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Epic multiplayer golf game! Challenge players and be the Mini Golf King
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Join the most exciting multiplayer golf game ever! Challenge players from all over the world!

This is not just any regular golf game. This is action-packed Mini Golf, filled to the brim with tons of adventures and thrills you’ve never experienced before!

Play on gorgeous courses against golfers around the world in real-time online multiplayer matches! Win and collect trophies to unlock higher stages. Obtain new golf equipment, such as clubs, balls, and gloves, to customize your gameplay. To take it one step further, you can also upgrade your golf equipment to improve your swings. Take part in the weekly leaderboard and tournament to win awesome prizes and glory. Show off your amazing trickshots in the Hole-in-One Challenge and the Tour Challenge. You can also play together with your Facebook friends!

Firing your shot is easier than ever. Just drag your finger back and release to shoot the ball. It’s just like playing pool! Aim and shoot carefully to collect the most gems while taking the fastest route to the hole. You can even use your ball to clash against your opponent’s ball to take out their gems! Mini Golf has never been this quick and fun!

Putt your way through various wonders. Go through tube slides, swing on drawbridges, jump over pyramids, explore mazes with bomb traps, and reach farther and fly higher by utilizing accelerators and jump pads! Taking advantage of all the tricks and obstacles, while honing your skills, is the key to victory!

So if you want to relax, yet play an exciting multiplayer PvP golf game, Mini Golf King is the game for you. It is easy to pick up, instantly addicting, and hard to master. Start your epic tour in the quest to be the next Mini Golf King!

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★★ Download Mini Golf King – Multiplayer Game for free NOW! ★★

– Exciting Mini Golf duel in real-time online multiplayer.
– Simple and intuitive control: Swipe and release to strike!
– Compete against players from all around the world to take their coins and trophies!
– Play on 35+ beautiful golf courses with tons of dynamic tricks and fun.
– Unlock chests to discover powerful new golf equipment and upgrade existing ones: drivers, irons, sand wedges, putters, balls and gloves!
– Progress through more advanced stages all the way to the top.
– Get promoted in the weekly leagues to win chests and card bonus.
– Conquer three tournament rounds, take mega prizes and be the golf champion!
– Sink every putt and get special rewards in Hole-in-One Challenge!
– Travel through 50+ holes and earn stars for special rewards in Tour Challenge!
– Connect with Facebook to send and request free gifts!
– Play online matches with your family and friends!

* “”Like”” Mini Golf King on Facebook for updates and news!

* You need an internet connection to play this game.

* Optional Permissions
– Storage: Used to save and load game configurations and caches
– Camera : You can get game items by scanning your friend’s QR code with the camera.

* How to turn permissions on or off
– Android OS 6.0 or later: On your device, open the main “Settings” app. Tap “Apps”(or “Application Manager”). Tap “Mini Golf King”. Tap “Permissions”. Move switches to the right or the left to turn the permissions on or off.
– Android OS earlier than 6.0: You need to upgrade the OS to control each permission. Otherwise, you may uninstall “Mini Golf King” app to revoke them as a whole.


* Bug fixes and improvements


40 comentarios en "Mini Golf King FULL"

  1. Way better than expected. Great graphics, gameplay, and it’s nice to play with other real people so easily. Controls are easy. Yet it’s addicting and takes some time and skill. I’ve been playing Mini Golf King for 5 years at least. The gameplay reminds me of Dance Dance Revolution in the sense that it’s simple yet complicated and difficult, and very clean and accurate gameplay. I play both obsessively. Best part is there are few ads.

  2. Expensive game. As you level up it takes longer for the system to find players to match you with which forces you to play higher levels, and of course the coins required is higher. As a novice to the higher level when I lost, my coins were totally wiped out and I didn’t even have enough coins to play the lower levels. I love the graphics, music, and interactive PvP action. The play itself is very fun. I’m still trying to understand the equipment (not an actual golfer, I’m clueless about that).

  3. Sky Weiler dice:

    Great game, but expect to pay if you want to stay above level 3. Also, you can pay, but if the game glitches (which it does) you lose your money. It’s a great game to play and look at, if you have disposable income. I have also noticed that when you upgrade clubs and balls they don’t really seem to do any better. That’s if you can upgrade anything without paying more physical cash to do so. It would be cheaper to buy yourself a real miniature golf course than pay to play this successfully.

  4. Mitchell B dice:

    Not intuitive UI outside of playing the game. Notifications are way too frequent, trying to get you to play more. I turned all the notifications off because they were so annoying. Upgrading items is not self-explanatory. Whoever designed this needs to go back to the drawing board. It’s way too cluttered. Pay walls everywhere. I can’t play with my friends without Facebook? Terrible

  5. I disconnected this game 3 years ago I thought this time that it would get fixed the owners of the game would go in and fix the glitches that it has. It still has them but thank goodness that’s not on me anymore it’s the other players that are skipping and screen freezes and stuff like that. But it’s also picked up some immature little asses that as soon as they see they’re losing they will hit you out of balance or they will forfeit I am so glad I’ve gotten really good at long shots and I win

  6. Been playing about a week. Its a fun game, with decent graphics, and good physics. Lots of stuff to upgrade, and as you move up in experience and you play higher level rounds, it quickly gets expensive in the form of in-game credits, which are also required to upgrade the vast number of clubs, balls, tees, gloves etc, and when you lose the higher stage rounds, you lose more credits. So I can see it becoming costly in real money in order to acquire more credits just to pay for upgrades & games.

  7. I like the game, it is fun but: -Unless you are willing to give them access to your facebook page, you lose out on alot of features of the game. Like having a name, being able to have a friends list, saving your data (can’t transfer to another device) just to name a few. -They really push on in game purchases. The games fun, but you will occassionally (the higher the rating, the higher the frequency it seems) get an opponent who has obviously paid their way to better equipment who will be able to make it through the course quicker than you and win. Which is pretty annoying when you are low on coins. And again you can’t transfer anything unless you give them access to FB.

  8. Gameplay is pretty good. Club power is not intuitive. Very often will shoot too hard or not hard enough. It’s frustrating losing a game because there are unknown or unseen variables. Opponents don’t get penalized for shooting out of bounds and can easily win a game on a comeback stroke just because they got more gems. All in all not a bad game but could definitely use some improvements.

  9. Don’t get me wrong, this game is good at times. My problem with it is that progression is WAY too slow. It takes forever to upgrade anything, even if you pay. My biggest complaint is the matchmaking is pure booty. I almost always got unfair matches against people who have twice as many trophies or more, and way better equipment. The game is fun at first, but once you get to the ~7th stage, it quickly goes downhill.

  10. This is a really fun game. The camera rotation controls are a little tricky, but it seems like the developer is working that out. You can play with friends via FB which is neat. All in all, this is a solid game! I do wish it were cheaper to upgrade equipment (in-game monetary winnings)…but it also doesn’t retract from my gameplay. Also, if we could play this horizontally as an option on a phone, rather than just vertically, it’d be great. Thanks! 🤗

  11. This app is a lot of fun BUT… like many other reviews it has become clear that the game is rigged. It is impossible to unlock past stage 7 without using real money. You’ll string together some wins, then get to stage 5 or 6, and lose almost instantly. There are also certain levels that you simply can’t win unless you go first (barring the other person totally screwing up). Highly addictive, but very frustrating.

  12. Almost really like this game! Just sucks that out of no where, it says “you lost connection. Push ok to re-connect,” except it doesn’t re-connect you, it makes you forfeit. Then you lose the game regardless if you sank it already. I’ve lost $36,000 because of this problem. In the middle of the city where connection is strong. Uninstalled If you guys can make it where it says it’ll re-connect and it gives you a chance to continue where you left off, then I’ll give it another chance. Hopefully with the next update, we’ll have a chance to re-connect instead of just forfeiting within 5 seconds.

  13. I’ve had enough of this game. The controls are extremely limited and most frustratingly, every time you step out of the game or lose your internet (i.e. when switching between wifis) for more than a few seconds, it wants to spend an entire minute to “reconnect”. In addition there is NO single player mode. No network? Dont care about competing and just want to play some holes? No options. I played for a few weeks to give it a chance but I’m done. Enjoy the ad revenue I gave you.

  14. The more I play, the more it looks like this is a pay-to-win game. It keeps increasing your rank/difficulty as you keep winning, which shouldn’t be bad. Except somehow, I consistently get paired with players who have markedly better equipment, be it higher leveled or higher quality. This makes you lose, which makes you unable to afford upgrades, which makes you lose, etc. It really looks like you have to buy in-game cash in order to make real progress.

  15. The game is fun, however I had to start all over when I got my new phone. This was after purchases. Beware of the game automatically moving you forward in an attempt to put you at a higher points needed to play level. You can hit the left arrow until you are at the level you wish to play withoit being drained of all your coins. Im more conservative I guess, choosing to play more and spend less. The game is a lot of fun!!!

  16. Got up to stage four, lost fairly. That’s cool, not a problem, game isn’t play to win… all good. Where I draw the line is when I start regaining my coins again after only playing a couple of days, and suddenly people are beating me when I’ve used less shots to sink the ball. I’m not sure if that’s a glitch, a hack, or just some weird gameplay mechanic, but I’m not interested in playing a game where I play fairly and suddenly lose anyways 🤣

  17. Overall, it’s all about luck. This game rarely chooses an equal opponent. Most of the players have most of the equipment you don’t have. The wind changes direction and speed after every hit. Your opponent might have a slight breeze, then you get hurricane winds to the face. As you try to progress, the obstacles get so dense that it becomes less of a mini-golf game and more like mindsweeper. The game gives the advantage to those who pay, of course. If you want fun & free, find another game.

  18. It really is great fun, but half of the time I am put up against people with double and triple the number of trophies which means that they have better equipment and more game time. Being able to just play by myself instead of always playing against other players would be great. That would allow me to at least “practice” and actually have a chance to finish the courses which isn’t possible if much better players finish the game 2, 3, and more shots before me.

  19. Seems like it might be rigged to make you pay more for in app purchases. You can upgrade gear for $$$ but it literally makes zero difference to your shots. The higher the levels you go the more coins you require to play. Once you run out of game coins you have to pay for them and they dont last long. I think if it didn’t cost so much to play it’d be a perfect game. Who wants to spend $99 on a golf app? Ridiculous, I could buy some J’s with that… That’s literally 1/3 of a ps4 condole…

  20. I really enjoy playing this game! My only suggestion would be to have a practice level and a better opportunity to cancel out of a level if you accidentally chose it. I also.find it frustrating that unless you pay for better clubs and balls, they are very difficult to get. Mostly because you are given an opponent at a higher level, and it is difficult to win those games unless you use your money to keep upgrading your existing equipment. And then you have to win it all back!

  21. Fun game, but extremely frustrating when you get matched up with players that have a much larger selection of balls, clubs, etc. Makes it very difficult to advance up the ranks without making multiple purchases of chests to just try and hope you can get better gear. The random selection of players should match players up that are at similar levels with similar equipment, allowing for a more even playing field. Also the algorithm for determining who gets to shoot first needs some serious work.

  22. This is a fun game (wait for it)… but it has a lot of issues. The coin system sucks. Right now I have 19 items I cant afford to up grade. Most of the equipment has more then 1 upgrade ready to purchase. Bots are either really good or so bad its funny. Another issue is playing to a draw with no tie breaker system in place. You pay your coins to play a game then tie. Both players get their match fee back but no chest is awarded. I could never spend money on a game with this many issues.

  23. Really fun mini golf game. The courses are colorful, varied, and challenging. I also like that the game does not force you to watch ads incessantly. Lots of upgrades can be made to your clubs, balls, and other equipment to compliment your experience level and keep things from getting stale. Overall fun experience. Only knock agaist it is that you cant play solo and enjoy the experience without going head to head againt an opponent.

  24. It feels like the game cheats at times against the player. Even when accounting for the wind the ball goes where it wants at times. There have been times when not close to an obstacle and it will trigger said obstacle which knocks the ball into a sand trap or over the side. And getting the points to upgrade a piece of equipment is not that difficult, but having the gold to pay for the upgrade is outrageously high. Sometimes it’s fun to play but not when you keep losing all the time.

  25. Games is absolutely bogus. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost to people who fell off the map countless amounts of times. There needs to be a +1 shot added if you fall off the map to keep this from happening. Not to mention, you ALWAYS go 2nd, making it nearly impossible to win, because you can’t collect gems. REMOVE THE GEMS. Add an extra course for a shootout round or something. Also, the matchmaking is terrible. I was doing pretty good until I got to the 5th course, then I kept getting matched with people of WAY higher skill than me, causing me to lose over 400k coins. I would NOT recommend this game to ANYONE for a fun and casual game to play. There’s better options out there.

  26. too much pay to win- unless you buy the soccer iron to let you take cheap shots, i mean chip shots, it is unlikely to get it elsewhere. it is possible to become an advanced player if you play it right from the beginning, but once you start getting to the advanced levels, it pairs you with players way better than yourself. once you get 500 stars, everybody you get matched up with is an advanced player, because you are supposed to be as good aa they are. haven’t figured out a way around it.

  27. The amount of glitches that lose games for me is just too much. Invisible walls, the ball getting stuck under the floor, etc. It’s just too competitive of a game to have game-breaking issues like this. Update: I just finished a full competition and there were still glitches here and there. I lost a game because my ball got stuck inside a wall. One game, both players’ balls just wouldn’t stop rolling really slowly for like 30 seconds plus. Also, there’s a huge P2W curve.

  28. I wanted to give this game 5 stars because it IS fun. But, something has changed. I played for a week and had an amazing time. And then, after that week, gameplay has become inconsistent. The wind function is the primary culprit i believe. My guess is, the devs turn up the difficulty forcing the player to either by more coins in order to play or wait it out. Idk, but there is no way it makes sense that in week 1 i was knocking on the level 6 door, and week 2, i cant even get 2 wins in level 3.

  29. I had left a 5 star review, but after I’ve continued playing I’ve noticed some issues. I love this game! But it takes quite a bit of time to work up to stages and the gap is only bigger between every stage. I just unlocked stage 7 and I won’t be able to play it unless I spend hours of game play or just put money into the game. Also, when I’m in games (high bet, I might add) it will suddenly crash out and just say I lost when the game isn’t even over yet. Rudolph music is the worst. Pls Update!

  30. It’s fun but I swear there’s games where nothing is consistent. You’ll shoot the ball and say, “How the hell did that happen?” and then watch the opponent make the best shot ever. And I dont see the point in playing anything past Stage 2 because of this. I win almost every match in Stage 2, but Stage 3 and higher is always a shitshow. It just seems the game changes its mechanics on me but never the opponent and I swear I’m playing computer opponents and not real humans.

  31. desperately need some instruction on the wide variety of abilities in their wide variety of equipment. without it, you’re just going to drive away your users out of simple frustration. I’ve played over 30 games and I still don’t know what over half all of the abilities do. very frustrating. going to uninstall soon if feature descriptions aren’t put up

  32. Could be an awesome game. I love having something to work towards with upgrading equipment. However, it is so maddeningly hard to get any amount of coins the game is unplayable after a certain point. I even got to a point where I lost three games in a row and couldn’t even play another game because I had no coins. I know they want in app purchases but it’s ridiculous how far they go to do it.

  33. Let’s list the problems… -You cant find the games rules/definitions anywhere after the tutorial -There is a final shot that is supposed after one person sinks their ball, to be given for the player so they can sink it too… it doesn’t always happen, and seems to just end the game even when you COULD have won the match with that. It should either be there, or not. Not whenever it feels like it! -Award chests take forever to open and you can only open one at a time as well as only hold up to 4. So either you spend money to open them, or you lose a ton of items needed. Upside? Has good graphics and challenges.

  34. A waste of time. Too many ads, too much “extra” stuff between games. Too much time between opening a chest, not enough ways to advance unless you spend money. If you’re looking for a free game, this isn’t it. You won’t get much past stage 3 without spending money because you need better clubs to compete. But you you can’t attain them unless you spend real money. When you get on a winning streak they pair you against someone you can’t beat, forcing you to lose. I played it daily for a week.

  35. In the past 2 weeks most of the courses have disappeared, the only ones I get and even my team said the same, are the tubes and once in awhile castle. Its not as fun as it was 2 months ago when I started playing. Please bring back the other courses because I’m bored with the same 3-4 courses now and don’t play much. I can use the space on my phone to find another game I suppose… Hope to keep playing this one though cuz it is very fun and I would change to rate 5 stars if the courses return.

  36. Takes a while to get enough coins to be able to play the next level, but when you finally do your chances of winning are pretty slim because you’re up against someone with far better equipment and usually hundreds of trophies above your level which means they have played a lot more. In short, the match making is awful and you almost never play someone close to your level, you either have to play lower stages to build up your coins and you have much better equipment, or you finally play the next level and your way under equipped. But, it’s a pretty fun game when you actually get a close matchup, which is rare.

  37. The game itself is great. However, I am constantly trying to connect to the network. There are short videos you can watch to gain coins but the videos typically play and then give an error that there is a network problem so no coin credits for you. If they can fix the connectivity issues and maybe even allow for offline play this game would definitely be 5 stars.

  38. Considering I like miniature golf more than regular golf, this is so fun! I have trouble stopping to eat or go to bed. Very addictive, but when you, like I am, do not play, and someone else goes around and has such a time of it, Well then the game is really joy. Controlling the ball’s destination is hard, after the beginning, as to where the flag sits. A small visual window, would work. But, when, I as a “student” go up the leader board in stats, that is just Amazing!!!

  39. I can’t say anything different — it’s addictive, and it looks amazing. But my only concern is the way opponents are chosen. I’m at 500 or so trophies, so it seems very unfair to me to face someone with 800, since they have more experience than I do. Maybe you could add an algorithm that only selects players with similar trophies to make this fair? Thanks, keep up the good work! Edit: The more I play, the worse it gets. The bot opponents, the biased wind, the obvious money grabbing scam with the soccer iron, the gems that you can’t get when you’re second? You want to make me lose. It’s so addicting because you constantly lose and want to win. Uninstalling this garbage.

  40. Fun game but cost is ridiculous!! If I could make one recommendation it would be to never download the game. It is a lot of fun but they will try to get an absorbent amount of money from you. Not to mention when playing in the higher stages the opponent tends to hit a crazy shot that bounces off four things hits a bomb and ricochets into the hole for the win!! In conclusion, I’d recommend finding a game that will give you more enjoyment then frustration like this one!!!

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