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Wall jump up as high as you can!
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Starting from the bottom,
Then jumping wall to wall,
Deftly dodging, swiftly scaling,
Trying not to fall,
Backflipping will launch you back,
And spin you round and round,
But don’t mistime cos if you drop,
You’ll plummet to the ground.

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Bug fixes and minor tweaks.


40 comentarios en "Wall Kickers MOD"

  1. I love this game! Very easy and satisfying to play, and the ads are completely optional. Two things I wish I could see in the future though would be a score and time (like, Fastest time to 100 jumps) leaderboard, and a harder game mode. Wall Kickers is a pretty easy game, maybe make my character slide off the platforms a little faster, and/or make it slowly scroll up. Other than what I’d like to see, the game is a nice way to bust some boredom.

  2. This game is pretty fun and I enjoy it for boring moments, it’s a good mindless game with not much to it. I do have one suggestion, however: make the skins and environments unique. Right now, they are all just copy-paste. I think it’d be a fun strategic addition if some skins had advantages and disadvantages. Like perhaps some skins jump higher, or have special abilities to help in certain sections. Same with environments, I’d love if certain areas had more of a particular challenge for example

  3. Lisa Moy dice:

    It takes a minute to get the hang of but overall it’s a pretty great little game. I like that whenever it regenerates the world it seems to put the obstacle you died on last at the beginning so you get a chance to practice it and get past it early rather than it messing you up later. Also I like the lack of intrusive ads, and leaves you to watch them if you want to save a run for free, or get some extra coins. I bought some skins and maps just so I can feel like I’m supporting the creators.

  4. Really simple but fun. A few suggestions- make it so you can access the main menu through the pause button. Also, there is currently no point in having a higher score (besides an ego boost), as far as i can tell. That makes headstarts worthless. Can you make it so there is a reward for being higher up? Edit: a bit buggy. At the sections where a spike wall is lying close to a long trampoline followed by a normal platform, the gap between the platform and trampoline is too wide and can trap you.

  5. This is how a game should be designed. Minimal and unobtrusive advertisements. The gameplay is good. The controls are tight and responsive. If I may make one suggestion though… I think it would be nice to have the option to use a ridiculous amount of coins to buy extra costumes and stages alongside allowing to win them. I’m not saying get rid of the option to buy it with real money, but instead just give the option.

  6. kidd vibez dice:

    Honestly 10/10 game. No random ads every game, only when you want them, and no running issues. The game graphics and style is super appealing to the eye and its really smooth. One of the most addictive games I’ve ever played. This game makes you lose track of time and you can just play it on a road trip without getting bored. 10/10 game.

  7. A A dice:

    A game where I dont have to turn on airplane mode to avoid watching ads is a win for me. Really cute designs on level and characters, fun to collect them. My one suggestion would be some kind of reward for high scores, etc, as right now the only reason to get higher is to pat yourself on the back.

  8. I feel that this game could very much gain something from having a reset progress button included. I’ve unlocked everything and now have 800 coins with nothing else to do or spend them on. I’d love to have a lot more to do in the game, rather than just idly jumping back and forth for hours on end. Other than that, Wall Kickers has perfectly adequate controls and manages to have many fun layouts to jump through with only a few different platform types. It’s perfectly fun and a great time waster.

  9. It’s rare that I like a mobile game enough to want to spend my money on it- but that’s what happened! This game is something of a hidden gem on the Play store- very high-quality in graphics, gameplay and style, no ads unless you ask for them, and any microtransactions it has are very cheap (and you earn coins fast enough that you don’t need them). That said, I was having a good enough time that I threw down a dollar for Gold Pig. An excellent game that I highly recommend!

  10. Such a simple but fun game. Wall Kickers has an easy premise that is easy to pick up, making it simple for newcomers, yet challenging for skilled players. The app also features collectible skins and maps, making you want to play the game even more. On top of all that, the app is free and contains very little ads. 5 star app; download it!

  11. Wall Kickers has simple controls, but the layout of the levels will test just how well you can apply these controls making for a highly replayable, addictive game. The only thing keeping this from a 5 star review is there not being a leaderboard or multiplayer option where you and another player or friend race each other or compete against each other.

  12. The controls are fairly basic (just tapping the screen to jump) but the difficulty comes from the level layouts that seem to randomly generate as you play. Very fun, bright, and colorful. The game does have micro transactions but you can unlock quite without having to spend any money. Great game.

  13. 5 stars. Usually, I just throw 5 stars around just to be nice, but I honestly think that this app deserves 5 stars. It’s an awesome, gimmicky platformer. Once you get used to it you’ll enjoy it’s gameplay. The art style is fantastic. There are many different skins that you can unlock, and different themes as well. All around, it was just a great experience. Even if you aren’t looking for a game that pleases, just something to kill time, I wouldn’t recommend this. My reasoning for that is because you’ll get so into it that you forget what you were killing time for. Great game!

  14. No ads(optional for extra coins), no needed payments and also possible to get every character/world without paying. Great mechanics and amazing graphics. Also playable offline and I keep on playing this game when I have time and not just when I’m in a place with no WiFi. Easy to play and awesome world & character ideas. There’s also music in the background in case you get bored. You also get coins every 5 hours and when you open prizes it’s so exciting. I just love everything about this game. 🙂

  15. Jodie Roy dice:

    Very fun and very addictive! No ads unless you want coins (which are easily obtainable otherwise and don’t make your game play any less fun if you don’t have lots). 20/10, I recommended this to all my friends EDIT: I’ve unlocked all the playable characters and levels a few weeks after playing. They really need to update the game in that regard, because it becomes quite boring when you have nothing left to unlock. Still fun tho

  16. Wikkii dice:

    Great Pass Time I’ve been playing it whenever I’m bored or in a car and it’s always fun. The characters are so diverse with funny quotes when you unlock them and the world’s are unique. So happy that adverts arent forced on you like many offline games. I’ve already unlocked everything but it doesn’t stop me from wanting to reach a higher score than the one before. Highly recommend!

  17. This is a very fun addictive game that works offline and keeps you entertained for ages. The reason I gave it 4 stars is because if your playing one level and the character dies , it changes the obstical and that’s very frustrating because like you know you can do it but you made a small mistake and now you cant do it again . overall its a good game .

  18. It’s so fun and helps pass time, just wish they had more characters or something to buy with the coins cause now that I have all the characters there isn’t much reason to play. Its like after you buy all the characters the game loses purpose. Still very fun to play.

  19. Brilliant game and super addictive, it doesn’t have that many ads and I’m super happy about the expirence that this game has to offer. The only issue I have with this game is that you have to pay for almost everything except for the free random prizes. However, this game does offer a really good and addictive experience. Very happy. 5- stars

  20. Good offline game if you are bored or on the road. Lots to unlock and can compete with friends for the highest score! The reason I give it a 4 instead of 5 is because the graphics could be better and it would be cool if there was an online option but still a fantastic game!

  21. Teddy Lost dice:

    Really good game! I’ve only just started it’s really fun and addicting, and they don’t shove ads or anything in your face! I can’t figure out if you have to buy the different worlds yet, but if you do I would recommend being able to buy them with coins too.

  22. Fun game, doesn’t force any adds down your throat and Great game to kill time with, however it is in desperate need of additional content and will get stale pretty fast because it really only has one real game mechanic, and you will pretty much see all the the game has to offer in an hour or two of playing.

  23. It’s a really good game, once you get used to the controls you fly, really easy and I recommend. It also doesn’t have any ads and it doesn’t require internet so you can play it on long car trips or when you aren’t near your house over all it’s a great game.

  24. tolemz dice:

    It’s a great game for playing when yoie bored at home or just in a car! It’s offline aswell, and there are no forced ads, unless you want to get free coins. The little characters and different worlds you can get are great and the descriptions for them are funny aswell 5/5!

  25. Such a really good game to play when I’m bored! Even when I’m not bored! Definitely recommend! Also no glitches! The skins do not cost money you need to use coins to buy the skins but you can also use real life currency to buy skins. No problems good game!

  26. Kyoisha Jc dice:

    I absolutely love this game. Tho I do rage a lot on it, it doesn’t have a lot of ad’s if any in general. Also it’s very Good to play with all the maps and characters you can unlock (neon nightlife being my favorite)😁👍💓

  27. This game is amazing i play it when i get bored, and mostly outside of the house, i have downloaded the game of over half a year and it never gets boring, if your looking for a game that you need for a boring place that your going at, this is the perfect game i recommend music/song with it, it will be more better and less boring…… 🙂

  28. Very fun, even without new updates it’s still worth it to play. Absolutely no ads when playing the game and watching ads is optional if you want a power-up. So overall it’s a good game. 5/5.

  29. Moth dice:

    This is the new crossy road. The game is fun and easy to play, and can be played offline. There are no ads, and you can customize your cute wall kicker, and the map he plays on. If you remember the old crossy road, you’ll love this game.

  30. It’s the best arcade game on this store istg. Bot having it on your phone should be a crime against humanity. It’s just basic controls trying to get higher and higher and the better you get harder jumps you can accomplish

  31. Yes this game is super fun don’t buy the skins because u can unlock th m freely also there is no random adds that pop up when your playing but I recommend this game because it is fun and there are no random adds. Ps sry bout the run on sentences.

  32. NA games dice:

    Simple and fun, free and wastes no storage, wastes barely any charge, alot of skins and a whole lot of new map skins perfect game although could add a better way to use coins as random ball things kinda get old

  33. Tigs 2 dice:

    Great game! It’s fun, addictive and customizable! Just one problem, when I installed time surfer through the character in wall kickers, I didn’t get him… Old fix

  34. The game is pure joy. But a lot of times the game does not register my 2nd jump (backflip) and I die. Can you please fix this? I’m certain that it is no defect on my side. Using pixel 6 pro in the Android 13 beta – maybe this has something to do with the issue?

  35. Sam Dewing dice:

    An amazing, offline, low battery game, which almost everyone should alreast try. Weather you are board or simply thought that the game looked interesting, I 100% recommend this game. It has very little adds and overall this game is amazing. One thing I think should be in the game is an ‘online race’ game mode, which you have the option to play when you load up the game.

  36. Love this game, it’s a boredom buster for me, I play it when I need a relaxing easy game. It’s super easy and so addicting. The reason I gave 4 ⭐s is because there are no more skins to get… I’m up to 673 coins but nothing to do with them

  37. mintyie dice:

    Really fun game! I love how the whole map is endless and doesn’t finish, and there are many different characters and maps to buy with your collected coins, one thing I didn’t like though is that the next free coin gift will take a longer time to get each time you open one, so if you want to collect coins from the map it will take forever! There are very little coins in the map to collect, other than that it’s a really entertaining game.

  38. Its really good game and there is not alot of ads, not like the other games ad every single seconds its perfect if you are boring and you want to play something offline, Download now!

  39. Dan dice:

    This is a good game. I think the simplicity and the design are really good and the game play is bug free. The game is really easy to learn and it’s good how you dont need a lot of time while playing, because it is not an online game.

  40. reje reje dice:

    best offline game on the app store right now. everything is perfect. zero forced ads (optional for coins). every character and map can be unlocked just by playing the game without ads or bought for a reasonable price. the gameplay is REALLY fun and new maps avoid it feeling repetitive. & the higher you get, the better your headstart becomes 🙂 I really love this game

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