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Fun musical games. Learn to play instruments, wonderful songs and sounds
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Piano Kids – Music & Songs is a great fun music box created especially for kids and parents to learn to
play musical instruments, wonderful songs, exploring different sounds and develop musical skills.

Use your fingers to play colorful instruments such as kids xylophone, drum kit, piano, saxophone, trumpet, flute and electric guitar. Let your child make music on your phone or tablet. It is great fun for toddlers and kids to sit down and learn how to play musical instruments with authentic sounds.

The interface of the app is colourful and bright. It will interest you and please your child as he will learn music while playing exciting games.

The application has Four modes: Instruments, Songs, Sounds and Play.

Your child will improve his skills not only in music. Piano Kids helps to develop memory, concentration, imagination and creativity as well as motor skills, intellect, sensory and speech.

The whole family can develop their musical talent and composing songs together!

Everyone can play and enjoy exploring different sounds (animals, transportation, comic sounds, among others) and learn to pronounce the colors, flags, geometric figures, numbers and letters of the alphabet in different languages.


★ Increase the skills to listen, memorize and concentrate.
★ It stimulates the imagination and creativity of children.
★ It stimulates the intelectual development, motor skill, sensory, auditory and speech of children.
★ Improve sociability, causing children interact better with their peers.


★ Totally FREE!

Piano, Electric guitar, Xylophone, Saxophone, Drums percussion and Flute, Harp and Panpipes. Each instrument has real sounds and representation. The child can give free rein to their imagination to compose their own melodies in the different instruments.


— SONGS Mode —
Can learn to play wonderful songs. The “Auto Play” mode plays the song to learn the melody. Then can play it alone following the aid. Funny characters are accompanying the music and tell the child that note to play. Can choose to play songs with the following instruments: Piano, Xylophone, Guitar, Flute

— SOUNDs mode —
Allows select several collections of objects with representing images and sounds. Children become familiar with their sounds and learn to identify them. The child can explore and recognize the different sounds of objects as well as learn the pronunciation of colors, numbers and letters of the alphabet in English , Spanish and Portuguese.

– GAMES mode –
Fun games for kids that through music and sounds helps children learn. Learn to count, learn the alphabet, create melodies, solve puzzles, paint, draw, color, pixel art, memory game, Play with baby shark and fish, learn geometric shapes and much more.

★ Sounds of real instruments and high quality (Piano, xylophone, acoustic guitar, saxophone, drums, flute)
★ 30 famous songs to learn to play.
★ Fantastic Auto Play Mode to play the selected song.
★ Can select the representation of the scales “DO-RE-MI” or “CDE”.
★ Intuitive and very easy to use!

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40 comentarios en "Piano Kids – Music & Songs MODDED"

  1. I completely understand the need for ads, they make access to free apps like this possible. However having them pop up every 3 minutes, sometimes more frequent sort of defeats the purpose. Not having any sort of system in place to prevent your child from clicking the ad, as ads are for adults not two year olds, on top of having them take up the whole screen just seems deceptive.

  2. actually gonna update this review, my children very much enjoy it and I have figured out how to disable the ads. I would just like to see some sort of click prevention system to stop kids accidentally clicking on them. For example, some apps do this. Kid clicks on the add or micro transaction and a little window pops up with a small math problem, to make sure it’s the adult clicking on it, then it times out and closes after a few seconds so the kid can keep playing. That’s my only request 🙂

  3. Full access and no ads is $2.99. The store description as of May 2022 makes it seem like it’s free. It’s not free. There are adult-targeted ads, like home goods, clothing, travel, etc., unless you buy the app for $2.99. The ads appear in the middle of playing and kiddo would click the ads and close app. It’s also unclear what they do with your data, since the app requires data collection of your personal information. Pretty sketchy. Otherwise, fun, easy, lots of music, and kiddo likes it.

  4. This app would be absolutely perfect for my toddler if only it had a lock screen option. He keeps closing it out by hitting the home or back buttons on accident, which means I can’t use this app for car rides or in situations where I can’t help him. Other than that disappoint, it has the best variety of games and sensory distractions for little ones that I have seen yet in an app! I paid for the ad removal which is well worth it. They just need to add a lock screen option and this would completely be a five star app!

  5. I like the app for my toddler and she loved it as well, but for some reason it stopped making noises. The background music continues, but when she taps to go into the group area to play with the animals or alphabet or colors, there is no more noise coming from the figure she is tapping. Just as I was about to purchase the no ads too, if this isn’t fixed then I am going to have to uninstall it. I have checked the settings in the app and on my device, uninstalled and reinstalled, updated…I don’t know what else I am missing? Other than that when it was working – I really thought it was cute and great.

  6. So Far Great Experience. Really IS for a toddler to learn and not too complicated for them. Very easy and definitely able to navigate with ease. My 20 month old loves building the track, the music part of playing all the instruments, and I love the options and that this was FREE. At this point wouldn’t mind paying for it either. Looking for this kind of app for a long time.

  7. My 2 yr old loves this app, I’ve had it for about a year now and they just keep expanding the games! There is so many cool educational minigames, and instruments for your child to interact with. It’s WAY more than just music…. Yes there is ads and its annoying especially for a small child. BUT if you put your device on airplane mode before opening the app no ads pop-up!!! I’m sure the developers won’t like that. But ads and small children don’t mix. The idea is to distract the kids not have them handing you the phone upset every 2 mins

  8. I can deal with the ads to keep it a free ap, but it is anoying when the ad comes up and prevents you from doing anything on the game… as an adult it took me a while to figure out what to do to get back to the main menu to reset the game so it could be played with again. I am afraid my2 year old will click on the ad and purchase something unnecessary out of frustration he cant get the game to work!!!

  9. My nieces LOVE this! Especially since you added the extra games sections. However you lose 1 star because some of the games are TOO easy. The one where you add road sections, my 3 1/2 yo niece told me it would be better if they got harder and got more than 4 road sections on the next level. Also, it takes TOO long for the congrats message to pop up and finish. We had no idea that it would give you another level until we accidentally left it open on one of the games.

  10. Great instrument app for babys. The obly issue is on all these apps it is way too easy for baby to hit the home button. Would be nice if it didnt have that and was designed so that you had actually hit the phones back button or something like that. It is really a pretry big problem. Dont play in it all the time but the few times a week we use it she always ends up hitting the home button by accident messing up either her game or the music. Otherwise, the content is great!

  11. My 2yo loves this app! It’s simple to use for a toddler learning his way around a phone. The only negative is that I would like there to be a version you can purchase without ads. Every now and then my son switches games or one game ends and an ad will pop up, if I’m not fast enough or my husband is “watching” him, he will click the ad and get to all sorts of setting or web pages even if I lock the navigation buttons on my phone.

  12. Bri S dice:

    I love this app for my two little ones. I love the variety of games, It’s easy to use. I bought the full version because they loved this app so much and I NEVER buy apps. But with how many games there is it was worth the money, if I can remember it didn’t cost much either. Without the full version there is allot of ads but if your kid enjoys the app spending a little extra is definitely worth it. I think it’s been close to a year since I’ve had this app and they still play this. This is always the first app I download when I get a new device. When you have the full version it’s super easy to transfer it throughout devices. I definitely recommend this app

  13. My 4 yr old grand daughter got really excited when she realized she could learn to play familiar songs. The simple follow-the-bouncing-note method of leading her through the music, then she hits ‘play’ and hears the song; she loves it. I think it’s super-cool the way she can select various instruments to see how it they will sound. This app works both as a fun game and as an introduction to playing music.

  14. my son is 16 with special needs he really likes music and I hoped that this would be easy for him. He was able and actually wanted to touch the screen to hear the music playing. While he wasn’t percise with his movements this is a great cause and effect app for little ones or those like my son with limited mobility and cognitive functioning. Great app!

  15. I love all the games, my children love them, especially the tracing numbers and shapes. Also love how you continue to add new games. So my children would like to know if you would make an alphabet tracing game? Other than that we love it! Love it all, the instruments, song selections, games, all of it! Truly a one stop preschool app!

  16. Love all the instrument options. I thought there would just be a piano in there. Pleasantly surprised with all the things included in this. Looking to pay for it to get rid of the adds. It’s a good value.

  17. Both of my kids have really enjoyed this app, but my 2 year old with Down Syndrome particularly loved it. He quickly learned how to navigate it, and the wide variety of activities both held his attention and allowed him to try more challenging activities as he developed. He passed away shortly after his 3rd bday, but insisted on listening to the “animal band” to the end. I’m grateful this app brought him so much joy and I’d gladly pay $1000 for this if I had it to do over again.

  18. The ads are just to much, so paid the $3.49, to be ad free and still have just as many ads. I restarted, then I uninstalled and it didn’t fix. Otherwise, you would have an 5 star rating. I have a 2 yr old grand daughter that loves playing and learning too.

  19. This game is great my kids love it and I understand the need for ads to keep games free but to have them pop up every minute is extremely distracting. Especially since more times then not they are coming to me every 30 seconds to close an ad or they end up compulsively clicking on it.

  20. It’s a really fun app with LOTS of games, I paid to remove the ads, it was worth it. Only 4 stars because it’s too easy to change the settings. They should be behind a pin to access them and in some of the games the language options are up the top and the child can just change to another language and then get frustrated. The language should be a global setting under the settings and access controlled with a pin.

  21. This is the first app bought for my 2.5 yr old. I never even knew there were apps for such small babies. She really enjoys the sounds and graphics and it is very cute. Guitar, Harp, Xylophone, Drums are good. Very smooth.

  22. Not that bad. But I think is not fair that advertising model for a toddlers game, I cannot get distracted or my daughter clicks an ad! So it is not useful unless you pay (which I did). I think it would be a better idea to lock some instruments or games until the user pays but not display in-game ads, again, considering it is aimed for kids under 5 which often haven’t learn to read.

  23. Shkp Task dice:

    Dear, sir/madam. Here’s a problem with the related languages options for other countries.. I would like to say that give Hindi ( India) language option or feature.. in this application for more improvement to play it interestingly.. if you can.. thankfully of yours..🇮🇳🇮🇳..

  24. My son really loves to play this game and he start to learn numbers, shapes, alphabet and also color and more I just have suggestions please add more sound and musics in this game 🤎🌻

  25. tried it 5min and already i think it is very nice. a little bit too colorful maybe can be tuned down on later versions. thinking of removing adds later. keep it up.

  26. Loved to learn the music and musical sounds in a wholesome way with such an amazing interface.

  27. Love this app.. got it for my 2 year old grandson. It’s educational mixed with entertainment and I am totally impressed with it. He and I sit for hours playing with various games.

  28. Perfect app for kiddos. Last update broke something because app keeps a Loading… Message. Please, do check that. I’m using Portuguese language.

  29. Crooks! Paid for the app via my mobile, after various attempts to buy the app on the tablet. Tried to transfer the purchase to my daughters tablet only to be asked to buy the app a second time.

  30. Love Kumar dice:

    This is very good to keep my 2.5 year old girl occupied with something meaningful end bit educational. Every thing has so many options to keep them interested and continue exploring.

  31. My 2 year old is aadicted to this app. Tried many toddler qpps but this on for me is the best. Its like all in one app. I think for those who are saying there is too much ads why not buy the game to help the developer.

  32. It has a lot of fun, informative and educative stuffs. My baby girl seems to enjoy it. She’s always stuck on Piano Kids.

  33. Fun!!! It has a kitty shaped piano!!!!! It has a drawing feature as well!!!!! Recommend for kids!!!!! (I’m actually 14 with no kids, I just really love this app)

  34. Deb Mta dice:

    Easy. Fun. Bright and engaging content for little ones. The 4 yr old and 18 months old grandkids love it.

  35. It’s really really good app for 3 years children . kids learning fast.. This app is better than others app. My baby Umar really like this piano app… I’m happy bcoz my son is not seen videos and cheap songs..

  36. Enta Tain dice:

    Me and my three year old brother enjoy this game but I had too much ads how come no ads for him? This is a great game orange studio games

  37. My almost 2 year old daughter loves this app! So many games for her to choose from and she is already learning so much. I caught her sitting with the app open and attempting to make new sounds and words!!! The only thing Id add to it is the ability to keep the app on top of other apps and lock it. The ads arent an issue, but I will be purchasing it! Thanks for an incredibly awesome app for toddlers!

  38. I’m redoing my rating to a five star now support got back to and told me how to fix the problem and it worked. Thank you Support team. It’s been a great app my two year old loves this app so I paid for the no adds. His tablet broke so I reinstalled on another device and when I push the button on the game for reinstall the button doesn’t do anything. Would give higher rating except for this problem.

  39. Downloaded this app for my 18 month old. Not only does she love it but I do too. I am very impressed. 10* Amazing.. I am in awe

  40. Best game ever when I’m depressed because my girlfriend left me fo my best friend Jake because he eats cheese faster than me I like to get on the game and master the piano to show my girlfriend how is better PS, Cody never mind She likes me now because Jake has a small amount of wite cream in happy now. The first thing I did was to be a part of the world and the other hand, the only thing you can do it all the time, and it is the only way to get to the bottom of the ninth inning off the Fenway.

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