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A simple and secure mobile chat app for work
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Microsoft Kaizala will retire on August 31, 2023. We recommend moving to Microsoft Teams for continued connection, sharing, and collaboration. After the retirement date, access and support for Kaizala will be discontinued.

Simple & secure chat app for large groups & work management.

Microsoft Kaizala is an encrypted messaging app for sending instant messages, pictures, documents, video and audio.

Microsoft runs on trust. We at Kaizala, respect your privacy and never share your data to any third party. Your conversations remain safe – always.

Organizations worldwide have adopted Microsoft Kaizala, making it one of the most preferred professional communication and team collaboration apps.

Kaizala is a highly interactive, all-in-one messaging app with incredibly productive & utility features viz. announcements, task management, survey & polls, schedule meetings, collecting feedback, requesting attendance, quizzes, and more.

Users can utilize in-built features like ‘jobs’ for assigning tasks. Onboard new employees using the ‘training’ feature to upload text and video orientation instructions. Connect to your extended network with ease and share text, photos, data, and file sharing. Organizations can use the broadcast groups to engage with end user.

Kaizala provides secure 1:1 and private group chats. These can be groups for internal team discussion, engaging consumers and gather feedback, and for professional interaction and interest-based networking.

Kaizala is a scalable app aimed at increasing productivity, collaboration and efficiency for both users & organizations. With no upper limit on members, Kaizala has set the benchmark for messengers handling large groups.

Additional Value-added attributes for Office 365 Customers:
– Kaizala is compliant with GDPR, ISO 27001, SOC1, and HIPAA. Kaizala provides Azure Active Directory sign-in options for chats.
– The encrypted messenger sports Office 365’s enterprise-level security.
– Office 365 integration enables group creation and management. Users can remove members and manage data.
– Create custom actions, get access to advanced data reporting and analysis.
– Integrate business systems and workflow, and enhance collaboration using Kaizala’s open

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Our customer stories:

International airlines streamlines cabin crew operations
Philippine Airlines has cut down on scheduling time, enhanced security and boosted employee satisfaction post Kaizala integration-

Indian Hospital makes real-time healthcare services affordable and accessible
Narayana Health has implemented Kaizala to cut down healthcare costs and facilitate timely communication between patients and the medical staff-

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40 comentarios en "Microsoft Kaizala MOD 2022"

  1. In 2022, we have high expectations from messaging apps. Features like editing the messages, auto delete the messages, stickers and animated stickers, 2FA verification, ability to save pictures into gallery are some of more important ones that are missing for now. I hope they add these in the future. But for now, 3 out 5 seems reasonable.

  2. Can’t make it receive calls. After a couple of weeks of installing it, whenever I try to make a call it says the person is unreachable and when I receive calls my phone does not ring and I only get a missed call notification. It gets fixed when reinstalling the app but after a couple of days the problem returns. We use this for work and it’s extremely annoying. Please fix this!

  3. Missa Loa dice:

    This app never send me the verification code! I downloaded this app, one week ago and since then I tried with 2 different numbers multiple times and had no luck in receiving the verification code! By the way why emails are not used for verification too?! That could add one more layer! Anyways I’d like to know how you can help me to resolve this issue. Thanks.

  4. Good app, use it as our major chat/messaging platform for work, main thing that annoys me is when you send an image it saves as a duplicate image on my phone, and when you receive an image it saves on the phone as well abd can’t find a workaround for it. When I was running iPhone this never happened…

  5. It’s so good, specially for circumstances in Iran, but it wants my permission to record my audio call and take pictures from my video call, otherwise it won’t let me to make audio and video call. It’s a huge issue.

  6. The first thing is, why can’t you reply a message with voice? And the second thing is, why does the proximity sensor not work when listening to voice and the screen stays on? Privacy is not working properly on this issue

  7. M TN dice:

    so far its a good app, but there are some issues, 1. it always tells your contacts that you changed your profile picture, your bio, etc. that i find annoying. 2. you cant make group calls and video calls. 3. getting verifying code is really hard

  8. Omid alavi dice:

    It does everything pretty well. And at the moment it is accessible in Iran without the use of VPN, where everything else is filtered by the government. The only annoying part is that it saves all the voices that I receive into my phone. Which then I have to delete from my Android phone.

  9. Good messenger only every single image and video will be saved on phone gallery and there isn’t any option to disable it. Not depend you are sender or receiver the media will be displayed on phone gallery.

  10. I don’t know what the problem is but i tried creating an account with my phone number but i didn’t receive any sms. I tried many times and it stopped working saying I had to try again in 4 hours. That was really frustrating knowing that I am obliged to download this app for my work.

  11. Although I have completed all the steps to enable notifications, I don’t get any notifications until I am in the app. Don’t know what the problem is here. Thd messaging is great though, so you get 3 stars

  12. I install the app yesterday but i dont recieve the sms for the code. I dont know the problem. My number is correct and i have access to it. Even when i ask for a call its not happening. Im giving it 1 star at this point and im waiting for the issue to be solved 🙄 Update: looks like the app was waiting for any kind of review from me 🤔. I post the review and tried again for the code and ta da i recieved it 😎. So lets give it 3 stars now and see how it works 😉

  13. Anonymous dice:

    Hello, Messenger has several problems that would be better if they were fixed. 1- It is not possible to automatically delete the chat by Messenger. 2- It is not possible to put image and video status.

  14. It’s more than a week now and still doesn’t send me a verification sms… Days go by, I tried and tried clicking for sms verification but still it won’t give me one. Also tried to change my number, but same results. Please fix this guys, I hardly need this app.

  15. A really good, straightforward messaging app. We use it for sending text, pictures and videos in our family as we want to avoid WhatsApp and other overcrowded and insecure apps. We also have an Office 365 account, but it is definitely not needed to use this app. It just adds the possibility for centralized administration, which we don’t use anyway. The only downside is that it seems that not much is going on in terms of regular updates. While I’m not missing any features, it worries me about the future of the app. Wouldn’t be the first Microsoft product to get abandoned quickly if usage does not reach certain levels.

  16. At first it was flawless on my Mix 2s. But now i get a problem with the delivery of the message. I have to open the app to get a message, there is no notification at all. My notification setting is set to on, with priority message checked, sound on, vibration off, and lock screen display on. App set to running in background. Expecting a fix from the developer. Thanks.

  17. If your staff agrees on using MS Teams for all work related communications, you probably don’t need this. If you need an instant messaging app with a great deal of more functions related to a work scene, this is the app to use. It is secure, easily moderated by admins and transition from other messaging apps is real smooth because it is extremely user friendly. I only had one problem: I can’t link the “Let’s meet!” action to my outlook calendar on an android device. Other than that, it has been a great experience.

  18. 1. Almost like WhatsApp, but doesn’t allow to reply to an individual message through voice recording and image/video. 2. It’s tiring to keep on holding the mic button to send an audio message here, rather than touching it once and the recording process continuing on its own. 3. Converts its camera images into mirror images, and gives no option to flip back to original. If these issues are looked into, I’m almost sure more people are going to migrate here.

  19. this app is my favorite messaging app. But Could you please fix these problems? When I can’t upload an audio message or photo, there’s no option to remove it. When I delete a message for everyone, I don’t want them to know, why it shows a message that it is deleted!!!! Please add an option to edit sent messages.

  20. This app is good, it just has a few major problems. At upload photos and videos, calling, send voice messages, comments of voice and photos.

  21. Javad TMH dice:

    Please, change the state of the design of the program, change the state of chatting, it is very beginner, change, edit the sent text, change the background, change the size of the phone, making public groups is very great and practical, thank you

  22. Olimpia R dice:

    Cannnot verify the phone nheither via message or call. after put the phone mumber and hit continue, it alwas change the +1 contry from Canada to america somola that is first +1 in list. Like not important what country you are it try to se d the verification code to first country lidted. Good luc if you not in that country

  23. rex SKY dice:

    Good app but can be improve like providing tools to convert image into pdf and vice-versa. And also by providing stickers like Hike used to give.

  24. It is a good app for Iranian people please dont retire. It has only a problem that display goes off when i whant to send voice message and in video calls the worse thing is that my voice is completely gone

  25. SATRAP CO dice:

    Very good app, in this situation here in Iran, but please improve it so that we can see and chat with our contacts who joined kaizala, because this app show some of them and I couldn’t find a way to solve. Thank you

  26. zari n dice:

    It’s good for messaging But I have a problem with calls. I don’t recieve others’ voice and videos and they don’t recieve my own.

  27. The verification code is not sent to me neither by sms nor by call. I tried emailing the the support team. They haven’t fixed the issue yet just saying they are sorry.

  28. Good app however, need to re install every 30-40 days as it shows error and does not give notification. Chats disappeared repeatedly

  29. Really good app for our teams informal communication. It’s a pity if this app is replaced with MS Teams … which we also use but for more formal collaboration.

  30. The best App. Safe and fast. Graphic is very well. I feel safe and secure. Microsoft is the best. I always use this app. File sharing and texting is amazing. I love it. Install this app and forget other apps♥️💋♥️💋🎃💪💪💟💘💕🍭🍭🍭😍🍁🔥🔥

  31. I love the app so far, it is simple to use (sometime too much can be annoying) and navigate and includes a lot of fun add-ins like tic-tac-toe, voting polls, etc. The only criticism I have is that upon ending calls, the whole app closes instead of going to the home or chat screen – making a lot of back and forth.

  32. I have both personal office 365 subscription and work one. Wasn’t able to register with my UK number. But I was able to register with foreign phone number. No real friends are there. Useless at the moment.

  33. Alex dice:

    Not a bad app, could improve on some more features like sending images and stuff, and you can try to promote it more cause it is not at all known compared to other chatting apps

  34. R . S dice:

    Better and more useful than most of the social networking apps. Few Cons: 1. You cannot send images and videos without compression (even if you want to). 2. There is no option for grouping of chats as per requirement, like friends, family, work etc. 3. ‘Nearby Groups’ this feature is a great advantage, but mostly gives incorrect results. 4. Point number 1 is very important and need to addressed seriously, [ and then 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 ].

  35. Shams Khan dice:

    Good morning, I have tried several times to login with my Mobile Numbers but it’s showing a pop up “We are not taking new users” but I am already having an account. Kindly check and advise what’s the issue. Thank You

  36. Eli Z dice:

    Hi I’m from Iran the other messenger are filter here but kaizala since the protests are beginning . my student and I (even my people) need a good and safe messenger to be in touch but most of them can’t get the verification code or the Google play show rhe error (it’s not allowed in your region) would you please fix this problem 🙏 we don’t want to use the platform which are not safe that government force us to use by filtering the others like (telegram, Instagram, whatsapp,Twitter, viber,ets)

  37. I love the app, but now it doesn’t let me to upload the profile photo. And every time I try, it closes they app with an error.

  38. Works great with voice and video calls. The extra features built-in to this app for tasks, schedule, checklist etc are all placing it way ahead of other (most) popular apps. I’ve installed it for my personal communication and tasks. But it is becoming a part of my organizational apps, along with Teams, Outlook etc and as a result I’m getting restricted by the organizational policies. However, it’s not being used in my organisation for any kind of communication. Is there anyway to keep it apart?

  39. I just came up om this app now, only for it to send a message for me to re-login butdissallowme from inputing my phone number as requested. This is most frustrating for me.

  40. Por Yu dice:

    The app has a big potential. However, it’s still lack here and there features. Sending messages is great. Assigning task and tracking progress is awesome, but I need topic and details to be separated. also links in task is supported yet. The web app must be connected to app in phone all the time, which is sometimes annoying. Esp, when connection is not stable, or phone put app 2 sleep. Call is delay sometimes. Maybe due to server problem App has potential, but not practical to use right now.

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