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Powerful notepad to capture ideas & save notes. Easily organize & share notes
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Organize your thoughts, discoveries, and ideas and simplify planning important moments in your life with your digital notepad. Take notes on your phone and sync them across all your devices with Microsoft OneNote.

With OneNote, you can plan a big event, seize a moment of inspiration to create something new, and track your list of errands that are too important to forget. Take notes, write memos and make a digital sketchbook right on your phone. Capture pictures and add images to your notes.

Sync notes across your devices to access them anytime, anywhere. Save ideas and check your list at home, in the office, or on the go across your devices. Search your notes quickly and effortlessly.

Take notes, share ideas, organize and collaborate with Microsoft OneNote today.

Homepage & Quick Capture Bar
• Find all notes from your connected accounts in one place to easily create, find, & act on your notes
• Now with Samsung Notes integration
• Capture text, voice, ink or images to your notepad with Quick Capture
• Capture notes in ink. Click the pen button & write down your thoughts

Scan Pictures & Extract Text
• Notes Scanner: Scan documents, pictures, or files to extract notes
• Capture images to extract text from documents, files, & more
• Apply different filters to change colors, add ink, crop images & more

Audio Notes
• Take accurate voice notes with voice dictation
• Click the Mic button to begin recording, then click it again to end recording & save the file
• Dictate notes in 27 languages (note some languages are in preview) & use Auto-Punctutation to automatically format your notes

Capture Content & Get Organized
• Write notes, draw & clip things from the web to add to your notebook
• Use OneNote’s flexible canvas to place content anywhere you want

Take Notes & Achieve More
• Organize your notes using to-do lists, follow up items, marks for what’s important & custom labels
• Use OneNote as a notebook, journal or a notepad

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Save Ideas At The Speed of Light
• OneNote syncs your notes across all devices & lets multiple people work on the content together, at the same time
• Notepad badge hovers on screen & lets you quickly write your thoughts down any time
• Sticky notes are helpful for quick memos

Collaborate & Share Notes
• Take meeting notes, brainstorm projects, & draw attention to important points
• Take notes & save ideas across your favorite devices, no matter what device your team likes to use
• Search your notes with a fast & powerful search function

Better Together With Microsoft Office
• OneNote is part of the Office family & works great with your favorite apps, such as Excel or Word, to help you do more

Write notes, save ideas & keep up with your to-do list with Microsoft OneNote.

You can find answers to frequently asked questions about OneNote for Android at

• Requires Android OS 5.0 or later.
• A free Microsoft account is required to use OneNote.
• OneNote opens existing notebooks created in Microsoft OneNote 2010 format or later.
• To sync your notes to OneDrive for Business, sign in with your organization’s Office 365 or SharePoint account.

This app is provided either by Microsoft or a third-party app publisher and is subject to a separate privacy statement and terms and conditions. Data provided through the use of this store and this app may be accessible to Microsoft or the third-party app publisher, as applicable, and transferred to, stored and processed in the United States or any other country where Microsoft or the app publisher and their affiliates or service providers maintain facilities.

Please refer to Microsoft’s End User License Agreement (EULA) for Terms of Service for OneNote on Android. By installing the app, you agree to these terms and conditions: Microsoft’s privacy statement is available at


Thank you for using OneNote. We regularly update the app with great new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. Please continue to share your feedback with us right in the app!


40 comentarios en "Microsoft OneNote: Save Notes 2022"

  1. I absolutely love OneNote, I use it for almost everything. But, the app leaves a lot to be desired, missing basic features such as text size. I understand not putting more advanced features within a streamlined mobile app, but how you strip out basic features such as that is beyond me.

  2. Mostly useless. After some struggling, can sync one way from pc to mobile but no syncing from mobile to anywhere else. It’s a common issue and Microsoft’s only solution for years has been the old turn it off and on again nonsense aka sign out, uninstall, reinstall routine before going on to completely ignoring consumers and/or just changing the subject.

  3. Lauren H dice:

    There’s a lot of potential but it is SO glitchy! On my Google Pixel 6 and on the desktop version, hitting Enter often times just does.. nothing. Sometimes when I copy and paste it works and sometimes it removes all the spaces? Right now I have a page with “conflicting changes” but when I try to delete the change that’s causing issues for whatever reason, it does nothing. It’s incredibly frustrating, please fix the bugs. This could be an amazing app.

  4. Rin dice:

    I still don’t like the new layout and think it’s a downgrade compared to the previous, but I adapted to it. However, both my room mate and I who extensively use OneNote have been experiencing issues with notes/pages not loading, keyboard not showing up for new pages, and at worst, changes not being saved to pages that have only be accessed from one device, in this case my phone. If things don’t improve soon, I’ll be looking for an alternative app.

  5. Absolutely the BEST! My business + personal lives revolve around OneNote. On my PC it’s my go to for everything from screen clippings, to recordings, to on and on and on. So to be able to synchronize all that to my phone… What? Excellent! Of course you must understand (in advance) only a small fraction of the features you can use with OneNote on your PC is available on your phone. It’s to have access to your PC notes, more than it is to make new notes that will go to your PC.

  6. Huge OneNote fan, but the app does not work on my Android. Too buggy to do any kind of writing. Frequently, pressing a simple backspace will not delete a character, but rather randomly paste the last copied word. Cutting text will often delete something elsewhere, instead. No bugs with navigating in the app, or syncing, just when trying to write. Sadly, it is so frustrating to write in this app, that I will have to use something else instead. Fix the app and I come back.

  7. This app is insanely buggy to begin with, but now it’s been glitching out for 2 days and logged me out and won’t let me sign back in and won’t load any of my notebooks or pages or anything. I’ve sent umpteen bug reports/feedback with no response from Microsoft. And editing in web on my phone doesn’t work – it’s super slow/laggy and so glitchy as to make editing impossible. I keep my entire life in OneNote. I’ve basically had an arm cut off for the loss in day to day function.

  8. I love the new desktop experience and how seamlessly all of my notebooks sync between all of my devices. I had tried OneNote a long time ago and quickly moved on to other apps without really finding what I was looking for. For some reason, I gave OneNote another shot last week and am so glad that I did. I can tell it will be indispensable for productivity.

  9. Extremely disappointing. Basic typing glitches on Android mean that notes I start on my laptop are basically unusable on my phone: 1) Sometimes holding backspace starts to duplicate groups of chars, ex. holding delete x3 after “… going to the store” becomes “going to the storeoreoreore”; 2) Selecting a word and hitting delete sometimes deletes the first word in the paragraph. There are more. Something is seriously wrong under the hood, PLEASE fix it! Otherwise love this app for my work!

  10. It’s a pretty good app. But lately I’ve been having issues with it freezing up and glitching. The words get frozen in place on the screen no matter how much you move it. Sometimes it won’t write at all. Now it’s hardly syncing anymore. I’ve been having to restart the app more and more. It’s a shame because it is a good app for note-taking. Edit: Dropped my rating bc anytime I have to sign out, I have to fight to get my most important notebook back. Most recently I can’t open it at all anymore.

  11. I like the notebook idea and how spreadsheets and pictures can be incorporated within. My only aggravation is that is isn’t as intuitive as I’d like. It would be better if the application opened to a clickable binder. I get lost sometimes in the app and end up with subjects spread out everywhere. I do recommend trying the app. I think you’ll like it.

  12. Emma Beyer dice:

    If you want barebones functionality, look no further than OneNote for Android. When compared to the Windows 10/11 versions, this one is a sad imitation. I love OneNote and the impact that it had on my academic career. However, this isn’t anything close to what I expected from this app. You can’t create shapes, store more than 4 pens, turn off pen pressure, change the type of eraser, among other issues that I don’t have enough characters to express. Please, make it like OneNote for Windows 🙁

  13. So buggy it’s hard to believe this is a legit Microsoft product. I dread when I don’t have access to my laptop and have to use this buggy app. Spacing, punctuation, capitalization, fonts don’t work correctly plus lots of other bugs like a password protected page timing out while I’m actively typing in it. Should be amazing. Could be amazing. Aug 2022 Update: On vacation and trying to update my personal journal which I keep on OneNote and it’s just a nightmare on this app. Shamefully bad.

  14. They spent resources on a new UI but still can’t at least make pages follow the same sort order from the desktop 2016 app. Or better yet add the very basic ability to sort pages in this app. How hard is this? It’s just sorting pages and they can’t get it right. Except they can do it on recent pages – the part I never have a use for. Sigh…and don’t even get me started on the lack of collapsing sections. How about the fundamental basics first?

  15. theyetti90 dice:

    It let me transfer all my phone notes, there were 80+, in a short period of time. Unfortunately I have to copy each one and paste it to a note document, which is the only reason they didn’t get 5 stars. I can’t complain too much though, since my notes are secured now, regardless of if my phone breaks. That set me back on a book I was writing, and who knows what else I lost. Thanks

  16. It’s almost there but has some key bugs. First, it sometimes erases the last word of what I wrote. I’m constantly going back to check that my work was saved. Second, the short timeout for password protected notes to lock, activates even while I’m writing. Needlessly disruptive. After unlock, I also have to press Back before I can keep typing. Third, frequent page conflicts for no reason, as I only use on one device. Those also CANNOT be resolved on Android, forcing me to use the PC version.

  17. Lawrence S dice:

    Great app, however major problem. All of a sudden the text input jumps and starts writing my text in random locations deleting previous text written. Thankfully I can undo, but then it keeps doing it… Horrible error, please fix! This has been a problem for more than a year but thought ms would have fixed it long ago. It is totally random and hard to reproduce.

  18. Kat W dice:

    Irritating that you cannot rename your sections or pages within the app. And ink to text does not appear AT ALL anywhere at any time, even though I have it enabled in settings. Syncing is an issue as well, as only portions of the changes I make on my laptop will show in the app. Disappointing, but not really surprising from Microsoft 🙁

  19. Ian C. dice:

    OneNote has been great when it works properly, especially with its organizational system and frequent syncing across devices. I have had a few consistent issues, including light/dark mode, feature support, and pen tracking issues with the lasso select tool. When the app is in light mode, some of the text is white, and while in dark mode, the highlighters don’t work, except in Windows, where there’s also more features. The lasso tool also acts like the pen is all over the screen even if it’s not.

  20. I think this is a functional app and really enjoy how quick the sync is. I was going to use this app to control my ADHD and keep reminders Infront of me on my home screen. The issue is, Onenote’s widgets lack any sort of option to give you a preview of your note. Instead, they give you shortcuts that will open the one note app. I’d really like to see this feature added so that I can see my a specific note at a quick glance on the home screen. Adhd makes to forget your notes even exist.

  21. When adding photos, the app automatically crops select photos (generally a majority of photos). This cropping is unwanted and quite frustrating. In order to avoid uploading multiple cropped photos, you have to manually select the crop button on each photo and uncrop each photo. There should be a way to turn this automatic crop “feature” off. I am using an android. Also, I do not experience this issue on iPhone.

  22. -The app seems as an afterthought that has an unfriendly UI and many “undocumented features” that makes it virtually unusable -Issues like presenting an error when attempting to create a new notebook (an hour down the drain of taking notes for my creative business which happens in the moment and cannot be fully recreated.) -SYNCING SUCKS! I’ve been a user of OneNote since inception, so I have quite a base notebooks, but I can’t edit properly here. This is the best that Microsoft can do? REALLY?

  23. I have tried almost ALL note apps & MS Note is the absolute best bar none! After years of use I have all my notes, reminders, to do’s etc categorized & organized for speedy retrieval. As a Prop Mgr, U can Imagine they are plentiful!Besides they are backed up on OneDrive for safety. It can be used as a quick jot down notepad if U set it up for that. There is no better note app anywhere as it is feature loaded. All free!!

  24. Notebooks will randomly not sync on your phone. The only fix I know of is to create a new notebook on your PC and just copy the contents of the old notebook into the new one. But the problem keeps occuring, so you may just have to do this indefinitely. It’s frustrating to take out your phone to take some notes only to realize you need to go to your computer anyway to do this work around.

  25. Jason Pond dice:

    I don’t always like the changes that happen with updates. Syncing across all my devices doesn’t always work. Sometimes logging in with my Microsoft account fails. Otherwise, I depend on OneNote and use it everyday. I may have been a little harsh on my rating. I do love OneNote. Upgrading to 4 stars.

  26. Kevin Lee dice:

    I’ve used it for three days, and already, I’m getting this nonsense message saying I cannot access the notes that I was literally editing by phone just yesterday, because apparently they don’t exist or I don’t have permission… I have uninstalled and restarted the app, restarted my phone, and signed in and out of my account, and still nothing. Pretty infuriating when it *was* working fine.

  27. The app is giving much more than most of the rest notetaking apps out there at the free tier. Personally, I find Evernote too expensive and buggy for what it offers. Notion too easy to get lost in non-important details. Boostnote amazing but too programming orriented and expensive. Bear too Apple-specific and lacking even Web interface access. Simple note missing too basic functionality e.g., adding images. OneNote is not perfect (mainly organization aspects of it) but its a good compromise.

  28. Works well with my S pen on my Samsung galaxy tab S7 plus and I like being able to see my notes from my Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Phone, it’s nice not having to sync them all myself. I do think that it could have a lot more features geared towards usability, and maybe a secret Notebook with a separate login, maybe the ability to make a To‐Do list, Parts lists, Customer Requests and time cards and send it to my Installer it help them with the Furnace or Air Conditioning system install.

  29. Greg Brown dice:

    Installed this app because ColorNote no longer is available for Windows and I need to synchronize between both OS. OneNote is much more versatile, but is also more difficult to use. It is harder to rearrange items in a list than it should be, and there are no sorting options. A little more complicated than needed for a quick note taking app.

  30. 09/13/22: The new UI is messy and visually unappealing. Where are sticky notes? Plz stop changing everything to look and feel like non-Microsoft services. Ppl rely on MSFT for productivity. Windows 8.1 was perfect. Cortana was amazing. WP was the best. I’ve been using OneNote exclusively since 2012, but am beginning to think it’ll either be ruined/unusable and/or discontinued. Lead, MSFT, stop following.

  31. Via Kris dice:

    Missing Features on Fold 4: I love onenote and use it as my main note taking app so I was naturally excited about using it with my Fold 4. Many basic features are missing mainly sticky notes, and the ui is over simplified. If you are accessing a notebook there seems to be no problems but you can also not change the view when looking at notebooks and return opened with makes navigation considerably slower and tedious. I hope they fix this soon.

  32. In typical Microsoft fashion, the latest release moves around existing app functions without bothering to fix the bugs in those functions. The editor still has the unbelievably annoying behavior that clicking to edit somewhere in the middle of a long paragraph often causes the cursor to jump to the beginning of the paragraph, usually deleting the first word or two of that paragraph. How can the devs not know about this HORRIFIC problem? They must not be eating their own dog food.

  33. OneNote is the best note taking & note organizing app available, for my usage. The mobile app used to be pretty good, maybe a little buggy. The major update a couple of months ago *looks* nice but is a step backwards, so I use it less now. I used to love using the app on my phone for quickly accessing any notes recently edited on my PC. Now it *appears* that the app’s “Home” section only displays notes that I’ve recently opened *on* my phone, so I have to drill down to find my recent notes.

  34. I use it daily to manage my business notes, ideas, and copy; I also use it to manage my prayers and journaling for my Bible studies and quiet times; and I use it to take quick notes and make lists throughout the day for shopping, party planning, tasks and chores etc.; and finally I use it at work to manage my email templates, how-to’s, and notes. It’s not fancy but it is handy and easy to use. I’ve been using it for years and I have no complaints.

  35. This is useful in that it allows access to notes written in the desktop app—however, this app lacks a lot of features that its laptop counterpart has. Please add the ability to create section groups and note links. Then it will all be good. Also, please add things that the tablet version has to mobile. I had to use dev settings and increase my minimum width dpi to 540 to get basic features like font and text size customization. The phone version feels a little neglected. Desktop is really good.

  36. This is one of my favorite apps. I keep notes and can categorize them. Recipes, Trips, Birthdays, Medical, Orders, everything! Love it. I don’t know what I would do without it. Best thing is it’s never lost. New phone transfers over from old phone via syncing. Also if you go on the computer it’s there also. Awesome Awesome app!

  37. Subpar. If they fixed the jankiness on Android and had an undo button it would be better to use rather than Google docs. I love how I can organize things on it and that is a game changer, and it offers more storage than Google does. This could easily beat Google docs if they just fixed some issues with user experience and ease of use especially on phones or tablets.

  38. Shá Dee dice:

    12/11/21-This is the only app ever to have a recurring issue with “conflict pages,” which 100% of the time are invalid. It’s utterly ridiculous and should be obsolete by now. And no, this isn’t a syncing issue. I synced prior to edits. 2/21/22- why are conflict pages still an issue? How can no one at this company figure out syncing? 9/15/22 Great. It went from conflict errors to you must sign in (while signed in) error every few minutes.

  39. Tasha M dice:

    so far I love it. it keeps me organized and I don’t have problems with my notes not showing up from desktop to app. I have seen where I went to desktop to work and some notes suddenly appear that was in my app. But that’s not a bad thing…I love it this far, let’s see how it holds up long time.

  40. Bob Hayes dice:

    I’m never without my notes, no matter the device. it just works. class notes, meeting notes, the ability to record audio in a meeting or lecture, the ability to drop almost any common file type from the web into my notes, and more – all in an app bundled essentially free with my Office subscription. To quote Dudley Moore in the classic film ‘Arthur’… “it doesn’t suck.”

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