Ace Fighter: Modern Air Combat MODDED


Ace Fighter: Modern Air Combat Jet Warplanes is airplane dog-fighting game
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Got bored of traditional flight simulation and airplane games? Need some real challenge?

Try “Ace Fighter: Modern Air Combat” and Become the supreme leader of the skies! Feel the power of Modern combat in 3D sky dogfight! Unleash the might of your plane’s arsenal on enemy jets and light up the skies with blazing explosions.

Ace Fighter: Modern Air Combat transfers you to the world of modern war planes and supersonic jet fighters. Join players from around the globe in an ultimate multiplayer PvP combat for air force domination. Military aeronautics at it’s finest brings you huge variety of aircrafts and air planes.

-> Complete Airforce contains 20+ fighters based on the real modern prototyped aircrafts for your action-packed dogfighting.
-> A set of 15+ Unique Missiles and Anti-Missiles!
-> Brand New Immersive Dogfight System!
-> Call Air Support to crush your enemies!
-> Console Quality AAA Graphics: Immersive yourself in the full 3D, 360-degree environment: cityscape, desert, mountain and more.
-> Easy and smooth controls
-> Designed for players of all generations and skill levels
-> Exciting VFX effect!
-> Cinematic Kill Camera

Jump into your Modern warplane and fire until the skies are clear of enemies!
You will be able to fight on all the best known pursuit planes and airborne interceptors of our generation, as well as war prototypes of leading air forces.

Don’t wait Pilot! just get it now in no time, the game is free!
Play Ace Fighters and rule the skies!

Having any problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hear from you!
Do not hesitate to reach us at support at [email protected]

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Ver 2.63
-Some minor bug fixes

Ver 2.6
-Weather effects
-Major Graphical improvement
-Everything is more realistic now!
-Game Controls Improvement


40 comentarios en "Ace Fighter: Modern Air Combat MODDED"

  1. This game would be great if they would reward effort instead of watching their advertisements. You watch 10 minutes of advertisement and gain more than 2 hours of flight points. That’s ridiculous. Please try to make the game a little more realistic as far as effort to reward? When you watch ad’s? You can obviously see the bias in the spin result. Example? 70,000 gold bars is rolling up but it goes past it at normal speed. It always uses the same speed on a non monetary position. Please fix it.🙏

  2. Henry DL dice:

    This, overall is my absolute favorite game; although, the reason why I gave it only four stars is that once you get to level 13, it is nearly impossible to complete; I tried around 20 times and failed. I hope that you can fix this bug to make it just a smidge easier. Thanks! EDIT: It is very hard to progress through the game due to having to buy ammo every single time you do a mission, so I think that you should not have to buy ammo.

  3. Great game, fun to play. Multiple options for controls, planes fly great once you get a hang of it. Multiple camera views. Easy to upgrade without paying, which is a big factor. Spin the wheel, see what’s your fortune. Spin the bonus wheel as many times as you want, all day long for free, with ads. No limit. Gives bigger payouts as you level up in the game, you can easily win weapons, ammo upgrades and money. Money to buy new better Jets. My only complaint, is the game is too short. 30 missions

  4. Great game for a mobile flight combat app. One issue I have though is that the game sometimes becomes unresponsive and freezes whenever i try to play a mode multiple times. Also is it possible to make all the aircrafts playable for all the modes and not just limit them to a certain number (such as flying the F16 in Naval battle mode) . *Update: Lately I couldn’t open the app and had to uninstall it. It would be nice if your profile was saved without resetting it everytime we uninstall the app.

  5. I really like the game and graphics. But I can’t move the controls away from the sides of my screen and I keep hitting the off button of my Android phone when firing.. flip the phone and i still hit when flipping. So, I really just can’t play hit. If controls were inwards 1/2 in then would be good.

  6. Overall, this is a very good game. I had played before but I lost my code to restore. I’m not upset as itbwas my own fault. One thingn I mentioned before though that I do not like is the cut scene that comes up when you shoot down the last enemy fighter for the mission. This has caused me to get hit by a missle because I couldn’t fire countermeasures. Even worse, it has caused me to crash which resulted in a mission failure. At the very least, make the cutscene optional or just remove it.

  7. Out of all the air combat/warplane games i’ve tried/played i’d say that this one is definitely in my top 5. The controls aren’t overly complicated, gameplay isn’t insanely hard, it’s not ridiculously impossible to advance or earn gold or purchase upgrades without paying a single cent, and there’s not an overwhelming amount of ads. The game itself is a little on the easy/simpler side but all in all its an all around decent and entertaining game. I have yet to get bored with and uninstall it.

  8. Actually one of the better mobile games I’ve played. It has an Ace Combat feel to it, and surprisingly it actually “features” two aircraft from that franchise. The controls take a little time to get used to, but are fine. The gameplay needs to be expanded with more content, and it gets grindy after a time. Aircraft selection is nice; a variety instead of just overused aircraft. Overall, this is pretty good.

  9. I like the different modes of play, quick jump into action. The solo missions are kinda boring. The victory/defeat fly-by sequence happens too abruptly, I’d like to see who got the winning kill when the match is over. Edit: to the review that said the 50k prize wheel is rigged, it’s not. I hit it once, and i also got the 25k win. And think about it, if you win ammo from the wheel that means you don’t have to buy ammo and save up for the next jet.

  10. I love this game. The graphics are excellent, the controls are smooth and responsive, things aren’t to expensive so you can upgrade pretty easily and stay in the fight. I only wish there where more games like it. If I had to to say something bad about it I guess it would be, I wish they had more choices of jets and weapons there’s a lot in the real world to choose from, I wish they had like a campaign with a story line you could play and lastly OFFLINE PLAY not everyone has internet all the time

  11. I like the game, it’s a fun way to pass time, however there could be more substance to the game and a better ranking system. Also the prize wheel is an easy way to get items or gold but the items should change as well. Overall a 3 star because I like playing and it’s controls are simple for even the least experienced person who just likes games…yet it is sorely lacking and could use a major update.

  12. Easy to learn quickly. Lots of fun! Only two things I would like to see done differently: instead of auto locking to the nearest target (sometimes subsequently forcing your nose down to follow it), I’d like to be able to manually choose targets, ignoring a newer but closer target while on a chase. Sometimes I deal damage to an enemy and they break away from my targeting system and I have trouble finding them again. Cycling through targets would fix that issue. Also first person would be cool.

  13. Fun to play. I have a couple complaints though. Every time I log back onto the game, my inverse pitch is off for no reason. The process of earning money for weapons and new aircraft in ridiculous. The cost of each aircraft is 10000 more than the last, but you never gain anywhere near that much on a mission. The cost or earnings need to be recalculated so that the process is not such a grind. You end up having to redo the same previous missions for very little credits to get anything new.

  14. I really like this game, one of my favorites! Just have a question, how do you fly thru 3 waypoints and then have to take down 5 enemy fighters in 30 seconds? I think that after you clear the waypoint checkpoint the timer to reset giving at least 1 minute to take down the first wave of fighters. Then i have one complaint is that for the past week to a few days ago(5) my plane and sound keep freezing up. Could someone please look into it,thank you.

  15. Game is fun and easy to play. I have two complaints though. When you lock onto an enemy, your plane steers to follow the enemy and you lose control. I’m tired of being flown into a mountian. Second, when the killcam shows the last enemy plane shot down, you have to wait till its over but your plane is still flying and you can’t see anything.

  16. Great game play, fast paced and a lot of fun. It does get repetitive though so maybe add new challenges or maybe do a round of boats and plans and some land shooters as well. I would like to suggest that we could do our own custom planes! Overall its a great game with great graphics and smooth gameplay. The controls are quite easy to do with it being control on screen or control by tilting your phone

  17. This is an Amazing game. I love the action. I love the graphics. It’s easy to play once you get the. Controls down. It has a view option to be in the cockpit or just behind the plane. Depending on the plane, some cockpit views are obstructive but honestly, that adds to the realism. Advancing in this game is quite easy in the campaign mode. Especially since there is a reward wheel that you can spend almost unlimitedly if you’re willing to watch some adds on mute.😉 I highly recommend!

  18. A few bugs but no problem it’s pretty good game graphics are good it’s fine realistic within reason , controls are loose they need to be tighter. Just need little bit more tutorial other than that it’s real good game recommend it. This is my second day playing it so I’ve played about 6 hours total put a little money into it of my choice not because I had to. If I had to put money to play I wouldn’t be playing it.

  19. Great game but gave it only 3 stars because everytime im fighting thru each wave the SAM targets will become impossible to shoot. You cant even see them because they are under the map. You just see the ring or square around them from the missle lock. You guys really need to fix it. Its sucks only way to move to the next is to crash and beat that wave again but then 2 waves later it happens again. Also would be nice if there was a story mode or levels/missions. Something other than online

  20. One of the best air combat games I’ve played. Should add the take off and landing option to add more to the thrill. Also the response to touch while navigating needs to be made smoother for better gameplay. I’m really impressed with this game not only because of the quality of the game but also it never bothers me with unnecessary ads. Awesome job.

  21. Overall very fun. Compared to similar games, you can get to cooler planes without purchases. One thing that needs fixing. Doesn’t save my inverted stick setting. I’ll get into a battle and my controls are reversed. What’s more weird is that I can’t pause or back out. I have to quit the app and restart.

  22. Incredible graphics and game play. It feels incredibly real. It’s what I would’ve said if the glitches wouldn’t have happened as soon as I bought the A-10. Couldn’t even get past level 5 unless I played with the default plane given at the beginning. This game is way too good to have glitches that early at least. Too bad. Definitely would be 4-5 stars.

  23. This game is pretty solid, cockpit view and solid amount of planes. However, pitch and yaw controls aren’t realistic as is most of the UI. There’s a chick with her cleav hangin out, ruins the game. The whole UI looks more kid-friendly rather than realistic and there’s no way to upg your fav planes, just have to keep buying better ones. I love the A-10 but it sucks. Needs more diversity in the players fav aircraft. Also there’s no manual maneuvers, just a button. Hope it changes Devs. Good luck.

  24. Good concept. Not great controls. Terrible gameplay. For some reason after a kill, it shows you the bad guys plane exploding, if you were in a nose dive when you shot on him, you’ll hit the ground and die after it gets done showing his plane exploding. The tilt controls are not smooth. Too many ads for a game that’s not really good.

  25. This is a good fighter pilot game with a few glitches: First, when attempting to enter live matches the game does not always allow you to enter the match. Second, after several waves, when playing in Survival mode, the SAM are below ground and not able to be destroyed. This means you have to end the match. Third, when you shoot the last enemy your plane will continue to fly while there is a 5 to 10 second video of the last kill. This could allow you to crash into the ground. Can you fix this?

  26. I always wondered what Ace Combat: Assault Horizon would look on my phone. And thanks to this app now its a reality! The kill cams, the camera effects, even the main menu hangar are almost the same! The game looks amazing too! Of course the only problem i can find other than the grind is that the sensitivity for the tilt is way too sensitive. Maybe an option to change it? Other than that its an amazing game!

  27. Overall not bad and a good time killer. I’m able to get plenty of coin through the spin wheel though it does take time. My complaint is that during death match mode my jet gets stuck in one place on a mountain top. The radar looks like I’m moving but my plane just spins in one place and I seem to be stuck to the mountain top as the graphics don’t really move around me.

  28. Y T dice:

    Great game! Though it makres no sense that in order to buy any planes you have to buy the one before it so you have too buy every plane even if you don’t like it or want a better one. That is really dumb you should be able to buy any plane you want. The controls are good but they are a little too sensitive if you use tilt for the controls you have to put the sensitivity down to nothing in order to keep the plane from swaying from side to side. Other than that it’s a good game

  29. Overall, this game just feels bland. To me, the controls need some work since they lack touch sensitivity. To maneuver I had to move my finger on the screen in whatever direction, take it off the screen and again move my finger on screen to complete just one turn. I would’ve prefered my finger stay on the screen the entire time to move the plane. And speaking of aircraft, this game contains original planes (most likely stolen) from Ace Combat. I would say more, but the letter limit won’t let me.

  30. J C dice:

    Game play and graphics are great however it would be nice to have unlimited controls for all three axis, like flying a real aircraft so you can do loops rolls on your own. This is the only place where it lacks realism. In addition if your going to offer controller functionality it would be nice to be able to toggle the HUD and have the buttons setup for different functions(gun, missle, afterburner, etc.)

  31. Constant disconnect. I have 2 lines, BOTH are at FULL bars. Need more options to earn upgrades. Game is heavy gold dependent. Luck of the draw is the only other option to earn gold. Can’t stay connected to finish matches. Therefore, can’t earn enough gold to upgrade. Buy some new servers please. Game will fail if you don’t. This is a MAJOR problem.

  32. The games graphics are really good, the UI is like most games, confusing and takes too long to figure everything out, by this time I’m bored with the game. The controls are all over the place too. The video add, like most games, makes it look fun and great to play. Nope. Uninstalled after a short time.

  33. Graphics are Amazing for a mobile game! I like how you can upgrade your planes machine guns and missle types as well, Good selection of planes . I wish the controls would be customisable to the right side of the screen instead of the left that way would be a lot easier to fly and makes more sense. Iam playing on a 90hz refresh screen so it looks and plays really nice. 5 stars guys.

  34. Chad Pugh dice:

    Enjoyable. Motion is really the only decent way to control the game efficiently. Being able to spin the prize wheel as many times as you want is nice. I’ve been playing for 3 days and I’m done with it. Survival mode gets old fast as do all the other modes. The dogfighting is well done and fun but there’s not enough substance to the game. All the planes are basically the same aside from HP. No Stealth F117? Needs a campaign mode really bad. Not a bad game at all but needs to be expanded on.

  35. Controls feel a bit weird. You dont need P2W (pay to win aka ingame store). Only problem i have is the game does not have a reliable save function. By that i mean you have to write down a player code to log into the account again if you delete the app. Also the lack of multiplayer game modes makes me create sad pilot noises. (only TDM (team death-match), FFA (Free For All) and naval attack which can be summed up as blow up planes with the addition of constant missile alerts on the enemys side

  36. This is a great game, reminds me of the old PS1 game, Eagle One Harrier Attack. There are some spelling issues but nothing major. Would like a way to switch the measurements from metric to US units. We should be able to upgrade our jets armor and change the paint job and decals. Also would like it if the Harrier was able to compete in the game modes that require the advanced Jets. The AV-8B Harrier and A10 Thunderbolt II are my favorite planes and I would like to use them in late game content.

  37. Should be 5 stars, has a few problems. Ads taking me to play store on its own. Ads after the battles are locking me up and making me have to reboot. You watch an ad and it plays 3 instead of one. I dont mind watching ads for stuff but yours is the only game where they knock you out of game and take you to the play store. Also all of my planes were fine but one by one something is happening where they stop flying properly. For instance when you tilt down the plane wont nosedive anymore.

  38. I really like this game, all the different airplanes and weapons upgrades are cool. Game play is smooth, challenging, and reward system is fair. Could there be more mission options even at the lower level? Like Tigersharks escorting A10’s to attack ground targets? 6 vs 6 carrier defense and attack to make sea fights more of a challenge? Can we have friends for co op and guilds?

  39. Amazing, truly amazing. I saw this at first and thought it was like the rest of the “amazing games” thinking it was just going to be a a knockoff but it’s not, it’s truly amazing I downloaded it just a few days ago and I’m already in love with the game. Though in my opinion the planes cost too much for how many planes there are, also wish to see more weapons and maybe even some bombs. Also at times find hard to maneuver But besides those the game is all around good.

  40. My problem is the constant crashing every game that I play in multiplayer or when I’m doing missions. When coming back to do missions after crashing, I don’t start from where I left off, I rather have to start all over again. So I can’t really play the game that I actually seemed to like, by just forgetting about the big issue that clearly needs to be fixed…

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