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The HomeTown Fan App is the best way for fans to search, purchase, and manage event tickets at their school or organization. As a trusted leader in digital ticketing, HomeTown Ticketing provides a professional-level and fully automated ticketing solution to K–12 schools, districts, conferences, associations, collegiate spaces, and organizations. With the HomeTown Fan App, you have the ability to manage your entire ticketing experience on your mobile device.

• Find Events – search by school, organization, event name, or zip code to find events, games, or performances.
• Buy Tickets – skip the lines, purchase tickets and passes at your convenience from your mobile device.
• Get Scanned In – your phone is your ticket, all of your purchases are stored in the app, simply show the QR code at the gate to enter the event.
• Save Favorites – keep up to date on the latest events of your favorite schools, colleges, or organizations.

Enjoy the convenience of the HomeTown Fan App!



Thank you for using the HomeTown Fan App! Be sure to turn on your auto-update settings to ensure you always have the latest features as we continue to deliver enhancements and improve the app experience.
In this release:
- Various UI/UX enhancements
- Bug fixes


40 comentarios en "HomeTown Fan MOD"

  1. Tom Adam dice:

    Can’t even register. Blue bar at top of the app cycles for 10 seconds or so, then a box pops up that says “Error. There was a problem with the registration. Please try again.” Same issue on my personal A53 on T-Mobile and my work S22 on Verizon. Thanks for making it hard to attend my child’s sporting events. Nothing like a good old fashioned ticket window!

  2. Our school requires tickets to be purchased through this app, and it’s terrible for every game I try it on. It throws error codes as soon as I start typing anything into the search bar. On the rare occasion I can actually get the search to produce what I’m looking for, it crashes just as I’m finishing the purchase process. Takes literally dozens of attempts to get tickets, and then I have to screenshot them because they always fail to open at the gate.

  3. I didn’t get an email that has my tickets. The app shows no purchases, no tickets and no messages. My bank account reflects the purchase of 30 dollars worth of tickets. (6 dollars of the purchase went to transaction fees. This app is the only way to purchase the tickets for all highschool athletics) The worst experience you can have. I would rate this even lower if I could. If you don’t have to use this app I recommend not using it.

  4. Ron Heady dice:

    The app is incredibly convenient. When I initially downloaded the app it worked well. When I switched to a new phone I had a problem with the app force stopping for no apparent reason. Enter ***Best customer support ever*** I sent a notification email to customer support and received a call within 20 minutes. They immediately went to work addressing the issue. They made sure I had digital versions of my tickets while they worked to resolve the problem. Ultimately fixed it!

  5. Hank C dice:

    Still an awful app. Showed up for my son’s orchestra concert and the app would not display the ticket bar code. Tickets are there, but it just shows the header. The app just doesn’t display right. Went to but tickets for his upcoming Christmas concert and still can’t see a full event description. Text wraps weirdly. Looked at it on a friend’s phone and it seems fine. I’m on a Samsung Galaxy S9 and the app does not work properly. Incredibly frustrating that the app does not display properly.

  6. Not impressed. Must purchase tickets through this app. It doesn’t remember me, forced me to use G Pay and every time I have to enter the transaction multiple times. Fortunately it only charged once for each transaction. Purchase selection page could be better. It took me a while to figure out why it keep putting student tickets in my cart when I wanted adult.

  7. I got notification that there was an updated version. It said to go to the Play Store to download. No instructions from there. I don’t really want to go through the hassle of an uninstall and reinstall. 🤦‍♀️ Build and power off and reboot feature into your upgrades!!! It is 2022! 🤔

  8. I purchase tickets and they never show up on the app. What’s the point of using the app if they don’t even show up. I have them on email but I have to download them and make sure I screenshot them incase they don’t load. Fix the app so we can see the tickets I’ve purchased on there. I wouldn’t recommend this app. Hopefully they find something different and better.

  9. Can’t open app. Verification fails. Uninstalled multiple times. Cleared cache. Restart. Airplane mode. Wifi. Mobile data. Tried a lot. Worked once before, but not today when I need to transfer tickets. May edit rating later if my experience improves at all. (EDITS) Worked for the last home game weekend, hopefully continues.

  10. Your app sucks. Every sports season it loses my athletic booster season pass. I update the app every season, it shows my account information correctly, but the pass is always missing. Takes weeks to get it corrected every 3 months. You have to do better. Of the 5 ticket apps I use, WORST ticket app ever.

  11. Sean Karp dice:

    this app sucks. just hangs and hangs. very buggy. I won’t be able to get into my highschool football game tonight. *Update – Our highschool had to let scores of people into the football game for free because very few people could get this app to work. So now they have changed the policy to allow cash ticket sales once again. Hallelujah! I won’t have to use this app again.

  12. Ian Bird dice:

    Wow this app is terrible. I would confirm that if I could ever get in. I received my registration code but can’t even get to the screen to enter it. Terrible UI and design so far. Also, the web interface is down as well, Guess we won’t be going to our event tonight.

  13. Have you personally used the app? There have been nothing but troubles in using the app. The QR code either doesn’t appear at all or only partially does. I then have to go open my email to access the QR code. Last Friday we couldn’t access the app to purchase tickets. Not sure if there was too much volume for the app to handle but that was really unacceptable. There should have been much more testing of this app before releasing it and forcing parents and students to use it.

  14. Horrible app unfortunately 0 stars is not an option. Doesn’t find any events by zip, team or school name, city or any description. It keeps refreshing and doesn’t allow typing. Don’t know why schools are using.

  15. Joe Combs dice:

    Downgrading to 1 star based on the abysmal responses from their support team. How many times do I need to log out and back in, clear data, uninstall and reinstall before this ticketing app actually shows me my tickets?!? Original review: I’d give it 5 stars but every time I purchase tix I get the confirmation email but then they never show in the app until I reach out to their support team.

  16. I’ve been using this app all year for my kids games. I have 3 kids in 3 different school systems. I’m always able to get the tickets I need right away, and they are all conveniently located on the same app.

  17. I purchase tickets and they are delivered to my email, but can’t find them in the app. I have trouble finding some schools in here so I have to go to the schools website and click the direct link to find their Hometown page. No integration to hold tickets in Google Wallet.

  18. Wish this app would support integrated barcode scanners. we were looking at Zebra devices to make it easier but will only scan through the camera. Bummer.

  19. Could not retrieve tickets after order completed. Could not be refunded. Tickets showed up too late to use.

  20. Tried for 2 days to purchase tickets. Unable to put in payment info. Even uninstalled and reinstalled. Very frustrating! Will see what customer support has to say.

  21. Chris H dice:

    Open app, asks me to enter my phone number so it can text me a verification code. Enter phone number but code never comes. Can’t get into the app because of it. Uninstalled and downloaded again. Did not help.

  22. Roan Dunn dice:

    Quick secure and easy!! Definitely should be open to taking other payment options (PayPal etc) but works great with Gpay.

  23. Penny Berg dice:

    The update on 9/8/22 took away the option to transfer tickets to people. I know people who purchase season tickets for 10 or more people. I buy 3 season tickets myself and can’t transfer tickets to anyone anymore. Not a good update at all.

  24. Convenient app. Poor execution. It’s great I can buy season passes. Its ridiculous that I can’t see how many tickets I have left.

  25. Won’t let me register. Error kept popping up…but it’s not just me. Friend couldn’t get tickets the page kept acting like it was loading then error message for him as well…

  26. Fred dice:

    Ridiculous to have to use this invasive app for a middle school game. It requires you to give up your phone number and credit card. We should be able to pay cash at the gate.

  27. Sucks, convenience fee is half the price of the ticket and they won’t except any type of other payment. Rip-off!

  28. somehow the app sent our tickets to some craigslist email address. I have no idea how this could have happened. it’s a horrible out

  29. App frequently displays “No Search Results.” It takes several minutes for schools to show up to purchase tickets.

  30. Does not show the qr code does not allow to transfer if schools are going to force this app make sure it works!!

  31. Difficult. Cannot order tickets. Reinstalled three times. Screen is not as shown in sample.

  32. App is easy to use. Service fees they charge for a high school sporting event is way too much.

  33. The app is buggy when attempting to sign in. Also, the name of the app is “HomeTown Fan”, which begins with an H. The app’s icon is a big letter H. However, in the app drawer it’s under F for “Fan”.

  34. Joe Eubank dice:

    not user friendly. really have to watch to get the tickets you. very redundant unnecessary information requests.

  35. the server seems to time out alot. I was very upset I missed my daughter marching out because the app wouldn’t load to scan my tickets.

  36. John Ezell dice:

    Ridiculous they charge me $1.46 processing fee for a $4 Middle School Football ticket. That fee increases the cost of the ticket by 36.5%!

  37. I was charged twice for the same purchase and still didn’t receive my tickets. Buy beware.

  38. Already purchashed tickets . Now app will not open and tickets not emailed. Just confirmation number. 👎

  39. Worked just fine at first. Now it asks for cell number to text verification code to open the app. Code never arrives. Customer support does not seem interested in responding. Worthless

  40. Does not work after last update. Asks for phone number and then fails on registration.

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