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The license would allow you to remove all ads within CamScanner APP
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Once purchased, the license would allow you to remove all ads within Camscanner app.

* Installed on over 400 million devices in over 200 countries and regions around the world
* CamScanner, 50 Best Apps, 2013 Edition – TIME
* Top Developer – Google Play Store
* “The application employs its own image cropping and enhancing algorithm that leads to clearer images.” –
* “CamScanner may just be the best deal for scanning documents on your phone.” –

About CamScanner License: 
– Support high-quality scans
– PDF files are no longer created with “scanned with Camscanner” watermark 
– Upload to Evernote/SkyDrive feature will not expire
– No ads
– However, Camscanner License is NOT equivalent to Camscanner Premium.



Compatible with Android 9 & Android 10


40 comentarios en "CamScanner (License) MOD"

  1. I bought the License in 2016 because I really liked the app and was willing to pay to remove ads, the watermark, and get other features. I recommend it to everyone. I haven’t used the app for a while, but I started using it again recently and am ready to drop it. I can understand a business wanting to expand and change their business model, but to betray their customers who paid for the “permanent” license by removing features unless we pay more is a bad business model.

  2. I was an early adopter of CamScanner and thought it was well worth the price of the license. But this app has changed their business strategy for the worse. When I first purchased the license, it was expensive compared to other apps – but it was worth it because nothing else could do what it did so well. Recently, after a hiatus from using the app, I opened it to scan a quick PDF, and it has changed…a lot… First, the license doesn’t grant full access to the features like the app originally did – they have added quite a bit, but it’s considered the “Pro” version now. So there is unlicensed, licensed, and licensed pro/premium. This still could be cool; but you register your account, and if you look at the “Upgrade” option, you’ll see the a crossed out monthly price – I assume a discounted price or promotion. That price crossed out is $50 per month – that is outrageous. But if you’re curious what the actual price is, click on the “get pro/premium” option and you’ll see $50 per year, 3-days free trial, and auto bill to your Google account. So that’s ~$5 per month – still not buying it though. If it’s a promotion one year price that rolls auto bill after a year to $50 a month, then it’s already presented me with more hassle than I want. The one-time fee for the license was fine by me, now it keeps alerting me to upgrade to premium at an insane price which, after a year, and if I forget to cancel the service, am I enrolled in an auto bill of $50 per month (or so it certainly implies)? If even one charge went through, at 13 months, I’d have over $100 in the app; but what about 14 months, $150+! No, that is outrageous – and certainly misleading. Even if the price is always ~$5/Mon, then present that price and that option. A one year fee at $50, just because it divides out to approx. ~$5 a month doesn’t green light that as the advertised price. That’s deceptive, and I don’t trust this app on my phone anymore. I can find something just the same for little to no money for what I want. CamScanner used to be that app – a reasonable price, a great app. That’s not the case anymore…

  3. A C dice:

    Powerful app, bought years ago and they added a lot since. Unfortunately, they also added very intrusive and insistent pushes to subscribe for 40 bucks a year. I can understand and excuse it for a free user, but I already bought the app. I don’t care about the subscription service. Plus, it bugs you every time you open the app. It’s very, very annoying. The app itself is fantastic, but not at $40 a year or whatever they charging, unless you’re scanning an absolute MASSIVE amount of docs.

  4. After paying for the licensed version and trusting this app for years, I upgraded to a yearly subscription. I have been very happy until my security program indicated a malware was detected and recommended I delete the program. I’ve since cancelled the subscription. But, a refund request doesn’t appear to be available. Very disappointed, to say the least!!!!

  5. Stay away from this app. Used to be great, I used it everyday for work. Paid for the pro version some time ago to remove pop ups and adds as I found them distracting. But apparently it’s acceptable to suddenly require a subscription to a product I’ve already paid for, and spam me with adds to “upgrade”. All while making the user interface less intuitive and clunky. I’d give it negative stars if I could as I have no tolerance such greedy, anti-consumer practices.

  6. Pete L dice:

    This app is now asking me to pay a monthly subscription fee after me having bought the full license to use it years ago. I bought and paid for the app to provide me with the full functionality that was available at the time. Now some of that functionality, like being able to save files locally, is only available if I pay for a subscription. This was once a high performing product with decent value that I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND now.

  7. Image processing software is great, have been using this for years. They definitely scammed everyone who got this license. It use to provide all the features which why I purchased this years ago but now it only stops ads. Now you have to pay some premium fee to get all the features? What’s the point of this license then? I am very disappointed by this

  8. Scan quality is amazing. Scan receipts or pretty much anything and always have a digital copy handy. This has become my file cabinet. I create a document for each category and add scans to documents as needed. Everything is automatically organized and ready for use when needed. The app backs up files to my phone and my phone is backed up to my cloud service so I never lose files. I can’t say enough about this app. The best!

  9. what is up with the new terms all of a sudden? charge for “pro” version, then start charging a yearly fee for some extra features? charging once isn’t enough? might look elsewhere for my scanning needs. I’d like to hear a response to this. i feel cheated. Update: It seems I’m not alone here. This app will be uninstalled. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP, OR DEVELOPER.

  10. I bought the license a few years ago and have been happy with the app until recently. Now it appears to be the free version and my AVG Antivirus says its malware and wants me to delete it. It’s been turned into a scam to get you to subscribe to a $50.00 yearly renewal. DON’T FALL FOR IT. I think it’s a form of extortion. They are basically holding your scanned files hostage to get you to upgrade. No thanks!

  11. Company is dishonest. I purchased a license for the full version a long time ago. However, at one point the company dishonoured my license and forced me to uninstall the previous product by introducing malware. After reinstallation I am stuck with a product that requires me to update once again to premium version, which now requires a monthly subscription fee as opposed to a one-time fee which I had paid in the past. I switched over to Text Fairy which also does correct OCR on multiple columns.

  12. Great app, extremely dissapointed by the change in business model. Like many others here, I purchased the full version license several years ago and now the app is flooded with subscription ads. They should have developed another app to support the subscription model (which is something I and many others out there absolutely dispise). Uninstalled and not going back!

  13. Played games with users after they paid for an app. I get offering a paid version to remove ads but then to remove functionality and try to charge a subscription to get it back. They then pushed malware to their app. You have a great product that has value yet you wanted to squeeze money out of us. Adobe and Microsoft have competing products that are better. Also some open source alternatives exist now that are functional.

  14. Such a disappointment! After a year of use of the paid license version, I find out that my cloud storage is full (400mb only!) and I cannot continue using the app unless I Upgrade to Premium, which means either $299 up front for lifetime or $4.99 per month. There is no way to clean the cloud storage! I deleted all my files and it is still full, won’t sync or let me share the unsynced files. I am stuck! I am not signing up for paid service when there are tons of free scanning apps. Effing joke

  15. It’s been awhile since I’ve used this app, and so much has changed, i can’t figure it out. it looks like i paid for the license and now they want me to get a monthly subscription, too? because i get an upgrade option for everything i want to do. Doesn’t make sense, but the message i get is that i have to upgrade (again) to NOT have my stuff saved in “the cloud”. couldn’t get clarification on that, but if that is the case, why? uninstalling and going to look for something that just works.

  16. -0- NO *s, NONE Really a 0[ZERO]-star-rating. Disappointed with the fact I payed my license for the full version[and really loved it] but later on the full version lost its ‘premium’ features. Now for a fully functional application I must pay $44.99 per year! I paid for the FULL version, now downgraded to basic… Really liked it before they went to GREED mode.

  17. I paid for the pro version years ago, instead of passing on the full version to the early backers, I got rolled back to the free version. Works well enough usually, but that kind of business practice is the deal breaker to me. Also an article was released recently that says there was a Trojan virus found in this app.

  18. Great program, the best! but….. I bought the program license for $6.99 then not long after it went from being a full license to just removing ads. Now they want me to buy additional features… Really misleading, that’s not what I bought for $6.99 a couple years ago, they’ve changed what they sold me and that’s unethical.

  19. Horrible pricing/business model. When you pay for premium, you have to pay a further monthly subscription fee to access all the apps’ features. Don’t waste your time/money on this, get another app like Microsoft Lens. WONDERFUL, And now adfraud as well! Kudos to the developer.

  20. UPDATE: I had to reset my phone because it wouldn’t charge. I had a feeling i had a virus because I saw an extra process running in my notification bar. This is a perfect example of the bait n switch. I bought this a long time ago and thought I would use it again but now they put viruses on this app. My guess is because they can’t squeeze any more money out of it. I’m so glad my phone caught this and I hope nothing got compromised. Now I’m going to change all my passwords.

  21. I paid for the full “premium” version when I first installed CamScanner years ago, with the understanding that I would continue to have premium features. Now I suddenly find that I have to buy a yearly subscription to get the features I’ve already paid for. Pretty sleazy move. Looks like I’m shopping for a new app.

  22. The app has been good but this malware stuff has me concerned. I noticed some people staring they are losing their old scans. You can find them if your phone is rooted. I did this so I could get at my scans before all this malware stuff came about. You get gotta find the folder & when you do the PDFs are named different with randomized alphanumeric patterns. I am not sure if when you remove the app if the data still stays though. Usually yes for some apps.

  23. Great functionality so purchased the Pro license. Then they downgraded everyone from Pro to Basic and are now posting ads for a new premium offering to essentially repurchase what everyone already paid for. This move along with the true basic version getting pulled for malware is a sorry end to a once great product. Will likely move over to Google Drive scanning or Adobe Acrobat.

  24. Well the licensed version was pretty solid. Capture documents, save or email them as pdfs, and decent ocr. Now they’re extorting even those who’d paid in the past to “upgrade” to restore these basic functions. I’ve contacted the dev hit otherwise I’m inclined to simply use camera in the future as I don’t want to store my sensitive docs on their cloud nor do whatever else they think they’ve added. Just give me back the basic functionality THAT I ALREADY PAID FOR in the prior licensed version.

  25. Bait/Switch. Straight up bs. I and many others paid for license for all features, then dev changed to subscription. Except for app having been revealed as containing or distributing malicious code and being removed from play store, no major upgrades or changes to app itself to justify rendering license virtually obsolete; just a unilateral switch in payment model to subscription, rendering paid version equivalent to basic free version with ads.

  26. John Carey dice:

    Before you rely on the ratings, be sure and look at the date of those ratings. Pay close attention to the most recent ones as the app has changed significantly from earlier, higher rated versions. For many, many years and at least three phones this app was one of the first, if not THE first app loaded. I’ve always recommended to friends and clients, too. I bought license gladly. NO MORE! Now the screen is occluded with a massive ad that can not be removed when you try to do the very things you purchased the app for to begin with. First to worst!

  27. USER BEWARE! Same as everyone else recently, paid for full subscription several years ago, worked great until recently when the malware was introduced to my phone through this app. Then my subscription was downgraded when they added a new premium version and want more money after locking me out of all my important scans. Looks like the early stages of a class action privacy violation law suit!

  28. Eugene dice:

    The app keeps creating a folder on internal sd called installation with a strange gtg78 file inside. I find this behavior suspicious considering the developer of this app is located in China. As many have stated on here the app is gaining more permissions than it should. The app has turned from a simple non cloud type scanner in to cloud based, ad infused mess. The app keeps nagging to have me sign in when I clearly stated I will not do so. Uninstalling and looking for an alternative.

  29. Has spyware. I thought the paid version would not based on an article I read but you need to download the basic version for the paid version to work. When the basic version is installed my phone is practically unusable when typing text or other activities. I uninstall the basic version and it runs like new again.

  30. The app is great but support terrible. I originally paid one time fee for permanent use. They quit honoring and wanted yearly payment which I paid $50 for premium but have been stuck on basic account for almost a year without anyone to easily to help me. Although the app has always been great I will cancel since I paid for premium but only have basic.1

  31. Used to use this app for almost a decade. Recommended it to everyone. Slowly started to notice alot of the features disappearing. They are still there but can only access with a subscription. I thought I bought all the features when I bought the Licence???? Very very annoyed will be deleting and looking for something better which I’m sure there is

  32. I used to love this app. It was great for all those times when I was stuck. Helped to take snaps, and send them instantly! Also loved the crop function, worked like magic. But around a year back, there was an upgrade and I lost all my files. They appear as if they are there (thumbnails) but when you click on them, nothing! Then just today I ran my Kaspersky virus app which told me Camscanner had Trojans and that I should delete it. Now I got charged and it doesnt work!! Madness!!!

  33. As many others have expressed here, I also purchased the full license when it was available, in 2012 or so. Now the features I have been using for years are no longer available unless I subscribe for a yearly fee, without notice. That said, I would have payed for a 5 or even 10 dollar yearly subscription, but trying to push for 60 is simply market blind. I’ll simply switch to Google Drive to scan documents from on.

  34. I paid for the full app early on around 2012. I was happy but not any longer. If I want to keep my features I need to buy a subscription. They have gradually removed features. I feel ripped off and very disappointed. I did enjoy features such as being able to organise scans into folders and straightening scans. This is now removed and I need to pay a large annual subscription if I want the features I have already paid for. Very unfair. Untrustworthy company.

  35. First we have the bait and switch with the premium features moving to a subscription model, then they’re bundling malware in the main app and now the app has been removed from the store completely (at least in the UK). The removal is definitely for the best and while I feel cheated at not receiving a refund, I’ve been using Scanbot for the last 2 years and it’s far more effective.

  36. Not cool at all changing the paid version features like that. It’s pure greed and bad service. This used to be a great app with some super handy features. Now, even as a paid user, I can’t choose the document’s optimization, I can’t upload to cloud, and in general the interface has taket about 5 steps back. Super disappointing as this was one of my most used apps.

  37. I am unable to see the benefits of the licence. I still get nags about features available if I pay a subscription fee. The app constantly asks me if I want to put all the pictures in one convenient file and then tells me I have to pay a subscription fee; it’s almost impossible to get past that point. I uninstalled and started using Google scan which does the job better and without the headache of being pestered for my money. I wouldn’t recommend buying the licence or using the app.

  38. Another one-star-rating. Disappointed with the fact I payed my license for the full version but later on the full version lost its ‘premium’ features. Now in order to have a fully functional application I must pay $44,99 per year! At the time of purchase, there wasn’t “premium” but only “full” version. Now “full” is downgraded to nothing… That’s a disgusting business model.

  39. I really liked this app. The interface was very great and all in all very quick. Now they want you to use their own “Scan Cloud”, which personally I don’t need. They’ve even deprecated the local backup system (now you can import local backups but you can only create one to their own servers). That isn’t a good practice.

  40. I like this app but there are also glaring issues. First, it hasn’t been updated in ages and targets a VERY old and not secure API version. This is very bad. Additionally it does things like keep all images on your device which means, if a person knows where to look, they can access the original, non PDF’ed images.

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