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Netflix is the leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies.
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Looking for the most talked about TV shows and movies from the around the world? They’re all on Netflix.

We’ve got award-winning series, movies, documentaries, and stand-up specials. And with the mobile app, you get Netflix while you travel, commute, or just take a break.

What you’ll love about Netflix:

• We add TV shows and movies all the time. Browse new titles or search for your favorites, and stream videos right on your device.
• The more you watch, the better Netflix gets at recommending TV shows and movies you’ll love.
• Create up to five profiles for an account. Profiles give different members of your household their own personalized Netflix.
• Enjoy a safe watching experience just for kids with family-friendly entertainment.
• Preview quick videos of our series and movies and get notifications for new episodes and releases.
• Save your data. Download titles to your mobile device and watch offline, wherever you are.

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Get the best experience for enjoying recent hits and timeless classics with our latest Netflix update for your phone and tablet.


40 comentarios en "Netflix MOD 2022"

  1. What did you do to the app???!!! You latest update is horrible!!! Now I can only see one movie or show at a time and scroll to see what the next one and then scroll down to see one more (instead of the side to side slider bar where you can see like 5 movies at once) and then having everyone auto play a preview! Every auto play freezes up my phone and I can’t figure out how to turn it off. It makes your app almost unusable!

  2. jace dice:

    WAS the best streaming app, but recently it’s been going wonky on Android tablet. (Tablet software is up-to-date.) Also playing some selections in different languages even though it’s set to English (title’s original language). And subtitles randomly switching to “Classic Chinese” even though they’re set to off. I’m not multi-lingual, so I’ve never set my language to anything other than English. Tried restart of both app and tablet. Problem persists. Too busy to learn French and Chinese.

  3. Works great most the time, lately buggy. So the picture-in-picture feature hasn’t been working since the last update, which is frustrating because I like being able to multitask while watching my shows. When you resume after the picture in picture doesn’t work, then all options like subtitles, ability to skip title sequences, change episodes, etc don’t pop up until you fully close the app and start again, or exit the video player and resume. Also renew Dark Crystal Age of Resistance 😤

  4. While Netflix tries to create content for everyone, the app has become cluttered; I’d like to toggle some “features” off. While trying to include something for everyone, I’d like an easier way to exclude certain content categories – example: reality shows. … They have begun to let the core features slip into disrepair, occasionally, which then takes them weeks and months to fix, but kudos to the teams that actually fix the problems.

  5. I love Netflix. My only complaint is that with the inclusion of movies/tv shows from other countries it would be nice if there was a very clear thing identifying it as content that is in a different language. I dont mind it being there i do find it annoying however when i go to watch something and realize its subtitled or dubbed in English. Video rental stores provided this information on the box, how hard is it to do in an app.

  6. Great app overall, even though its content has fallen a bit recently. Still has by far the best netcode of anything besides YouTube. The only reason I give it three stars instead of five is because the white subtitles it uses on mobile are literally the worst thing ever. I can’t see anything the characters are saying if there’s a white background!! Change it back to inhabit a black square like it used to, that worked fine. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  7. Dan Friend dice:

    It’s really buggy it restarts some episodes. Other times it completely restarts the series. It kicks me out a lot. I click on one show or movie and it plays a completely different one that I haven’t even seen. Also I wish that if you say not interested on something that it wouldn’t keep showing up. It’s really good otherwise.

  8. Josh dice:

    The Netflix app overrides your brightness settings and forces you to watch content at 100% brightness all the time. This is completely unacceptable and there is no fix. They provide their own brightness slider but it barely does anything, even at 0% the video is extremely bright. It is completely unusable at night. There needs to be an option to disable the app from taking over the phone’s native brightness control.

  9. Netflix is greedy. I can’t watch Netflix on a second screen without paying another 5$ a month even though I know I don’t have Netflix actively playing anywhere else. I am reminded why I canceled Netflix in the first place and will be canceling again. I’m not even given an option to stop playing the content on the claimed “other screen”. Sure. I can go through the hassle of signing out of every device each time but this is ridiculous for how much I’m paying.

  10. There is still great content here; but app support is an afterthought. Fancy features are added that seem fantastic at first. Download to watch offline, or automatically download suggested viewing as examples. What is not thought out is how all that background activity destroys battery life. If you use this app on a mobile device downloading on wifi can save tons of data. I recommend using the feature. But don’t let it do anything automatically! Try forcing the app to stop when not in use.

  11. C Mey dice:

    Thanks for completely changing and ruining the search result tab for mobile devices. Having a bunch of movies repeated over in the results in different catagories isn’t helping me find what I’m looking for. It’s actually making it much more difficult. It was better before when it just showed you results. I don’t need all these breakdowns of catagories. Trying to log my new phone and the password is “wrong”. Really? It was correct literally 5 days ago when I used a temporary phone.

  12. For parents of children with autism, try what I did with Netflix! There’s an option during the movie or show where you can slow the speed of the movie playing. Put it on 1.0X slow. The movies play slower and has helped my 2 autistic kids speech develop better than a therapist. They engage in a slower motion, and will eventually repeat it, then it’s easier for you to help them speed up. My son has done well and is speaking words as normal doing this! I have 4 autistic kids but just found out.

  13. KimGB dice:

    My friend introduced me to Netflix. It has worked well on both my Samsung smartphone & laptop. I like the option of having a list of movies, along with the option of downloading for offline viewing. The suggestions offered are helpful sometimes. I got hooked on the entire Frank & Grace series! There are some interesting materials to watch. But seems like there aren’t the greatest variety of good movies. Although I like documentaries, etc., it seems there are more of these than good movies.

  14. Carter Mak dice:

    A fine experience for browsing, but a pretty mediocre app otherwise. It feels like they tried to make it work like social media, which is extremely frustrating when I want to just go to my movies. “My List” is now hidden in the most unintuitive place and doesn’t even work – movies that show as being on my list don’t show up on the page. Disappointing from the company that’s had the longest time to get the experience right.

  15. This streaming service is great but it just has a slight hiccup as of now, the audio is out of sync for all shows. I didn’t see any reports about it so I thought it was my phone. But I tried restarting it 5-6 times, power off & on 3, uninstalling 2 and open and closing it a bunch. The only temporal solution is opening the language setting when the video is playing and click apply. Pls help, it’s started to get very annoying. Other than that it fine. Thx for the time

  16. Netflix as a service is what it is, I’m not rating based on that. The app itself is pretty good, but the big problem I have right now is with the subtitles. I am watching a foreign language show with English subtitles, but they are white and appear unreadable on top of light colored backgrounds. The supposed only way to fix it is externally from the app (bad UI), but when I tried that it didn’t even fix it. This should be one of the easiest things in the world for them to fix, but will they?

  17. Great app, I’ve never had a bug occur in the 3+ years I’ve had it; however, it is annoying that to change the subtitles I had to look up a support article to figure that out, I was really sick of white on white subtitles. Adding that to settings in the app would be a HUGE lifesaver for many people. Lastly, I would like to see a little less Netflix content and more content from stuff like before Netflix started doing all their originals, but overall the Netflix app and service are great!

  18. I love Netflix. I do not have a TV, Computer, WiFi or Stereo. I grew up without them. Plus everything is so expensive. I use my cellphone for everything. It’s so much cheaper. I never have problems with Netflix. I don’t mind the ads because if you watch TV from my understanding they are a lot longer. I have even ordered stuff from the ads. It’s cheap (I pay $9.99 a month I can put up with ads). Netflix is really good at keeping up with the latest season on their series 🥰🥰

  19. BJ M dice:

    Not many newer movie options on the paid Netflix app. Though, I will say that “Stranger Things” was an amazing series but you have to wait approximately 2 years for the next series to come out which is disappointing. We need something as compelling as that series to fill in the gaps. I don’t know what the budget is for your end as Netflix. I’m not trying to be the wet blanket here! You do have some good series on such as Outlander. But some of the series are really not up to par. Peace!

  20. jenmygem dice:

    The price keeps increasing but the quality keeps decreasing. ($15 for what???) They removed caption font options on Android & IOS, forcing you to go to the browser and change it. (This takes a while.) I have Netflix for a few exclusive shows (USED TO HAVE FOR ALOT OF SHOWS), even then I could probably find them on another streaming service (for FREE). Also, there’s no option to hide recommendations you’ve already watched and ranked. I will drop the score to 1/5 after the NEW price increase. YUP.

  21. Amenti H dice:

    Auto-play after a few seconds of inactivity… What moron thought it’s a good idea? “My List” is constantly auto shuffled. Because Netflix knows better what order is best for ya… Another genius idea from the best empty minds. It doesn’t have options for list sorting. It has no easy way to know what is about to expire. The Worst UI among ALL streaming services.

  22. Very very laggy and often won’t run/ refuses to run despite perfectly good wifi and device. When it does run you should be careful to not press on anything like pause or changing the language and subtitles etc. bc it almost always takes a long a$$ time to load again. However on rare instances where it works, it does produce very good quality images. But seriously fix your bugs :/

  23. Netflix has a nice UI, but…there is nothing more irritating than every single video auto-playing. Please make that an option on the main menu in the app as well as on desktop so it can easily be turned on or off. Also, your show selection is pretty limited compared to other platforms. Stop buying so much cheap entertainment to sell to people and start holding out for better entertainment offerings.

  24. Lada Kib dice:

    Can’t turn off the “are you still there” feature after latest app update. I use Netflix to help with my insomnia and it wakes me up when it stops playing. I understand reason for it but I’m using it for downloaded shows and without continuous play, this app has become much less valuable to me.

  25. I can watch Netflix on any device other than my phone (Revvl 4+). Everytime I go to watch a show, I get a black screen but can hear the audio playing. I have followed all the steps for “fixing” this issue but nothing has worked nor did Netflix support help with it either. I love this app, but I am disappointed that I can’t watch on my phone.

  26. Netflix randomly stopped casting to all of my devices. I was with tech support for 2 hours and they couldn’t fix my issue. They claimed they would have the issue fixed soon. I asked for a credit since my Netflix account is unusable until further notice. They said no. So they expect you to pay for a service that doesn’t work… Canceled my account after 8 years. I’ll just use other streaming services and my Fire Stick.

  27. Netflix has gone way down hill! I signed back up and have not been able to watch anything since sign up last week. The app freezes, boots you out. Such a shame. If you don’t have the premium they don’t want you to be able to watch anything unless you upgrade. So disappointed. So many shows we watch on Netflix and cannot watch any of them. I’m cancelling service. Customer service blames it on your TV. I have two tvs and it doesn’t work on any of them. Do better Netflix!

  28. Netflix is no longer worth the lowest subscription. Only allowed on 1 device, can’t even use it on multiple tvs in my house, on the same network unless I give them more money. Even though I have been a paying member for years. With all the competition out there, you would think they would value us as customers. And the app hardly works with Amazon Firestick.

  29. I have Netflix for a long time, since the beginning of streaming. Netflix change and not for better. The quality of the shows dropped, the content is worst, and I travel constantly to different countries and started having issues logging into my devices. They said that I can log in in other countries anymore. I cancelled my account that I was already considering doing for the last 2 years. There are a lot of new services out there.

  30. Is a streaming app, not too much science behind it, but I do like the screen block function. Unlike hulu or disney (and other apps) where if you accidently touch the screen, it might fast forward or skip the episode. BUT …. The only thing that’s missing and other apps do have … Is a RESET button!!! Is kind of annoying when you want to re-watch a series and after one episode, the following starts at the credits… So netflix PLEASE add a reset button!!!!

  31. This app can’t keep track of the episode I’m on, and I often have to scour through several episodes just to find where I left off. Mini player only works about 50% of the time. this app will often pause and unpause what I’m watching for me. Clicking on shows to watch will often bring up a different show entirely. To top it off, I’m unable to uninstall this app from my phone, which is ridiculous.

  32. (6/29/20) Netflix takes FOREVER to add new movies and shows. I don’t like how I can’t renew my expired downloads or that I have 48 hours to see it before it expires. (8/17/22) Also, if there could be an update on how the subtitles look on all devices, white letters with bolded outline or black background to make it easier to read. I watch animation and other foreign language shows, so this would be very helpful 😊 The new update has white text on black bgd on certain things.

  33. Hey it’s Netflix. It’s getting better all the time. I love the original stuff they do. The library of movies, docs, tv and concerts is outstanding. ***UPDATE*** Have to cancel. Service was good. Selections were good, but I can’t justify the monthly payment. Sorry, but just to many other choices now. And this had to go. I will miss it at times, but good programming is everywhere now. ..

  34. Trash app that doesn’t handle Chromecast properly. I’ve got two Chromecast devices in my house; both are accessible from my phone via every other Chromecast-capable app. Netflix is the only app that 1) never sees one, and 2) frequently can’t see the other. It’s also the only app whose troubleshooting/help info doesn’t acknowledge that *it* could be the cause of the problem. Standards are there for a reason.

  35. Dan S dice:

    Unable to watch my downloads. Maybe it’s an App thing or maybe it’s a general Netflix Advertisment thing, in either case I don’t like the way the new automatic download Advertisement is affecting my access to what I have already downloaded. It seems that unless I turn on the automatic downloads and configure it, that I am unable to decline and get past it to access the videos I’ve already downloaded. It’s like Netflix is forcing mobile users to configure their suggested auto downloads.

  36. Alex Real dice:

    App itself works great. I’ve canceled my subscription four times and somehow it automatically restarts and withdraws automatically from my account. This is like the worst con, I don’t watch Netflix, I have other subscriptions I use and just forget I’m even subscribed because they keep ripping me off. Netflix is not the government, you shouldn’t be able to take people’s money without their consent.

  37. David M dice:

    Over the past six months I have experienced times where the audio would continue to play but the visual would freeze up for like 10 to 20 seconds. It does this quite often during a show or at extreme moments while watching an action movie. Please fix this issue. Thanks.

  38. Ce Ce dice:

    As an app is great, but if you don’t mind anyone that have a profile on your account can upgrade your plan $$$ you’re good, because there’s no control on the app, website, customer support that can help control who can upgrade your plan, even if it was your 3YO kid who doesn’t even know how to read, and Netflix do it so easily they just tap on upgrade and that’s it, easy peasy. And of course no refunds either.

  39. This was a great app, but like most technology… any improvement means disaster. This last improvement makes so I can’t use the app on my tablet. Works great on my cell phones but cannot connect on my tablet no matter how many times I clear cache and uninstall /reinstall. Don’t bother signing up if you expect to use it on all of your devices!

  40. I’ve been using Netflix for 7 years I think and what bums me out is how quick they cancel shows without giving people a chance to get to them. There’s so much content in general to watch and people have busy lives, sometimes it takes a while to get hooked on a show. Not everyone will tune in when a show drops. You gotta let people hear the reviews and find the time to watch it. That being said, I’m impressed at the quality of animation Netflix has produced, such as Trese and MOTU Revelation.

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