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myVEGAS BINGO is the hottest new real online bingo game you play all day long!
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– myVEGAS Bingo does not offer real money gambling.
– PLAYSTUDIOS, the publisher of myVEGAS Bingo, is not affiliated in any direct or indirect way with any real-money gambling operations on other domains
– Virtual chips used in myVEGAS Bingo have no real-world value and cannot be redeemed for anything of value.
– Playing free-to-play slots games does not imply future success at real money gambling.
– In-app purchases are available.
– PLAYSTUDIOS, the publisher of myVEGAS Bingo, is a member of the International Social Games Association (“ISGA”) and has adopted its “Best Practice Principles.” See more about the ISGA at For information, guidance, tips, and advice on social gaming, visit “Smart Social Gamers” at


Hey Daubers,

Just wanted to inform you that there is a new update ready for you to download now. We fixed a bunch of unwanted bugs, just to make your next Bingo round even more enjoyable.
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40 comentarios en "myVEGAS Bingo – Bingo Games MODDED 2022"

  1. I’m constantly having to uninstall and install so can play. Otherwise it either will take to long to load up. Or not load up at all. The longest I’ve waited for it to load up is 24 mins. Tho when it does load up. I enjoy playing and winning the reward coins.I’ve used the reward coins in Las Vegas and never have had a problem with that.

  2. Please answer why google play isnt showing an option to upgrade, only has a button 4 open and uninstall. Alot of people have same prob but u dont answer. Love this game but they’re right unlike other myvegas apps it has lots of bugs and problems. Freezes all the time, takes forever to load home screen, kicks you off in the middle of a set so you lose all ur bets and gold cards you put in even if you were winning big, you get none of it and lose what you bet. I’ve lost so many coins to the bugs.

  3. Absolute garbage. Seems fun at first but with all of the bugs and glitches it is impossible to continue to play. When you contact support, you are submitting a ticket that takes 72 hours for a response. Once you do get going in the game and level up, your only option is to pay $30 for more coins which the game takes from you anyways without ever actually letting you play. Don’t bother with this bingo app.

  4. This game is frustrating. They roll out new events then the game crashes. This time around, they roll out a new event but you cannot even see the challenges for the event on the event tab. But, apparently, I somehow have completed them without knowing what they are or being able to cash in the rewards. Really feel like it is amateur hour for whoever codes for this game. Never any issues with the other “MyVegas” games.

  5. I agree with all the crashes that happen suddenly, but also, has anyone else noticed how when collecting points every couple of hours the points start over? Example: I have 100,000, collect 26,000, should have 126,000. I come back to collect later and it’s back to 100,000. I’ve noticed it happening all this past week….9/15/22 update: I’ve contacted Help via the app a couple of times since. They said they’d look into it. It will work for a bit, then it won’t. The problem still persists.

  6. It’s fun, but this game crashes alot. I cannot play continuously because it crashes upon re-loading. It’s really frustrating. I baught daub hints, gems and chips, I couldn’t use it because it crashed soo much. I re-download the game, updated, jumped up and down screaming, but no help for the game. They refunded me, but still sadly couldn’t play the game. They keep saying they’re fixing bugs for smoother play, but it still crashes. I do hope that they fix it, it is a fun game.

  7. I’ve stuck with this game for some time now, but I am sick of pulling a really good set of gold cards then getting the “something went wrong” message forcing the game to reset and losing the cards I’ve pulled. When I go pull again, the hand is just mediocre and the game progresses without error. Time to take a pause or uninstall. There have been so many fixes and updates but none have addressed the issue above which has happened for months.

  8. You want me to upgrade yet it pushes me back to the “upgrade install screen. Seriously z this, of all the “My Vegas” apps is the worst. It may be fun but it’s so full of bugs and missteps it not worth your time. In fact it’s not even leisurely enjoyable. It shuts down if it’s autohi h t enabled with gold cards. So frustrating. I’d stop trying, but the other games in this pack take forever to resolve/finish. This was a quick game… well was…

  9. Monica Mo dice:

    I love playing the bingo. However, it’s making me update AGAIN, but when I go to do that in Google Play it shows I already did and doesn’t give be the option to update. It only shows the “play” button because it’s already updated. Please fix the glitches because it’s getting ridiculous. And add more free bonuses, the amounts you get doesn’t even allow you to play one game without having to purchase. Will be deleting this app, because this is frustrating, if glitches aren’t taken care of!

  10. Enough with the problems! Like other the hourly bonuses never stay! Go in to collect but if I don’t play right away they go away & I am left with the balance before I collected. So really I’m not getting any bonus! Takes forever to load lately & continually getting “something went wrong” errors. It costs way more to play a game then the chips you give for a daily & hourly bonus so I try to go in & collect the bonus chips so I can play more than one game later. More frustrating then fun!

  11. I have been playing this app for years. Over the last couple months, it has taken such a major dive that it is virtually unplayable. Just had a game launch, stick on the loading screen, and then inform me I got no XP from the game I didn’t get to play. Update 10/1/22 game won’t even launch. Very disappointing support for a game that wants people to spend their money.

  12. This game has been legit for a while. But a few glitches recently have made it impossible to play. Cannot buy things and points are messed up and won’t let the app start up. Also when running out of currency in the game it is imposible to make it up without buying it. You have to get a lucky game where you get a bunch of points to even have a chance in building up your diamonds and stuff again

  13. This app is always crashing and it seems rigged. I use to really enjoy playing this, but lately…not so much!🙄😒 after playing this game from time to time, I am totally convinced that this game is rigged. Very hard to win on the bingo cards that is given to you. This new feature “Fast Fire” has less players and it takes a while to have a number on the bingo card that you are given when it’s being called. Happy that it is ending soon and hopefully, a new feature that’s added, will be better!

  14. Leo V dice:

    So the biggest reason I’m giving this app a 2 stars is because of the constant crashing it does EVERY time I open it to play without fail, even after it’s been updated or not I still have the same problem. I’ve played while on different wifi connections and still the same problem. I’ve also played while having lots of storage available on my phone thinking that would help If I cleared more storage and same issue. I will say that the prizes you can get like free rooms in Vegas is AMAZING!

  15. This game is really fun, (graphics, music, atmosphere, gameplay, events, etc) to me, BUT… you won’t be able to play very much without a purchase.🥺 Even if you win bingos, you’ll still inevitably lose more than you win, thus making purchasing a package necessary, unless you want to play only one or two games per day when you get the bonus. 😣 Worth the few bucks I do spend, though, to me, because like I said, it is the most fun one 🤭

  16. Love the game itself. I would have given 5 but there are all kinds of problems. It freezes, stops, adds incorrectly (only 2 times), interferes with phone calls, txts, etc. It will get stuck on the game & there is no way to get out of it. Even when you try to turn off the phone it’s not easy. If those things were fixed I would absolutely LOVE this game. I still wouldn’t give it a 5 though. I’d give it a 7 for sure.

  17. I love this game. I’m with you guys on the game crashing. However, there may be a solution. I was having the same problem and lost out on a whole game because it froze before I could play. I messaged support and when they responded by telling me there is a setting in the phone that cuts down on all the animation in the game which slows the app down. For Android users, I have an s9, it is in the Advanced Features and you just need to turn off Reduce Animations. I hope this helps someone.

  18. Absolutly amazing. I have one issue. The app keeps freezing and then closing on it’s own. Thankfully it was before I lost any bingo coins. Also, it seems to have trouble loading at launch of the app. Other than that everything else about this is great. I also really enjoy that I do not have to turn my phone sideways, having it up right makes the game so much easier. All I ask is you fix the bug where it seems to get overloaded and closes. Thanks 😁

  19. I’m more than pissed now! I just had 2 blackouts. Got the diamonds, but not the coins OR the XP, (I was at 97% at the time. I could have leveled up!) This app SUCKS!!! here’s my previous review: App freezes up after each game. Very frustrating, and it looks like they have no intention of fixing it, since it’s been doing it for the past 10 days or so. It was fun (when it was working).

  20. The first time I buy something on here, and the game freezes and takes my coins and power ups, twice. When I go for the 480,000 coin game of course. Won’t buy anything on here again! Update: keeps happening. If anyone is interested I have a pic of what happens. Update: With the latest update, the game lags and freezes more than ever. Terrible. I’ve lost coins and powerups because I can barely finish a game or it shuts down completely! Changing rating from a 2 to a 1

  21. This game has a lot of bugs. It keeps freezing up, you have to keep tapping the number before the chip shows up by then you have more numbers. Then there’s the problem when you are playing 4 cards you have trouble switching back and forth between the two sets of cards. I believe I am going to uninstall the game. I play these games to relax and this game was very aggravating. Update.. still having issues!! And it’s NOT my devices!!!

  22. I like the game, when it works. I have to close it and reopen it after almost every round; it frequently freezes and/or refuses to acknowledge daubs. It also pays out very rarely; if I bet 60,000, I may be the game’s top winner with a payput of 25,000. The bingo boxes for tasks seem like they can only be won once, and don’t reset to be won again even when the tasks and progress bar reset.

  23. The game was fun at first but this game is littered with so many glitches. For example, when completing daily and weekly tasks, the gift boxes in the progress bar will already be checked, so that extra reward when you complete 2 or 4 tasks will not be available. Plus the club bingo doesn’t seem to be working properly after a blackout. When you complete the board, the ball counter keeps decreasing until it goes 0, and when you go to a new board, the counter resets to the previous count

  24. This game would be pretty great if it wasn’t so very glitchy! The graphics are beautiful but perhaps a little less explosive and it could catch up with itself. I don’t know. If the glitchyness went away it would be super fun. EDIT: Thought I’d give it a chance so I gave it a go and played a few more games but this game is so glitchy it can’t keep up with itself. The game crashed 3 times resulting in loss of coins, games etc. Last time game crashed it crashed my phone! I’m done. UNINSTALLED!

  25. Started playing this a few months ago and never had issues with this app. It was fun to play to pass the time, hence the 5 stars at first. Now, its 2 stars. Fast forward 3 months, the app disappeared and I lost all my wins. I had to download it again, last week, and this morning, AGAIN, the app has disappeared. I’ve bought chips, diamonds and such, with my own money on all 3 downloads. What a waste of money. 😡 Also, fix the newest version as it glitches and closes the games, and freezes.

  26. I really enjoyed the one day I was able to play. Today I can’t play at all. Every time I try it keeps popping up that something went wrong and it needs to reset. SO, do I just lose the 4 bingo cards I bought and the gold cards I paid extra gems to get for every time it makes it reset? Which can happen every minute or two! Sometimes less! The same thing happened where it reset every time I would spin the slot machine too. Very disappointed, and I hope it gets fixed. I really enjoyed this

  27. I love this game! I’ve been playing it for over a year. Everything was fine until about 3 months ago. Now EVERY time I play, which is every morning, every day…I play 1 game, MAYBE 2, and it crashes and has to restart! I get an error message and then am instructed to reset. This gets VERY annoying having to rest the app after every game!! It’s time consuming and it makes me not want to play anymore. I have spent a lot of money on this app also, I have bad eyes so I need the auto daub feature.

  28. Does not work. Just stops or freezes. The other apps work, why is this one constantly glitching? Update 6/14/22: Glitching/ freezing is fixed. Now I am not receiving coins when I push on the “V”. It has said $0 twice. Why? It’s hard enough to play the game with only $10,000 coins, when I log in, now I am getting absolutely nothing. The game has also stopped due to connection issues a couple times. It says it will give me the coins after the restart but it only gives me the collection peices.

  29. Update: #2. I reinstalled the app again. It still has trouble opening. It’s the only app I have that’s having problems! Uninstalling. Uh! Newsflash! No one can play if you don’t fix it!! #1. Great idea for bingo if the app worked. 2nd time I opened it to play it froze. Couldn’t even close the app. Had to uninstall then reinstall. Trying again. Will not reinstall if it messes up again

  30. Had to modify this review. Lately the game has dropped me multiple times. When this happens, you don’t get your chips or diamonds back, even if it crashes before the game begins. A connection problem, even if restored while the game is still going, you won’t get any winnings earned since the original connection problem. In the past 2 days alone, I lost more than 50,000 chips + 500 diamonds. Frustrating for sure. Really like the game but can be very expensive.

  31. This has been my favorite game for a long time, and literally the only game I make time to play. In the past, there have been some hiccups, but they were easy to deal with. Since Thanksgiving, I can barely play anymore. Especially in the casinos that are linked to the tasks, and especially the Gold Strike. I play a game, then go to play another and everything resets them I lose what I just earned. I’ve tried everything including uninstalling and reinstalling, but nothing changes. Please fix!!

  32. Leah Wong dice:

    I haven’t been able to load the game for weeks. Says it’s a bug/developer issue. I’ve Uninstaller and reinstalled twice. It seems like even when I’m able to open it,, there’s always one game that crashes or resets every time. Also I don’t understand why I lose diamonds when I buy power ups twice in a row. It only let’s me select which one I want to use and the the other set disappears along with my diamonds! So frustrating.

  33. Even worse than Hit it Rich! Didn’t think that was possible!! If I could give it negative stars I would!! Win once every three days, if you are lucky. Update (5/12/2020) I do like playing the game….when it works! There are major bugs and it keeps “resetting”. Seem to happen whenever up get a “great power up”. It says you won’t lose your points but you do. Apparently it’s not just me based on the reviews I have read. Don’t have these problems with other My Vegas games.

  34. Dan Poore dice:

    GREEDIEST GAME EVER. It entirely depends on diamonds in order to win, yet acquiring them is the costliest part. I get that making money is important, but it should be possible for the casual player to enjoy the game as well. Also, it CRASHES ALL THE TIME. It crashes, reboots, crashes, sometimes crashing while crashing. As far as being random… no chance. It’s definitely manipulated in some way. The only truly random thing is how they devised the terrible payout structure. Makes no sense.

  35. Brian M dice:

    Extremely frustrating experience. The game functions as smooth and responsive as anything…when it functions. Frequent network errors and kicks back to the home screen after using diamonds for cards. You will never lose progress from a game, but you WILL lose a great hand of gold cards if you’re unlucky. Fix the network and kick issues and I’ll update this rating.

  36. I love this game. But I agree with alot of the reviews. The game crashes or “resets” when you draw a good hand in gold strike . It’s excessive. I just updated today 3/21/22, said it’s supposed to fix all the crashes. It DOES NOT. WORSE IF ANYTHING. Everyother game it resets. As hard as it is to get diamonds, the amount of money spent.. they better fix these annoying glitches. It’s a GREAT game… when it works. It’s gotten expensive for diamonds. I’d like to see them cheaper and prized more.

  37. Fun game, but it’s hard to continue play without paying. I haven’t been able to use the slot features for days, which is the only way to try to get more diamonds and chips without paying. Plus the hourly/daily rewards are so low it’s hard to keep playing without having to shell out money. Also the game CONSTANTLY crashes resets after drawing cards or in the middle of a game, which is super frustrating.

  38. Glitchy, glitchy, glitchy. Every time I log in, I get random pop-ups of the collectables I earned days ago. Many times I’ve been playing, got a bingo, but received no credit for it. It constantly loses its connectivity, which never happened before. Plus, they recently changed the daily challenges to tasks that would take hours and millions of chips to complete. Absolutely not worth it. Contacted customer service and just got a generic “thanks for your feedback” message. Not happy.

  39. This was a good game and aside from a few too many losses, I enjoyed playing it. Got a message saying there was an update available that would fix a bunch of bugs so I went and updated to the most current version. Now the app will not even launch. It freezes and continually get stuck in the setup of the game. Unfortunately, this has happened before with updates, but usually it’s fixed relatively quickly. I cleared the cache, storage then uninstalled to no avail. Just reinstalled yet problem cont

  40. Game keeps crashing, when you actually get to play it’s a fun game, but you go to start a new game, then all of a sudden it has closed out completely back to your phones screen and you don’t get the points or diamonds back, it calls the balls slowly then starts to speed up right before it’s over, people are calling bingo but yet there was no ball called yet so how is that happening, I love the graphics and it would be alot better if you didn’t have these issues

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