Run & Gun: BANDITOS MOD 2022


Run fast! Shoot sharp! Get what's yours!
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Run fast. Shoot sharp. Get what’s yours!

Your precious treasure is stolen. Enemies are all around. Be the hero and take back what’s yours!

The greatest challenge you can find is already here. Run and collect as much gold as you can. Test your skills with various obstacles and shoot your way through vast number of enemies to survive the run. Unlock your full potential to beat them all.

Get in the game for the Run & Gun adventure – an endless runner with a twist:

– Choose among various banditos, each having unique powerful skills
– Gather treasures to upgrade your characters and unlock new boosts
– Earn numerous achievements to show off your skills
– Play in a colorful and vivid world
– Compare with other players, be the best!

Run & Gun – get what’s yours!

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40 comentarios en "Run & Gun: BANDITOS MOD 2022"

  1. great game to pass some time. not the best grinder or achievement game. only has the same “world” over and over again in two formats, easy and hard. there are several bandits to chose from that can be upgraded three times. it has levels that increasingly go faster, but it is always the same baddies. if you purchase the top tier ad-free pack, you can get all the universal upgrades. would have liked more worlds, and reasons to switch between the banditos.

  2. A fairly middle-of-the-road endless runner, to call it Temple Run meets Lara Croft: Relic Run would be generous. The graphics and sound run slightly smoother than its forebears even if they’re somewhat below them and the gunplay is a bit of a hit and miss, but the cartoon aesthetics are better than most others, like tie-ins, and it has a sense of speed that while excellent, borders on the frantic – and occasionally the touch controls cannot keep up.

  3. Fun game. But it’s too slow at start and too fast later. The main issue is that the task list does not scale with game. At one point there is nothing to play for. And there is a lot os tasks that you can’t complete in one run which is annoying. Like destroying so mny barricades which is boring/non-challenging and only time consuming task. Also some characters are totally worthless. Like that monkey which my nephew loves. The game is fun, those are the reasons for 4 and not 5 stars.

  4. It’s a very nice game but it is difficult for the user to reach the bad guys to shoot,I think it would be nicer if they leave those hills and get to the road so it would be easier to shoot and also the life easily get finished, I think there should be more comfort for the user with different music and new characters with special powers too like flying etc.

  5. nobody dice:

    i liked it at first, it.’s fun and not too easy, until you reach the barricade bit. not long after that you WILL die, because your gun simply can’t shoot fast enough to kill all four enemies without being hit by one of them. you can’t juggle shooting enemies, changing lanes, using your parrot, collecting items, catching up with the cart, collecting coins, and not smacking into a wall all at once.

  6. Its awesome! It deserves more downloads but the main problem is the control cant keep the speed, That means after a while it become impossible to defeat the skeletons and the speed becomes really fast which makes it almost impossible to control..Pls make the speed slower or reduce the number of skeletons after a while..Thank you

  7. Cute Cell dice:

    This is the hardest game of all time, what is this? You need 4 hands and 4 eyes! How you could shoot multiple enemies while swiping to avoid objects? Enemies in the sky appears after I reached the obstacles I need to avoid? No, sorry but this game is a bad idea, no way to fix it, or just make it run and run, or run and slay, sorry but make another game better than this.

  8. I was a big fan of subway surfers. And if you wanna enjoy the same with some guns with it go for this game. The graphics are really good. But the game does get messy as we go forward, after a point it’s just all luck you end up touching anywhere on the screen. But it’s a great game.

  9. Tina dice:

    Update:. Ok so great so far but I’ve passed several times I think just cuz it kinda just goes on n on n on in the same world. It’s starting to get a bit old the background esp but I noticed alotta games don’t have an end esp these running ones & I think it’s a mistake there’s never a feeling of accomplishment just keeps goin the same background same theme & at least 4me, I need more start/end etc actually levels

  10. it’s fun the first few games, after that it becomes boring. you just run the same level over and over, and becomes unplayable when it speeds up because you either crash or get killed; impossible to change lanes and shoot something at that speed

  11. I just lost all my saved data for the game by accepting the new terms of service, hours of play time gone. Save yourself the frustration and move to the next game… I was just getting into it and fixing to get my Bandito upgraded. No more Bandito I say.

  12. Very disorienting trying to shoot and play at the same time… overall it’s not a bad game but there is a huge disconnect while playing… I thought it was an interesting concept overall though

  13. M dice:

    The game’s hard because the camera moves around like it’s riding a roller coaster, making it hard to shoot. Most runners run in a straight line. Besides that, my save got deleted and I can’t recover it from the cloud. Shame.

  14. the game is fun as hell only thing its becomes difficult to shoot enemies when it speeds up fast and hard to maintain focuse having to avoid walls .why not have him avoid obstacles automatically instead of buying the compass.And make it to where i can rotate cux this requires a psp style gameplay not temple run style

  15. This Developers are still making mistakes in Games. This game suppose to av each levels and different missions, and Destination. Like Lara Croft Relic Run Game. Rubbish, we only keep on running and running, and we get tired

  16. Pretty well done Runner with shooting. Just irritated that I can’t seem to find an ad buy out. Any game I keep on my phone, I buy out. Ads really tend to annoy me.

  17. I’m not playing games since, maybe a year or so.. I’m not enjoying games that’s much. Most of them are boring. but this one here I really enjoy. It’s been a while. Running. Shooting. Upgrading fast. It’s free. And fun. Good music btw. thumbs up….

  18. I’m still in the first level bcus I play after I smoke therefore it takes me a couple tries for me to accumulate certain points to accomplish the mission. It’s a good game, fast paced n definitely thrilling.

  19. This game is exactly what mobile gaming needs right now and I felt like I was in an arcade, multitasking with different buttons! This game is really difficult and doesn’t get repetitive easily.

  20. No tutorial. No starting bonus. Stupidly hard for a new player. Need to be more accomodating in the beginning. Uninstalled after the first 10 frustrating minutes…

  21. Rhiannon H dice:

    Very fun, but very much a grind. It takes a really long time to save up enough to get new outfits or characters.

  22. Sorry. I have some problems with this game. When I just collect shield, magnet or something like that, my screen look like it stop for a few moment that make me cant avoid the object before me and I die a lot. Thanks

  23. So much fun! Playing every day! I do wish it had more tracks to run on and less time to get to them. If that could be a future update that would be awesome 🙂

  24. It is a fun game love the characters the crazy bandidos, shooting but I can’t explode the barricade I don’t know what I have to do, so I uninstalled it, but I still gave 5 cause it cute characters and fun to play

  25. Superb game, graphics are good too, controls are simple and superb time killer, I enjoy it very much.

  26. I really enjoy this game but I need to get experience on up and the control can’t keep up with speed Also would be nice if we could play with others players at same time

  27. Too many ads. Don’t want to watch ads for extra lives? This game will still make you watch ads in between rounds, but with no reward for it.

  28. Brilliantly addictive with a great dose of fun. This game makes me laugh. The sounds and things that happen are hilarious. Great game.

  29. Al Marc dice:

    This is the worst game I’ve ever downloaded…. No tutorial… Gun don’t fire. He doesn’t jump or roll .. just move left to right. Pointless game !!

  30. too challenging to navigate through but if you can make it, it’s so so interesting and exciting to play. my little sisters love this game so much ⏲️

  31. LOVE the most beautiful thing about your own and I am so happy to hear you say something about your favorite things and help me out and help out when you’re free for the next two months or if there will understand a little about it 😀 and help you with a good job 👏 😀 😊 😉 ☺ 😄 you have a few things you want me with a good time to go with a good one 👍 you are a few more in your area than you can afford for your favorite sport to watch the only thing on your list and a great business plan 😀

  32. Awesome graphic and soundtrack, the only painful part is the enemies in road corners where they are in your blind spot and hit you right away 😒

  33. Best game for me and I enjoy the challenges. Was uninstalled from my phone had to go and download again and start afresh cause I love it.

  34. Very intrusting game and the look of players is also amazing. Seems like a drunk man running behinds his shadow for killing. 😂😀☺😚🤗

  35. The control of game is so bad,because when you ‘re shooting anythings you must move to left and right.

  36. The name and graphics very nice . That run happyness and cool . but more options more ok then ,👍🏻lovely game multiplayer game I need ,💞💯 adi poly , cool music dj song update you ok 🎶🎵 and thankes

  37. Awesome game. But please try to lower the price of the banditos. Otherwise, it’s fantastic. Keep up the good work

  38. kofi opoku dice:

    A very nice game y’all must try it but a little bit difficult but its cool.The graphics would even attract losts of people

  39. The whole desert stuff makes it attractive n fun buh my issue is the focus.u need all hands to kill n stay n the game n its confusing most times.

  40. So far so good except the other banditòs are pricey but Gonzales is a good start I like the music, graphics, gameplay.

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