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Motive Driver App does it all. ELD compliance, safety dashcam, inspections, etc.
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The Motive Driver App makes recording Hours of Service (HOS) on your Android phone or tablet fast and easy.
It complies with the FMCSA regulations, including Part 395. When used with the Motive Vehicle Gateway device, the app helps fleets and individual commercial drivers meet their obligations outlined under the ELD mandate.
Supports current Canadian Federal Hours of Service (HOS) regulations.
Connect the Motive Driver App to the Motive Vehicle Gateway via Bluetooth to stay compliant through an electronic logging device (ELD).
Proactively alerts you when you’re running out of driving time to avoid Hours of Service (HOS) violations.
Displays total hours worked for the week and your available Hours of Service for any given day and the following day.
Can be switched to Inspection Mode to show ELD logs to an officer during a roadside inspection without compromising the driver’s privacy.

When dispatched, GPS location data is shared to the Motive Fleet Dashboard to update dispatchers and fleet managers on stops and arrivals.

Review Motive Dashcam videos and safety events to understand driving performance.
See your DRIVE risk score, a benchmark against Motive’s entire network of vehicles.

Confirm and receive assigned dispatches.
View important load details and manage tasks for active deliveries.
Review past dispatches.
Message your fleet manager or dispatcher directly through the Motive Driver App.
Upload important documents, like bills of lading or accident photos.

Complete pre-trip and post-trip driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR) so you can report and keep track of any defects.

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Upload fuel receipts to generate fuel reports in the Motive Fleet Dashboard.

Call or email our friendly 24/7 support team with any questions.

The Motive Driver App is compatible with all Android phones and tablets running Android 5.0 or higher.

Motive Driver App is brought to you by Motive, formerty KeepTruckin. It’s used by drivers and vehicle operators across many industries including trucking and logistics, construction, oil and gas, food and beverage, field service, agriculture, passenger transit, and delivery. For more information about the Motive Driver App and the FMCSA-registered Motive ELD, visit


We’ve made some improvements in the background to make the app work even better.


40 comentarios en "Motive Driver (ex KeepTruckin) MODDED 2022"

  1. Not a good app. We’ve had multiple issues with it being incredibly slow or just not working at all. Half the time when you try to upload a document, it won’t let you select the document type after you take the picture, which of course means you can’t upload the document. Other times, it will randomly disconnect the driver from the vehicle and you have to restart the tablet to get the app to work. Even when just trying to go between screens (Home, Logs, Notes, Documents, etc), it takes forever.

  2. Been using this app for a few years through my company…always gets stuck in drive mode when ur Bluetooth disconne ts and no matter what you do you cannot get it to stop logging that you are driving even when you are not. Take like 24 hours to finally allow you to do anything it’s annoying. But when it works it’s great. Fix it. Allow the driver to access all controls even while in motion because….we aren’t always in motion and cannot do anything to fix the problem from the in motion screen.

  3. Danny dice:

    Can you please make it stop automatically scrolling back to the top in an active dispatch after manually submitting? It’s quite annoying because you have to scroll all the way back down, and the app fights you and keeps jumping back to the top for a moment. It would be fantastic if you returned to where you were already scrolled. Other than that, i think the app is extremely simple and easy! 👌

  4. It’s a nice friendly app but I hate when you stop to change driving to off duty it still stay stuck in driving mode even if you’re stop even when you disconnect from Bluetooth or wifi. I always have to spend half of my break to figure this to get working, what I’ve been doing that work for me is to uninstall the app and redownload it, that suck that I have to do it almost all the time. I hope they fix this problem. I hope those redownload doesn’t count to their 1M+ download it claims.

  5. It’s great for logging hours and dash cam footage. I won’t even get started on the features that it has such as IFTA quarterly reporting, document tracking and indexing, and the whole app is overall pretty easy to use. It sucks when you upload a document and you have to make an edit because of an error AND CAN’T. I uploaded a diesel receipt and accidentally put it as a gasoline receipt. The app will not let you edit anything so there’s that. That’s the only problem I have though.

  6. Everything is good except if you are off duty and forget to put it on personal conveyance. Once you go over 5 mph it records it as drive time. There were multiple times when I didn’t get my 36 hr reset because I needed to run some errands and by the time I realized, it was too late. I asked my dispatcher and they say there’s no way to edit it on their end. The app doesn’t allow you as a driver to edit it. Today my logs show 22 seconds driving time. What run can you do in 22 seconds?!

  7. Mike H dice:

    Most of the time the app is fine. But I have issues where it won’t register that my truck is moving until I stop and reset the connection to my truck. So I could have 3 or 4 hours on a drive that is showing not moving off duty or sleeper. And rn I am having an issue where I used PC for about 20 to get somewhere safe. And I’m currently on 4 hours of PC because it won’t register that the truck is parked. And it’s locked on PC so I can’t change it.

  8. N S dice:

    The app is ok but the AI detection for the severity of braking is bad. In a few months it brought my in app safety score from around 80 to mid 40. I haven’t changed my driving style, it’s just exaggerating the severity of these breaking events. Someone cuts you off and you tap the brake – hard brake! The light suddenly turns red and you come to a stop as you would – hard brake! Etc. Luckily, it doesn’t affect your cdl record so it’s kinda ok but it’s still annoying that that system even exists.

  9. Great. Simple and effective Needs nothing especially adding extra features . The only thing I would recommend and it’s not a big deal at all is that when you take a photo of paper work and after it takes the picture your not able to zoom in on the photo which I’m sure our fleet manager can on a desk top computer . As I said though this is not a big deal and the app is perfect . I would use this also on just basic hourly jobs that have nothing to do with trucking , a kinda time clock. Awesome!

  10. Use to be good, now runs very slow. Freeze’s up while updating staus. Takes a few minutes to fill out forms, DVR’s. May not seem like much. But, when I’m running on my 8th day, every minute is needed. I figured it was my tablet running slow. Turns out, Keep Trucking is the issue. Easily a 5 star app. Hope this issue gets corrected. Thanks!

  11. I love this app! There is one issue with the app that I’ve had on 3 phones, it randomly drops the vehicle while I’m in it and driving. I have to stop and log out of and back into the app for it to recognize the truck again. It doesn’t happen often and I still love the app but it’s frustrating to waste who knows how long trying to find a place to pull over, log out, in and claim the unclaimed driving event and get moving again.

  12. Very sluggish. Press on a key (button) and it acts like it is locked up, but it’s just being stupidly slow to respond. Pops up with erroneous trucks to log into after you’ve logged out of them. I wouldn’t recommend this software. It was bad before the February update now it’s even worse. Trying to connect to Bluetooth is always an adventure in the morning. I hate this software but I’m forced to use it.

  13. 3 stars for frustrating mediocrity. UI is generally good, performance is not. Fails to reconnect to the ELD all the time, even when connected directly with USB. How does it fail to find a connection that is physically there at all times? It boggles the mind. On bluetooth it’s much worse and absolutely infuriating; my $40 blutooth stereo is much more reliable. It’s also slow, often taking a full second to respond to a basic screen press when every other app on the same device runs right.

  14. This eld is horrible. It will get you in trouble with DOT. It doesn’t change status to driving so when I get to my destination, I find out that it’s been on off-duty the entire time even though the screen showed driving. Then the screen freezes so I have to uninstall and reinstall the app. It is so annoying and will definitely get you shut down by DOT. Stay away from it. Get another eld company.

  15. This app has twice failed to record the movement of the truck. The first time it was 3 hours. I moved on an 82 split because the log showed I had enough time to get to the reciever. It was only after I got to the reciever I could see the log wanted me to accept 3 hours. The false information caused me a DOT violation because I come up just short of being able to make it on an 82 split. Your tech support did help me to reboot the system after the second event. Never lost 3hrs on paper.

  16. Why do my reviews keep disappearing? Found dark mode. It’s on the drive screen, bottom right. But it doesn’t apply to the rest of the screens. Also there are 2 settings for split sleeper. 2nd one also on drive screen. Adjustments to the app on the drive screen are a huge fail. Think about that, have to be driving to change settings.

  17. I never had these type of problems with this product before. But this app NO longer has a drive button for editing and sometimes when going off duty after a drive event, the entire event is them move to the drive line. Also when trying to connect to the truck initially. I experienced a download that took several hour and NEVER allowed me to connect. So then I up a NEW account. After this occurred the SYSTEM UI (a hidden application running in android MARSHMELLOW Or higher) became corrupted.

  18. There are many problems with this device. This device will record 10 seconds of drive time, which is ridiculous, and they will not allow you to edit it in any way nor will they. Also, if you use the yard mode feature, you have to turn it off manually, instead of them realizing you’ve been driving for 50 miles and shouldn’t still be on yard mode, and you have to stop the truck to change to regular on duty. They need to model the whole thing after omnitrac.I disliked Schneider, but omnitrac was ok.

  19. I like the app, but with the new updates I’ve been having problems lately. For example, the KT ELD keeps connecting and disconnecting on me sometimes. When I go to on duty or off duty for like a minute it’ll show 23h or so, so then I have to check my log status to see how long I’ve been on break or on duty. Other than that no problems what’s so ever. Can if you can, can y’allchange the 5mph to 15mph because sometimes we drivers have a tough time finding parking and get told to move. Thank you.

  20. The clock has been incorrect when in “off-duty” or “sleeper”. Was told it was because of my device, so to prevent (again) leaving before I legally could, went out and brought another device. Situation didn’t change, then told it would be corrected with update. Still have seen no change. My conclusion because of this is that the app could be expensive (chasing the problem by spending $$) and is not reliable.

  21. I’ve been using this app for 2 years now and would never want to go back to paper. I love that I can have my logs with me all the time and edit as I need. I agree with what some others have said it really needs better notifications. I’d kill for a pop-up when a new message or dispatch comes in instead of having to check every few minutes when I’m empty. I don’t understand the point of the notification tab when it dosen’t actually notify it just lists whats already there in the dispatch tab .

  22. Not bad of an ELD. I have worked with qualcom, big rig, and a few others and the keep trucking Eld app is definitely less invasive and more user-friendly then the others. And thus far I haven’t had any major interference with my cell phone and it seems to not bother the speed of other apps I might be using at the same time. You can’t expect that with Qualcomm the most of us are well-versed with how invasive Qualcomm is

  23. A huge thank you to the developer of this app. This app makes tedious log keeping simple and efficient. I love that it makes clean and simple printable logs and pre trip sheets also. Awesome on every level! Additional feature recommendations: make it possible to carry over vehicle defects from previous day (so you dont have to type out the same unfixed minor defects every day) and make logs editable from the web (for those who are transferring paper logs over, it takes a while on a phone).

  24. Let’s face it. None if the ELDS are really ready for prime time. Compared to the rest of the junk that’s available, this one is toward the top of the junk pile. The list of bugs is pretty long, including simple things like incorrect rounding of numbers. I would think that rounding off to the nearest 15 minute increment (which ELD exempt trucks can still do) would be an elementary task but it seems to elude this particular group of condescending “developers”.

  25. I had updated the app but it continue to give me little problems. The app still doesn’t save my signature for my daily logs. I’m unable to change duty status when it pops a message about signing my logs. It start bugging and don’t save my milage. I have to input them and save. Afterwards, it still continue for me to input my milage. It does become annoying when it mess up. Other then that, I do enjoy the app. It’s better then the other ELD’s I experienced.

  26. Generally the program works pretty well and does its job and Bells and whistles are nice. Biggest complaint is that this system does not allow for more than one company to have full access to the program. As someone working as drive a way that works for multiple companies, this creates a large problem and one keep trucking seems to care less about fixing. The tracking is extremely Inconsistent, basic programs like life 360 Tracks 10X better. Would help if “notes” remembered typed in info desc

  27. Use to work just fine. Now its terrible, complete trash. Customer service is horrible. When they finally answer the phone they are no help. I have the newest iPad just for the eld book. Everything is updated but some how the eld disconnects and I have to reconnect it while driving. The Eld book doesnt read my drive time at all. Stay away from keeptruckin. It’s always the drivers equipment fault. Never there five dollar black box.

  28. Very happy with this app. It is easy to use and hardware installation is easy too. Reason for 3 stars is because it does not stop 14h clock after first qualifying break using new split rule from Sep.29. This situation makes new rule useless, cause thats is exact change that us driver wanted. My dad uses omnitracs and his clock stops on both qualifying breaks. I dont know why omnitracs can do it and keeptrucking not??? Reasoning that you guys give does not make sense.

  29. My job qualifies for the short haul exemption and I am not required to use a log. I use this app anyways as an electronic log book, not an ELD for the ease of it. I have found it to be easy to use and reliable. Very functional. I can print copies of my logs if necessary, email them or save them to my device. It is, in my opinion, very easy to use and convenient, not to mention very neat and organized. If using this as I do, make sure you save each change of duty status or you will lose it!

  30. The split sleeper berth clocks a great addition. 5th star, when the developer adds a writen time to drive, for example: clock says there is 5 hours, 27 minutes of driving available when split breaks are satisfied. Thus the driver is looking at this clock, a statement in this window will state; driving may start at 7:15. The application uses an algorithm that calculates the past breaks (either sleeper or the accumulated on duty/off duty. And add an alarm clock using the phones sound system.

  31. When you disconnect your bluetooth Becuse you need to use bluetooth. But not the KT app/device It keeps trying to reconnect without permission and with the only way to stop this unwanted behavior is to uninstall the app and reinstall it when needed. A complete waste of my time my data. This app may be #1 logging app. That does not mean it works correctly / or effectively. It just shows how sad the others are. Windows never did fix the blue screen of death.

  32. App fails to open after a month or so of logs when connecting to internet again. This is on a Google Nexus 7 2013 (gen 2). The tablet still runs great with plenty of other apps, just this one has issues. Please fix. Other than that, it’s a fairly feature full app, but could definitely use some more polish.

  33. App is frozen in driving mode. I called tech support and they told me to turn the bluetooth setting off but this app keeps turning it back on! I’ve been sitting almost an 1/2 hour trying to fix it and YES, I did restart the tablet. It still will not come out if driving mode even though I’ve been parked for 30 minutes.

  34. Overall great app. The next to useless countless updates are the only complaint. Over the last few years the hours of service haven’t really changed, but I’ve lost count of the updates that my company is always calling and demanding. It gets aggravating when the only updates are for things that have NOTHING to do with the true functionality of the app.

  35. using this app while connected to the truck completely disables all other functions of your phone. you cannot make an emergency phone call or use your GPS maps or anything else on your phone because the logbook screen will not reduce the background. the only way you can use your phone and still maintain a logbook with this app is to run it in the manual mode and make entries just like you would with paper logs. this is totally unacceptable to reduce a $1,000 smartphone to a freaking log book only

  36. I had other electronic logs before and this is the best and with very few issues. Once rolled my time back while taking 30 break, luckily I take screenshots every time I change status. From 34 minutes off duty time rolled me back to 29 minutes. The issue I have is with the customer support been useless of fixing this problems. I had to stop and take another 40 minutes break just to be sure. But, it only happened once.

  37. This app used to be top notch five stars, but has started to get more and more bugs over the last 2 years and is less easy to use than it used to be. This morning it suddenly won’t let me edit an inspection so I can add mileage to it. It used to automatically write your latest milage to the inspection but doesn’t anymore. All this said it’s still a good app. I hope it doesn’t get any worse though. I’d like to keep using it.

  38. Over all very nice! Super intuitive, easy to use, options to edit logs, enter trailer numbers and so on, ability to use yard move so you do not use your driving hours Now the not so good! When you using On Duty Yard Move , it allows you to drive with no speed limit But, you have to cancel Yard Move manually, it does not kick you out automatically, if you forget to do it you will be On Duty until you remember to cancel It should be easy to implement to put you on Drive Duty once you reach 15 mph

  39. I’ve been using this for years. Easy to use, easy to understand. Never truly had any major problems. It’s been installed and used on my phone, now currently on my Samsung tablet. Working great. If had to contact customer service with any issues, it was quickly resolved. Keep up the great work keep truckin.

  40. This is hands down best logbook provider out there. Extra features in more expensive package are definitely worth as they significantly cut down on bookkeeping work. We tried to switch to different eld provider that promised great features, but two months later went back with KeepTruckin and never ever switching again.

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