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Save up to 70% on the things you need every day
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Download Groupon and save up to 70% on the things you need every day. Find great deals on all the best stuff to eat, see, and do near you and around the world.

Save on everything you’re looking for. Whether you’re craving a new restaurant in town, or daydreaming about tropical travel, a daily replenishment of deals delivers all the discounts you like.

Every deal is available to use immediately, so you’re never more than a few taps away from a relaxing massage, tickets to the night’s hottest event, or a great pizza joint.

With the Groupon app you can:
• Get promo codes and special savings alerts for deals near you, instantly on your mobile device
• Buy and redeem Groupon deals directly from your mobile device, no need to print vouchers or clip coupons
• Read customer reviews and write your own
• Share deals with friends and family

And there’s more:
• Instantly redeem on-demand deals on food, fun, fashion, and wellness, without having to print a voucher
• Get up to 30% cash back at participating Groupon+ restaurants
• Travel to exotic destinations and stay at the fanciest hotels with Groupon Getaways
• Shop for fun themed collections for holidays and events

Put down the coupon book and pick up the Groupon Android app—your ticket to explore the best your city has to offer at savings of up to 70% off.

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Thanks for using the Groupon app! This update includes many improvements and bug fixes.


40 comentarios en "Groupon – Deals & Coupons MODDED 2022"

  1. Tyler Gob dice:

    Several things. First of all the first time I opened the app, they advertise me a coupon for an oil change for a state halfway across the country. Very, VERY, misleading description of the coupon got me to purchase. Second of all I have turned off all notifications for the app 3 days in a row, it seems to default back. Don’t use this service!!!

  2. I Purchased several items via Groupon. Upon attempting to redeem them, in addition to the fine print that were disclosed, I found a few that weren’t. I discovered that there were undisclosed shipping costs, items that I paid for were sold out, if you weren’t using a particular browser you couldn’t redeem vouchers for items purchased. I attempted to contact Groupon through chat. It was unavailable. I had to send my issues by email which is going to take a few days. I am annoyed with this App!

  3. Excellent and most helpful app when it comes to saving money and finding wonderful deals from categories A to Z. I love it. Amazon, Groupon, and the Justplay app that gives Amazon credit for playing games has turned me into a shopaholic. I’ve also got to the point of buying items basically free because all the money came from justplay app and I sell it for a cheaper price and still profit. It’s sweet.

  4. Groupon really push their app on you. However, it has so many issues that I’d rather just use their website. For instance, once you have an item in your cart, it’s impossible to click on it from the cart, to go back to that item’s description. Sometimes, if there different versions of such item, one might want to go back and select a different option. Too many issues to list in such a little space.

  5. The app works fairly well, except for two things: (1) if I’m not looking at the screen, and my thumb touches it, sometimes I accidentally order things; and (2) when I’m browsing through search results it automatically reloads periodically, so I have to scroll back through tons of products I’ve already viewed, just to get back to where I was. #2 is especially irritating.

  6. My experience was terrible. I was checking the ticket prices of Cirque du Soleil tickets & an ad popped up for 20% off. I went to click out of the ad, & it hit the shopping cart on accident. I quickly tried to go back and it had already purchased the tickets. There is no other way of contacting them other than through the messenger, which is hard to find on the app. All the rep cared about was my “eligibility for the current reward challenge.” I disputed, but it was a quick $460 down the toilet.

  7. 96% perfect! Had great experiences with Groupon & received great deals. But I’ve had 2 bad ones that didn’t get resolved, AT ALL. As in never heard from them regarding 2 broken products. Although I’ve gotten great deals, we all know it’s the bad ones that stick with you. Still 4 stars, & I continue to give them my money. No idea what happened to Groupon + was paying for it, then it just went away. Just got great deals & will continue to use them. Still have bad experiences in my mind though.

  8. Terrible. I recieved a gift certificate and picked out 3 items. I couldn’t find anywhere to pay with the gc on the app. Contacted customer service to go to a special webpage and was able to add it. Went to pay and one of my items was removed because it was sold out. Now I still have money left over, but not enough to cover the minimum $35 for free shipping. Horrible shopping/paying experience.

  9. Groupon can have some incredible deals especially if you use the discounts or sales that they have at the time of your purchase. I have had some difficulties with items that I did not receive. Its almost impossible to get any contact back from Groupon or the seller so that’s a problem that needs to be changed but otherwise it’s a good app and very useful

  10. Groupon is a great way to save money and support local businesses at the same time! Our family also uses it to find (and save on) fun weekend activities, getaways and party events. We’ve used the app while on vacation quite a few times, too! I’ve saved on many products, as well. I always check my notifications for additional coupons and deals that make the already low-cost offers even sweeter! The app is time-saving and easy to use. It’s by far the best app I’ve found of it’s kind!

  11. Reviews on products are pretty vague…. they only post great reviews and in a way creating bad advertising. I’ve purchased several items and was very disappointed. Sizing, quality, etc. and to return them it was too much of a hassle.. I know, I can always try other options but I’ve also had good experiences… pay attention to your products and really put it out there the way they really are and work..

  12. Yes sometimes you can find great deals. The one issue that was the most frustrating out of a few was, placed a order and accidentally shipped to previous address, had just recently moved 2 weeks prior. So within a hour of placing the orders ( Being on hold the majority of time) tried to get the delivery address changed they wouldn’t do that then tried to cancel the order they wouldn’t do that neither. Customer service was terrible, the product didn’t ship within hour why not change address

  13. This used to be an amazing app. I’ve had problems with buying vouchers that would somehow get automatically redeemed, and not by me or by a hacker. When I actually do redeem a voucher, I get email notifications afterwards reminding me to use that voucher before it expires. How is that possible?!? The desktop and app platforms do not seem to be syncing with each other which is very frustrating. Groupon needs to get its act together quickly or they’re going to lose a longtime customer.

  14. The app is well built and easy to use. You will definitely find great deals on unique products / services. I’ve used it a handful of times, and saved a fair amount each time. My biggest complaint however is the slow delivery of products purchased thru the app. Amazon Prime has me spoiled, but for example: I ordered a shampoo and conditioner on February 8, and FedEx Tracking shows it is expected to deliver February 21. Overall a solid app with great deals, albeit slow delivery.

  15. Fantastic way to try out new experiences at a discount on a trial basis. It’s just plain useful and saves me several bucks. Never had a bad experience. Highly recommend. If you’re an especially good patron (i.e., provide tips in addition to services, vendors are more likely to continue membership at a deeply discounted rate. Be cautious when buying goods though. Never had a good Groupon experience with that.

  16. the Groupon service is great and has saved me lots of money. I mark the app down because of its notification system. I look at items in the app, find something I don’t like about it and move on, but then for the next several months I’ll randomly get Andoird notifications about that same product with no way to say I’m not interested. I’ve had to disable notifications to avoid the constant annoyance.

  17. I redownload this app and quickly placed a few things in my cart. Great! I updated my card info, billing/shipping address, and hit order. The screen then prompted me to re-update or verify my info. Cool, whatever. I do that and hit ‘Save’. Nothing. The screen acts like it ‘refreshes’, but does nothing. I go to live chat and attempt to talk to a support member and nothing I type shows up, then an error message appears. This app sucks. Like, really really bad.

  18. I’ve been using Groupon almost since its inception. It’s always been a great way to find good deals on things to do, innovative products, and vacation spots. Unfortunately I have become frustrated with the app since it suddenly refuses to show me things within my zip code. No matter how many different local zip codes, mileage limitations, or city names I put in, it automatically defaults to the largest urban area it can find which is a minimum of 60 miles from me. It is no longer fun to use.

  19. We got a groupon to go to an in store event by us. The store ended up closing so we contacted customer support to see if we could get a refund. They said they could give a refund, but could give store credit. Not ideal as is, but we never got the credit. Not to mention the last thing we tried to buy is still listed as pending. Can’t cancel, can’t even select it to contact them, the app keeps freezing. The whole thing ends up costing more money due to poor quality of the app and poor policies.

  20. Love finding great deals & they are easy steps to follow to do orders. I do wish they would date some items better. I went to order one item on these thermal cat beds, ad was showing $7.99 but once I clicked on things the price changed them to $9.99. Worked out alright since it was showing a thicker padded one for $8.99 . I’m sure I could have done chat questions on it but was trying to do it in a hurry. Really do like the great deals we can find, thanks!

  21. When it works, it works well. I get reasonable discounts. But when it doesn’t work, it really sucks. For example, I set my filters to local (within 20 miles) and still got offers for groupons that were 100 miles away. I bought one without double checking the location and … now I can’t use the groupon and can’t get a refund/credit. Lame. Also, customer support was awful. They didn’t let me say a single word, just disconnected (intentionally).

  22. The strike thru prices (the price they say is what the item would be) is completely ridiculous. They do this so the deals look extremely good. Some things are good deals though. But I seen 25oz bottles of Tresseme shampoo which is just store brand hair product that is probably $8 originally & the “deal” was $77.00?! Something’s not right there. Also if will say such item for this good price & even displays the photo of the item, not once you are interested & click on it then select that item it will give a much higher price. Just another baiting tactic. But there are some pretty good deals of you find what you’re looking for. It is an app with using if so.

  23. Snooks dice:

    I travel alot so I’m always looking for some fun experiences when I travel. This app has offered some great deals however when I set the location to my destination it will recommend or give me deals that are no where near where I am going. For example If I am looking for fun things to do in Baltimore MD why would I even see a deal from Florida, Chicago, or even LA? So much waisted time messing with the settings after clicking on deals that were thousands of miles away & no facility nearby!

  24. Terrible customer service and confusing app layout. An order was placed on my account without me initiating it and was being shipped to the wrong address. I noticed a few hours later that this had happened via email. Took me forever to find a way to talk with customer support and when I finally did they said I had waited too long and the order couldn’t be modified. Very annoying and will be deleting the app.

  25. Worst customer support ever. Don’t bother trying to get anywhere with these dumbass people ig you can even get through to them. I was double charged on a small event purchase due to a bug on the app. Be careful if you place something in your cart but don’t make the purchase right away then go back a few days later. It won’t show as being in your cart but after adding it again and after paying it’ll hit you for both. If you use PayPal you won’t be able to get a refund either.

  26. I have used Groupon multiple times over the years and hadn’t ever experienced issues, had happily recommended to others and a 5 star rating would have been a for sure. Recently, however, I have encountered various frustrating technical issues. I’ve tried to troubleshoot even uninstalled and reinstalled. A couple of issues I have faced: Most attempts to open an item cause force stops. Stuttering of page when trying to scroll makes very difficult to find what your looking for.

  27. The app is set up to automatically charge you as soon as you got purchase…no confirmation or anything. I received a notification of something I was completely not interested in and accidentally clicked purchase because I had grabbed my phone to use as a flashlight. Boom, charged. Then of course you must jump through hoops to cancel. I couldn’t cancel because all sales final after 3 days. Do not use this app or service!

  28. Can’t disable location to just look at deals nationwide. Most searches are nowhere near relevant due to location-driven sales. I don’t want local deals. I don’t want spa discounts 1 mile away to be the first result(and the next 80) when I am searching for an automotive part. I want to rummage through relevant results to see what’s available wherever the heck it may be available. At least make disabling the location based results an option. It’s not rocket surgery.

  29. Customer service is a joke. Tried to cancel an order shortly after I placed it and was told sorry it’s too late….the fine print says sales are final. I ordered one shampoo and conditioner set but it turned into 2 sets. I was charged over 60 dollars when I expected to pay 29. I went back into the deal to see if I may have accidentally ordered double but there was not even an option to buy more than one set. Beware when buying from this site.

  30. So far only purchased one groupon and it was easy to use the voucher and book the dinnershow. I want to love it because it has great deals, but a lot of the deals are a set price for 2 people, 4 people, or 6 people, but we are a family of 3. So I end up forgoing buying deals for things I would like to try because I’d have to buy for 4 and waste a ticket.

  31. The app works well to shop with, except for one feature. While scrolling through, it would occasionally bounce back to the beginning on it’s own! This was inconvenient because it meant that I had to start searching all over again, which is a total waist of time, and a bit aggravating!!

  32. G M dice:

    Great so far, but I have a request/ suggestion to make your website/ app easier and more enjoyable to use. It is about the saved deals tab as there isn’t a way to sort the saved deals that people save, as I have alot of them saved and with I could put them into specific tabs or even sort them by the type of item they are, like clothes, furniture, HealthCare, electronics, etc. I believe adding this option will make the experience more enjoyable. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  33. When I need to buy things – I look here to see if it’s cheaper. Picture items especially… but beware, you get what you pay for sometimes! Also – super annoying and why I gave 3 stars – if you turn your phone sideways when looking at items, it resets to the top. Seriously irritating and usually just give up looking for things when this happens.

  34. The quality is unmatched by any other online and brick and mortar vendor. Gets me in trouble sometimes because the price is great but I don’t look at the shipping cost. I’ve reduced the amount of spending on Groupon because the shipping is way too expensive unless you buy something thats expensive…which ends up being the same price in the end. If shipping wasn’t so expensive, I’d make more purchases.

  35. My shopping experience with GROUPON has been excellent. Whenever I have had to change something for a different size my request has never been neglected. Only once years ago I ordered a course on ESL teaching but I never got to do it because my computer broke, so it was actually my fault. The priceof a good deal of items is superb and I have taken advantage of them.

  36. Only issue is sometimes the deals aren’t quite as advertised, or end up being too far away to use, or have hours that don’t work with my schedule or whatever. Usually that’s just a matter of reading the fine print, but occasionally the service at the place is really subpar. So the app is fine, but they don’t hold their partners to very high standards.Jiffy lube in particular. Every time I’ve gone there with a group on the service has been terrible.

  37. The concept of the app is a really good idea. Once you get your payment info setup, the groupon purchase is super easy. It just gets a little tricky when you use the voucher and have to go to the business website to make the actual purchase. You have to use your voucher within 90days; It would be nice if the time frame was longer.

  38. This sight seems to be turning into a trash heap. Product quality has certainly give to the dogs, for a while now. To top it off items are not being delivered. I ordered a couple of items using my credits. Both have been listed as delivered, but neither has arrived. I will say that Groupon deals for activities are far better than any of the deals for physical items.

  39. Sometimes allows accidental purchases when it’s in your pocket or purse and the screen is being pressed without ur knowledge. Doesn’t have any ability to double check and and review and review before confirming purchase. Only able to refund if you discover the mistake right away. Other than that it’s a great app for a good company that I’ve been a good customer for about 8 almost 9 years!

  40. Sam Blair dice:

    Really love the deals I find on Groupon. The only issue I have with Groupon is how to get a refund or credit back if my Groupon expired. It’s says you will never lose the amount you paid for the Groupon even if it expires but the app does not make it easy to get the money back. Another issue is if you view the voucher then you are using it. it can not be refunded. Yet I had an issue trying to redeem 1 on a site, now it’s showing I’ve used the voucher but I couldn’t. No easy answers on the app

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