LANDLORD Idle Tycoon Business MOD 2022


Imagine a world around you, as an idle board game - full of properties in AR
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Play Landlord and become an apex blockchain billionaire tycoon with this business simulator stock market real estate investing game. It is a geo location finance game that uses your GPS status to make you a cashflow coin master tycoon. If you are a money lover, this is the best business game to be a guru. Expand your virtual business enterprise with a reality cashflow game. Trade in rightmove trading games enterprises using geo location and GPS status tools in a fun business game. Real estate trading games synchronize with Google Maps geo location tools to find buildings near your GPS status zip. This investing game enables you to purchase real-estate as a tycoon game manager. See your cash flow increase daily, Coin Master! Use the investing game Marketplace to trade with other players in this stock market game. You can own the Eiffel Tower! Real estate economy games are mirroring reality. That’s amazing economics! Apex Property Finder If you’re a venture capitalist game manager in quarantine then Landlord has an agent that will be a GPS status finder. Send your rightmove virtual agent to any geo location on the planet. Investing company games teach you how to scoop up businesses and grow your enterprise portfolio. Why Play Landlord Finance Game? Free Manager Go Games: Not all trading real estate investing economy games are free like this cashflow game! You will get 50k in coins to start your blockchain cash flow my business. Move coins to cash to invest in my business trade purchases. There are ways to win this finance game with innovative moves.
The Reality of a Rich Games Billionaire Tycoon: You’re a venture capitalist real estate investing guru who wants to be a rich games my business guru. Enjoy idle cash flow entering your vault.
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Compete to Occupy Apex Leaderboard Positions: Be a rightmove winner in this real estate investing game. The business city tycoon who can cap debt and amass the biggest empire wins the business money game. Manager games are tests of skill. Be the top business tycoon in the venture capitalist trading money company games world! Play against other game managers to win big on the blockchain city. Real Estate Games Portfolio Collector: Manager Games are not only about being a winning venture capitalist. Use the geo location city capabilities of this business simulator with your GPS status to locate landmarks. Cap your asset collection with property with this options trading simulator. Add them to your real estate games collection with this options trading simulator.
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The Landlord CashFlow Go Game Plan: To play tycoon games you’ll need to start spending your cashflow ASAP! Get that moneygoing, Money Lover! Use your 50k of free coins to invest in this geo location business game. A good finder will level up fast in this reality stock market game. Economics dictates that higher value enterprises will bring in higher rightmove rentals. See your rental cashflow increase and debt decrease! Manager economy games and company games like this imaginative stock market game are designed to create a money lover and an expert game manager. You can be a top business tycoon by playing The Finance Game!

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Today we are releasing patch 4.3.1 for open beta users with a lot of changes:

- Unifying all cash/coin bars on screen
- New design of a dashboard
- New design to collect rent screen
- Changes to refill pop up
- Blocked possibility to trade buylando
- Small fixes to UI across all screens
- Only real countries will remain in the country category. Other properties from this category will be moved to “Other”
- Premium manager - permanent manager that increase rent acumulation from 8 to 16 hours


40 comentarios en "LANDLORD Idle Tycoon Business MOD 2022"

  1. Wow!!! Brings monopoly to the real world. Except no beauty pageant rewards 🤣 but honestly great game. I would appreciate more detailed graphics as well. Maybe a satellite POV. Maybe a tutorial we could go back to for questions if we get stuck later in the game. Like with the buy lands. Still an amazing game. Keep up the good work

  2. Starts off slow as compared to it’s brother from the same developer “Landlord Go.” This could be good or bad, depending on your opinion. I like it for the most part, but it does encourage spending real money and watching ads, like most mobile games these days. The layout feels clean, but could use a little organizing. Once you get used to where things are, it’s ok. I’d advise paying close attention to the tour at the beginning, though. Overall, good if you like virtual real estate games.

  3. Ia Wi dice:

    Edited: buy land no longer shows where previous land was purchased. Unable to collect maxed out rent and unable to purchase overpriced properties. (I’m sure they are sorry for the issues and they will fix this if I contact in game support 😀 ) my only playing time is logging in once in a while to see if issues have been fixed and trying not to lose a few years of progress.

  4. First off, I have to say the game is completely amazing, though it needs to be added on, The controls are amazing aswell, though I would prefer if you could add more detail upon it. – The gameplay is completey fantastic, and I don’t see much wrong with it, your perfect in that specific area, though for the graphics, I can’t say the same. The graphics are good but not that great, I mean it would be cool to add more like detail there, Honestly the controls & that could be way better with potential

  5. The concept of the game is great and the menus are easy to navigate. Despite this the “coins” which are the premium currency in the game are pushed a little too early in the game but it doesnt seem like purchase is necessary to advance. Pokemon Go type style game is intuitive and interesting, definitely worth checking out and fun game to open up to check when you have nothing better to do. 😊

  6. The game is nice overall, the UI looks good, the location services work well. It is a great concept and easy to start off and progress, but one of the negatives is living in a small town or city, youre not going to be able to progress very much, its based on having many properties and that geta you revenue, but if youre not very populated, not much to do, you cant buy around the world from your current location.

  7. C Ma dice:

    This game is good if you need a few minutes of distraction every day. It is not transparent about income and expenses (it’d be nice if they had a list that showed times, income, and expenses for all properties). Played for 6+ months now & I still learn new things (which is a con of the game, bc I think should be easier to figure out the 1st week). It is pretty simple & not cluttered. Expect to watch ads if u don’t pay money. It’s hard for something to go wrong in the game so no loss of progress.

  8. Cool game concept. Is fun to play, but really needs better GPS support with the search function when buying properties. You can literally be next to a place you own, but it won’t always be searchable. It would also be great if you could buy more shares of a property from your portfolio menu instead of trying to search for it in the Buy Properties menu (which also leads to the first problem I mentioned). Cool game otherwise!

  9. The agonozing wait of “Ugghhh, I just need a tiny bit more and i can afford this” is almost like the real thing, but far less stressful. It’s a really well balanced idle game that allows you to be away for a while without sacrificing growth, while also having enough complexity to allow you to really spend some time diving in to the fine details to maximize your profit.

  10. The game is fun, with many many properties to buy, sell, or auction off. I would like to see maybe a few other features added to make the experience just a bit better. Maybe they adding in a basic calculator, so we can calculate how much money we will earn in the long run. Another small feature is when properties have a raised income, put two arrows green to show a greater boost, or two red arrows to show a major drop.

  11. The game is alright for what it is. Gameplay is slow if you focus on the expensive properties. The first few levels come and go fast, but when you get up higher it will take days to move up unless you spend real life currency. Their add based free rewards only help out once a day and give out limited amounts of coins. The game overall is clean. It is more text based so there is limited emphasis on the graphics. It’s one of the slower idle games out there.

  12. This game is great if you do a fair bit of traveling. It’s interesting to see how much places are valued as you travel around. It’s a well set up game with progress and purchases taking real time. Once you start to get up in levels, you need more coins. There should be more options for earning coins as you progress. It give new ways to help further the experience for higher level players. I wish there was a graph to track your investments. Maybe a return on investment calculator as well.

  13. It’s okay, the game does have some issue though, the red and green up and down arrow on properties aren’t really useful. The best way to see if a property is worth it is to put the buy slider to the lowest and see if the earnings are higher than the buy price and see how long it would take to make the money back. Overall okay game but needs improvement. Oh also can’t get rid of the two notifications in the notification tab.

  14. Pretty slow starting up, but fun concept. Definitely a game I’ll keep coming back to periodically. Menu’s are a little tricky to get the hang of navigating and more info should be displayed. I shouldn’t have to tap on a property to view its valuation, back out, tap on the next….wish I could just scroll through. Also, there’s quite nearly 0 graphics or animations…very bland design. “Take a survey” for coins option has failed x8, every time. That is pathetic…

  15. This is one of the longest running games on my account. The structure of the allows you to have success without real money purchases which appeals to me. It’s pretty low maintenance. I’ve lost hours of my life playing this game. Update: One of the recent changes to the game caps how much higher a bid can be in the marketplace. This forces more bids and time spent watching a property on the marketplace. Hate this change. Players lose money and coins over this when it was fine the way it was.

  16. Like Monopoly on a global scale! It’s fun, addictive and easy to learn. When someone says “They’ve got bridge to sell you”…they mean it! It takes time to build a portfolio but the free coins and the bonus coins when you purchase can make all the difference. Would like to be able to purchase additional % of property I already own without needing to be near it, but beyond that, a solid game. Enjoy!

  17. It’s good to see more GPS games like this, as being able to interact with locations you know in real life adds a degree of immersion I’ve always found intriguing. I like this game because you can buy percentages of things like your local convenience store, or a church or even an elementary school. The sheer amount of available property makes the game diverse and gives new players enough opportunities to start out without being locked out of buying property on their own home town. Give it a try.

  18. It’s a pretty simple premise, buying properties. But it’s endlessly fun. You watch as your properties are either successful or not, you upgrade certain things and wait to see how it effects the bottom line. I like that you can buy properties that are near you, which encourages my husband to go on road trips so that he can collect properties like souvenirs. I highly suggest this game.

  19. The games a bit confusing with the money. Sometimes it says it’s up some down. but I dont really get what’s going on with it. and instead of clicking to each property aid rather it have a property screen where I can scroll through seeing how much each one is worth to decide what to buy. rather than click on each one of the list. and it says it goes based on population for how much income. that doesnt seem to work accurately..places I know are popular are cheap.

  20. I really enjoy the game, I haven’t advanced much yet. But I hope to. Pros: I enjoy the local aspect of it, it’s very intuitive, and it works very smooth. Cons: the beginning game is very slow, i understand they don’t want everyone becoming billionaires overnight. But it is a little slow initially. But i purchased a coin pack and moved on quickly enough. Also, there are many local businesses which don’t show in the buy properties list. So it would be nice to manually add them to the list

  21. This game requires patience, but is honestly a great game to work on once or twice a day. Once you get yourself moving, you can check it every so often and return your funds to other properties or enhance what you have. The geo location is accurate, and as a person who travels, I get to see a lot of areas. No bugs I’ve found, no crashes, just a pretty good game.

  22. after briefly playing the game i have finally figured it out and am enjoying the game very much. The concept is incredible and the functionality is impressive. only problem is that the game can be very confusing when you first staet playing after the tutorial. It took me 10 minutes to figure out how to clear out the money bank. good game over all though.

  23. Alright. The game isn’t the top-of-the-range, but it’s a great game overall. Surely there’s more to offer, but it doesn’t. If you are one who enjoys strategic plays, this is the one for you. They haven’t appropriately resized the UI for wider/taller phones, it’s one of the many reasons why it’s a 4-star. It can be a slow pace or a quick pace game, it only depends how well of a start you do. Game tip: Don’t spend your coins on refills and banker skill, it’s not worth it on the long run.

  24. As a 2nd generation real estate investor, I found myself naturally curious about this game. As with real world investing, it requires time and strategy to build a profitable portfolio, thus, patience is rewarded. While I enjoy the geolocation aspect of this game, it is not without fault, for example, some locations and valuations are not correct. Some locations can only be purchased along with excessive coin requirements.I understand the developers need to make money, but some of the coin requirements are excessive to say the least. I would rate this five stars if there was an interactive component with other players, and coin requirements were decreased. In summary, far from actually investing, but enough to hold your interest.

  25. so when I first started the game It gave me an option to take the tutorial. but for some reason the game wasn’t finding my location so I had to click out of it. now when I go back into the game I have not clue what I’m doing and I’m stuck. other then that the graphics are cool and I like the way it scans your area and uses real landmarks from around you. the control’s are hard but I think I’ll get the hang once I go through the tutorial.

  26. An interesting game. Does not seem to provide any real benefit to spending time upgrading and growing your wealth. Could use some sort of better marketplace, listing setup more similar to the Buy Properties section versus the My Portfolio section. Still trying to figure out the purpose of the game but it gives me something to do for a few minutes at a couple times in the day. Almost not worth having on my phone anymore… still debating whether or not to delete it.

  27. Fun but can be improved. Several obvious fake locations from GPS need to be identified and removed. Actual sites and locations may be there one day and gone the next then reappear later randomly. Many historical locations and parks that can easily be found on Google maps are not recognized by the apps GPS at all. Developers may also consider other potential useable aspects of the game that they haven’t thought of like public transportation, utilities, maintenance, and infrastructure development

  28. Cool game! The concept is fun and helps one get to know the businesses and real estate in the area your in. I didn’t give it a 5 for a couple reasons. 1. I’d like it to be somewhat more realistic (real buying and selling of RE) and educational (if possible). 2. I didn’t like the fact that I had to use coins to get more than 10 property slots. I travel a lot and it have been cool to have been less limited with the amount of properties I could own at any 1 time and place. All in all, I like!

  29. Don’t waste your time n money. Game was great, and addicting at first. But now, thr GPS can’t connect, and a few more issues started to appear. What definitely killed it for me was the game making a double purchase, and putting me in debt. Only after about a week i would become current. So that second purchase money ro become current is gone. Even contacting their tech support was no help. I dont know if it’ll be a recurring issue, but I wont be keeping game longer than 2 weeks, at most.

  30. This game is exactly what I was looking for. I travel a lot and it gives me the opportunity to purchase properties I see. This game does not send notifications every minute like a lot of games which I like. I check the game a few times a day to see if my coffers are high enough to purchase more property. As with most games, I understand why purchasing coins is important as I agree with the pay to play design and the ability to expand my empire through pay to play.

  31. The game could provide more user friendly UI. Visually, it’s not very eye catching. It’s difficult to go back to the properties that I’ve purchased in another country (via agent). You can upgrade but can’t buy additional ownership. I think this game has a lot of potential but it feels very slow to play. I know it’s a simulator but it would takes years if you didn’t use any real money to advance.

  32. its a wonderful concept that just needs some tweeks and creative thinking. if they add more interactive ways to play and deal with your property it would go a long way. once you own property there should be enhanced options to keep it fun to diversify spending. overall 3 stars, it gets a little repetitive and can only play a short time each day unless you want to spend real money.

  33. Probably one of the most unique games I’ve played. The fact that it includes real businesses and an income based on real-time data relating to that business is mind blowing. There are a few aspects i would exclude if i were a designer however. It seem strange that one could buy a street or avenue. There are frequent bugs/ crashes which should be able to be reported a fixed in minutes. Routine maintenance should be done during nighttime hours instead of waking hours.

  34. this game is pretty awesome so far and extremely realistic. it uses your location to show and “sell” you properties in your immediate area! it starts off slow but trust me once you get some money invested you will start blowing up pretty quickly! the only recommendation I would make as a potential update, is the ability to select properties from your portfolio, and have a button option to purchase more from that property. other than that it is awesome and alot of fun!!

  35. Well the game itself isnt a bad concept. Overall it just feels so slow. Two issues I have run into is that people living in small towns make money too slowly, and people living in big cities starting out have no hope of getting any really good properties because they are all taken. The coins system is a rip off and overpriced. The game is a fun concept, but it needs a way of accelerating the player growth without using coins.

  36. Interesting and Unique game. It’s location based so your options for properties to purchase are limited to where you are when on the app. This opens up some fun options and keeps it interesting when travelling. There are fewer and more limited options for properties when you get to rural areas or less advanced countries who don’t use foursquare. It takes a bit of time to get rolling but developers seem to give multiple ways to speed things up including paying and watching ads.

  37. Fun to build an empire. Takes awhile if you don’t spend money on it. I occasionally lose the ability too see my activity but it’s fixed when I ask for assistance. I definitely like the newest updates. Having the ability to travel anywhere in the world too purchase property is really cool. The market place bidding is good for the most part, it helps keep some of the run up on pricing but in turn it costs more to win.

  38. I really enjoy the game. Very simple to learn but will take time to master. I love the fact it will challenge your decision making skills. Only downfall i see is that every level you gain you get free coins but it stays the same 20 coins. Would be nice to see that rewards increase as level does. Even if its just an extra 2-3 coin increase. Besides that the game is solid.

  39. Hugo Targa dice:

    The concept of the game is good, and there’s a couple of cool things on it, but there’s way too many underdeveloped or simplistic mechanics, so the game ends up being really blend and basic. Besides that the amount of bugs that the game has, and that don’t ever get fixed is actually laughable(a bunch of them are on the game for like over 2 years and haven’t been fixed), you can try to “forgive” the game’s problems,but it gets to a point where it’s impossible to do that, very underwhelming game

  40. Was a great game. That is, until you get to around level 25-30. At this point, when you’re net worth is high, you’ll find that all properties that you can buy in your price range also cost coins, and a LOT of them. Meaning, it’s not possible to level up past around 30 without spending money. You have to spend around 100 coins for every 100 million in property cost.

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