HuntStand: GPS Hunting Tools MODDED 2022


Hunting app with GPS nav, property lines, public land, weather, and other tools.
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Outdoor Life Magazine Editors’ Choice for Best Hunting App. Featured in multiple publications as an invaluable tool.

HuntStand, with millions of downloads, is the #1 hunting app in North America and is the only hunting and land management app you will ever need. This revolutionary app is packed with invaluable mapping, weather, hunting tools, and social features.

Using this app, you will have access to offline maps and weather of your hunt areas. You can edit your maps while out “in the field” then sync them with your HuntStand account to further explore them online.

Gain access to searchable nationwide property boundary and owner information, our proprietary public hunting lands layer and several premium satellite & map layers.

Get an up to date view with monthly satellite imagery.

See granular weather using our advanced weather radar overlays, snow cover and more.

Log harvest, sightings, tasks and upload your trail camera photos to to see incredible game movement insights and sync them to the HuntStand app.

Fully map your property using more than 100 custom icons, shapes, and lines including scouting marks, stands, property boundaries, food plots, ponds, roads, trails, and many others.

View distance and area measurements using our advanced measurement tools. Our app will give you extremely accurate map-based distances in feet, meters, and yards and area measurements in acres.

Create an account and gain the ability to:

Sync Hunting Area maps with

View and edit maps using ultra-advanced online mapping features

Share maps with friends

Create a personal profile

Add friends to your network

Locate your friends using the Friend Finder feature

Join group hunting areas (allowing you to share and edit maps with your hunting friends)

View advanced statistics built from your personal harvest and sighting history

In-app purchase available for HuntStand Pro
Order ultra-high-resolution printed maps through the

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HuntStand Pro includes:

No ads

Unlimited searchable property parcel queries across the country. View property boundaries, property size, and owner names. Add property boundaries to your custom maps.

The ability to view your maps using our true 3D technology

Hunting Lands: State managed hunting land including WMAs, DNR boundaries, GMUs, hunting units, zones, districts, regions, boundaries with regulations, natural areas, conservation lands, habitats, and more

Public Lands: Federal, state, and county public lands including BLM, national and state forests and parks, Fish and Wildlife, DNR, conservation areas, public easements, and more

Tree Cover: Tree cover derived though analysis of NASA satellite imagery

Natural Atlas: Trails, ATV and 4×4 roads, forest roads, campgrounds, parks, natural points of interest, and more

Mapbox Satellite: Advanced Mapbox Satellite Imagery

Monthly satellite imagery

Advanced weather overlays including radar, snow cover and more

Payment will be charged to your PlayStore Account at confirmation of purchase;

Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period

Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal

You can manage subscriptions and turn auto-renewal off by going to your Account Settings after purchase

Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the you purchase a paid subscription

HuntStand’s Trace feature adds a path or line to your hunt area based on your specific movements. In order to enable this ability, HuntStand collects location data in the background. This includes while the app is not open, allowing users to utilize other aspects of their phone while a trace is being recorded.

Please read our privacy policy ( and terms & conditions (


- A new Pro Whitetail subscription containing new maps and features!
- Offline maps bugs fixes and new look!


40 comentarios en "HuntStand: GPS Hunting Tools MODDED 2022"

  1. Best app for keeping track of your hunting properties that allows you to edit markers and areas on your map as if you were drawing a land map with pen and paper. The fact you can add your friends and family to see where everything is located on your land is a big plus and the app has held up well over the years I’ve been using it.

  2. Definitely the most feature-rich hunting app I’ve tried. I love the advanced mapping features, and the ability to generate weather-based predictions from your trail-cam data is fantastic. You really have to use both the web app and the mobile app together to get the most use out of it, though, and there are some little bugs and missing features that, if fixed, could really make this the gold standard of hunting apps.

  3. I love this app up until a few weeks ago. Every time I try to search a name near me I keep getting the same message. Location permissions are required for property searches near you. Search by state and county, or enable location permissions to continue. I have changed all of my settings. But the only way I can get it to work is if I uninstall and reinstall the app and log back in. Then it only allows me to do it once. I would really like if somebody could get back to me about how to fix this

  4. Great app for documenting deer sign. Was great for finding new hunting spots until they changed the aerial images to spring and summer. Fall and winter aerial is better to differentiate between hardwood and evergreen forests. Please change it back and I will give you a five star rating. Still useful for scouting but not as good since aerial map changes.

  5. Incredibly useful for hunting or even just exploring the outdoors. I used it all last year scouting and hunting for mule deer as well as hiking with my daughter. The property lines and public land filters saved me many hours trying to find legal areas to hunt in an area surrounded by ranches and other private property. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the crosshair UI for drawing lines and boundary shapes. Free drawing with a stylus would be a nice improvement.

  6. Zach Downs dice:

    I like what this application could be. Although it will not function consistently and reliably. The app crashes anytime I try to download a map or open an offline map. When the offline map download seems to be functioning it will not download in the background and I have to continually reopen it and tell it to download it. Anytime there is an update or if you got a different phone and had to reinstall the application all your pins will be removed and nothing is saved. I paid for the pro version.

  7. I used to love this app but trying to zoom causes app to crash, switching layers cause it to crash every 3rd or 4th time. I decided I would upgrade to the whitetail subscription, that gave me a few more maps but they’re blurry, and on some maps there is no key/legend to explain what’s good and what’s not (color coded map). I’ve deleted certain markers on maps but when I use app again next they’re back

  8. Edit: I’ve emailed screen shots to the support address twice. Its been almost 3 weeks, and no response. The response here is nice, but if they’re not going to actually help, they might as well not respond here either. Nice app for aerial photos, but weather forecast is junk. It is in the 30s during the day here, and The app says its supposed to be 80. The wind cone is one of the best features of the app, and if you can’t trust it, you might as well just use Google Maps.

  9. You pay $12.99 for a yearly subscription to parcel information but still get blasted with ads — the company wants $5.99 per year to get the ad-free version. I am really unhappy with this. It is much too expensive for what you get. Another thing that irritates me is the automatic zooming when I select a parcel. The third thing that I don’t like is that I can’t join multiple parcels as one hunting area. I also get promoted to “OK” help tips that always pop up each time I use the app. Generally, I like the features of the app, but they could be managed a lot better.

  10. This is one of the best tools for scouting. All of the different maps/weather data/wind direction/speed/in one location easily accessible, rather than having multiple apps open. It is very user friendly well maintained, and priced perfectly for what you get. I would like to see an option added that allows you to attach an image to a pin. Also, when operating the 5 day forecas. It would be nice to see, wind direction and speed added into it. All in all great product, Keep up the good work guys.

  11. I’ve used the free version of HuntStand for a year, and enjoyed the features. But I just paid for a year of OnX for 1 reason only, the ability to download maps for offline mapping capability. If you can’t navigate offline, it’s just not worth paying for. Huntstand has nicer terrain maps, the icons are easy to use, you can track other users and share maps, but you need data connection to get the benefits.

  12. It’s ok. Has a lot of ads that pop up every time you change sections. It takes a subscription to remove them $10 a year. Additional if you want to have the rest of it’s features unlocked that’s another subscription $25 a year. I would pay a one time fee, but never a subscription. The app is not useful enough to justify that, maybe a one time purchase but definitely not a subscription.

  13. If you’re using the app or desktop version it can be extremely valuable and helpful. In the app the GPS works great. BUT the syncing between the app and desktop is non-existent. It’s never worked for me. And good luck trying to contact customer support. I’ve emailed them 3 times and haven’t heard one thing back from them in weeks. If I don’t hear back from them soon I’m switching and will update this review with the new app

  14. I’ve been using this app for a few years now and I really enjoy all of it’s features. I’ve logged numerous harvests, mapped game trails, and e-scouted new hunting areas. My only concern is in the offline maps, which I feel is one of the most important feature on all. They don’t load very well, if not at all, or you can only zoom in so far before everything goes white. This is something that has often left me considering moving to another app. I wonder if this is a common issue?

  15. App is terrible since the merger. I have used Huntstand for several years now, and have recommended it to everyone who asked. App crashes everytime I try to get to my hunting area from outer space where you start. I don’t know if my maps and markers are even still there because it stops before I can zoom down close enough to see. I had trouble with it during the spring but it is absolutely useless to me now. I also emailed several days ago with no response. Looking for a new app!!

  16. Great App! I’m an obsessed bow hunter and use this app multiple times a day. For me, it is a vital tool for strategic planning. The hourly forecast and wind cone icon combined with location accuracy and detailed imagery is a must. In the past I would combine information from different sources in order to plan. Huntstand has it all in one app. The moon phase and position is available as well as accurate sun up/down times. The updates over the last 2 years have improved the app even more. Thanks

  17. Luke dice:

    Reliable, easy to use app. I have used this for several seasons and it’s a great tool. I like it for scouting a new area as I will mark spots on the map I want to check out and then find them using the GPS function if necessary. I am using the free version which is sufficient for what I need. Keep track of deer beds, sightings, harvests, etc. The weather forecast is helpful, especially the 72 hour for wind direction. Great hunting app and would recommend.

  18. I really want to like this app, but every time I go to it, it sets the quantity on each of my sightings back to zero. I put the quantity in, press Save, but it doesn’t. The sighting itself saves, but not the quantity. What makes HuntStand stand apart from similar apps is the log book for harvests and sightings and the wind cones. Since the log book doesn’t work correctly, I may have to go to another app.

  19. It’s a decent app but could be so much better. The majority of the listings I looked for in the Property for Sale section are no longer available. App isn’t kept up and wastes a lot of time. You can’t declutter the map by default. It always opens with every marker you made shown. Even on map editor. Can’t hide pro options when you chose to not pay for pro.

  20. This app has done well for me, but nothing is perfect. Recently the app lost about 2 years worth of data. I was not as diligent as I should have been syncing my data so customer service was able to restore about half of it. With that being said, their customer service was very responsive and helpful. I got help via email sometimes minutes after I sent one. The tools and markers are very intuitive. As long as you sync your data regularly you should have a 5 star experience.

  21. Great app. The mapping is pretty darn good. Property lines are decently accurate but need more work for accuracy. Navigation could be easier to follow along with a compass that points N to align your map properly and for navigating to a waypoint you have marked. Overall it is my top choice. I use others as a supplement. (Offline maps would be nice too for your area.) It would be worth a little more a year.

  22. Mike Reed dice:

    It was a great app, until they crippled all the features unless you upgraded to pro, which I had done, but when I got a new phone and logged into the app, poof! Back to being locked out. I don’t understand the point of having an account if it doesn’t actually save subscription data. I’m not paying for a year membership twice after only getting 4 months out of it.

  23. The features it has work okay, but it has serious shortcomings. 1. The map does not orient to the direction you are walking. So it can be confusing, or even useless if you don’t know how to orient, and, 2. There is no “breadcrumbs” feature, so you can’t mark routes you explore or discover (Yeah, sure you can draw lines on the map, but that is NOT nearly as accurate, especially given #1 above. 3. There is no way to download or share your pins and other data except in Huntstand. I emailed Huntstand about these problems last fall and was assured they would be resolved by Spring Turkey Season. That starts next Saturday guys, and no sign of any update coming. I guess they spent all their time and resources bombarding me with ads. It’s sad really, this could have been such a good app. I got OnX and am running both in the field now, slowly duplicating my data on it and learning to really hate the greedy “no-share” policy of Huntstand. You can make it hard to switch guys. But if you don’t have the best app that will only slow the bleeding. I wish Huntstand would just wake up and fix their app!!!! If you haven’t chosen an app yet. DON’T CHOOSE THIS ONE!!!! FYI: I have the PRO Version

  24. This is my GO TO app for hunting. I tried OnX and the satellite map quality is about 15 years old. HuntStand has excellent resolution, and I can clearly see fields, creeks, swamps, and more. Accuracy depends on the overhead tree canopy, but generally is quite good (that’s more an issue with your phone’s GPS than the app). I was able to go back weeks later and walk within 10 feet of the tree I hung a camera on. That’s close enough for this guy! The sharing feature is great! Nice to be able to share my maps with my hunting group. Also, the measuring tool is a life saver! Had a neighbor concerned with my blind location until I showed him the actual yardage – he was amazed with the app, too (you may have another new customer!) *** One item I wish it had – the ability to share or broadcast my location to my group. It would be beneficial in the event someone needs help or just to know who’s sitting where. ***

  25. I used this app for Deer and Turkey over the past couple of years and it’s by far my personal favorite. I’ve use OnX, AntlerInsanity and a couple of others but none compare to HuntStand. It has a feature for almost anything you could ever need. If I had to make one suggestion, it would be to keep the Satellite images more up to date, if that’s even possible.

  26. I’ve had this app for several seasons now, and have loved using it until recent. Of all the times to change things up and charge for the stuff that used to be basic features for those of us who hunt and dont spend our hard earned money on unnecessary items…Shame on you, and your greed. Poor buisness managment. It is bad enough everything else required for the sport has gone up in price, but at least they’re tangible items. I’ll do as I had before and enjoy getting out and aimlessly wandering.

  27. Mater dice:

    Used to love it! Now have to pay $30 just to see property lines. A lot of times I just want to see the lines don’t necessarily have to know who owns a property. Should have different grades of upgrades instead of 30$/year for everything. I’ll finish turkey season with it but probably done after that. Time to get gps location is also an issue.

  28. Keeps losing objects placed on map. We use it for a hunt club with over a hundred members. Twice in less than 2 months it has lost everything that we have put in over several properties. Support is saying someone is deleting. Only I have delete capabilities and it would take a while to delete each object one at a time. In reading the reviews, there are other people complaining that it loses the objects placed on the map. Otherwise, it would be a great app. Just not reliable.

  29. Valuable resource for my small hunting parcel. Easy to use and a great tool to have while out on your land. Keep track where all your stands, cameras and future stand placements are at all times. I love the face that you can see where the property lines are at and who owns them for great. All in all excellent app. All it really needs is hunting conditions and predictions to be a all inclusive app.

  30. Well I will try this since I can’t get a response to my emails. Any changes I make go away when I sync. Changes that other members make will not show up when they sync and marker options that are available on the app are not available on the website version. Foodplot, AG field, etc. This app has a lot of potential but the lack of IT support and issues with sharing are making it useless to use. Also is there a planned map update scheduled? I am dealing with maps that are pushing 3 yrs old.

  31. I thought I was really going to like this app but I’m having the same issues as everyone else on here. I even paid for the full version. There is a clear desync between mobile and desktop. Sightings disappear all the time. Can’t add trailcam from desktop. I’ve reached out to their support email several times and it’s been weeks with no response. This app has potential but obviously no development is being done to rectify the issues we keep talking about.

  32. Pretty good for a free app. My one complaint is that it is not optimized for offline use, the app will download map data for areas you look at while online but the maps will be deleted after a while. Glad I found that out before I go into the Alaskan back-country. It would be a huge improvement if you could select areas to download.

  33. I love the app. I purchased the pro upgrade, but after a couple weeks when I had to replace my phone, the pro plan disappeared from my app. I still have my receipt on my bank statement showing the purchase, but I don’t get any benefits anymore. I’ve sent a couple emails and haven’t heard anything back. I need to be able to use the app to its fullest as an outfitter so the sooner someone can contact me that would be great. (update: it’s been over a week and still nothing)

  34. Have used the free version since it’s merger with scoutlook. Like the features, but have not been able to figure out how to ‘go to’ a marker location and there are no tutorials on this. Pretty useless if it doesn’t have the ability to get you to your stands and back. Have emailed support with no reply.

  35. This app is right up there with the rest of them. If you get the yearlong subscription you would not be disappointed. One of my favorite parts of this app is the moon phase and times. The property parcel line are also very accurate and gives you all the information to get in contact with the property owners. The peak game activity times are listed and for the most part are pretty accurate and they line up pretty close if not better than deer cast and others alike. Highly recommended.

  36. Great app that is very easy and straight forward to use, supported with a great online platform that is very similar to the mobile experience. The two sync and you can see all notes and properties that your noted up in the app or on the home computer. Great tool for scouting. Have used it for both turkey and deer.

  37. Frustrating. Sync with laptop nowhere to be found. Uninstalled and restarted. Re installed and locks up at 92% on strong fast wifi. Terrible. Needs better navigation within features. Not user friendly. Has a lot of good options but app is difficult to deal with and doesn’t sync with your account automatically. Such a pain I don’t know if I will just dump it….

  38. Did the update and it no longer shows public lands. Paid $9 to turn off adds…constantly ask to upgrade to pro version. Annoying!!! Measurement tool awkward to use and doesn’t correlate well with ground observations. If you are running the older version, don’t upgrade. New smooth interface, not so much. At least it synced my saved hunting areas. Used this for past 5 years and I’m very disappointed.

  39. Kyle Friez dice:

    Nice features, but way too complicated to use on the fly. Too many pages to sort through. The pages don’t show things like way points (hunt areas) and property boundaries on all pages. Separate pages for all of that to shuffle between, and no option to make it shown on all pages. To get nation wide stuff pay the extra for Onx. It’s much easier and faster to use. Trying to use this while driving from spot to spot coyote hunting at night is way harder than Onx. Too many separate pages to look at.

  40. An awesome tool for anyone who hunts across the state or multiple states. Plan hunts and scout properties from your couch or while in the field. The app has saved me hours and miles. Saved a couple tough hunts when things weren’t panning out and needed to find an alternative area to hunt. Only negative I can think of…… realizing I left it at home a few hours down the road. Thanks for the great resource!

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