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Welcome to this bizarre land! Unleash your imagination and explore!

Elona Mobile is a Roguelike RPG. Its open-world nature and complex system may confuse you initially, but will surely keep you fascinated sooner or later! No auto controls, no repetitive kills. Only a pure joy of exploring and expanding.

It all began with a shipwreck. You boarded a ship to escape Etherwind causing mutations, but bumped into a storm unfortunately. You woke up to find yourself in North Tyris, a strange and dangerous land, where you’re going to embark on an unforgettable adventure and experience all kinds of life you might have imagined—warrior who dedicated to save the world, pianist travels around or just a merry farmer enjoys fishing and planting. 11 races and 10 classes are all at your disposal!


Arm Yourself for the Dungeon Crawling
On your journey to seal victories and unearth treasures in dungeons, you need to mix and match from different equipment, upgrade skills and feats, or even recruit roadside NPCs and monsters for help.

Create Your Dream Life
Be a farmer, a chef, or a business tycoon… You can carve your own path and experience all kinds of life in Elona.

Develop Your Own Personality
No judges, no moral limits, you can be whatever you want to be—an accommodating citizen, or a violent marauder!

Free Character Building
11 races and 10 classes are at your disposal! Goblin pianist, snail tourist… Live your own life and become a legend!

100+ Bizarre Findings
Horse lays eggs! Panties are weapons! Drink water from the Toilet to increase your stats!


Unexpected Events & Turns
Explore countless different roguelike dungeons and find unexpected treasures!
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FB: https://www.facebook.com/ElonaMobile/
Discord: https://discord.gg/edDvNpkyfu


40 comentarios en "Elona Mobile MODDED"

  1. So this game seems great and all, I mean it seems like a really fun experience but there’s one factor of the game that the developers overlooked that made it completely unplayable for Android users. The inventory button is impossible to reach because the quest bar covers it up. I tried all sorts of ways to access it but all it does is open the quest bar and there’s no way to see your inventory without opening a chest. Seems great but for this reason alone, I can’t play the game.

  2. J. Burtis dice:

    It’s fun, with cute graphics. The controls are a little clunky, and menus can be difficult to navigate. Following a guide was the only way for me to figure out. Searching for tips online is difficult because of Elona+, and the differences are pretty wide.

  3. Think the original but easier and simpler. That’s not a bad thing mind you it may be a bit too easy though. Only times you get ads seems to be when you die and there are unfortunately some pay to win options with premium currency which makes me worried about the full release. Overall I think it’s great for a free game, just really needs some rebalance. I also think it’s a great gateway to the original Elona due to how much it teaches.

  4. It’s definitely a cute game, but it feels awkward and clunky. The item identification system could use some work; not having any way of knowing if or when a food item will spoil until I get to a town is annoying. The tutorial is only marginally helpful and there are a number of stats you’re meant to keep an eye on without being told how to do so. Also, the races and classes don’t seem to effect anything aside from your starting stats, which is sad. Didn’t meet my expectations.

  5. Love it. Only gripe is that I have trouble with mobile controls as do most, but that is EASILY outweighed by how true this is to what it’s succeeding. I was worried of ads between loads, but there was none of that. I hope they continue to succeed, and that some people would be more reasonable with their reviews as a 1 star is in no way a fair rating for this wonderful FREE title with so much adapted content. Even the old cutscenes meant to appear in the old story that didn’t are here! Amazing!!!

  6. Tris V dice:

    As someone who loved the PC release of Elona years ago, the requirement to stay online ruins a lot of the fun when it has even the slightest connection issue. Whenever it does, it resets the current map’s progress which makes playing very cumbersome. Overall, it’s much easier and more fleshed out than the masochistically cruel PC version, with the obvious shortcoming of being unable to design your home block by block among a few other things.

  7. The gameplay itself is actually pretty good. The only thing is that it crashes with ads so i had to turn them off. It also restarts a lot because it’s always trying to connect to the point that I can’t get into the game sometimes. I wish that it had some more customization and a dedicated quest page to keep track of all the quests I have to do not just a chat box. Or maybe there is & I haven’t found it it’s a lot of buttons I don’t know the purpose of yet.

  8. I pre registered because it looked like my kind of game and I’m glad I did. I’m just starting out and am really impressed with the mechanics, maps, and layout. The tutorial was concise and useful. I saw that they mentioned it crashing but I haven’t encountered that and if I do, it’s a new game, there’s bound to be hiccups. Overall, can’t wait to continue with the story.

  9. Hex Omega dice:

    The game seems to have come a long way since I played a number of months back. I was irritated with the inventory limit and the fact that it didn’t store my character at that time. Now, the new character I had re-made then has been saved and I can continue my progress, and the inventory space is a lot more reasonable than I remember it being. I’m having a lot of fun this time. Just wish armor showed up on my character. Can’t see when the game was last updated, but I hope it’s still maintained.

  10. Elona is a blast from the past, a wonderful nugget from 2010. It’s a turn based RPG with a lot of unique and interesting features, and this port has taken the original Elona and introduced a lot of user friendly elements to the gameplay. The UI is still slightly cluttered, but for anyone who has played the original, you’ll find that it’s significantly easier to manipulate. I look forward to more fixes towards crashes.

  11. Grooveular dice:

    I really like this game it feels like the original elona but as a mobile and with a different art style. The ads were a thing I was initially worried about but they arent intrusive at all and are completely optional to watch for your in game benefit, and they support the developer so I see it as a win win. Though there are alot of mechanics that are new that can seem overwhelming and confusing at first I think its a pretty nice addition to find more ways to become stronger.

  12. A pleasant surprise. I expected it to only be elona by name, but this was not the case. It is a true, if refined, elona experience. Its certainly more balanced than the original, and the tutorial quests and guides are a much welcome addition. Mini map to point to npcs is amazing. If i had a complaint it would be that too many of the new features want to involve facebook and maybe the game is a bit more casual. But it still holds true to being elona.

  13. Though the game can be fun, it can also be very frustrating. Quests are vague and often just say ‘find someone’ but don’t show you where to go. The wish carp quest makes you collect 15 pages, then you’re told to come back later. Half a year and no indication of what to do. The quest doesn’t show up on the quest list and you can’t see past quests. Allies can’t learn spells and enemy mages do WAY too much damage but do not choose magic, most of your attacks miss and you become useless with no mp.

  14. theo!! dice:

    While Elona is a fun and enjoyable game + concept, it’s so difficult to use. My game constantly crashes or lags, and despite my wifi having a strong connection, it continues to say no connection. I even reset my phone and redownload the app twice, but it will not let me play. I have no idea how else to solve the problem other than being as patient as possible with it.

  15. Games pretty fun so far reminds me of the psp era rpgs. The game does have its downfalls tho. Crashing in the cash shop can cause you to be charged without receiving items but the CS is quick to respond and help. The collision with other npcs can become frustrating in some towns especialy if there is only one entrance to a building. And i think they either need to tweak or completely remove hunger depletion while your offline its not fun when i log back in and characters are dying by starvation

  16. Fuuze dice:

    This game is an impressively well made adaptation to Elona+. With added in gacha elements that don’t ruin the main gameplay, the game stays relatively faithful to the original game in depth and quality. I like how the controls and mechanics were simplified so that it’d be easier to play on mobile. Plus the experience is just as fun and the more challenging enemies give meaning to progressing your build further. If you have the time, give this game a try.

  17. ayra dice:

    Elona is a game I got recently — it’s actually fun but when you die you have to pay or wait to resurrect. It’s way too grindy, the game never pauses for you, and it’s kinda P2W. I think the characters and sarcastic jokes are brilliant. I like the art and character designs, and I’m hooked for the: skills, allies, gacha, home system, hunger system, etc. It adds more variety. I didn’t have a hard time getting to know the mechanics either. All in all, somewhat of a good game. Just kinda annoying.

  18. One of my favorite games because the is no energy or waiting time to refill energy and it also has a Dpad which most games don’t. It has a good storyline, side-quests, and at the beginning you can pick a race and whatever other thing you can pick. There is only one issue I have which is, well it is very hard to get diamonds. Plus even if you do get diamonds, every thing is so expensive. So could you please make it easier to get diamonds and make the price for stuff cost less that would be nice.

  19. D S dice:

    I see a lot of potential in this game, however the characters starve way too fast. It make me feel more of a cook than an adventurer, trying to find food to feed myself and companions. Also even when I leave the game and join later, whenever I come back my companions are always at a negative satiety and I am not. I like how our choices have different outcomes, the style, story, everything really. Its just that they starve so easily TT hope you fix this or atleast adjust this.

  20. The graphics of the game is soooo cute! I’ve played the game for 3 days already and so far, it does not make me feel bored. There are lots of interesting quests and it is enjoyable. I appreciate the ‘adventure life’ part of the game, it made the game feel enjoyable since there are mini quests that seemed like tutorials. Keep up the good work, developers!

  21. Black diox dice:

    It’s a really good game, however, items do not seem to be varied enough, there is only one kind of a thing, what makes them different is just the quality. What’s more important to be improved would be the quests. Many side quests are pretty confusing as to how to complete them. Collecting quest items is somewhat hard because a guide for it is not easy ti find. Besides, there are also quests that still has bugs to be fixed.

  22. It has a potential, but yeah I must agree to others that it kinda needs a bit of guide text more inviting, big, and readable,especially adding new epic BGM for the thrill. Moreover, the tutorial seems okay, but alot of info overload. I can suggest at least that if we find materials, it should mark on mats location too, so that players progress better. Overall aesthetics is good, grinding is suitable but needs improvement on overall art icons of the weapon like terraria for instance. Keep up!

  23. Cool game but I feel like some translation is a bit off, for example there are character which gender is female yet you use he when referring to them also most of the auto generatored name is mostly for guy, there’s also lack of distinct character design change when the character is male or female. But those things are not really big issues for me when playing this game so overall 5/5 definitely would recommend when ask to

  24. Rizal dice:

    The game is good, but lately there’s been bug that have been happening quite frequent,like sometime when i use the portal it just end up in this place call ‘shelter of god’ or whatever it is, i have been playing this game like a months and its been great so far. Hope this issue will be fix immediately as it is making me quite frustrating.Thank you.✌

  25. Dar dice:

    I’ve played the community maintained Elona on the PC off and on for several years and I must say that, although the PC version was more fun and had more free choice, this version is so much easier to understand what is going on and much more beginner friendly.

  26. This game itself is rich, there are many things to do, plenty of items, beutiful art, funny story lines. However, it is overwhelming for newbie where there are to many buttons to tap, poorly explained functions. The quests are not explained well thus I don’t what to do and the tracking function just doesn’t work. Some scripts are not translated either. I like the game so much but this stop me to play it after 4 days, I just don’t have time to go around yo search for the solution.

  27. This game deserves a much higher review. It is initially overwhelming. Some of the tutorials can be hard to find, but if you’re motivated, use Google and you will be rewarded with a fun, bizarre and massive RPG with much to do. Ads are entirely optional (I’ve watched none) and I’ve enjoyed the game without spending a dollar so far. I got impregnated by Aliens and gave birth in town causing all the townspeople to get pregnant by Aliens causing a massive infestation. 10/10 would recommend.

  28. I just started the game few days ago, but when I want to login again today it just bring me straight to the character creation and not using the character I already made? And ofc I cant use the same name and such becaus it’s already being use yet I cant use that character. And keep in mind I already bind my account the moment I start playing this game. Please fix this or I wont bother to play it again. I dont want to make another character.

  29. Didn’t even get to play this game. It keeps crashing in the title screen. IDK what’s the issue, maybe my phone, my internet connection, or the game itself. Either way, pls fix this because I really want to play this……..

  30. Very fun game. Eons ago I used to play this daily when I had downtime when volunteering so I have nostalgia. That being said it still angers me that there is no default skin that looks like half the races. Just hire a pixel artist so I can have a character that vaguely looks like a fairy or goblin for each race. It’s basic stuff and is my main and biggest complaint against the game. Ads are optional which is nice. Smooth as butter on my phone. Easily a 4/5 android game for sheer content volume

  31. A strange little gem that defies explanation unless you’ve played the PC original. A sort of open world rpg with roguelite elements and a bizarre setting. As a mobile version it’s very different from the original, but not overly egregious with monetization, I like it a lot, one of the best mobile games I’ve played.

  32. 4 star. Not newbie friendly or should i say anyone who haven’t had any experience playing an rpg game such as this one would not be able to enjoy it since it lacks beginner tutorials. Controls are also confusing because of the way on how it is organized.

  33. It’s a fun game with little restriction placed upon what you can do. However the open ended nature of the game coupled with the poor explanations of game systems can leave you confused. I think it needs better quests on the quest board

  34. This game has almost everything im looking for such as graphics,story line, equipments and more but sad thing is that as a new player its quite confusing since there’s alot of stuff going on and i hope there is going to be a Voice Actor to read the context. Lastly my suggestion is auctions. Auctions and stuff is a game changer. The reason why i said that is because in the playstore i dont think there is a rpg game where auctions is a thing. But make sure auctions r using differrent currency.TQ:)

  35. AliPisang dice:

    The game is good. I love it. But you can make the map bigger so we can have a lot of time to exploring. My cousin said that his house (base) got robbed and the maid got killed.. So to be one of the player that want to protect his own maid, can u make some system that can make us (player) build a dungeon to protect himself cause it will make us feel more safety and it can train our crativity. And the last request from me is… MMORPG. Creating some parties to explore dungeon together. Thanks 😀

  36. A truly open world experience.. A few requests like making the text font bigger and less words. More refined controls

  37. Can’t read the text at the very beginning because it cuts off. Not only that but you have some controls that are outside of the boundaries of the game.

  38. Ok…….I just downloaded this game game, and there’s something wrong with it(i totally need your suggestions) When i press start there’s a loading screen wich lead me to create an account,but it bring me to the home screen, and i open the game again and its happen again again and again and i dont know what to do…My friend suggested this game to me….. When i fixed it i will change this rating.. I ope its reached out

  39. Kakak Tok dice:

    My apps got bug skill icon become “?” after updt the i try to verify file.. got some error file.. but that need re download data like after install app.. wasting time ~~

  40. Johan dice:

    Theres alot of different aspects of this game which can be a bit intimidating and also punishing, but I also like that I have a lot of room to improve by understanding the mechanics of this game

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