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Google TV app, previously Play Movies & TV, makes it easy to find and enjoy the entertainment you love in one place. With Google TV, you’ll be able to:

Find what to watch next
Browse 700,000+ movies and TV episodes from across your streaming apps, all in one place and organized into topics and genres. Discover new things with recommendations based on what you love and what’s trending across the services you already have access to. Search for titles to see which streaming apps offer them.

See the latest releases
Buy or rent the newest movies and shows right in the Shop tab. Purchases are stored in your Library and can be downloaded to watch when you’re not connected. Watch instantly on your laptop, Android phone or tablet, or on your TV with Google TV or on Play Movies & TV where available.

One list for all your discoveries
Add interesting shows and movies to your Watchlist to keep track of your new discoveries and view them later. The Watchlist is shared between all your devices, so you can even add to your Watchlist from your TV or phone and laptop through Search on any browser.

Use your phone as your remote
With a remote built right into the app, you can find something great to watch even when the couch has eaten your remote. And you can use your phone’s keyboard to quickly type complicated passwords, movie names or search terms on your Google TV or other Android TV OS device.

Pantaya is a service only available in the US.
Separate subscriptions required for certain streaming services or access to certain content.


Find where your favorite shows and movies are streaming
* Discover something new in just a few taps
* Add thumbs up or down to get personal recommendations based on what you like to watch
* See which streaming apps offer the show or movie you want to watch


40 comentarios en "Google TV FULL"

  1. I had hoped for a better version where I could group my films and tv series. Not able to group genre together, films I’d watched. I can’t actually see my own films list, but I can see what is on Disney+. Terrible usability. Contact me for user testing as clearly not done any. Don’t think the app does even what it is supposed to do. I love change and improving apps, but me writing down a list of all of the films I have then doing a search to find it is the only way I can use this !

  2. Mediocre movie app. Although the concept is novel I’ve realized that the app it replaced was better. When I needed to buy a movie it was simple, and streamlined. This pushes streaming over purchasing, but it can’t tell the difference between the tier of services and whether you can actually stream certain movies. It needs to improve the purchase experience of movies.

  3. LKD24 dice:

    Horrible. I would not recommend this app to anyone. You pay your hard earned money to be able to watch movies and tv shows anywhere and anytime and the app won’t play anything because it doesn’t work. As of November 1, 2022 the app is working again. Movies and TV shows play without any problems or issues now. The only problem I have with this app is the lack of seasons (Third Watch has only one season) or none of the shows or movies you wanted to own are here.

  4. The app used to be good, but now it just updated so all purchased TV shows are excluded from one’s library (only movies are displayed now). The only way to locate a TV show one has already purchased is to individually type in the complete name of the TV series one wants to watch. This is honestly just an unprofessional and ridiculous mistake. Is it really so much to expect easy access to a product that I purchased? Please fix this as soon as you can.

  5. It would be nice if the movies you bought/rented would actually play instead of acting like it’s going to then closing. Never had any issues with the actual play movies app but of course Google had to change it. Update: app still doesn’t work. Spent a couple days trying to get it to work. Got my money back in minutes though.

  6. I can say for sure that purchasing/renting movies from Google has become less friend since transitioning to Google TV from the play store. Like many others have already commented, the movies are now displayed with the cheapest rental price rather than the purchase price, even in the category of “Deals on Movie Purchases”. Scrolling throught the list, all movies show 2.99-3.99 and then once you click into it it will give you the purchase price. Movie deals aren’t advertised much anymore either.

  7. I have never used this app nor do I want to, but ever since the most recent update, I’m getting notifications that I didn’t set. I have updated the notifications by turning them all off. Then, I can be in the middle of doing something on my phone and all of a sudden my screen goes dark and I think my phone is dying when Google TV pops up with a notification. I go to the notifications page and turn off the one notification again for Movies and TV, only to have the same notification pop up later.

  8. Used too be great. Now it’s ok. The Chromecast Google TV remote part of the app got a facelift and lost an important feature. You can no longer use you phone volume rocker to control the volume on the Chromecast. You can use screen volume buttons but when watching TV I used to keep the phone face down to change the volume of the TV, now it’s more steps to do something so elementary.

  9. I haven’t had problems until recently, after the last update I lost access to both Alien v Predator movies on YouTube. They’re also bad at updating, for example, almost every episode of Rick and Morty usually comes out after it’s done debuting on TV but occasionally an episode doesn’t show up for days (the latest episode is now 2 days behind), sometimes longer than that. I’ve been notified for movies I don’t care about at all while actual updates for movies I mark never show up.

  10. I v8dEr I dice:

    Getting sick & tired of seeing “this title isn’t currently available”. Plus there are many things in my wishlist, that are no longer available for rent/ purchase. Can only view them now, at some stupid steaming service. And what the hell happened to the zoom in button while watching movies or TV Shows? The default viewing option is too small.

  11. They should rename the app “Feature-free TV” No playlists, no resume from different devices (or even an indication of which movies you’re currently watching on the present device). What happened to the subtitles in parts of the movie with foreign dialogue? What happened to the info cards? My library has lost these features and i’m not happy about it. What’s next? Bonus features? [Edit 07 March 2021: Yes, now bonus features have been removed as well]

  12. Bring back Play Movies. This app feels so cluttered. I don’t need ads for other services, I’ll just use their apps. For instance, I was looking for the movie “Lawless”. I found it but the biggest purchase button was an ad for me to subscribe to Starz. No google I don’t want Starz. I want to buy it from you. Please bring back the beautiful simplicity of Play Movies. Would also be nice to have the HD format a little more obvious. Sometimes its hard to tell whether I’m buying HD or 4K

  13. Ben Green dice:

    Was working great on my epsom projector. However, now it keeps “resetting” back to the first home screen tile everytime you try and use the remote. I tried downloading the phone app to connect with the projector as a remote, but this also does not connect, even though it recognizes the projector device. Tried updating to latest version, hard reset, etc. Very frustrating.

  14. First started using it when i bought the chromecast with google tv. its been great.. slick.. easy to navigate. i think the thing stopping me from buying more for my library is that it doesnt feel intuitive. itd be great to organize/sort if there were more categories instead of just date added, movie title. expand the watchlist by adding “playlists”.. in the spirit of the holidays, id like to put a holiday playlist of movies out. i guess just give us a way to organize lists.

  15. Wendy S dice:

    The quality of movies have been good. One of the problems I have is that you don’t get the extras when you buy a movie and yes I know not all movies have “outtakes”, “deleted scenes” or “the making of…” but it be nice to have them on one app instead of having me download another to watch the extra content. Also some movies don’t appear on here sometimes saying unavailable but when I look up the same movie on the web I get one that’s available but that one doesn’t show up on the app at all.

  16. Purchasing things in this app, rather than Google Play, is annoying. With Play I could quickly switch from books, apps, games, movies, and music. They took away music to try to force us into using their YouTube service. Now movies and TV series aren’t available. They could have added the functionality to this without taking it away from Play.

  17. Tim Rios dice:

    So, you took away the ease of buying movies and shows on Google Play… Ok. Then you took away the ability to purchase movies and shows on a the YouTube app on a TV… Ok. Now I just noticed you took away the ability to use Google rewards cash towards movies if you don’t have the full amount. I’m not sure why you guys seem to think user friendly apps need to be removed or changed to something that is more difficult to use than the previous iteration but keep it up. I’ll be over at HBO and Prime.

  18. Doesn’t seem like buying whole seasons is an option anymore. $1.99 an episode is a perfect example of corporate greed. Especially since it’s not even able to play on any media player other than youtube. On top of that, they can remove any digital media you may have purchased in the past. It’d be nice if you could actually save a video file that can play where ever. Digital media purchases are definitely not the same as owning it for real. 👎 I’m not looking for a reply from Google either. 👎

  19. Don’t like the black background. I finally get to movies and it just feels weird so go to my usual streaming services. Was so much easier to just go through Play Store. I don’t understand why apps keep choosing the wrong options? Are surveys taken? If customers asked for a correction to an app, it seems to be ignored and some drastic, confusing new choice appears. When a person is shopping, easy-to-use is desperately wanted. Somebody please get a clue!

  20. Please improve the remote part of the app. Roku is killing you on remote functionality from your smartphone. I need more than the basic directional controls. Can I get a settings button? An input button? Maybe some app shortcuts? How about the ability to listen through your mobile device while you watch on the TV? Something like that I think would be great.

  21. I absolutely hate this. Finding movies to buy is so much more work and it’s difficult to even look at the deals since the only price that’s listed on the browsing screen is the rental price. More than likely I will no longer buy movies through google because I just have no desire to browse through their terrible layout anymore. Bring it back to the play store, was so much better that way.

  22. The app is fine to watch the movies I have purchased. But a couple months ago there was a switch that made it so I was forced to purchase the movies on Google TV. Now instead of going to Google Play and looking at what is on sale, I am forced to see rental prices for movies on Google TV shop. It’s frustrating and very inconvenient. You’ve also lost a customer who regularly purchased spontaneous movies because they were on sale. Now it’s wayyyy to much effort to find a deal and know the cost

  23. I like that the UI is clean compared to similar apps. I also like that it shows when media is available on another service. I dislike that it frequently restarts an episode of a show I already watched in the “continue watching” context. Do the next UNWATCHED episode. Also, there’s no easy way to skip forward and back an episode (or see the list of episodes) once an episode is in progress. Added: I have subtracted a star after seeing no improvements in this app over the past year.

  24. The app simply doesn’t work on my Chromebook. I have tried rebooting, reinstalling, and both streaming & downloading the movie. Nothing has worked. I have an entire library of digital movies that I can’t watch on my Chromebook; however, the app works on my phone. Super frustrating! I expected better from Google, shame!

  25. Greg K dice:

    Fine if you already what you want watch. If you want to browse for something new to buy it sucks. There is no search beyond a specific search. You can only see the categories they offer to you. Even then, wehn scrolling through these the price shown is more often the not the rent price. Only way to see the purchase price is to tap each invidual item to find out. It is overall a very frustrating experience.

  26. This app is inferior to the previous iteration available on the Play Store for the purposes I, and judging by many recent reviews, others used it for. The Shop tab is not intuitive. The search options and filters are ineffective (still shows listed when I select movies and vice versa). The information regarding the purchase is almost negligible. No symbol for Movies Anywhere. Rental price is always listed first even in purchase tabs. Numerous other grievances, but I’m out of review characters.

  27. This is terrible. Google movies were better when it was part of the play store. Separating out into an awkward and unintuitive platform is awful. I was looking for a digital set of movies and now you can only buy them individually. Amazon has the set so guess that’s my route…

  28. Have never even used the app before, but after the recent updates, it became a bother. I can be on another app, but then it suddenly takes me to Google TV even though I’ve never been on it before. When I try to back out from the app, my entire phone lags and freezes for a few minutes. Not planning on using this in the future.

  29. Struggling to see the relevance of this app, service or whatever it calls itself. Very limited selection of available VOD services it can currently connect to. Displays the films and TV shows of those that it can in a seemingly haphazard, almost random manner. Far easier to use specific VOD apps e.g. Netflix, Amazon and Paramount+ etc. Google TV feels like it’s doing a bad job of trying to be the middle man in the viewing experience when one isn’t needed to begin with.

  30. Since the recent update where they merged Google play movies and Google TV it’s awful to use. They used to do box set deals now they don’t, also movies under £5, now they don’t. It was easy to find what you wanted now it’s not. Browsing is an awful and frustrating experience. I hardly go on it anymore and I don’t buy anything anymore. It’s not enjoyable to be on the app and at the moment I would not recommend it. After the first week you can’t remove any films and Google won’t remove either.

  31. asachan92 dice:

    Fullscreen mode won’t work on my phones (pixel 7, 6 and pixel 4a). if I try watching a movie in the Google TV app (that replaced Play Movies) that has a ratio wider than 16:9, it plays with large black bars around all four sides of the film…so it’s only using like the center 60% of the screen. Also when I to zoom the movie, instead of cropping the black bars, it strench the movie from left and right sides which distort the aspect ratio of the movie. This problem has been occurred for years…

  32. I just want to see the purchase price for apps in my wish list to easily see when they are on sale. I have no interest in anything else. This app does not work at all well for that use case. It works great on Chromecast, but not when you’re on mobile and don’t want to use streaming services. I just want purchase prices sorted lowest to highest on lists.

  33. Hooman M dice:

    This app for some reason keeps opening itself in the foreground. This happens randomly and it happens when I am using any of the apps on my pixel 6 pro. I’ve cleared cache, cleared data, uninstalled, reinstalled, force stopped, turn off notifications, … but nothing helps. It keeps opening itself and interrupts my usage of my phone. Also no matter what I do, I can’t turn off recommendations notification on this app. That might have something to do with this glitch.

  34. Kirbsters dice:

    Since the app was last updated, the full screen icon has disappeared, so now when I view most of the movies I’ve got, it plays in a small window with a huge black boarder surrounding it, making it very difficult to watch, so I have to view them on YouTube instead. Tried fixing it, uninstalled/reinstalled, etc. Nothings worked, eventually I went on the help page and asked for help, mentioned I did everything it said on the help page. All I got was bullet points of what’s on the help page. Useless

  35. Xyathas dice:

    Hate it. The app is confusing, everything that made play ap great for purchasing movies is gone. From box sets to deals, to lower rez for tablets. I dont need ultra hd for my tiny phone, i don’t want to pay extra for it. The interface sucks, the search is confusing, i want play to have movies included again. Or Google to do it the way play did. If i could i could id give zero stars

  36. Almost totally useless. Terrible UI with very weak search and filters. Almost pointless with other subscription services since its only possible to purchase movies and mostly old or less popular ones. Might be useful if you want one simplified interface for multiple subscriptions services.. Otherwise avoid, at least until Google gets their act together and makes this a marginally useful app!

  37. I would love that Google enable the app for more regions. I’m currently on Puerto Rico and the app is pretty much useless. I own a Chromecast with Google TV and I can’t take full advantage of every features. I’d love to at least have the virtual remote enabled so I could type more easily on my Chromecast with my phone, but nope, it’s region locked and sucks.

  38. Adam Ali dice:

    It would be nice if it was possible to have your headphones disconnect from your phone and connect to your Google tv when you press cast. If headphones have been paired to both devices it should be somewhat straightforward. At the very least headphone could be on the dashboard insead of buried behind over a dozen interactions. I sometimes just watch on my phone because it’s too frustrating to reconnect headphones using the in app remote

  39. Everything all in one place. Great idea. One interface and all the live tv and streaming services available. Except it doesn’t work. Formuler CC and Android 7 (Android tv) with a built in antenna tuner. Just prime video and tubi show up. The tuner doesn’t exist. Neither does Pluto tv. So… Basically useless. I’m not understanding what this is for.

  40. You know I’ve acquired over the years quite a number of movies and shows. Everything was going great till I downloaded recently a show to watch offline and it’s interrupted with a error notification and states Couldn’t Fetch License (error 1) and Try Again. I’ve tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it. I’ve tried restarting my phone. I’ve tried to clear the app’s cache. I’ve removed the content and redownloaded it and nothing. I’m incredibly pissed! Fix this now!

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