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Easily send invoices & manage your business with the PayPal Business app.
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PayPal Business app is the fast and easy way to access your account on-the-go. Manage payments at your convenience, so you can focus on running your business.​

With PayPal Business app, you can:​


Check your balance and track monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales for your business instantly. Use detailed insights to help with future money management decisions.​


Create, send, and track invoices that customers can pay immediately online. Send reminders automatically and schedule repeat invoices for customers who make recurring payments.​


Move money seamlessly to your linked bank account. With PayPal Business app, you can access business contacts, issue refunds, and make transfers directly from your mobile device.​


Sell products on social media by creating a shareable Sell on Social listing directly in the app. Give customers who pay in-person a secure, touch-free way to pay you using their PayPal app and QR code.​

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40 comentarios en "PayPal Business MODDED 2022"

  1. Bretware 7 dice:

    Awful, it’s literally the worst business decision I’ve ever made in my life. There’s lots of issues but the biggest issue is that when you go to save the invoices half the time the app locks up and you lose everything. On items it saves the items but doesn’t save the descriptions for future use. On most of the screens auto text doesn’t work. If you don’t physically save your invoice or send it or send you lose it. This is not a legitimate in voicing option

  2. Kael Beebe dice:

    This is the most frustrating, confusing, non user-friendly app I have ever tried to use. Downloaded for customer credit card payments, haven’t been able to make a payment yet. By the way you get charged 4 separate times for each transaction. GARBAGE! How hard is it to type in a credit card number and accept a payment? Infinitely hard with this app….RUN!

  3. I can never get the app to load. It’s the only problem app I have on the phone. It just sits and spins, and when it does load it doesn’t log me in all the way, it says “null” where my name should be and nothing else shows up because it can’t get far enough to identify me. Very frustrating. I’ve updated it frequently, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it multiple times. It’s just junk. Disappointing really.

  4. This does what it says it’ll do, which is great, and why it has as many as 4 stars. But it has as few as 3 stars, because it has too many bugs, and hasn’t improved them in the 6 years I’ve used it. Instead they release an update that’s even harder to use. When it wasn’t very user friendly to begin with. (And I’m in the IT field.) Not to mention it forces you to log in EVERY TIME! Sometimes in the middle of actually using it. AND it requires you to “prove you’re not a robot” almost EVERY TIME!

  5. I like paypal because it’s quick and convenient. Setting up my business account was hassle free, within minutes, I am able to send professional invoices to my customers. My main gripes are: Sometimes when I try to create an invoice it gets stuck on the “add” page. I have to completely restart my phone, sometimes more than once! Also, sometimes it takes a while for paypal to actually send the invoices. Another thing I don’t like is I recently had a customer request a refund. Even AFTER the issue was resolved, paypal put a hold on my account. 😡 What is the point of holding my account AFTER an issue has been resolved? Anyone can claim they didn’t receive something, and anyone can request a refund. If the customer recants their claim, then there shouldn’t be a hold placed on the seller’s account. Claiming the reason for the hold is to “prevent” POSSIBLE future incidents is absolutely absurd! You can’t prevent someone from requesting a refund in the future. That’s ridiculous!

  6. **and now the app doesn’t recognize my password and I cannot log in. I have to use the website for invoicing. Why can’t you get it right. Maybe 2020 should be the year I switch to Square! New version has constant problems! I am a cake designer. Because of this I often include photos on my invoices. With the newest version the app constantly crashes when trying to save photos and I lose all of my work on the invoice. So disappointed!

  7. it was great; i was able to send invoices on the go. however, at a certain point it stopped bringing up the keypad for my security code to be entered. i havent been able to use it at all. I’ve uninstalled twice, restarted my phone, looked for updates I’ve been missing… everything appears to be wrong with the app and not my system. I’m quite disappointed.

  8. Horrible experience with the app. Un-clickable links on both phone and tablet. When trying to submit an ID, it won’t even allow me to browse files or even just take a photo. Link doesn’t work to send a message. On top of that they limited my account for significant changes. What significant changes? So frustrating trying to get my money. Won’t be using PayPal on the business level anymore.

  9. In theory, this is a great app. Cleaning up the experience to be more like the regular PayPal app would be nice. I have two main issues which are very annoying. The first is that there is no auto-save function, and I often lose something I was working on. The second is that text input is horrendous – the cursor often returns to the top using swipe input on gboard, and now I cannot use any special characters or return to a new line. Price & unit input is also bad – the cursor jumps around.

  10. The app has issues with changing settings. Some major thing missing are the templates from the website. Even though the templates need to be fixed with the saving process, it would be much more convenient to have the templates on the app in order to do different invoice or estimates on the go. If this is fixed, a 5 star rating would follow as there are plenty of convenient features.

  11. I like the app, and I really like that it’s PayPal. However, it’s been some time since I’ve really used anything with PayPal. Getting my invoices set up with a template I was happy with was fairly easy. I like that I can save reoccurring charges, like parts and etc. In short I liked everything about it, until I had a problem and needed answers. It was only storing the 5 most recently added addresses to the address book.

  12. Every time I try to pull up an unpaid invoice, the app crashes and its really embarrassing when this happens every time In front of a customer! I’m sure with paying percentage on transactions, that you guys can afford to get someone to fix this. It’s been months now.. the pc version online is flawless but this app renders my ability to receive money if I can’t show the customer what they owe. Thanks

  13. It’s a good app, but I wish that it would also let you print the shipping labels & invoices from the app. It’s ridiculous to have the app open with the invoice ready and you need to login to PayPal’s website to do these things. The fingerprint also doesn’t work, even after adding it and verifying, it still won’t work. Also, sometimes it glitches and will say you need to verify your email and when you try to, the app won’t show what you need to verify.

  14. Mr BBI dice:

    It’s a never-ending hassle to use the virtual terminal that is provided with this app, where they put it in the app how you have access to it and so on never stops moving around or getting changed. You would think that one is primary job as an application would be the easiest thing that you could have access to that is not the case. The current issue other than the continuous denied credit card transactions is that the application doesn’t even work half the time.

  15. while I LOVE the app, it seems lately that when I add customers they arent always there when I send their next invoice OR they are available in the website but the app cant find their file. for example, I have one customer that I have to enter all her info EVERY time. And also, if you update a customer’s info while in an invoice, you cant send it, you get an error. you have to update their info, save, get out of invoice, then go back in…all this BEFORE you enter the items, or an error happens

  16. PayPal is very useful. I did not give 5 stars because it can be touchy sometimes. Some small changes to the formatting of the app would improve navigation and invoice composition time. The app “times out” and requires you to log in again in the middle of an invoice. Many times this causes you to lose your progress and have to start the whole invoice over, costing valuable time. The app has potential.

  17. Fix Invoice options so things like Digital Goods can be selected. The website version has the option to select just that but the app does not. This is a pretty important thing and why it’s not an option on the app too is beyond me. I’m disappointed, I hope in the future this will be changed.

  18. I used to be able to seamlessly create and send invoices. Now, I create the invoice, send invoice and customer doesn’t get it. I’m having to drop them a link which is twice as much work. I shouldn’t have to prepare my customers for this glitch. The inventory interface is terrible. I only have 500 characters but I can go on forever. I wish this would work better. The mobile site is just as glitchy!

  19. Great app. Thorough and timely. They sometimes hold money for almost a week to check for fraudulent access…that’s a little annoying because you have to keep the app without updating or managing through a browser or you will get stuck having to verify and wait. It’s got automatic reminders to clients if you don’t feel like opening the widget every day.

  20. L Smith dice:

    I have never been so frustrated by an app in all my life. No clear expectations set for how long it’ll take to receive funds; “instructions” are missing steps; definitions are nowhere to be found; invoice, packing slip, and shipping label are all on different locations; “technical difficulties” stop you from processing an order completion… I have wanted to throw both my phone and computer across the room several times. I’ve been to the post office twice to be told I had the wrong form.

  21. This app is great. Either it can’t be done or I can’t figure out how to delete or cancel invoices and how to delete old customers from the list. If I send an invoice but the customer pays me directly the invoice remains as unpaid. I can’t cancel it or mark it paid. It would be nice to be able to keep things tidy and organized.

  22. mostly great app, quick efficient, unless I missed it I wish there was a way to setup regenerating invoices for repeat clients, like I said it may be there I just may have mossed it, and I have noticed every once in a while it will mix up customers email and names in the customers list,not sure why it does that,overall great app, few kinks need to be worked out,but super handy for a business owner.

  23. App is good for my invoices and sending emails but when it comes to getting money it’s terrible. I try to get down payments for a customer to start a job and the money does not come available to you for up to almost a month sometimes then when it does become available you might have to wait almost another week to have it transferred to your bank.

  24. Ive been trying to send invoices to clients for about 20 minutes via the app, and it doesnt allow it to send. But as soon as I use the basic paypal app or the website it works perfect. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and gave it all the permissions. I’ll update my rating to 5 stars once the invoicing issue is corrected.

  25. Mr P dice:

    Worked seamlessly for 3yrs and all of a sudden it now tells you there’s no bank account assigned to allow you to view/withdraw funds. The desktop site shows all the information is correct so the app is clearly glitching and not pulling the data across. Just another reason to move away from PayPal.

  26. Kyle GP dice:

    Totally broken now. Can’t even log in. I enter my login details and it starts loading then just goes back to the login page. I try a few more times and I see the two factor page come up briefly then the app crashes. I’ve cleared storage and cache for the app and even reinstalled it but the issue persists. Needs fixing as it literally can’t be used now.

  27. Too simple to be useful – have to do basic things through desktop, like changing payment details or managing automatic payments. Why no give us all the features in a single app devs? It’s not that bloody complicated

  28. I find it generally easy to use. It tracks sales and provides insights with previous sales for time period in past years. Recent changes have made it slightly less user friendly, but all-in-all my e penitence with this app has been, with few exceptions, positive

  29. Tough to sign in always wants more verification like texting a number I haven’t had in years or what’s your credit card number you know the one you cut up 5 years ago and is already most likely expired so sadly very annoying when security is let’s say a whale of an issue and it takes you all fricken day just to get into your account again not to mention trying to send or receive funds we go again …lol

  30. Find it very useful. I use it specifically for sending estimates and invoices. The reminder and allow tips feature is great for the nature of the services I provide. When you have a new account, time it takes to receive your payments is quite unreasonable, but I understand that’s a security feature. Once you meet the threshold, though, everything runs fine. I recommend.

  31. Now program is worthless for invoicing. Program is getting progressively worse. Every time they change it it becomes more difficult to use. Now there’s a link to create a invoice but you can’t actually get to invoicing. I don’t know what kind of fuzzy logic they use but this app is now worthless for invoicing

  32. K Doubrley dice:

    Overall the app works but lately there’s a glitch whereby decimal points are misplaced in the sales records. Activity reports the amounts correctly but $20.00 appears as $2.00 in the sales section. I’d also appreciate it if we could print labels from within the app and also contact paypal. Printing shipping labels often goes awry with a closed loop forming whereby one can never complete the process.

  33. Kyle Hall dice:

    It lacks an important seller protection: the ability to specify “items will not be shipped” on an invoice. This makes it possible for buyers to scam sellers of digital goods and services when no shipping label can be produced. Until that’s fixed, there’s no point in using this app over the website.

  34. My husband and I opened this account just to be able to help start our small business. We transferred $35 to the account so we can order our inventory through PayPal it has been 30 days and we STILL have no been able to use the $35. They have it on hold for NO REASON. It says we need to process more payments but we’re a small business just starting out you can’t expect us to be able to do x amount of transactions especially bc were new. Other than that it’s okay just still waiting for my $35.

  35. Call for the most part and I have some issues with it every now and again it’s hard to follow through sometimes and find what you’re looking for and when it messes up it seems like a train wreck but they’ve always had my back so I can’t really say anything bad they’re very helpful and many aspects from doing crypto to making sure that you’re good percentages off on all your online purchases and they are teamed up will just about everybody can’t complain

  36. The app is of No Value! You are unable to pay your PayPal Credit Account nor even access your PayPal Credit Account. Business is not just taking care of the Customer, it’s also about taking care of Your Business backend paperwork and paying your business bills. Interesting how PayPal only helps with new app programing if it adds to their bottom line and helps it grow, but Not Yours.

  37. David Mell dice:

    App just doesn’t work at all on my Samsung S10. I’ve updated it and the phone works fine. Won’t even get past the login screen. Big issue for me as a biz user.

  38. Mike G dice:

    Troubleshooting app changes make no sense. Date should be in order of when paid. I hate searching invoices Also should have a functional way to see who got and when sending money . I liked the old way was very sensible.

  39. Don Beyks dice:

    when i try to log in my email the processing keeps buffering on security check. I try to uninstall and installed it again but it gives me the same problem. any one knows how to fix it?

  40. The app does not show my balance anymore or allow me to withdraw funds. I like the app and it used to work very smoothly for me. Just need this issue sorting.

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