How do Animals Work? MODDED 2022


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Animal anatomy for children
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What boy or girl is not fascinated by animals? Enjoy and learn while discovering seven vertebrates of the Amazon rainforest with all their systems – such as circulatory, nervous, and digestive – their skeleton, reproduction, and most amazing abilities.

Play and discover the macaws, electric eels, poison dart frog, spider monkey, anaconda, pink river dolphin, and jaguar with this educational and fun application ideal for the most curious users.

Explore the Amazon rainforest and some of its vertebrates: fish, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals. With amazing animated and interactive illustrations.

Children learn by observing, making assumptions, playing, exploring, and asking questions in the app. No rules, no time limit, and no stress. Suitable for all ages!


• Discover vertebrates
• With beautiful and lively illustrations
• Explore the curious facts and abilities of each animal
• Watch how the frog catches its prey
• Learn about the skeleton and the names of bones
• Watch how the monkey uses its limbs
• Feed each animal
• Learn how fish breathe underwater
• Teach a parrot how to imitate your voice
• Discover how a dolphin uses echolocation to find its prey
• Try a jaguar’s night vision
• Content for children aged three and up, games for the whole family
• No ads
• No in-app purchases or hidden extras


At Learny Land, we love to play, and we believe that games must form part of the educational and growth stage of all children; because to play is to discover, explore, learn and have fun. Our educational games help children learn about the world around them and are designed with love. They are easy to use, beautiful and safe. Because boys and girls have always played to have fun and learn, the games we make – like the toys that last a lifetime – can be seen, played and heard.
We create toys that could not have existed when we were young.
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Discover the animals of the Amazon rainforest


7 comentarios en "How do Animals Work? MODDED 2022"

  1. Cassius dice:

    Great educational app! Only disappointing thing is that there aren’t more habitats & animals. But the devs have done a wonderful job with whats in the app. The illustrations are gorgeous and the descriptions & anatomy are accurate. Its not super detailed, since it is for kids, but it covers the basics well for each species.

  2. This app is educational for children. It was a little interesting to me just because I didn’t know what the insides of animals look like. I love the bright colors, they’re beautiful!

  3. Fantastic learning for kid’s and big kid’s like myself.

  4. Lucy Mazur dice:

    This a great and educational game for young kids


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