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Simple paint for kids without ads
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Paint app with a basic functions. The Paint for kids app will help your child learn to draw. The main advantage is absolutely no ads!
Main features:
– pencils of different colors
– eraser
– line resizing
– palette for changing colors
– saving image
– free ad

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- Fixed screen rotation - now the drawing is saved
- Fixed adding a picture from the gallery
- Fixed minor bugs


40 comentarios en "Paint for kids MODDED"

  1. Nice thx but I try drawing something and it makes a line when I didn’t draw it this makes my drawing horrible plz fix it

  2. Not 2 good. It’s hard to change the size and also you should add a print button.Also,maybe you should probably add more stuff. I feel the game is a bit plain. Thank you.

  3. Nice easy to use app, but when you turn your phone from landscape to portrait and vice versa you lose your drawing. Therefore it’s useless.

  4. The only thing that is bad in this app is that like I know that you can save it but some time we don’t and the 2nd thing is somethings I draw something and it randomly disappears some times

  5. It’s pretty cool for kids. four stars. Not too bad but I like my apps with more drawing tools etc. I was experimenting with this app. I’d totally let my nephew play this. He’d draw for long.

  6. Gary G dice:

    Cute drawing program but After my grandson drew a picture we looked at it and moved the phone and it disappeared. So he drew another one and has he moved the phone it disappeared again and you cannot get them back very disappointing

  7. Kim Cox dice:

    I love that you can creat things like ice cream and other,s but i think it is really hard to use it within on a screen. Don’t you?

  8. fun but thereis nothing than markers like more things.

  9. Its fun and nice to let ur kids play

  10. Hi my name is summer this game is so much fun.I love coloring and’s so much fun to learn art this way.

  11. This is one of the best drawing app i have ever seen. It’s really easy and simple to use. So if you want to install this app go ahead you won’t regret it

  12. This awesome , the color are wonder,and only thing i would ment to have shape for children to color or making teddy this help children to learn . This app gets 5 stars

  13. My daughter lost her first drawing after the screen rotated. This is makes the app unusable in my opinion.

  14. This game would be really good for kids

  15. This app is great but it would be better if you could zoom in so you have a easier time to draw

  16. 3 because if your drawing something it will change colors even if you didn’t tap on them

  17. Very convinient upp, kids love it! Fits well to children from 2,5 years and further more:)

  18. There is no idea about it, you just draw how ever….. Why there is no texting option? I am bored, it doesn’t help feel interested and exciting…. Too bad,sorryyy. I wish you will fix it

  19. Simple, no ads, perfect for toddlers and children alike!

  20. I love this game so much and there were no ads and you didn’t have to buy anything I just loved it:-D!

  21. This is the best apps ever we can choose any colour and we can saved it it’s so fun 😊

  22. I hate it it’s a good drawing game but now I can’t even download the game because I downloaded it so now I will always have two games I know a game that gives you lots of MB but I need lots of it to but other than that it’s a good game and that means I can only play this game because I have to update Roblox and I also don’t have enough MB to update Roblox and basically I cannot play anything on Roblox I keep clicking on it and it doesn’t work

  23. Fang Li dice:

    Paint for Kids is So fun .And Also its fun to draw !!

  24. Wow this game is so nice because it is so simple. But I recommend not updating the game because it is so perfect! Thank you for this game 🤠

  25. Not fit for purpose. Rotate screen and image is lost

  26. Its fun you can draw anithing iand you can make the color and yoy can chose the size

  27. I love it and it’s so cute this game is awesome and I want to keep this game forever never ever go delete it can I keep this game please I just want to say I’m doing a lot of number it’s a lot luckily I would I would make sure I love it keep reading I’m making a lot more I love it the song this this games and I love you and I did it for me my dad my boo bear yes okay yeah I’m feeling happy it’s okay okay great time today to have this game I’m keeping this game forever and eve I love this time it

  28. Kat Adelee dice:

    I love this game so much because you can draw many things with this app.

  29. I hate this game but I’m sorry for the person who made it

  30. Best game I ever played in my life I will always play this game cuz it’s my life now I’m going to play everyday when I get out of school and stuff I just want you I don’t care if I got to clean up I just want to play this game so satisfying too when you were like a race it that is so satisfying so so so so so so so satisfying I love this game so much peace

  31. I love the game am playing it every single day and time ur game is the best ☺️

  32. Simple, no ads! Thanks dev!

  33. ITS SO AMAZING IT HELPS ME SO MUCH IN DRAWING but the fat where i cant make any lines smooht yeah a 4

  34. It is made kids but I am using as white board so convinient so easy to use

  35. Is amazing I ❤️ (love) the color combos And it’s free

  36. Ma Gri dice:

    It’s a great app for kids to use for art .

  37. t like this app so much. I drew cherry And My brother also like this app soo much ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Muah !😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😊😊😊😊👌👌

  38. rita doyle dice:

    i love it it is so fun to play and no adds!!

  39. Love to draw in this this games.

  40. My 3yo son loves it. He wants to keep coloring!

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