Opera browser beta with VPN 2022

Test drive Opera’s latest features and help build a better browser for Android.
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Help us test our new app! We just made a new Opera browser for Android, and we’d love to have you try it and tell us what you think.

Have a suggestion? Join the Opera for Android team for discussion at forums.opera.com. Your comments are very important to us, and you’ll be a vital part of making sure this will be one of our best browser for Android.

Download the Opera for Android beta today and try the latest features being developed specifically for our most powerful browser. Become part of our development process and give Opera vital feedback to help us create the best browser for high-end mobile devices.

Participating in the beta is free and open to anyone. It allows you early access to our fastest browser, designed for the most popular Android smartphones. As with any beta, there may be some bugs and frequent updates, but we encourage you to report any issues you encounter while trying this version of Opera for Android.

Visit our forum to participate in discussions with developers and other beta users: http://forums.opera.com/categories/en-opera-for-android/

If you have a quick question, you may find help in our answers to frequently asked questions at http://www.opera.com/help/mobile/android/.

Opera may show ads from Facebook. To learn more, see https://m.facebook.com/ads/ad_choices

If you’re looking for the stable, public version of the Opera browser for Android, you can find that at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.opera.browser.

For all the latest news on Opera, and to engage us in a more laid-back way, follow us on Twitter – http://twitter.com/opera/
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/opera/
Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/opera

Terms & Conditions:
By downloading this application, you are agreeing to the End User Licence Agreement at https://www.opera.com/eula/mobile. Also, you can learn how Opera handles and protects your data in our Privacy Statement at https://www.opera.com/privacy.


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40 comentarios en "Opera browser beta with VPN 2022"

  1. L L dice:

    I have been a user for a long time now and you have reached the point of perfection with opera on android!! Nothing even comes close everything is buttery smooth and extremely intuitive!! My only suggestion is to make the Ad-Block stronger with different filters you can choose from. Please avoid any unnecessary touch gestures like the ios version and please leave us the full opera experience you only need small incremental improvements at this point. Thank you for such a wonderful browser!!

  2. Hate this! Was happy with this until I loaded the last update. Wish hadn’t, suddenly 75% of my downloads done were kicked out and I didn’t know it until this afternoon when it was too late to recreate everything. The other thing that drives me crazy is the steps I have to take to get to my password manager in Google. I will be uninstalling this, as it is buggy. On the flip side it does have some nice features like this your icons of your favorites all on one page.

  3. I downloaded the Opera browser bets.so far so good. I was able to move it to the SD card. when I try to use it after that it said if you want to run Opera you need more space. so I have recreated the situation you just went through. I moved it back to the phone and it works again. I will just keep it on the phone till you fix that issue, if it can be fixed. I like the speed dial and the VPN both nice features. I’ve recreated the same situation on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.

  4. John M dice:

    Opera Beta has been my favorite browser for Android. With the latest release, there have been menu changes. The changes are easy enough to navigate. Something new that I like is the ability to customize what data is cleared when exiting. The reason for my low rating is that the browser does not exit when selecting the exit button. I have to manually clear data and use Android to close all windows. Fix the exit issue, and Opera will be a superb browser.

  5. This is exactly the same app as the regular Opera browser! I don’t know why there is a need for FOUR different Opera browsers. The other two, Touch and Mini, have slightly different features/settings but barely enough to justify having a whole separate app. The Mini version just has a screen in the settings where it’s supposed to give you a running total of how much data you’ve saved by using their app. Other than that one thing, it’s the exact same app as the normal Opera browser, as is this “beta” here.

  6. This is a superb browser! One of the things I like is that bookmarks and passwords can be shared with other devices using Opera beta – including PCs and Linux. Another thing that this browser does so well is wrap text. Most of the major browsers don’t do this at all, and another one that I used to use did so, but not nearly as well is op results. This really helps on a small screen like my phone, because I can increase the font to any size I need to make it more readable. It also does an excellent job of blocking advertisements, although you can white list specific websites if you wish to do so so that you can see the ads on those. With the above, and all of the configuration options Opera Beta supplies, I can’t imagine a better browser!

  7. I W dice:

    Great browser with clean, simple user interface and many options but sadly it has one crippling flaw and that’s the fact that saving files, particularly images, becomes a slow process when you have several tabs open. This isn’t an issue in Chrome or most other browsers so I think it should be something that is fixed. Perhaps making whether you get the save file Xyz location prompt an option that can be turned off would fix it. Other than that Opera is a 5 star app to me and I highly recommend

  8. I love this browser. My one wish is that it would sync the Speed Dials between all devices. The current iteration forces each device to have it’s own separate Speed Dial. Other than that it has the best over all features. One of my favorites is the reflow of text on pages that don’t allow you to reflow.

  9. Love it overall. One improvement point would be when adding a webpage from the browser to my phone’s home screen. When clicking on the web page icon on the home screen, it would be preferable if it were to take me to the tab thay has the website already running instead of opening a new tab every time.

  10. Best in class UI ~ I love the easily customizable speed dial! Night mode works so well that I don’t feel the need for my usual extension that handles that on other browsers. The only browser that supports crypto wallets so far. Not even Brave does that yet. The built-in adblocker does alright but it’s slightly worse than Brave’s shield, which itself is terrible compared to uBlock Origin. This browser feels very user-friendly. I’d recommend tweaking the settings for privacy but overall 8.7/10.

  11. The latest settings page at the bottom; where do you think people scroll from? Can you get anymore user unfriendly? Ad blocker doesn’t always work. Improvements I’d like to see are good image quality & real search engine choices besides the 4. Love the way the tabs are presented in mobile and the option to move from mobile to desktop. There are too many opera browsers, the best of each should be put into one. An easy to use browser, but I am searching for a browser with search engine choices.

  12. R J G dice:

    Some times websites turn black during search. Vpn works great for blocked sites, but won’t open YouTube when Vpn is on. Sometimes mobile view when switched to desktop view the site looks bizzare and uneven at times. Overall smooth and faster than Google Chrome and Firefox. Not laggy for my low end Lenovo Tab 4 10, works great on this low end device.

  13. Dear Opera team, Opera browser is good, but there things that needs to be added : Max download limit. Expire Link resume especially google drive Link. Slit the download file into parts feature.

  14. I have been in love with opera for a long long time now…. and I think it’s just the right time to give it back what it actually gave to me,Nice app ever!!!!! Keep up the great work

  15. Owlyanin7 dice:

    When I tried to download videos on Facebook it always says network error even if my connection is smooth. I used to download videos here in opera, but now I can’t download. I hope this will get fixed

  16. Opera is my all time favourite browser. I’ve been using it for about 15 years now and compared to most other it is in a league of its own. It’s fast and so simple to use and has all the other benefits the other has to offer. With the great themes and night options, speeds dials and all my bookmarked history of my speed dails since day one marks the opera browser number one browser for me! As for ads, what ads? Best app by a mile!

  17. The data saving disrupt my custom dns feature. & I would like to request an auto scroll feature with it’s speed setting.

  18. Slowest browser ever. I am using wifi. The connection and speed is good. I can use other browsers fine except for this.

  19. Not happy. To much load on CPUs and page loading is bad Used to be good. But maybe that gets fixed next time. Then I will update as improves or gets worse.

  20. abid khan dice:

    Feedback: Thanks for adding Custom DNS Option. Now I am getting better browsing experience from Bangladesh. Feature Request: 1. Please Add swipe gestures option for Page Forward/Backwards. 2. AdBlock And Tracker Should Make More Powerful.

  21. Thank you so much for fixing the Night Mode button!!! Now it toggles the Dark/Light Web Content again! I am so happy. Thank you!!! 💞

  22. Best internet app available. Still have issues with following links on emails in Gmail app. Also have issues, if I leave the app to go to another, Opera will crash. Although these issues have only been happening since the new Samsung Android update.

  23. Brilliant browser it’s so smooth and the UI is the most modern looking out of all the big browsers. Would you Opera consider making the dark mode optimised for Amoled screens (totally black background with pure white text) as samsung Internet have released this on their beta channel for people using one ui 4

  24. I’m giving ⭐⭐⭐⭐ because with the new updates its crashing all the time the more developers want to make it better they make it worst opera browser it never will be compare to chrome because opera doesn’t open some web pages or play internal videos like chrome browser example opera is not playing samsung tv website videos and also tubi tv videos can’t be play with opera browser…..

  25. Ahmed Ali dice:

    As I thought this applicatioln is integrated software, opermin vs VPN so it is very suitable and very fast than others.

  26. Since the latest update has gone in the free vpn is having issues actually connecting, so atm update hasn’t improved anything, just made it worse

  27. Great thing for me is text reflow to page size. Overall, very good browser!

  28. Less ads untill now, speed and easy for using

  29. Opera browser is useful reliable the best option is speed dial because can save pages as bookmarks

  30. I downloaded this app for VPN BROWSER but for that feature also you have to take premium. Other app is better than this. 👎🤬

  31. Playback speed appearance is removed and it was very useful for me, I want it back.

  32. nomarjr3 dice:

    Still one of the best Chromium-based web browsers in the Play Store. It’s a bit slower than other browsers, but that’s due to the amount of features it has compared to other browsers, which have less features. To the guy below me (Rui): You can turn off all the data collection settings if you’re bothered with that. Cons: Please add an option to place URL bar below the screen, like Yandex Browser.

  33. The VPN feature is amazing. The performance and speed are OK, although they could be improved. Also, it’s been like 3 months or more since suddenly videos wouldn’t play at all, the videos would freeze at the first frame and may be flash the first two frames like crazy. The updates of this last week seem to have solved it though, but come on, don’t break such an essential thing as watching videos.

  34. Rui dice:

    Just putting a warning for those who care before deleting the app. This has become a data gathering app plain and simple. The browser part is just a side “feature”. The recent update was just another set of data they may collect from sites you visit and who knows what else. Just look at the options, a page full of switches just related with data collection. Stay away from this. It was once a great browser, unfortunately not anymore. Try Vivaldi.

  35. This is a solid reliable Browser. The bookmarks are easy to find. It takes a while to get comfortable with the lay out when one first switches but it’s actually farely simple to use. It has an incognito/private mode. My only issue is I wish that it had the same function Google did where you can take a picture and it brings up search results similar to the picture.

  36. The only major problem I’ve discovered is that Opera doesn’t broadcast the availability of password fields on the page to the system, and therefore I can’t use my password manager’s autofill service (Bitwarden). Other than that – it’s the quickest freaking browser on Android, and believe me when I say that I’ve tried plenty. It’s nice to see the return of VPN, and the ad blocker works fairly reliably, beating uBlock most of the time, and only losing to it in the “annoyances” department.

  37. The phone UI is terrible. Two bars on the top and bottom use up too much space, at least they disappear when scrolling. The Tablet UI is a bit better (on a 6″ phone). How can I manually order tabs? Tap and hold does not work for me. No extension support. Otherwise a nice and fast browser.

  38. raj veer dice:

    VPN is very costly, bring the cost down to Rs 50 monthly, can’t waste money on the pro for high prices

  39. E dice:

    Can’t use a mobile browser without being able to import and export bookmarks.

  40. Requesting for YEARS!!! a true! Dark Theme ( your gray is worst than Google’s ) Amoled BLACK! for better UI, eyes and battery. How hard is it to give us this option? Other browsers DDG etc have it! Come in guys, LOVE ♥️ Opera, a true amoled black would be the icing on the cake… PLEASE!!!

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