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Screen recorder with audio to record screen, live stream in high quality
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AZ Screen Recorder is a stable, high-quality screen recorder for Android that helps you record smooth & clear screen videos. With a ton of features like screen capture, screen video recorder, video editor, live stream screen, this screen recording app provides an easy way to record screen videos such as video tutorials, video calls, game videos, live shows.


NO recording time limit
NO root needed

Key features:

★ Screen recording
AZ Screen Recorder provides stable and fluid screen recording. With this screen recorder, you can easily record popular mobile game videos; you can record video calls with family and friends…

Screen Video Recorder with internal sound
From Android 10, this free screen recorder will support recording internal audio. If you want to record gameplay, video tutorial with internal audio, this powerful screen recorder with audio is the best choice for you.

Game Recorder in FULL HD
This game recorder supports the recording game screen in high quality: 1080p, 60FPS, 12Mbps. Many resolutions, frame rates, and bit rates are available for you.

Screen Recorder with Facecam
By using this Screen Recorder with Facecam, your face and emotions can be recorded in a small overlay window. You can freely adjust the Facecam size and drag it to any position on the screen

AZ Screen Recorder provides a ton of free features:
– Record internal sound (from Android 10)
– Record gameplay with external sound
– Pause/resume screen recording
– Enable front camera (Facecam)
– GIF maker: A GIF recorder help you record the screen as GIF
– Control screen recording through floating window or notification bar
– Shake the device to stop recording the screen
– Draw on the screen while recording gameplay
– Transfer recorded videos, and screenshots to your computer through Wifi

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★ Video Editor
After recording device screen, you can edit your videos with these editing functions:
– Convert video to GIF
– Trim video
– Remove middle part of video
– Merge videos: Combine multiple videos into one
– Add background music to video
– Add subtitles to video
– Extract image from video
– Crop video
– Rotate video
– Compress video
– Edit audio

★ Livestream
With the screen broadcast function of the AZ Screen Recorder, you can stream your screen to Youtube, Facebook, and more. You can stream gameplay to show your skills or stream films, TV shows, and sports events. AZ Screen Recorder provides the following features to help you livestream easily:
– Several broadcast resolution settings, stream with the high quality you want
– Facecam while live streaming

★ Screenshots and Image Editing
AZ Screen Recorder is more than a screen video recorder. It can also capture screenshots and edit images. You can take a screenshot easily with one click, use in-app image editing tools to stitch/crop images, and share your screenshots with your friends. Some top editing features can be listed below:
– Stitch images: Auto detect and combine several images into one
– Crop images: Remove unwanted parts
– Blur image: pixelate areas you don’t want to show
– Add text, and draw on image…

Thanks for downloading AZ Screen Recorder. If you have any feedback, bug reports, suggestions, or you can help with the translations, please contact us at [email protected]

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- General bug fixes and performance improvements.


40 comentarios en "AZ Screen Recorder 2022"

  1. Boomer R dice:

    This app is pretty heckin’ useful. I’ve been using it quite a long time & I’m surprised it took me so long to come rate it five stars. I suppose my only complaint is that it records with a border around it and if you plan to use the recordings in a video, you kinda have to crop the border off. My guess is that happens so that the app can be used on all sorts of devices with different sized screens, but I could be wrong. Either way, the app works well, is a small file, & I’m super happy with it.

  2. It’s overall mediocre. I liked it because it didn’t have a watermark, which is great. However it certainly has a lot flaws. Sometimes I’ll try to record and it just straight up doesn’t let you. No matter what you do it just won’t record. Other times it will say that it’s recording, but it’s actually not. Recordings on here get corrupted frequently for no apparent reason, it starts recording late. And there’s more but these reviews have word limit. Fix the app because right now it sucks.

  3. Wesley dice:

    No complaints really. Ads sure but not overbearing. Needed for those that want this to be free. The recording is superb. The editing is great. For general Internet videos this is a 1st rate tool. I can’t find anything bad to say about it, really. Been using it for about 7 months. Posted several videos. Pardon the cliche but it works as advertised. It really does.

  4. It’s amazing! You can actully screen record for a long time. The other app I used only recorded for 20 seconds😐. But with this one I did almost two minutes(btw that’s not the max I just wanted to record that long) but yeah the quality is great and it’s amazing give it a try!

  5. Annoying. For example, I’ll try to take a screenshot and it won’t take it, then the button dissapears, so I have to open tools and unactivate then reactivate. Pretty unconvenient. Also, the app took AN HOUR to uninstall. On top of these, it would constantly cancel recording after normally less than 20 seconds and say the file was “corrupted-” I’ll try the update though.

  6. Love this,I have it on all my devices. I’d give ya 5 stars but every 10 recordings or so or less,and in recordings with long durations of time, occasionally the file/recording will end up randomly corrupt and unrepairable. Not sure if anyone else is it has had that problem but thought it’d be worth mentioning. I also noticed that with another android device I have the app installed and frequently used has no issues with corrupted files, but other than that this app it’s damn near perfect.

  7. It is so horrible sometimes. It works for a good solid 1 day then it freezes up my screen, Makes my games laggy, and wholly just makes me frustrated because I can’t record without my screen freezing up entirely and I’m starting to think that It has a virus. I rated it two stars because yes, that might seem like not a lot of things wrong with it, but it legitimately freezes my screen so often that It’s absolutely trash. I think it’s a virus because it also would NOT let me uninstall it.

  8. Samantha B dice:

    Impressive app. There are many options, such as screenshot and timelapse. Timelapse helps me record videos that are 21 minutes without timelapse, to around 7 minutes with timelapse (x3). This helps a lot too because it takes less gB from my phone. The editing system is decent, as it allows you to do a lot, such as trim your video and add words to it. You can also rename your videos, making it easier for me to organize and find videos I have made. Easy to start recording as well

  9. I have never once been able to get the recorder to stop recording by pulling down the notifications shade. The controls have never appeared there, even when that option was selected in the settings. I apparently ruined multiple recordings because I couldn’t figure out how to STOP the recording! That could be more intuitive. I finally selected the blinking red dot in settings, which seems to work well. With that one move my opinion has gone from 1 star to 4, so I gave it an average of 3.

  10. Bro, I’ve been looking for something to try to start YouTube, and so far this has been perfect! All the tools I need in one app, and it’s free! Yeah, a few ads here and there, but no big deal to support the devs. I’m able to trim videos, edit audio, cut segments, and much more just by tapping that orange icon. The only issue I’ve had hasn’t even been with the app, rather my device won’t record in-game audio. Luckily, I’ve found a workaround that, well, works! 🙏 Thanks a million! ✌️

  11. I have been using this app for over a year. Everything is amazing, but the audio doesn’t work good anymore. Whenever I select “internal audio” it doesn’t record it at all, (even though the app allows it) and microphone records internal and microphone which is so annoying. Again, it used to work perfectly but this doesn’t anymore. I’ll have to switch to a different screen recorder with working audio.

  12. This has been the best video recorder out there for me. Easy to use, smooth recording, very little interference with ads and/or watermarks….I would recommend it. Unfortunately, I will no longer be using it for the foreseeable future; I was disappointed when a recent update added an on-screen widget during recordings which can NOT be removed via settings at this time. I hope my feedback will be strongly considered by the app’s dev team going forward.

  13. K458 Lucca dice:

    The app worked well. But there are a few problems, the app also records outside of the screen, meaning if you are talking it will pick it up. There should be a way to turn that off. The other problem is that the app hasn’t been recording lately, i push the button to record and the button goes away. And it seems like it records but then you go into tour gallery it shows it didnt

  14. Great app. Gives option to remove ads for free, but tells you that it hurts them. Because of this I opted to keep ads, but that is a really nice touch. Something I’d like to see is the option to not have the camera overlay on the screen, but be able to have 2 output files, one from the camera, and one from the screen recording session. Overall, a great experience and probably the best all round screen recorder, even among the paid ones.

  15. Great app! It does what it says it’s going to do and any ads are not intrusive. I was able to open it for the 1st time and record something within a minute without reading any instructions. It’s extremely simple – you open the content to record, then open the app, give it permissions, see the warning that it will capture passwords etc. if recording when you enter them, you hit the record button to record, pause button to pause, resume button to resume, stop to stop. I love that simplicity.

  16. Allows me to flip the screen orientation to landscape for recordings. Yay! I’ve only tested it out a little, but I am impressed. If you have an issue with audio or orientation, CHECK YOUR SETTINGS. Auto orientation doesn’t work, you have to pick one of the other options and stick with it throughout any single session. You can disable microphone recording. Might upgrade to premium someday, for now I’m thankful for the free version.

  17. Smiley dice:

    It’s amazing to use if you know what your doing. Multiple reviews I’ve seen have been about bad editing or recording background audio. Personally I find the recorder decent for recording mobile gameplay. Editing wise.. it isn’t the best but that’s not the purpose of the app… Background audio can be fixed, like I said, it’s great if you know how to use it properly. Pros: Good recording. Fast to learn. Cons: Takes a bit to get used to. Certain devices have issues with it. All in all it’s ok.

  18. I use this app to record alternative journalist broadcasts. It’s easy to use. Some of the options include adjustable bit-rate audio, resolution for video and turning the camera on and off and which direction the camera faces and the size of it. You can move the camera while you’re recording. It’s got a lot of options. I have had some issues with it cutting out audio sometimes but I think that has to do with me keeping my phone clean because it works great most of the time and evidently this is connected to a network like twitch for video game screen sharing but you don’t have to know about that – just that it exists.

  19. I’ve only had this for about an hour but so far I’m loving it! The video quality is outstanding, the tools are very easy to use, and the bubble control is very helpful. If I may throw out some suggestions I’d say to add on milliseconds to editing tools help with precision on trimming and such. An option to change video speed. A preview button to view the video before exporting a trim or remove middle.

  20. This is a fantastic and powerful app with many features built-in. The beauty of it is that it’s simple to use interface doesn’t require you to use the advanced features, but if you do need to use them they’re just a tap away at any given time. Absolutely fantastic app and the best screen recording software I have ever used for Android period. To put it in perspective, I even purchased the premium just to show support. I NEVER purchase the premium versions of apps.

  21. Logan dice:

    Used for the past 2 years and tbh never ran into a problem and it works great. Super recommend Edit: read other views. I have a flagship phone so I never run into issues and this is free, shouldn’t be an issue if they left a watermark. Understandable if it was a paid for app, or apple, but you decide to pay less on the phone so some apps won’t work as well as you would hope.

  22. Honestly I find this fairly easy to use but can be a little bit difficult at first. You will learn how it works after a few tries. I love everything but the audio part, it can’t record internal and any sound you make records. That includes you sniffing, baby waking up, tapping too hard the screen when game play. Other than that I love it.

  23. It was great for a couple of months but then it did not save any of my 1 hour long footage it would just put it in the trash when I spend hours making videos. Update: so I installed it again it didn’t work but the next month I needed a screen recorder so I got it and it worked. so I don’t know if it was I glitch or a bug but it’s working now.

  24. I love the app, I have used it for the last 10 minutes. My only complaint is that it doesn’t specifically record only the videos audio. It records everything said around my device during recording. So if my cat meows, that ends up in the audio of the video, or if my volume isn’t turned up high enough the sound may not be heard or vica versa if it’s too loud it become distorted. Overall I would say this app is well made from my experience of using it for the last 10 minutes. Good job developers.

  25. Keeps cutting off videos. Normally around when i record a video for an hour, it shaves off about 10-30 minutes and there is no way to get it back. If you need proof, just go to my channel. 😶 Please fix this. Ive used this app since 2016. And havent had this problem. And before you ask, NO it is not a storage issue. It is the app itself. I have a 64GB phone. It can record for quite a while. Please fix this. I do love AZ screen recorder, but not when it does this.

  26. This is a pretty good app. Records for long periods without a problem as long as you have the storage space. The sound quality is good too. I do wish it didn’t always screen record as sometimes you only want audio/mp3. I tested it using Bluetooth headphones and heard it just fine. However there is a lag issue that you can hear when you play your recording back. I tested it with headphones (internal) & mic and it still records with lags. If those 2 things were fixed it would be a 5 stars app.

  27. This app is the only screenrecording app I could find without root. It works very well and is easy to use. The actual video is about 1 or 2 seconds behind what you’re actually doing, but it doesn’t need anything up. I recommend it to anyone whovis looking for an easy to use, high quality, free screenrecording app.

  28. Wow! all I did was a test video to see how it worked and I am very impressed. Is exactly what I’ve been looking for and works wonderfully. the only downfall that I can work with, isn’t a downfall really, is that it record sound, all sound, even in the background. so when using it have distance between you and the microphone and do it in a quiet room because it works great! Too well, until you get comfortable with it.

  29. At first, when I used this, it was great. However after starting my third video, it suddenly stopped recording five seconds in, but I didn’t notice and kept “recording” my game. I didnt realize until I went to end it, and I was very mad that I lost all my gaming footage. I tried again after restarting my device, but again, after five seconds it stopped recording. Also, it doesnt let you turn external audio off, and it mutes in app sounds and music.

  30. I really like the app overall, but I noticed a rather large flaw when I was reviewing my recordings from yesterday. I was using a bluetooth headset while using the app and today I realized that none of the source audio was saved, but it did record the bluetooth microphone. That means none of that video would be usable. I’m disappointed that the video didn’t have sound but it’s not the end of the world. If you could add support for recording all audio sources that would be great. Thanks

  31. HELP: I am torn between using this or XRecorder. This app seems it has a lot of editing options. And the interface looks nice (i.e., the notification bar, the red dot, the clarity in distinguishing the recorded portion versus your phone when viewing the video). But there are three downsides. 1) A merged video does not save to Google Photos. 2) Deleting video in Google Photos also deletes it in app. 3) No “show touches” option. If these problems exist, then there is no reason for me to use this.

  32. Great app but has issues.whenever I tried recording it doesn’t allow it. Tried numerous times to get it to work. Had to Uninstall/reinstall to finally get the recording icon to stay on screen to use it. Prior to that its functions didnt work. Why I don’t know. At least the files are mp4 so that’s good because I can do more uses with my videos. Sound and video quality is great with the cost of consuming huge memory. At least it allows you to change those settings. A plus.

  33. great app for screen recording the most I’ve done is 15mins I dont know what the limit is (if there even is one) no ads, you record on whatever quality you’re playing on. the one thing this app does is mess up your performance. after 2 screen recordings you’ll see it take the phone longer than usual to switch to horizontal. the most it’s taken my phone (s9+) is around 7-10 seconds. you’ll have to restart your phone pretty much everytime you’re done using this app but I think it’s alright.

  34. ßunny dice:

    I’ve been looking for a screen recorder with the ability to turn off microphone sound easily for so long and this is the first one I found. You are easily able to switch a setting to record internal sound rather than microphone sound. (Internal sound is the sound only coming from your device and microphone sound is outside noises like you talking, for anyone having the same problem I had.) 🙂

  35. Honestly, this is a great app. A shame that it can’t record internal Audio. But quality and overlay setting are very useful. Had a glitch the other day. Recorded a video about 1 hour long. Stopped recording. And waiting for the save to finish before closing the app. But when I checked My video, it only saved the first 34 minutes? I verified I had plenty of space on mt SD and never navigated away from the game I was recording… Glitch?

  36. Recording is fine, quality is okay, and the editing is easy to use. The thing I don’t like, however, is when I stop recording, it glitches out, and I’m not able to start recording again. Whenever this happens, the button doesn’t show any recording and videos mini buttons. And whenever I try to “stop the recording” that I already stopped, it says “Recording was stopped” and nothing gets fixed. Overall, it’s an okay recorder. The errors just make it frustrating to use.

  37. In general, it works very well. The only 4 things it needs to change are: 1. Add bluetooth mic (to record with the samsung buds), 2. fix the bug to be able to donate (clicking on it on the Note 10+ did nothing so I can’t get rid of the ads), 3. Hide the drawing palette from the video when you are drawing over something. 4. Fix the orientation problem (app records “upside down” if you turn the phone horizontally a certain way). Fixing these 4 things I would definitely give it 5 stars.

  38. Easy app to use. Recorded my first drawing session with it. Funny thing that happened however. The recording was 1 hour and 59 minutes. I check the video and a good chunk of what i recorded was missing. Not sure if there is a limit to how long you can record but it is a bit annoying that my recording got cut off towards the end. Other than that, the app works great.

  39. At first it was great. Recorded everything on my yt channel with it. But since the last update, it’s just difficult to use it terms of the recording. They got rid of the “magic button” (that appears as a red dot) that let you tap to pause and double tap to stop recording. It was much easier to use when you could see it. Please reimplement this and I will give 5 stars. edit: ok, FIX THIS!!! I can’t use my clipboard! Everytime I try to paste something it just pastes that stupid advertisement!!

  40. By far the worst screen recorder available. It says I can record about 4 hours of a video but when I get about 2 minutes in it randomly stops! Another thing is when the game let’s you record audio it doesn’t record it! If you want to stream I don’t recommend because it’ll stop and end the stream. Fix these issues please. In 2020 this app was very good. Now it’s problematic. Please fix!!!

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