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Play games instantly, save progress, and earn achievements.
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Games are more fun with the Google Play Games app. We’ll help you find your next favorite game – from action to puzzles. And with “Instant play,” many games require no installation. Really. Save your progress and track your achievements as you level up. Plus, you can pick up where you left off from any device.

• Instant play: There’s no installation needed – look for the “Instant play” button to instantly play full games.
• Built-in Google games: Play Solitaire, Minesweeper, Snake, PAC-MAN, Cricket, and Whirlybird – even when you’re offline.
• Save your progress: Your progress is automatically saved to the cloud when you see “Progress saved by Play Games.”
• Gamer profile: Create a custom gamer ID, unlock achievements, earn XP, and level up.
• Gameplay recording: Easily record and share your best gameplay moments.

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40 comentarios en "Google Play Games MODDED"

  1. Won’t let me make games auto connect to Google play, so any progress saved gets wiped. It’s very annoying, I tried going to select it in Google apps settings as well and it wouldn’t let me. If I went into the actual app it would sometimes show for a second but wouldn’t let me select it. I would leave a higher review if it wasn’t like this but for now this is it.

  2. I can’t even update basic information in the app. It always gets stuck loading and I get no error code. If I rotate my phone then it reverts back as if I hadn’t hit the save button. How does an app run by Google have such issues? I appreciate the fast response from Google. I have uninstalled/reinstalled the app; I’ve restarted my phone; I’ve wiped the cache. Nothing has worked.

  3. Charlieee dice:

    Amazing! I love getting into a game and it saves my progress! The only thing that annoys me is that sometimes when I get into a new game, it’ll do this weird thing to sign into Google Play Games. It will grey out the screen a bit and then the black bar will come down like a squeegee and go down the screen to remove the tint. I don’t know what that is. ✌

  4. To be honest it takes too long to load, too long to finish each scene and it kicks you off and you lose your energy. This is the only game that causes a loss in your internet connection And when you make a purchase it may say successful but you do not always get your purchase. I love this game but you should not have to use all your energy on 1 scene of the same frame. And should be getting more coins and money for the purchase price.

  5. No problems with the app itself. Just wish it allowed transferring as much of it as possible to an SD card. Have an older tablet where Samsung is not upgrading the OS past version 5.1.1. This version won’t see the entire SD card as internal storage. This issue is not exclusive to Google Play Games. It’s just a pain when the tablet’s internal storage can’t be upgraded beyond 32 GB and it’s running out of space. Am doing everything possible to disable unused Samsung apps, move all data files to the SD card, and much as other apps as they allow to the SD card. So every app that doesn’t allow this is a problem when trying to squeeze more life out of a 4.5 year old tablet.

  6. The Google Play Games account makes this game unplayable. If you the screen turns off or if you have to leave the screen at all you are confronted with a “select game” screen that doesn’t go away no matter how many times you click select. You have to actually close the app and lose all of your progress to get out of that screen. I really love the game but I reccomend that people buy it on the Switch instead of on Google (their save system is full of bugs).

  7. Used this quite a bit to record and share gameplay. The latest update keeps that functionality, but it is more awkward and gets in the way of gameplay when not using. Still working to get it figured out, but I’d prefer the old way as an option. It appears in order to get to the recording feature you have to launch the game through the app as opposed to accessing it through the game. Not a fan of the change.

  8. I’m not sure if it’s this app or the Google Play sevices that keeps stopping are crashing but I have attempted to uninstall the app and it continues to flash this stupid annoying notification saying that Google Play services have stopped working even though it has been uninstalled!! I have left numerous reports about it and Google does nothing to fix it! I am getting sick of Google!! They don’t fix anything and their products are getting worse!! There are too many other companies out there that will do a better job at fixing what needs to be fixed! I’m thinking of switching!! Hell I could barely write this review because it keeps doing it every 3 seconds!!! Not worth the frustration!!!!

  9. ALG2003 dice:

    Play games really helps with saving my progress on all that i have. However the login and progress save bar is the most annoying thing in the world. Not only is there no way to turn it off but it freezes my entire device and sometimes it will appear multiple times and it will stay there for several minutes. I just want the ability to turn it off

  10. This app is great. It takes the screen brightness well below normal. It seems to clash with some apps and, oddly enough, websites, which can cause it to crash occasionally. My biggest gripe is that on the notification controls, the buttons for +/- are quite small. Making it easy to hit the background, causing the app to open instead of adjusting the brightness as intended. Otherwise, great simple app for what it’s for.

  11. It’s free and records most games. But the app button for controlling it is always visible in the recordings, so if you want a clean capture, this won’t work. Also, you can’t move to to the edge of the screen to blend it with the surroundings and make it less noticable, there is always about a 1/4 inch of a gap. if you plan of sharing any recordings, expect the button to be blatantly visible.

  12. Best Ever!!! Only thing I would change are the prices. Some games are great in the paid section, but most are either a waste of time or just glitch ridden and full of ads. Nobody wants to stop playing every 30 seconds to watch an ad for another game thats filled with issues as well! Other than that Google is the best place to find what u need and the correct information. Thanks google

  13. I’ve just switched to a new device and I’m currently downloading apps that were on the previous. I would like a way to prioritize the download beyond simply turning items off on the download list. There are applications that I need for work, but the games are downloading first. A little more user control would be nice, or if there is already a way, more direction towards options may be needed.

  14. For as long as I’ve used it, has been totally reliable for backing up my game data and profile for compatible games. Sometimes it’s a bit wonky with auto sign-in, and I feel like it doesn’t always tell me when an achievement is earned. Also fun that it comes with some simple games like minesweeper, solitaire, and snake that are available offline and can play anytime. Overall, a well rounded gaming app 🖒

  15. lyle dice:

    It’s a good app, I just want to say that when you play online games back to back in the playlist menu there’s an absurd amount of input lag. I “played” call of duty mobile through it. I put “played” quotations because aiming was impossible since every time you aimed it took 2 seconds to catch up and by then you had basically done a complete 180. 95% of the game mechanics are broken if you play it through Google Play. It’s something that will happen when you stream games.

  16. This app has great integration for games. It even allows you to launch games from it, making it my go to app for opening games and viewing achievements. I only wish that the app loaded faster. I wish I could use it as a replacement to a folder with all my games in it, but it’s so slow to load that it makes opening the last game I played take a few extra seconds.

  17. This needs a better system on saving games. I hate having to restart my games over especially Cooking Fever. I was almost Level 50 or 60 and the game didn’t even save it. It only saved where I first started the game. I think it needs a button on each of there games in the settings saying where you want, your current position is in the game, saved in the cloud or the phone. And we should physically be able to press the word save kind of like how you save a word document to a computer.

  18. Paul Daily dice:

    Meh, I like the free solitaire, however it would be great if it would stay muted. I click “hard” and then have .5 seconds to click mute before it blasts out my speakers. Also snake is broken entirely. The balls and things to get work, but visually the field is blank for me. Possibly the background is drawn on top of everything.

  19. Update: Google helped me immediately and their instructions helped fix the issue. Thank you, Google! I just looked at this for my AC Pocket Camp game and it shows I’ve only met 2 achievements, which is absolutely incorrect. I am at a much higher level than is required for the other ones and it isn’t reflected. Super disappointed.

  20. Well, I play on the Samsung Chromebook 3 and ever since the last update before this one… I haven’t been able to play Pokemon TCGO, it like took away the ability to tap on the screen from my trackpad, and so it’s pretty much unplayable. Either than that, this app works great but I really wish that could get fixed.

  21. It’s not instant nor is it faster. It will delete all games and progress when uninstalled. Most games so far do not work with the app. It still takes the same time to load and that”s after loading play games. Maybe putting some of the really cool 80″s games on the app e.g. gauntlet, pole position, defender, , etc… It also needs an optiion on what not to uninstall. Thanks for responding.

  22. Sasha dice:

    For being a core android app, this app is complete garbage! I get network issues all the time, not because of my network that works for everything else, JUST this app. Some downloads freeze halfway, no matter how many times I restart, and other times I get a image of a sad satellite saying Try Again. I also have “auto update” turned on but every time I check there’s like 20+ apps waiting to update. It’s also just a bad, confusing interface. Come on Google, get your act together!!!

  23. I’ve tried using this app specifically because it has the built-in screen recorder. Android does not allow third-party apps to record system audio. (You have to root your device for that.) But the recorder doesn’t launch. I have to uninstall the app then reinstall it to get it to work once, and that’s all I get. If this is what you’re using it for, look for other screen recoding apps (and consider rooting your device). Pixel 3 XL

  24. I can’t review the play store apparently, so I’ll just say here that it is a nightmare to find a sub-genre of games using the play store. Examples: searching “beat-em-up” or “metroidvania” gives you pages upon pages of games that are not what you’re looking for. Even the top results are misses. The algorithm is pushing recommendations too hard. It also allows devs to mislabel their games easily. The play store just doesn’t fundamentally understand game genres – not yet. Fix it!

  25. TaienV dice:

    The Google experience is one of scamming and intentional overdraws of accounts. I will NEVER trust them with my credit card information again. The payment system on Google Play will make it appear that it’s going to charge your gift card first and put the rest of the amount on your credit card (there’s a slider, known in civilized times as a checkbox), but then it’ll just charge the full amount to your credit card without permission. And they have NO support system. It’s all automated. FU, G.

  26. For other apps more coloring with less by numbers , I’m an artist so when I can’t do painting on say an airplane or in a waiting room, those are times when I really appreciated the old app with options to choose your own colors & application. If you still have one of those .let me know , it gets old download, only to uninstall it two minutes later because you either need deep pockets or it just stinks because you mindlessly tap away at your phone or tablet. Thank you for asking .

  27. App keeps telling me it needs “an action” but won’t say what that action is, so is just an annoying notification every time I open a game. Also, the app keeps switching my profile to a different email, and then all my settings switch and it’s difficult to switch back. I have to delete the email address from my phone repeatedly, meaning I can’t check that email address easily on my phone like I want.

  28. John Wayne dice:

    It’s great if you want to play your game on multiple devices. The con, it doesn’t automatically sign in to your saved game when you log in. I have to manually do it after the game loads, then the game has to reload, and guess what It doesn’t work the second time or the third. 15 minutes later I’m in. I spend about $300 a month on this app, I shouldn’t have to deal with this.

  29. Looks nice and has plenty of useful features. Leaderboards, recording, and achievements are nice to have built in. Glad that data can easily be deleted from any game. Problems come mainly from the “Hub” tab. Leaderboards and achievements are very focused on friends, so I’d rather see the ability to see what other people I know have done. The Hub feature ends up being full of clickbait and adds nothing of value.

  30. Abigail M dice:

    Used this app for many years. Over Level 60. Never had issues with it… until the auto sign-in. The option to turn it off either resets itself randomly or, worse, vanishes completely. I’ve written three reviews of this so far (all of which have been deleted) and I’m tired of it. As of today, I’m done with GPG until the issues are addressed.

  31. Milshare dice:

    I don’t know what has gone wrong with this app, but it went from running more or less normally, to constantly popping up messages about it stopping. It can happen while using other apps, even ones that dont require net access, and while using YouTube or browsing. It’s been going on for days. It’s become a serious problem that needs a fix.

  32. it was a great and helpful app at first that held all my previous gaming experiences if i ever want to redownload them, which was awesome, but lately, there’s this error that keeps displaying the opening loading screen over and over again. I tried clearing the cache already but it doesn’t work. I got desperate enough to uninstall and reinstall it too but that didnt work. i can wait for over an hour and it still wont load. If that bug xan be fixed, itd be great!

  33. Service keeps stopping with no explaination and locking up my phone. Nothing I’ve tried has fixed it. EDIT: Cleared cache now I’m waiting to see if it continues to give me errors. I’ve never had a problem with it until now and I hope it’s going to start working again for me. EDIT: It keeps saying to update it but I can’t find an update anywhere since it’s fully up to date. I’ve even tried deleting and reinstalling but I still continue getting the error even when the app is not installed.

  34. Oh my goodness, no words can describe how awesome and incredible this game is. First off, the detail on this game is beyond good, also the story line is so suspenseful and crazy good. The only issues about this game is probably the lack of ads. I just recommend the developers, or the people that made this game could please shorten the ads, cause it does get annoying, but other than that, it’s amazing. Also, the fact that it’s free is shocking to me, the point is I highly recommend this game! 🙂

  35. I almost cant do anything on this app anymore because it tries to play every video on the screen when I open the app. Like go to type in search and it’s gets cut off trying to play a video for an app. I don’t even have to touch the screen and it just tries to play every video no matter where I navigate. I literally have to run through screens and videos still get me. A FIX: Disableing the YouTube app fixes it. Enableing it back stays fixed.

  36. Don’t know what is going on, but when I try to open the games app, the screen does not load & I am forced to closed. When in games with ads for bouses or to play levels most ads won’t load & I am forced to close & restart game. Have already cleared the cache, all history from internet & have tried changing settings for ads & pop-ups. Nothing is working. Don’t want to delete anything, as not all of my games can be saved & I don’t want to restart them.

  37. S B dice:

    For me, the only thing I need this app to do, is save my game account and login for each game I play that allows Google Play sign-in. However, the major flaw is if you want to delete the Gmail associated with it and a game, you cannot save or store that progress. Seems like an easy fix but it has never happened. So you’re forced to keep the Gmail account associated with a game or lose all of the progress in-game.

  38. The interdependence between this and Google Play Services are two of the most cumbersome and counterproductive elements of the Android operating system. Sure there’s a few flashy features, but to require something that most games ran perfectly fine without is ludicrous, especially from an efficiency standpoint. Anything that either app does could be more efficiently utilized through libraries that could have been accessed as needed, rather than applications that run constantly.

  39. Won’t let me make games auto connect to Google play, so any progress saved gets wiped. It’s very annoying., I tried going to select it in Google apps settings as well and it wouldn’t let me. If I went into the actual app it would sometimes show for a second but wouldn’t let me select it. I would leave a higher review if it wasn’t like this but for now this is it.

  40. I play the insta play games and it does this sort of annoying thing where it plaus the sound of the fame in the backhround of my phone when I swap the window/page and when I TURN OFF my phone. It took me 10 minutes to figure out that the music was coming from my phone. I like the insta plsy games otherwise. Not sure if it was intentional or not, don’t like it please beware if you get this app you might start to play music unintentionally.

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