recipe, there was a major issue. No matter how many times (and different phots) I tried, a photo for the recipe couldn’t be uploaded. I also tried saving the recipe without a photo, but it simply didn’t work. I hit the green button Save and then I am pushed back to the main recipe window where I can’t click Save and if I click Back, the recipe isn’t saved.

  38. I have never been able to figure out an easy way to menu plan and hate the process. Since using this app, it has been so much easier and Iove that you can use recipes from the app or save your own recipes from the web. Also love that it creates a shopping list for you based on the recipes in your menu plan.

  39. Not sure what happened but please fix! After years of using, & recommending, this ap just doesn’t work well anyore. It crashes repeatedly and recipes open to blank pages. Not seeing any updates or anything to fix it. 😕 I have so many recipes I have add over the years I am now trying to figure out where to move them. 😞

  40. Love this app! It’s very useful and easy to use. I like how you can add ingredients from your weekly meals into your grocery list. I like the pantry section for things that you always have on hand (salt, oil, butter, etc). Nice and simple to enter recipes from your own collection, from a website or discover new recipes.

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