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Build an Idle Movie Theater Empire! The Best Fun Free Cinema Idle Tycoon Games
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Build a Movie Theater or Cinema in the Hottest of Tycoon Games.
Become a Box Office Tycoon in the Film Industry! Build a Movie Empire!

• CASUAL and EASY idle management game play, unlike those other complicated tycoon games!
• Build Concessions, Arcades, Karaoke, Theaters, Ticket Booths and more in this simulation games!
• Hire MANAGERS to earn money FASTER!!
• Tap to UPGRADE stations and EARN MORE!
• Complete GOALS to earn rewards and unlock NEW LOCATIONS More maps than other idle games!
• Hold VIP SCREENINGS and run Marketing BOOSTS for extra profits, making this game different from all the other free tycoon games
• Build an Idle Box Office MOVIE empire and watch it grow. This clicker manager simulation is the best of the tycoon games

• Theater continues generating money even when offline or online in this tycoon games!
• No skill necessary, just continuous play! No mindless tapping like the other tycoon clicker games

• Free casual management game, acts like a movie theater management simulator just like a real life game
• Tap to Upgrade and earn BOOSTS

If you love Idle Tycoon Management games, this new casual game will blow you away. Watch as your box office movie empire grows! Have you ever wondered how to be an effective movie theater manager? Become a movie business tycoon by managing your movie theater business and earn lots of cash in the process. This is not an endless clicker game, no need for endless tapping like those others online clicker simulations.

Box Office Tycoon is a simulation game that mixes movie theater management with tycoon style investments. The key of this idle movie theater management simulation game is to build and manage your theater using your cash earnings, upgradable managers and idle benefits. With the profits you earn from managing the movie theater you will have to hire and pay managers and movie theater staff, upgrade your movie theaters, and manage the whole business.

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What makes this different from working at AMC, Noovie, Blockbuster, Cinemark, Cineplex or other large theaters, is that you are the boss. AMC and Noovie don’t compare to your tycoon movie theater empire. You are the boss, you make the decisions, you manage your business in this fun free idle simulation management game. Don’t get stuck playing boring tycoon games like managing a supermarket, a theme park, prison or mine. No one likes being idle and watching the fun from the sidelines. Be the boss, earn cash, and be the tycoon, unlike those other management games. Build your utopia. Other idle games dont compare to Box Office Tycoon – the best in management games.

Tired of being a miner or a farmer or managing a theme park, fitness gym, supermarket, factory, prison, restaurant and food or hotel empire? Become an idle movie tycoon capitalist in one of the best sims. Seriously the best of all the sims management games! Fun free exciting entertainment for all the wanna be tycoons out there. Become a movie theater tycoon billionaire in this money manager clicker simulator.
If you love Idle and Incremental games, this is the Casual tycoon game for you! Best of all the tycoon idle games!

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The makers of other Idle Tycoon Games! Among many other fun free idles games! Earn money, get rich, become a billionaire tycoon in these top ranked tycoon games.

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40 comentarios en "Box Office Tycoon – Idle Movie MOD"

  1. This is not a bad game, just has some issues, like always needing a network connection to play. Not hip on that since sometimes I’m just not near a cell tower. Then the game gets stuck in these acts.. Like how are you supposed to station 8 managers with only 7 stations? So good game but needs some work. I’ll be happy to give it another shot once you get those 2 issues resolved.. 🙂

  2. Adam Lowe dice:

    To start off the game is very fun. Can you spend money to help progress yes. But it’s not needed. Overall as a game it’s fun. Just a couple of things I have noticed. 1.The prices to upgrade or add employees are high. Which makes the best way to play is do upgrades for 5 minutes and come back 2 hours later, watch a video and repeat. It’s a game but still. 2.The ability to organize more. And being able to add more employees past each max. Could be at a loss of profit and add some challenge too.

  3. I am enjoying the game. That said, the bugs are getting worse the longer I play. I can no longer collect the x2 bonus when reopening, and the ads lock up the game 4 out of 5 times. The game stat screen needs to scroll, I cannot see anything beyond the theaters in the second cinema. The game is too linear in the way it presents goals.

  4. This game is great! I became addicted very quickly and beat the game in a few days. I love that the ads are optional! Watching ads allows you to get additional rewards or boosts so if you don’t want the boosts then no ads. That is AWESOME. I wish they had more levels for this game. The challenges are a great way to supplement the lack of levels, but there’s not enough tasks in those and they’re so far between.

  5. Joshua C dice:

    Ads are not working. Game was a fun time waster and had me entertained for many days. Now, (as many others have mentioned) the boost ads and bonus ads crash into a endless black screen at the end of each ad. The only way to end the screen is to close the app down which removes the bonus. This becomes an endless loop unless you want to ignore the bonus and boost. These come in handy with the more expensive upgrades. Please fix.

  6. @wendelllee, I was thinking the same thing. I realized that each character was going to the next level. Each manager increased in levels. I almost stopped playing for this exact reason. I hope this helps you some. I just HATE that I paid to skip ads but can’t use it during events. They should REALLY let us skip in events too. I’m not wanting to play events for that reason. Good luck to you Wendell.

  7. The game is fun and amusing. Definitely a time killer. I have one critique and it’s costing you a star cause it annoys me that much. The restricted task list! Even though there’s hundreds of tasks to do, you only let 3 show and can’t move on until you complete one. This is the only game I’ve ever played with a to do list or task list and it’s restricted to what you can do on it. Usually, you just get your reward as you knock the tasks out. So yeah, fix that and 5*

  8. Miabell dice:

    This was a pretty good game up until I reached Manic Multiplex. There is a bug that keeps customers from ascending the escalators, causing a drop in money made. Contacted the developer about the bug, including screenshots. Never heard a word. I didn’t expect to, but honestly even a “hey, thanks, we’ll look into it” would have been nice. Uninstalled due to bug.

  9. JCreazy dice:

    I enjoy the game a lot. I have spent some money on it because I think it’s worth it and the devs are actively developing the game. There are some QOL improvements that id like to see. For example, I’d like to be able to zoom out further. I would be able to navigate areas faster. I’d also like if you click on a task, it would take you to the area that needs to be worked on like the stat screen. I’d also like if managers could be assigned from the manager menu without going to a station.

  10. Good game, more work for an idle game. Only been playing for 2 days. The ads are fast so your not spending your whole time watching ads. Would like to have a guide besides tutorial so that I have something to reference if I have a question instead of spending extra time doing it myself. So far it’s a great game, challenging and fun and makes me miss going to the movies!!

  11. Jon Scott dice:

    It’s definitely not a bad game. It has a slow start as it does not move at 3 times the speed as the grocery game but you deal with more realistic money, instead of quintillion you most likely get hundreds of thousands maybe millions. It’s a cool game if you like running a business but it is limited in it available play time. Most of the time you are adding new theaters and upgrading. Best way to play it to open the game double it with the ad come back to it later and repeat.

  12. It took me a minute to learn how to navigate around but I th think I have the hang of it now. Like the graphics. Fun watching the people navigate through the screens. Pricing seems reasonable so far for things you purchase with your real money. However the game money gets spent too fast cause the prices to level up items jumps up too quickly. And It takes time to earn your cash. But I like the game so far so I’ll stick with it for a while longer.

  13. The game is great after a while, but I do have a suggestion that you can maybe improve on the game, like: Faster advancing on the game. It makes sense to make a tycoon or idle game with whatever currency /per second or minute– but hour? I feel like that’s a bit too over the top to level up, especially since everything’s expensive and for beginners, they would only get a thousand something dollars while upgrades would be like 5 thousand to 10 thousand dollars, meaning you’d wait a long time.

  14. This game is slow to start with a limited income but you do have a list of goals to help you on upgrading. I do recommend you upgrade the bathroom stalls as soon as possible! I’ve only purchased the x2 modifier but the other managers are a little too pricey, which is why i give it 4 stars. I don’t want to pay $20 for an adskipper when another idle game wants $11. But i do enjoy this idle game!

  15. This is definitely a game that benefits from you not playing it. I’m annoyed that I can’t fulfill everyone’s need. I don’t understand the restrooms, it doesn’t negatively impact you but you’re expected to upgrade it. The concessions, arcade, and restroom can’t be speed up fast enough to keep up with demand so technically you lose out of a lot of money. The pay options are super expensive…I’m not paying $15 to skip ads, I’d do $5 to show support but definitely not $15.

  16. Like a lot of other people has said upgrades are not cheap not even for just starting the game. Most of these games will get you to a good starting point before it turns you lose this one not so much. I have 3 missions that i cant do due to money and no one to move on to the next one. Still trying to find out how to build a 2nd screen but nothing is working.

  17. Thanks for the update! It certainly seems to have fixed the problem that I was having. I see that the fix was removing ads temporarily, while still giving us the reward for it. And for a game that I actually enjoy, I don’t mind watching the ads. Especially since they’re not that frequent, and not shoved it on your throat. I hope y’all managed to fix it soon.

  18. W. W. dice:

    Really boring. Upgrading takes forever. The game’s purpose is to serve ads and sell upgrades. I thought it would at least be a little like any real tycoon game, with customization and stuff, but no. It’s an idle clicker without the clicking. You can’t customize anything, just wait hours and hours to pay for upgrades. When you get bored of looking at the little npcs walk around, you’ll wonder why you bothered.

  19. Jordan dice:

    Had a lot of fun with this, couldn’t believe how rewarding it was with diamonds. Ads are heavy in the game but only if you want to speed things up which I thought was very fair. Real money can speed things up as well. I also really hated that I couldn’t zoom out more especially when I was getting used to the layout of a new theater level. Another idea… an “upgrade all” button on each station. Once the money really starts to roll in it’s a tad annoying to do single upgrades. Great Game!

  20. K Buckley dice:

    This game is so glitchy, it’s ridiculous. It freezes, lags and doesn’t give rewards for watching ads. It would be an ok game, if not for that. And I like the new event where we basically run the theater ourselves instead of just following a list of things to do which gets boring after a while.

  21. Updated Review: I came back to this game after having completed all the content available in it awhile back to see if it had updated with anything new. There are definitely some visual and gameplay improvements, so that’s a big plus! However, I put quite a bit of money into this game and it doesn’t appear to have retained my progress or purchases and there doesn’t appear to be any means to restore either, so unfortunately I’m going to have to give it a pretty low review overall.

  22. This game REVOLVES around ads, but at least most of the ads are interactive. The reason I give it 5 stars is because even though there’s a ton of ads, they’re all optional, and it’s far better in my opinion to watch a 20 second ad than to pay real $$$ for upgrades. The game design is very cute, the animations and sound effects are fun, and the complexity isn’t bad at all. Love this

  23. Wonderful game! I’m even into this type of game and I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I really enjoyed how the award you for watching ads……..ever time. They also allow you to choose whether you watch an add or not. I wish more apps would do that. If I had to complain about something. As you get 100% completion on each theater you recieve gold coins. The app gives the same amount now matter how many theaters you have complete. The amount for each theater is just reduced. Why??? Thats annoying.

  24. K. Flo dice:

    Have tried a few of these Tycoon games and my only complaint is that the upgrades get expensive too early into starting. Just barely started and the expensive upgrades slow you down and make it hard to play this game for more than a few minutes at a time, at that point you’re watching more ads than actually playing. I like the idea of the managers giving perks and how you have to mindful of their likes to fully utilize them properly though 👍

  25. Very Fun Game! It’s a fun little game, with good controls, fun graphics, and great customization! My only problem is that getting money can get pretty slow. I also think it’s strange how some items cost so much! I mean, how Is a couch in the staff room worth over 18,000 bucks? But overall, fun game. I Recommend for the casual player. 4 Stars!

  26. Fun game, watching a short ad really helps make gameplay go faster. The game however, does not save the most current person when you hire a manager when its full. Very annoying. Also some ads don’t count towards rewards when they should and make you have to watch another ad or two before you can get credit.

  27. It’s a fun game, but it takes time. The prices are to high, but I would never buy anything anyways! The main issue is that is you go back then come back and try to watch an ad for 2x the earnings, it will just break. Idk why, but yeah. UPDATE: they responded! They fixed the issue. Because of there good and fast response I will now give 5 stars, great game that, if you put effort, will pay off! 🙂

  28. Charging overall exorbitant prices for in-app purchases ($15 for ad removal? Really??) on a broken and short-lived game… 1. There are only two levels. The number of goals to be accomplished before moving up are high so that’s something but still… 2. The ad function is at least 50% broken. Log in ads freeze on black screen causing game reset and no $$ bonus. Lately rich limo guy ads are grayed out so I can’t get bonuses there either. I have other minor concerns but those are the biggest.

  29. Love it but it has a lot of glitches. Customers getting stuck on escalators and cars (both regular and bonus) will get stuck or glitch and go through buildings. Plus it seems IMPOSSIBLE to get both event managers without paying real money. I’ve played almost obsessively and haven’t been able to get the last manager on the rewards list.

  30. Jerome C dice:

    The game is fun in the beginning, but as you progress, the upgrades get more and more expensive. Eventually you just launch the game to upgrade what you can, then you are stuck waiting/idling hours before you earn enough to upgrade more. I’m at the point where I launch the game 2-3 times a day and play for only a few minutes each time.

  31. Removing ads cost $30, I have never seen any mobile game have the audacity to ask that much to remove ads. There’s no guarantee I’ll stick with the game to make it worth it, or it’s balanced enough in the mid to late game, or that it will keep updating in the future. I could buy that and 1 month later you drop the game, meanwhile I could’ve bought a used PS4 game for that money.

  32. I’ve been obsessed with this game for a little while. I love it, but all of a sudden it won’t load anything. It continues to freeze and I can’t get into it. Edit: I updated the game and it seems to work fine until I try to watch a video for boosts or extra money. The video plays and then the whole game freezes and crashes. ANOTHER EDIT: The ads have been fixed and I’m super happy. However, I’ve completed the first two theaters and now I’m waiting anxiously for the next update!

  33. I would always watch the ad whenever I would open the app after a while and it stopped giving me the double inactive income. Also, when I first started playing, each ad you watched would give you a 30 minute boost. Then it started giving me less than 10 minutes each time. It basically turned into an ad watching parade instead of an actual game. Shame.

  34. I enjoy the game very much, I just wish that there were more theaters to build and run. I have beaten the only 2 that you have currently available. And not sure if ideas are needed for adding into new theaters, but I have a few that could be used in the future.. Bowling, lazer tag, restaurant attached so there would need to be more food upgrades but in a different section than the concession stand

  35. Jamie H dice:

    For a tycoon game it is addicting. Once you finish the assigned objectives, I wish the money rolled over to the next theater or you could choose further upgrades to do to that theater. Was a bit disappointed in purchasing a bundle. I did not realize the bundle was for the special events only. I thought it would be good for the whole game. Disappointing and waste of money. Have had lots of connection issues where like others its telling me I have no internet connection but all other apps work.

  36. Its a good game and concept but i only have a few things i think they can improve. 1 is the graphics a good but the side bars and boost button looks to mediocre and the prices for upgrading it way too high in my opinion. Secondly the booster time is too short maybe 15 to 20 mins would be better. Other than that i love this game.

  37. The hame is painfully slow. Offline earnings are limited to 2 hours unless you pay. Ad offers are absolutely everywhere unless you pay to remove them. The most alarming thing, I fell asleep waiting for money to generate and woke up to the game frozen. I force closed the app and discovered it had downloaded 3.94 gigs of data. I believe it would have been more, however, my phone was at capacity. I have no idea what this app is trying to do, but it’s extremely suspicious.

  38. Fun game but I have a few issues. First, why can’t you use the income from completed theaters to fund new ones? My first theater is pulling in millions but it’s useless. Second, the manager system is terrible. You keep getting the same ones, which is ridiculous, and you can never get the one you need but you can’t remove them. There needs to be a “Fire” option. Lastly, the randomness of the bonus guy is really annoying. The bonuses should just get bigger as your income increases.

  39. White Rain dice:

    I enjoy the game however, the prices for upgrading everything is SUPER EXPENSIVE. I find myself opening the game just to watch one ad to get the extra money then closing it and waiting another 2 hours to do the same thing. If you want people to be more ingaged with this game, try to make it a bit easier to play. I understand not wanting to make it TOO easy but $15,000 just to change one color on the movie sign is a bit much…

  40. Great game, and really addictive. One small issue I found is that cars seem to jam up when there’s too many at once, when we activate the managers boosters. I fix it by exiting the game and coming back, but it would be nice if that was fixed.

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