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1000+ emoji, theme and keyboard wallpaper!
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Enjoy every tap and personalize your emoji keyboard!

* Personalize your keyboard with your favorite photo
* Personalize your texting with 1000+ colorful emoji and funny sticker(update weekly)
* Personalize your chatting with fancy and beautiful font
* 200 million users’ first choice just like you

Are you bored with plain android keyboard? We offer the personalized keyboard with new emoji, emoji arts, fancy keyboard wallpaper, beautiful theme, colorful keyboard font to key tone, etc.

GO Keyboard – Emoticon keyboard, Many Theme, GIF delivers auto-correction and a user-friendly interface. It supports 60+ languages and thousands of themes. The emoji and emoji arts in the keyboard are compatible across all popular apps, like Facebook, Hotmail and Whatsapp etc. Meanwhile, you are free to use colorful font with emoji keyboard to stand out among your friends.

Key features:
– Keyboard wallpaper, personalize your keyboard with your own photo theme
– 1000+ emoji, tap more fun with fashionable emoji when you are chatting
– 10000+themes, customize your keyboard with beautiful themes
– Facny font, choose your favorite keyboard font to stand out
– Rich and colorful sticker, use sticker to show your feeling
– Support 60+ languages and cover 100+ countries in the world

★ FREE emoji, emoji arts and other smiley emoji (ʘ‿ʘ)
Communicate with emoji and emotions such as ( ^ω^) ! Emoji and emoji arts speak 1000 times louder than words! Easy to find emoji and emoji arts in keyboard area.

Try to take a photo or select a photo from your album or pre-loaded images as keyboard wallpaper

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We offer you over 100 beatiful font including Toshiyana, Rayna, Elgtion, Basileia and other popular font chatting with emoji keyboard.

★ VARIOUS LAYOUTS, gesture typing and support for tablet device
It provides various layouts such as QWERTY keyboard, QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboard for pad tablet.

★ PRIVACY and security
We will never collect your personal info including credit card information.

For more emoji and info, follow us on FACEBOOK: http://goo.gl/kLxbSl
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GOKeyboard_tt
Korean- KO
Malay- MS
Philippines(Tagalog)- TL
Thai- TH

Go Keyboard Emoji, Wallpaper is a product of Sungy Mobile/Jiubang Digital. Use of this app is governed by Terms of Service: http://resource.gomocdn.com/soft/file/term/1272/gokeyword_agreement.html and Privacy Policy: http://resource.gomocdn.com/GOMO_Apps/GOKeyboard_Lite.html


User experience of keyboard improvements.


40 comentarios en "GO Keyboard Lite – Many Theme MODDED 2022"

  1. I’ve been using this since I first purchased a smart phone. The ads all the time are horrible, so I would purchase 1 or 2 themes I really liked for a few bucks. Recently my phone was accidentally reset. When downloading this again its now either free with a bunch of ads, or a steep monthly fee. So…I’m currently looking for a new keyboard app.

  2. Best free keyboard I’ve used. Out of 8 others. Best features and functions. Has ads if you edit the settings with internet enabled. Has around 20+ skins bit of you set one and change the background, the font and buttons react as the theme still, so it helps personalization. The worst things are that it seems to have constant struggles with swipe typing and and constantly tries to type abv or bnv etc. just type a little more focused though and it happens less. Other hard words;; gaming, ???, ???

  3. I love go keyboard,but this app has several problems.Idk if it is phone related,but every time I reboot, I have to always click the app to keep this. It has become a major problem for I am used to this app for I been using it for years and I don’t like the plain keyboard. This also goes with the themes as well. Hopefully this problem will be solved.

  4. I have been using this app for about 3 years now and i love it. I love that you can personalize your keyboard background with your own pictures, and it’s very easy to use. Here lately though it has been randomly switching back to my phones default keyboard, and not staying synced to my phone. Please fix!

  5. I love this keyboard and have used it for quite a while. Recently however when I edit my personal dictionary to add new stuff, it basically freezes, and I quite often have to restart the phone. This is a Samsung A53, if that helps. Update: Is no-one actually reading this? Problem still persists as of Oct 2022.

  6. I’ve been using this app for years and honestly I love this keyboard but, now my security app that looks out for threats is flagging Go Keyboard regarding safety issues. I’ve had this security app for years and it has only recently flagged Go Keyboard as a serious threat to my phone. This app needs to be improved where it’s less invasive/steals less data, also, the ads are highly annoying.

  7. Long time user on various phones for many years. Just updated to a Pixel 6 with Android 13 but now the suggestions bar is missing. I have looked through settings and it is set up exactly the same as my Poco 3 NFC which has the bar. Any chance of a fix or a reason why ? Edit, dropped to 1 star due to no reply to my post so lacking support

  8. Malinka NY dice:

    Used this app for a several years n loved it,but recently the security of my two phones were alarming to remove it n then it was forced to stop by the system. When I re-downloaded it i was shocked- they want the access to literary everything on ur phone. Steeling too much personal information, bye bye.👎

  9. Unusable. I’ve used this keyboard for years without issue. Recently the stores play protection has kicked in and is forcing many users to suddenly be unable to use this app and force uninstall it due to been seen as malicious by the store app security. Allegedly the app is now stealing personal data such as passwords which has flagged the play stores security.

  10. I’ve been using this keyboard since I first got a smart phone, like 8 years ago. It has been great, very easy to use. But All of a sudden in the last few days in T9 mode, it predicts “g” in the “ghi” button instead of “I”. And it predicts “AT&T” when I want to write “but”. Why in the world would I want these predictions as the default?! It is very very annoying. I didn’t even do an update in the app when this happened. Learning how to use another T9 keyboard till this is fixed.

  11. $10 a month for a keyboard????? I’m willing to pay for an app but that is lunacy. Uninstalling immediately…. Seems smooth for the most part but not worth a subscrition. I would pay $10 flat and even that is pushing it.

  12. Has always been an issue tagging people in the likes of Facebook. Say when you tag 3 people and press submit to a page on Facebook , all that will appear is 2 dots and the tag of just one person. Happens in t9 mode anyway. Sort it please. Long term issue. Still wont remeber new words on t9 mode

  13. This app is useless. Firstly,you have to download a theme from PlayStore. Secondly,the app crashes. Meaning you can be typing something essential and the keyboard goes away and you have to reopen the app after clearing it from recent tabs meaning all your work is gone. Lastly,the keyboard uses your audio meaning whatever you say to the spoaker is useless,you can’t call and expect to be heard,U can’t send audio on WhatsApp,you can’t even record. All problems start a while after u install.

  14. I’ve always installed this app in my divices and of course i installed it in my new phone only to find out that its no longer free but costs $59.99 a year and that’s incredibly ridiculous. Also I’m pretty sure it’s false advertising seeing how it says best free keyboard and photo editor. Oh well guess I’ll have to find another app to download!!! I’m so disappointed!!!

  15. Downloaded to have sounds for my keyboard. There are no themes for this keyboard. You have to pay monthly or yearly to have the themes. This is no better then any of the other keyboard apps. The other keyboard apps at least are free and have themes. Don’t download this trash app!!!

  16. MrMaxinne dice:

    Pretty good but the drag to type still leaves ALOT to be desired, sometimes it’ll just miss completely the word you’re trying to to type, happened to me writing this review; it’ll even suggest grammatically incorrect words or words that don’t exist.

  17. 1. “hot topic bar” the you can’t remove from above the keyboard. only hide momentarily. It is IRRELEVANT and takes up space on your screen. 2. ads. 3. keeps as much data on you as possible. 4. logs in to your google account without your authorization. There are TOO MANY other options to go with, so bye bye GO! I’m almost fine with you keeping all that data on me but that hot topics bar is just nasty.

  18. BEWARE! I installed this app and don’t remember being told that the subscription was $59.99/year. I tried the keyboard but did not like it’s function as well as my SwiftKey keyboard and uninstalled it within 5 minutes. I thought this would cancel my subscription, like when I would not get charged for a “Pro” app that I paid for when immediately uninstalled. Not so with this app.. Well after I uninstalled the app I got a charge for $59.99 on my credit card. After I tracked down what the charge was for I began looking for a way to get a refund.. I was able to cancel the subscription but it still runs until 01/04/2019, a year after the date my card was charged.. Entered a refund request on the Google Play Store site explaining all this and got the reply “We received your refund request for Subscription For A Year (GO Keyboard Lite – Emoji keyboard, Free Theme, GIF), but we can’t provide a refund for this purchase because it doesn’t meet with our policy. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.” Even though their refund policy explicitly states “You may get an automatic refund if you uninstall a paid app shortly after first buying it.” I guess MAY is the operative word here..

  19. It doesn’t have this § symbol. Pls add it in. The auto correct feature will sometime turn off, and I have to turn it back on manually . Too many ads. Plus add in a clipboard feature and also why do we have to download a separate app for every sticker and themes?? Other than that, It’s great!

  20. sl23 dice:

    Only just started using this but I hate the qwerty style as I find it so much slower in use than the old t9 Nokia style. I just wish I could hide some of the lesser used icons and purchase this as a base app without all the emoji and addon rubbish. I don’t want or need all that useless flashy addon stuff. Also would like the ability to change colour without reporting to themes. Thanks for a great keyboard please don’t ever change it 😁

  21. Love the keyboard just like your sms app BUT $9.99/monthly or $59.99/yearly for VIP which is just free vip themes & to remove your Ad’s??? Thats Crazy!! & it’s not for both the keyboard & sms app if u want both NO I gotta pay that price for each App?! Thats $20/month my Netflix, Hulu, & Amazon Prime combine cost $20/mo. All your themes should be free or Id watch a Ad video to get one free. And you should just have the option of just removing Ads for a one time fee of $1.99 like a lot of apps.

  22. zskk dice:

    This keyboard would have a great potential if it wasn’t such a terrible bloatware. I’d pay decent money for the functionality it offers without transmitting gods-know-what amount of data back and forth. I simply do not trust it. And that on top of all the battery-eating fireworks that are just useless. Very very anti-consumer product.

  23. This app is not free anymore, google play requested $59.99/year, I used Go Keyboard app for more than 10 years, suddenly 2 days ago, this app did not working for Chinese handwriting, now I select Lite version, it says FREE, but after I installed, google asked me to pay $59.99/year after 3 days’ trial. At least, Chinese handwriting is working after trial. Other 2 version, Go Keyboard and Go Keyboard PRO, both failed on Chinese handwriting. Be careful on choosing these app!

  24. Natey natE dice:

    Awesome keyboard. Like the layout & options. Only problem is i can’t find the clipboard. When i long press something & save it, it gives the clipboard option. So apparently there is a clipboard. I just can’t access it. Fix this & you’ll definitely get a 5 star from me. ****UPDATE**** found the clipboard finally. If ur reading this & can’t find the clipboard. It’s n the typing window. The same place u long press 2 highlight a word you’ve typed, long press the window & clip tray will come up.

  25. Its not bad but auto correct and prediction almist NEVER comes up. Only in a selecr few apps do they activate. They dont even worj in my browser apps. Thus is incredibly annoying abd keads to a lot of stupid typos. Infacf, as at the time if writing this review, auto correct is not availabkd, thete isnt even a prediction bar. Hence the typos.

  26. Few notes: The app isn’t bad, however, 1) There are small delays while launching the Keyboard (especially during gaming) 2) The app is a little over sized (it takes a good amount of internal storage). 3) Arabic letter distribution is not correct and doesnt match Samsung Keyboards.

  27. Trying to get help with this matter. My prev msgs state following.Please reply.”Setting up my new Galaxy Tab A with Fairyland Go Lite keyboard that I’ve used for a long time on my phone. The option for arrows on the keyboard is no longer in the display options.I love the arrows on my phone. I use them often with my disabilities and the affect on my typing skills. The large keys, arrows &.colors are why I started with Fairyland, so I would really like the arrows option on my tab a”

  28. Terrible. Everytime I start typing, words that I didn’t type appear in my text box, then a new window pops up with those words and attempts to do an internet search. Its disruptive and if you exit out of the window it takes a minute to load the keyboard again, only for it to do the same stupid thing.

  29. this is the best keyboard apps ever. you can put your own backgroud keyboard picture. you can choose the font. you can choose the sound when you type on it. you can choose how many language you want. this apps is complete. its perfect. I reccomend this apps to everyone. CHOOSE THIS GO KEYBOARD APPS ONLY. DONT CHOOSE OTHER GO KEYBOARD

  30. Its a nice app but i have a problem with this app, I shut down my phone every night when I go to bed next morning when I turned on my phone the keyboard disappeared no matter what I do it just won’t come up. Keyboard only appeared after I went to the app and changed some options. If I have to do this the all time I turn on my phone I’m gonna uninstall go Keyboard😒

  31. Julie Sam dice:

    This is a good app, I can do everything with my keyboard. Change the font style, put sound effect when I’m typing. And also I can install and find a cute themes here in this app. But I have one problem, when you download a theme you need to install an app so it will work. I tried other keyboard apps, you don’t need to install an app. But I think it’s okay to me if I don’t have themes in my keyboard. It’s a good app you should try it

  32. This keyboard brings more fun towards texting and messaging. The keyboard has many customizable options to select from. Customizing a keyboard is useful and it will be something to help everyone improve a user friendly design they choose.

  33. I have been using this keyboard for many years.. This is my favourite keyboard , specially for typing in Urdu its a great one. But it has only one fault that it goes back and does not open itself.. We have to change from setting many times.. Hope that this issue will be recovered soon

  34. It’s a cute idea, however when I installed it my mic stops working. It’s not really worth it I can do without the Emojis because that’s all I really wanted. And sure enough after I uninstalled it my mic started working again.

  35. So sad. It used to be one of the best keyboards for android. It has Ads but they are not too noisy. And you can customize many details as the top bar. Just for my brand new p20 lite, 99% of the theme are “not compatible”… I hope to find just one which has not glitter butterfly or super kawaii puppets Peccato. Era una delle migliori tastiere per android. La pubblicita c’è ma non è invadente, e si possono personalizzare molti dettagli, anche i bottoni in alto. Peccato che per il mio p20 lite appena comprato il 99% dei temi “non siano compatibili”…… spero di trovarne almeno uno che sia acettabile e non abbia farfalle glitterate o pupazzetti kawaiissimi.

  36. Best Black keyboard theme that I’ve seen yet. If you use you cell phone keyboard a lot, you will love this app’s “Black-Free” theme. It has curser shift keys that make your typing much easier if you need to make corrections within the text. Give this app a try.

  37. Been using for a number of years and was great. HOWEVER last night a payment of £47.99 was taken from my account for an annual subscription! £47.99 a year for keyboard??? Absolutely shocking! Avoid this app like the plague!

  38. I described my experience, The reason is this GO Keyboard is more amazing, Than other keyboards I’ve used. And one more issue, I’ve been using this keyboard once 2019. Even there’s no problems in this app, All fixed obviously, I’ve just rated this app 4/5 because.. Sometimes when I flip my Keyboard down. It looks more bigger than the other KEYBOARDS I used, I have no reason why it’s big, But nevermind it’s okay for me.

  39. I had a worst experience using this app. The keyboard would just disappear when I am typing. It takes time to wait for ti to pop up again. It delays time especially when you are replying to a very important message

  40. chris shaw dice:

    Wow, I never thought a keyboard could make typing on a phone unbearable. Pops up with suggestions in the middle of typing, feature is turned off and it still does it. Worst auto help feature ever.

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