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Microsoft OneDrive gives you more storage space for your photos and files. OneDrive’s cloud storage will secure photos, videos, files and keep them safe. Keep your files protected, synced, and accessible on all your devices. The OneDrive app lets you view and share photos files, photos, and videos with friends and family for safe and free storage. Plus, you can use the app to automatically back up your phone’s photos and videos. Start with 5 GB of free storage space or upgrade to a Microsoft 365 subscription to get up to 1 TB or 100 GB of cloud storage.

Microsoft OneDrive offers the following features:

Back up photos & videos
• More storage for all of your important files. Upload photos, videos, documents & more
• Automatic photo backup & secure photo storage when you turn on Camera Upload
• Find photos in the photo locker easily with automatic tagging
• View & share photos on your phone, computer & online
• Free storage & photo locker will secure photos & keep them safe
• Upload videos & keep them in secure photo storage
• Bedtime Backup is a dedicated backup state for seamless photo backup while you’re snoozing

File sharing and access
• Secure photo storage for all of your photos, videos & albums
• Share files, photos, videos & albums with friends & family
• Share photos & upload videos easily
• Get notifications when a shared document is edited
• Secure folder settings offer password-protected or expiring sharing links*
• Access selected OneDrive files on the app without being online

• All OneDrive files are encrypted at rest & in transit
• Personal Vault: protect important files with identity verification in secure folder storage
• Secure photos, upload videos & keep them safe with secure photo storage
• Restore files with version history
• Stay protected with ransomware detection & recovery*

Collaboration with Microsoft
• Share files across platforms & share photos in the photo locker
• Use Microsoft Office apps to edit & collaborate in real time on Word, Excel, PowerPoint & OneNote files stored in OneDrive
• Back up, view & save Office documents

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Document scanning
• Scan, sign, markup & send docs right from the OneDrive mobile app
• Keep documents safe in a secure folder

• Search photos by what’s in them (i.e. beach, snow, etc.)
• Search docs by name or content

The OneDrive app for Android offers 5 GB of free cloud storage to sync photos and files across your devices, share photos and docs, and keep your digital life backed up in the cloud.

Microsoft 365 Personal & Family Subscription
• Subscriptions begin at $6.99 a month in the US, and can vary by region
• More storage with 1 TB per person for up 6 people with the Family subscription
• OneDrive premium features accessible for everyone in the plan
• Share files, folders and photos for specific time windows for added security
• Protect your passwords with password-protected sharing links
• Secure file sharing app with added ransomware detection and recovery security features
• File Restore: Recover files up to 30 days after malicious attacks, file corruption, or accidental edits or deletions
• Share up to 10x more content a day with friends and family
• Access premium versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook and OneDrive

Microsoft 365 subscriptions and OneDrive standalone subscriptions purchased from the app will be charged to your Google Play store account and will automatically renew within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period, unless auto-renewal is disabled beforehand.

To manage your subscriptions or to disable auto-renewal, after purchase, go to your Google Play store account settings. A subscription cannot be canceled or refunded during the active subscription period.

Using this OneDrive app for work or school

For you to sign into your work or school account on OneDrive, your organization needs to have a qualifying OneDrive, SharePoint Online or Microsoft 365 business subscription plan


You can now display your media files on a Chromecast receiver or TV from a compatible device. Look for a Cast icon showing in the top toolbar. We hope you enjoy this top-requested feature!


40 comentarios en "Microsoft OneDrive FULL"

  1. Works mostly great if you don’t have a Surface Duo 2. Otherwise, it’s plagued by annoying problems that lead you to contact support, go through the usual run around only to have them finally say that they can reproduce the problem but have no outlook on when it would be fixed. Some of these issues prevent you from even using the app (like being forced to use both screens if you want to view files or constant crashing). I have issues that have been out there for over a year now with no fix.

  2. Used to be a great app. Now: crashes every few minutes – especially when trying to do the main things it’s supposed to do (replicated on multiple devices): opening a file? crash. Making a file available offline? crash. Scrolling through pics? crash. And good luck scrolling through them – most of the time there’s not a slider on the screen or the ability to jump to a specific location in the list, so you have just keep scrolling away and hope the app doesn’t crash before you get there.

  3. CJ Jenkins dice:

    So, the app works fine for me. All my files show up, they look as I expect them to when I open a file, and it doesn’t take long at all to convert. However, not sure if it’s the most recent update but why on earth did you remove the function to search a document by keywords? Before I could tap inside the document and have the option to search it by typing in a keyword so I can easily find things within the documents; this crucial feature is now gone and it’s extremely annoying.

  4. I don’t use this app because of there are better alternatives. BUT I can’t completely uninstall or block this app from my new phone and every few minutes I get a notification that my One Drive is frozen. If I clear it, it comes right back. If I sign out, the app crashes. If I try to force close, the app crashes. I can only uninstall the updates, not the whole app.

  5. This is the worse application. It does not allow you to manage it with ease. It took way too much time to uninstall. When I save in documents, it automatically saves in Onedrive. When I try to share it, it makes me save it in onedrive again and unable to share it. Very annoying application and only free for a little while.

  6. The app crashes usually when new updates are released. Not all updated caused this behavior but it has happened more often with One Drive than with Google Drive. I’m thinking of cancelling my subscription, but the 1TB storage and MS Office Suite is what holds me to the subscription. It appears to be the November 10th update. Once I removed the update, the app works fine.

  7. I use OneDrive for photo storage, works well ON PC. Have really tried to like, make it work on android. Tired of constant issues like finding out my “organise by folders” upload has stopped working. NEED a means to alphabetize/ organise/ remove folders from “organise by…” list. Tired of seeing “on this day” photos at top. Still need a means to delete notifications in app. Definitely needs improvement as app

  8. Was initially happy with the app, however recently I can no longer search a string of text within a Pdf document. It was a tool I used multiple times a day to find specific number listings I store in a file and now I have to return to scanning them with my eyes. The other solution is to convert it to a Word document, but the conversion takes too long and creates a separate file for editing and has been excessively cumbersome.

  9. Probably the worst cloud service when it comes to handling your files from a mobile device. No way to know the path of a file in Onedrive. No way to edit text files (.txt). No way to search for a folder when saving a file, you have to know the path to the specific folder to find it. Remember there’s no way to know the full path of a file. Terrible experience! I’m an IT guy who switched from Dropbox, worst mistake. Apparently people have reported this for years and still not fixed to date.

  10. Hot Garbage – I don’t know how this isn’t classified as Malware. A software that does confusing, things that 80% of people don’t want to happen is a bad software. It came preinstalled on a new laptop and as I restored files it moved them to ONeDrive. I never turned on OneDrive. I never “set” my files to back up and best of all, my OneDrive is full and they’d like me to buy more storage space. How convenient. I wonder how many users just automatically sign up for the additional monthly charges.

  11. Complete rip off and total SCAM app! My phone won’t show me old pictures that were once saved go Onedrive unless I pay for a month subscription. So I paid the month and still I can’t access any of my old files nor will it let me download any files. Says that I don’t have permission to edit and something about a third party app. Waste of time and money! Takes your memories and doesn’t allow you to ever go back and view them. Makes me want to delete every single thing off my phone!!!!!

  12. My old phone broke, and when OneDrive was connected to my new phone and started syncing to it (which happened automatically), it deleted ALL the photos that had been saved from my old one without notification or any input from me, and saving new photos over where the old ones were. What the hell is the point of backing things up to this app if it’s just going to delete it all without notification any time I get a new phone?! I lost 2 years of pictures!

  13. I love Ondrive. It helps make the Microsoft ecosystem more portable. I use Onedrive on my Samsung Z Fold, my iPhone, tablets, and both Mac and PC desktops for business and personal storage. This allows access to my file resources just about everywhere. OneNote is not perfect and can be a bit confusing when keeping two Windows desktop(s) files and folders in sync. Despite its idiosyncrasies in that area its more useful than a hassle. Onedrive is great!

  14. I want to be able to have onedrive ignore certain files I have on my computer, like .git folders, but it idiosyncrasies on not only uploading EVERYTHING, but keeping files up to date even if they change constantly, like autosave documents. right now it’s constantly uploading changes to files I’d rather if it ignored Uploads all my photos though so that’s good

  15. This is a solid app that has a UI that’s clean and works well..but not as good it should. Every image viewing app should be fluid in terms of isolating an image to be able to zoom in put in landscape mode etc. – it’s the most basic functions on the web. In this regard this app these functions are clunky. Otherwise, good options on the app, the web experience is clutter free and straightforward, good job from the devs.

  16. Pros: it usually works Cons: Can’t delete folders and gives a useless error(try again later). Document scanner stops working fairly often and usually in a different way each time. Marking up documents is dangerous because sometimes after spending a lot of time, putting down important info, the markups can be lost, leaving you with no information. TLDR; This should really only be used for transferring/sharing files

  17. Never had an issue with this app. Whether on Android or on pc. I do wish they’d make it easier to sort, arrange, edit, etc on android though. It does have those features but its a monotonous task. Usually I dislike Microsoft apps cause they’ll use resources to heavily. Never had anything bog down with onedrive.

  18. Horrible! This most recent update has removed the quick access tool bar. Which means you can’t search within a document for a key word or topic, and easily scroll through pages. What is the point of bookmarking a page if the access bar used to find the bookmarks has been removed. Clearly this has not been thought out. Don’t bother putting any money towards this app for storage or anything. They will just find some way to may the user experience horrible.

  19. Andrea B. dice:

    App totally broken. Used to work fine but now photos supposedly go to a folder samsung dictated, not me. But it doesn’t actually work, so photos don’t get uploaded anymore. Been in contact with Microsoft for over a week and they keep telling me to choose settings I can’t even access because they borked things so badly and have no idea what they’re doing. One drive, you have ONE JOB and you can’t even do that anymore. Can’t delete it either because Samsung insists it be on my phone.

  20. Well worth the price of the yearly subscription to Microsoft 365. Even the monthly subscription price is worth it. Especially if, either yearly or monthly, you go with the Family Plan. Extremely easy to learn, use and share. Also, considering all of the software included with a subscription price, the deal becomes even sweeter. I’ve never had a second thought about security with OneDrive, either.

  21. My photos are not accurately time stamped. As a result, the “your memories from this day” are typically wrong. Furthermore, OneDrive gradually takes up more and more space on your phone. They want you to delete from your phone and use them instead. You can delete data for OneDrive on your phone’s settings and it will stop taking up space without harming the already uploaded contents, but it will reupload all the pictures from your phone again so you will have duplicates.

  22. Que Aye dice:

    Literally steals all of your photographs and holds them telling you that “there’s not enough space” so you have to pay them to access your photographs. If you do not pay them and you decide to delete out of one drive any single file it disappears off of every device that file is saved in outside of one drive. This is the biggest scam company and they STEAL your data WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT. if you can turn off your OneDrive and NEVER use it go right ahead and do so. absolutely good for NOTHING

  23. You get plenty of storage for a starter, syncs with other devices with bluetooth enabled for example, it attaches & integrates well with your Internet Security package, I’ve had Onedrive for 5-6 years, never have had any issues, no compatibility issues, no service problems, no technical issues, they work in the silent background, so they’re always with me. They do what they say, takes care of everything I electronically set up & file to store. I’m truly happy!!! Thanks

  24. App does not allow for selective photo uploads. It takes all or nothing. Help menus and advice is outdated and not relevant with current version. Photos uploaded to onedrive from my phone are not visible on computer one drive app. Basically the application doesn’t do what it says it will do, and gives you a headache and a runaround In troubleshooting… use something else! Anything else! Better off passing your phone around the room than trying to get files from phone to pc using this app!!

  25. New Update is HORRIBLE!!! The new update took away the search feature within documents and no longer allows me to jump to pages, I have bookmarked. I use OneDrive for grad school, reading my digital textbooks and taking notes. The tool bar at the top of documents has disappeared not allowing to search within the document or access your bookmarked pages. Why keep the bookmark feature if you can’t access the tool bar to find them?

  26. My pictures keep disappearing and now can’t fix the issue like I used to as the account is linked to Samsung. Won’t sync properly. Yet when I want to delete files it won’t let me… WTH One year later and the issues are the same. Only now I can’t get rid of your app at all, as apparently, you are the new bloat on my tablet. Thanks Samsung and Microsoft, for imposing your broken apps into my life. 😩😵

  27. T Allen dice:

    My favorite drive app for pictures by far! I have used OneDrive for years and have never encountered any of these issues I see others saying they have. I don’t even worry about my pictures after I’ve taken them, because I know OneDrive will automatically upload and organize them for me, and they’ll all be there when i need them. And now with the ability to backup your SD card also I turned on the feature and Onedrive took care of uploading 256GB more images and videos without fail. My go-to app!

  28. Awful! Keeps telling me acct is frozen. & I can get into my acct though. But it stopped storing my photos & syncing. & every time I try it won’t do it. Never in my life have I dealt w such a frustrating app. Non stop all day long I kp getting annoying notifications saying Your Onedrive is frozen. Click here to fix. I click to fix & it opens right up. So wth is going on. I pay yearly for Microsoft 365 & hv 1TB of storage space & it won’t let me use it. GARBAGE 🗑 & can’t turn off notifications.🤬

  29. Max Yu dice:

    Experience on Android is terrible. Can’t download entire folders at once, and when you download a file inside, there’s no option to create a folder where you want to download it. Also if you want to do anything with a file, you have to download it because the app doesn’t sync stuff to a place other apps can access.

  30. My storage is full, ok so I can’t backup more photos or stuff to onedrive. However, the problem is that the account was frozen by them because it was full ?!? And now I am offered a one-time courtesy unfreeze. So essentially your data can be held hostage even though this is supposedly free at least for the first 5GB. But if it’s free then why are they attempting to freeze my 5 GB of free data?

  31. Constantly spamming notifications that it can’t sync because one drive is frozen. It only offers the option to pause sync for up to two days, not turn off completely. Wants me to pay for more storage. I had to disable the app completely. Eta. Ok, fyi, to stop this you have to turn of gallery sync in the Samsung cloud app.

  32. This app makes no sense. Does it not automatically backup folders and files so I can access them on all my devices like it does on Windows? If so, how do I select which folders on my phone to monitor? Why do I have to pay for offline files? Is that why I can’t select a folder to monitor, or which files to save? If that’s the case then without a premium subscription the app only allows me to auto save my photos?

  33. I use onedrive to transfer pictures/videos to a computer & because of the 15G limit I move them out of the onedrive directory. Problem is, the app doesn’t know what is backed up &what is not so it looks at the directory, sees that the image/video is not there & backs it up, and again after I’ve moved it, & again, & again. When you’ve taken a fee thousand pictures and videos on vacation & want to make aure that you don’t want to loose those memories,this gets annoying.

  34. You pay a monthly or anual fee for a certain amount of storage, such as 100GB. But once you fill up that space you have to continue paying the fee to keep the pictures & videos in there…. Cloud storage should be a fixed price!!! And once you dont feel like constantly paying to keep your photos in their anymore you have to move them or lose them.

  35. sara davis dice:

    THE WORST! Constantly signs in to wrong account (+why does it say “sign out” when you can’t). Only way it even works (poorly) is online. The app is a constant loop of download it: slow/cumbersome/painfully frustrating attempt to save something [usually crashes before upload finishes] and then uninstall until next time! This time was to find my 1.6GB of Samsung Notes that I have been told I’ve been syncing for the past year… Opened OneNote 1 Empty Notebook. OneDrive NOPE! +NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT

  36. This app is terrible, constantly tells me my account is frozen! I’ve contacted support multiple times and all they can say is I tried paying for a package and it’s frozen because of that. Why would I pay for a package? I told them no, ive never done that or wanted to pay. All they will say is well thats the only reason it would say it’s frozen. They didn’t help me fix the problem at all. I cant get it to stop no matter what I do, and now I’ve lost every single photo I had on one drive.

  37. Generally slow and buggy but more problematic lately is that I can’t manually upload videos (30 seconds long) to specific OneDrive folders as the ‘tick’ is greyed out… no error message or explanation, just “no”. Been through setting and searched online but no answers. This has also happened to a friend using OneDrive for Business on Android.

  38. What is the point of a cloud system when you go to delete the images off your phone they delete them from the cloud? I understand things automatically syncing for uploads but the whole point is to be able to delete them from your phone to save space. Even when I turn off automatic syncing it still deletes photos and moves them to trash whenI move them into the trash folder on my device. I had to go manually move 20k images from the trash folder in one drive back into saved images.

  39. RW5207 dice:

    Microsoft needs to get multiple accounts figured out and have them quit stomping on each other. It’s so annoying to have a work account stop syncing from Android and then have to go set up your accounts again and set your settings and basically set everything back so it was working the way it was before. I’m very angry at the moment so I apologize for the tone of this review.

  40. 2 Major flaws: 1) Not clear about upload status. Have to hunt and peck to find the secret place upload status is. I have been looking for days. 2) OK if you don’t care about viewing the past. Trying to scroll through past photos is an exercise in futility. The interface jumps around rerendering and starts you over at the beginning. Forget about looking at years ago in your camera feed.

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