Give It Up!: Beat Jumper & Tap MODDED 2022


Feel the rhythm, let the music flow, and jump to the beat of some catchy songs!
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GIVE IT UP! – Beat Jumper & Music Rhythm Tap is a rather difficult beat jumper game where you have to assist the cheerful, singing ball named Blob to hop and jump through 18 different tracks as the challenges stack up. Tap to the rhythm with the right timing and feel the melody as Blob jumps up and down with the help of the beat of the music! You’re the beat jumper, so bounce and hop to the rhythm in this gem among musical games!

This indie game is based on a simple one-touch musical gameplay that will keep you entertained for hours as you tap your way through this beat jumper game as a ball named Blob! Beware, if you rush and don’t tap at the right time, poor Blob will not bounce and hop, but rather smear and disappear. Listen carefully to the track – it helps! This rhythm game is all about jumping! Just follow the road as you leave a trail of color behind you!
Jump and bounce your way through the levels, push your skills to the limit as you follow the rhythm, and avoid the dangerous obstacles while you enjoy some really catchy music.

Rhythm-based jumping adventure with obstacles to avoid as well as platforms to jump on. Be the best beat jumper even when the challenges stack up! This is not another one of those jumping games where you mindlessly tap the tiles! This is an exciting rhythm jumper game with infectious rhythm!
Single tap control – sounds easy right? Just make sure that you tap with the right timing so that Blob hops, bounces, and survives. Jump and bounce your way through this rhythm game.
3 rhythm difficulty levels for every song. Each level can be played in easy, medium, or hard mode. Be warned, however, this music game is really addictive!
Unlock new songs to customize your experience, help you with your jumping, and feel the beat! Choose them in the menu and tap the tiles to a new rhythm.


Lose yourself in some catchy songs with an addictive beat. Just follow the rhythm of the music while you tap the screen as you jump through the game leaving a trail of color with your ball behind you! Make sure Blob jumps with the right timing as you rush down the road! Enjoy all the fun in this best of all musical games!

Who will love this musical game?
• Those who love when the challenges stack up.
• Those who love music beat games.
• Those who enjoy sweating during games.
• Those who can feel the rhythm and the beat.
• Those who feel up for it.
• Those who don’t fear their devices.
• Those who adore jumping on tiles.
• Those who can be a color ball who loves to hop.
• Those who are able to follow a music beat and love dancing.

Who will hate it? EVERYONE! Challenge yourself with the near impossible. This is a highly difficult rhythm game unlike other jumping games: experience personal growth as you develop your jumping skills in an arcade-style progression and become friends with a ball named Blob. Through tapping and touching, follow the rhythm to play along as the challenges stack up on the road ahead. Just remember, follow the beat of the music and you’ll make it to the end! You’re the beat jumper, so hop along to the rhythm and jump on all the colored tiles! Try this beat jumper game – the best game among music games!

This is an offline game, so there is no need to have an Internet connection to play. Hop to the beat and enjoy the innovative indie game experience as you jump and bounce through the best of the music games out there! Tap to the music and feel the rhythm!
Download it now and experience a brand new music game with an awesome soundtrack – an addictive sound experience!
Check out Give It Up! 2 for the sequel of this musical game with new levels, soundtracks, challenges, and much more!


Give It Up! Anniversary Update

- Complete graphics overhaul
- Automatic cloud backup
- 9 new very tough stages have been added for a total of 36
- Daily Challenge difficulty can now be selected
- Checkpoints have been placed for every stage
- Shield system: Equip your blob with shields to prevent a few mistakes
- Rewarded video and offer wall for coins
- Coin packs have been added as in-app purchase items
- Simple and easy to use UI
- New app icon
- Various performance improvements


40 comentarios en "Give It Up!: Beat Jumper & Tap MODDED 2022"

  1. Amy Dee dice:

    Game sucks right out the gate. 👏👏👏Bravo that’s a new one. So you must touch the screen when this blob thing touches the ground, this is the ONLY instruction. Ok, level 1, done. Level 2 they add spikes, if you don’t hit the ground exactly when the blob touches the green pad it throws off his jumps. I didn’t miss a beat, come up to the 2nd spike & EVERY SINGLE TIME, no matter what it lands on the spike. Are you given instructions how to avoid this? Nope. All you know is don’t miss a beat. Delet

  2. Don’t listen to the other reviews, I installed it and it works great. The controls are explained simply, tap before you land to jump two tiles, don’t tap for one. And it has always responded to my touch. The issue people have is that it’s insanely challenging and fast. The gameplay flies by, and it makes it hard to time your jumps well. Good game, very hard.

  3. There’s too many ads. But the reason I’m uninstalling is because the game is glitchy. There’s an occasional lag which kills your character, and about half of the time, the moving bridges aren’t timed right. So whether you jump or not, you’re dead. In a game where timing is everything, these components make it unplayable most of the time. Also, the screen doesn’t always respond when tapped. The ads are easy to get around, but the fact that the game itself is unplayable is why I’m uninstalling.

  4. Seems to advertise itself as a cute rhythm game, but it’s a rage game. Even the tutorial is frustrating. I played the impossible game and that makes it much more abvious when you should or shouldn’t jump. In this you need to be looking so far ahead and counting the path that all looks exactly the same and you can’t juat use the music. If you try to stay on beat it punishes you. Might be for some people, but don’t be fooled. It’s a rage game.

  5. Dj dice:

    The touch sensitivity on this game is infuriating. It rarely picks up when im tapping. I shouldnt have to almost break my screen for it to realize I’m trying to jump. And there isnt any setting to try and adjust the touch sensitivity either, unlike other games. Speaking of which, they advertise this as a “rhythm game”. Its not. In rhythm games your taps are supposed to line up with the rhythm of music, there is no music here, just sounds of the character hitting the platforms.

  6. Ema dice:

    I didn’t have a great time playing the game so far, the main difficulty isn’t the platforming itself but rather the controls, a little bit of more cayote time would be perfect. Then some design issues: using shields I bet is a great way to make the game easier but you can’t use them when you don’t have gold to buy them. Putting the shop button right where I think most players would press to jump, on the restart screen also is a bit frustrating. The game has a really good concept though.

  7. Full of ads and it wasn’t like this before. Game itself hasn’t changed and it’s still fun & good. But ads shows up so often, it’s interfering with the game play(It’s like ads7 : game2 : loading1). Also for some reasons it keeps signing me off from Google play account so I constantly have to sign in and even I do sign in, it doesn’t really sign me into my account, it signs me in as a random level 3 user. Makes me worried if it’ll save the progress.

  8. Impossible. The amount of times I hit the screen and the blob doesnt bounce so hits a spike is insane. It’s way too hard and too fast, and honestly makes me wonder if its deliberately killing you even if you do hit it right just to play more adverts. Make it less sensitive, also offer an option to do the courses at different speeds so you can practice where you go wrong at slow speed to help you pass it at full speed. It’s just completely unenjoyable as it currently is.

  9. I don’t normally write reviews but for those thinking of getting this game I would not recommend it. First the levels are extremely difficult but if you like a challenge game that might not be a problem to you. Second when you tap the screen to jump it sometimes doesn’t register so you end up dying which I find extremely frustrating. Third is that the game will freeze for no reason even when I have amazing WiFi and then will immediately kill me for no reason I would not recommend this game.

  10. I can’t understand what’s the point of making a game insanely hard? It’s okay to have insanely hard mode in the game, but not having an easy or normal mode isn’t something I can understand. I was stuck on level 2 for about an hour before I uninstalled it. Many times I pressed to jump but was miliseconds late. Add an option to reduce the speed and you’ll get more stars from me.

  11. Mosil dice:

    Really a fun little game! the right amount of challenging and not too hard or frustrating. Yeah, it takes some tries to complete the levels but what fun would the game be if it were too simple? 😉 Also I like the little beats the game makes. 🙂

  12. MasterQ 19 dice:

    Great concept, cute graphics and I love the music. But my reason for 4 starts is b/c even tho the jumps start out on beat, the more you jump, the more off tempo it gets. It’s very slight, but it’s enough to throw off the timing. Maybe slowing down the rhythm would help. Hello Yogurt by LoadComplete is a good example.

  13. Andy Lu dice:

    Some things don’t get explained (eg. green lit tiles, tiles with x on it). Description is misleading; tapping along with just the rhythm won’t get you far. Very difficult (level after tutorial is already very long + instant death). Checkpoints require payment I think. You can’t use in-game coins to buy a specific outfit (only useful for gacha rolls). An ad every three tries is a lot, but the cost is more than reasonable for what this game offers.

  14. VERY TOUCHY won’t recognize I’m there tapping and tapping, when it does it stops and is the most irritating thing ever. I got to level 2 till it started being touchy. Also I’ve seen many critical reviews and they all say the things I am saying and they are VERY true. Do better and put more time in.

  15. Alex Arias dice:

    The idea is good, but it’s just like that one popular game back in 2010 or something, it’s just trial and error because you never know what’s coming. In another note, the timing is impossible: some times you need to press half a second earlier or later, due to performance issues. Also, the fact that, if you want any skin for the Blob, you need to pay almost 1€. For each skin.

  16. Very very difficult game I am playing this games for 2 weeks but I barely passed 4 levels but it is very addictive and more being more intresting time to time I love this game. First I thought it have some touch sensitivity problem but after some time it realised that when I tap just the player touches ground it jumps but whenever I tap not in that interval it recognises nothing it seems so challenging to me and even more intresting.

  17. This is a great game to pick up when you only have a few minutes to play, or if you have a while to pass some time. It’s simple yet complex, and challenges your brain while being super fun! The only complaint I have is that there are so many ads but it doesn’t bother me that much because they aren’t too frequent.

  18. This game is fair but infuriating, it’s simple mechanics makes sure you know its your own fault when you mess up and die. I would highly recommend this game to someone looking for a challenging game to play while trying to waste a little time. I would’ve given 5 star but it asked me to rate directly after beating a level that took me over 220 tries.

  19. I can definitely see why this is hard for some people,its a rage quit game,easy to understand and contol but 1 mistake can get you back to the drawing board,but for people who played more harder music game like geometry dash,its not that difficult but I just need to get used to the controls and timing.

  20. Honestly, it is a great game. I don’t usually give reviews but I don’t understand the hate it is getting. For some people it might be hard, but I think this is a fun challenge game. I believe the problem people are having is that they keep jumping even when they don’t have to. Suggestion to the devs: make it clear you only jump over obsicles

  21. It’s not that bad, but the tutorial suddenly gets faster after 2 rounds and I can’t even hear the music over the little guy squeaking. It’s not a rytheme game as everyone thought it was, it’s just “tap to the beat” And sometimes even going perfect with keeping the beat, you’ll still die from something.

  22. Cloudy Sky dice:

    Idk, it’s mid. It’s vibes are good, but its very plain. This isn’t a bad thing, don’t get me wrong, I just feel like having nothing else going on brings more attention to the fact it doesn’t register my taps half the time. I’m sure it’ll work for some people more than others, and it’d be a great game if it wasn’t for the registering, but it’s fine as it is. I’m sure some people LOVE it, it’s just not doing it for me, yknow?

  23. Its good but can you make the checkpoints free because some games have free checkpoints and this game you have to pay and it doesn’t make sense And If you want your game to be more likeable put coins in the platforms and fix the lags.

  24. Mollyarty dice:

    …what? The instructions are to hit the blob in time with the music and when it hits the ground….but you start on the ground with no music. I waited for the music to start and nothing. I tried to quit which started the blob hopping but then the things all lit up green like I was hitting them properly and I was just sitting there. All in all, terrible instructions for a broken game.

  25. A dice:

    I only played this game for like 5 minutes and I’m already very frustrated because is so hard. The tutorial is cute, the song that I heard so far are cool, but the synchronisation must be perfect to do something and I didn’t even pass the tutorials because the game is supet hard. Please work on it and I’ll give it another try.

  26. No checkpoint. I thought the greeny one was the checkpoint so that I could continue. But nothing. Sometimes they make the spike look like a green and make me dead. The instruction manual was so confusing that I thought I should tap on every tile. Hahaha. Best game ever, but devs put ads every time I die. It’s so annoying. Consider to uninstall? No I don’t think so. I enjoy playing this game.💕

  27. Overall the game is alright, after playing it for 5 minutes though I’m already bored of it. And it’s safe to say that this music definitely isn’t my type to listen to, it’s extremely annoying and only adds to the frustration on harder levels as if it’s there to annoy you. Throwing in the constant ads I’ve been getting only adds to this annoyance, if the gameplay wasn’t as okayish as it is I would have given a 1 star.

  28. From what I can tell, this is being advertised as a rythm game. It is not. There are so many things wrong with this game that make it not a rythm game. Such as the ability to move through a level faster depending on when you tap. It’s boring if you go slowly and infuriating if you go quickly.

  29. I really wanted to like this game, but its just too difficult. A lot of this stems from the music not syncing with the jumps despite this game describing itself as a rhythm game. I spent almost half an hour just trying to get through the tutorial, only to not be able to even beat level 1. To its benefit, I did find it a slight bit easier to play with the sound completely off, but that just feels even more backwards.

  30. I love this game and so does my son. I purchased a $2.99 coin bundle which is the most expensive one of the game earlier this afternoon. I was credited those coins and use them for the game. Then just now, I made the purchase again because I ran out of coins. They took the $2.99 for my bank account but did not credit me the coins in the game. I tried closing and refreshing the game several times and they are still not there. I emailed the company and have not received a reply back from them.

  31. This sucks, where is the zero star option? Even the tutorial is hard, and you need to rely on the goddamn visuals, and that makes it NOT a rhythm game. Also, the name really makes sense, this game makes you want to give up and the controls and input lag and general lag make it impossible. This game is the worst game ive ever played, feels more unfair than unfair mario

  32. It could be a fun game but I have a hard time getting the rhythm because the music is kinda weird. Also, you have to time it so you don’t land on the spikes and you sometimes need to not tap?? I find this game extremely frustrating and I don’t enjoy it very much 🙁

  33. For a rhythm game, where you’re supposed to tap with the beat of the track, the obstacles are poorly placed, meaning you can either tap with the beat and fail, or wing it based on the text instructions and ignoring the music completely.

  34. It took me 51 tries to beat stage 5 because I would always bounce at the wrong time. I thought it would be easy at first, but man it’s so challenging because it’s not just about following the beat, it’s getting the time right to bounce and that’s why it’s so good and challenging. This game deserves a five star rating.

  35. Amy T dice:

    I have given it up! Going through very extremely difficult tutorial and just thought it’s ridiculous. Looked good and I usually love beat jumping games. This one has now been installed due to its ridiculous hard tutorial and nothing to keep me engaged in the game.

  36. pretty good, somewhat decent amount of ads > I would note that the user interface is all on the right side, so for people who are left handed, it’s going to be difficult to play this one handed

  37. memandylov dice:

    It’s so cute and I see how it could be super fun but i simply don’t have the patience to get good at it. I got to like level two after the tutorial and got frustrated with both how bad I was and the amount of ads I was getting so I just gave up

  38. the mechanics are okay but need a ton of work. it isn’t a rhythm game as it’s just tapping to the right time. it lags like crazy for such a small game. and ads happen every 5 seconds. either fix your game. or no one will like it. from someone who legit plays games for living and play mostly mobile games. this game is one of the worst games I have ever played.

  39. doesn’t have much “rhythm” to it and even if you follow it like you said…you die. on the second tutorial…the one for red spikes…it didn’t matter if I hit perfect…I still always landed on it.

  40. Totally loved this game it has a glitch or two like it freezes a beat just need to have a much better phone but totally loved this. Would like to have different songs thingi in this like the game inbuilt songs are nice and like to play it with friends for fun but it’d be nice if we could play our loved songs.

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