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Google Fi — Manage your Google Fi account and get support 24/7.
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Google Fi is a different kind of phone plan with simpler pricing and smarter coverage. Pay only for the data you use or go unlimited. You can set up Fi from the comfort of your home, without activation fees or contracts.

All plans come with great coverage, privacy and security features, and family features.

Stay safe with privacy and security features included:
• Built-in VPN keeps your online connection private and protects you from hackers
• End-to-end encryption automatically secures calls between Android phones on Fi, so conversations stay between you and the person you’re talking to
• Spam blocking stops unwanted calls from robocallers and scammers

Keep your family safer and build healthy digital habits with family features included:
• If your child has an Android phone, only allow trusted contacts to call and text them
• Create data budgets to decide how much data your child can use before it’s slowed down
• Share your real-time location with family members when you’re on the go, right from the Fi app

You can use this app to:
• Activate your service
• Add people to your plan
• Switch plans
• Check your data usage
• Get in touch with support 24/7

Note: You’ll need to sign up for Google Fi at before you can use the app. Fi is only available to U.S. residents, and isn’t intended for extended international use.

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Unlimited plans starting at $20/month per line for 4+ lines. They include unlimited data, calls and texts, plus hotspot tethering, privacy and security features, and more.


40 comentarios en "Google Fi MOD 2022"

  1. D Will dice:

    This app is fantastic I wish it had the feature to turn data off at a set amount instead of just lowering the speeds essential for those on the flexible plan. That aside the device/data management capabilities which this allows should be replicated by other carriers. All the other bells and whistles such as VPN and spam blocking are also very handy. As it relates to the plans they’re good but not great. It’s mainly built for the US and persons who travel alot can find themselves without service.

  2. Josh Peart dice:

    Really happy with our phone service with Google. Excited for the Pixel 7. The only issue I’ve had was over some confusion about SIM cards but that might have been on my end. I will say that I’m a little disappointed with Google’s movement in the smart home space. There are some great open source projects that blow Google Home out of the water. Take inspiration from those projects. Still believe in Google though and I can’t wait to get my new phone. ✌️

  3. Very bad. I purchased Fi plan prior going to Istanbul since it was advertised as a perfect for travelers. When I landed in IST I turned on the network, the Fi app welcomed me in a different country and assured me that my service is good to go. But it didn’t work. I tried to troubleshoot restarting my phone and switching my network connection on/off several times but nothing helped. I wanted to contact Fi support but WiFi in IST activates via phone number verification. I just purchased local sim.

  4. The data usage tracking is not accurate at all. I HONESTLY, believe this is there way to increase rates…my data usage has not changed in 6+ years and historical data usage is extremely low…over the past several months, I have maxed out data usage, which is impossible. (It says I am using over 1 GB for podcasts that have been downloaded using WiFi – as my app configuration doesn’t allow any other form). They have now tried to scam the system! Just sad 😔. 100% honest and accurate review

  5. I gave it a try due to some phone deals and Amex savings, but there were problems at every step trying to get the credits and discounts that it wouldn’t be worth it to pay the full amount unless you have four people on your plan to get the $20/month per person price. Edit: I reached out to support and they said there was nothing they could do to change my payment method to the Amex card that had the deal when there was already a primary credit card for Google that was automatically charged

  6. Erica dice:

    Be careful if you are thinking about switching to Fi! I switched from ATT to Fi for the unlimited plus plan to travel in Europe which turned out to be a failure for my Pixel 6 Pro most of the time! It could not pick up any network. I mostly traveled to major cities not rural areas so network shouldn’t be a problem. Imagine how frustrating and stressful it is when you travel outside of the country but cannot get any data! Fi is such a failure for international travel!!

  7. Cj Sheriff dice:

    My experience is Sucking and they block you from posting everywhere! As far as the phone service goes it is fine I have little issue there. Like all other phone plans you run on other companies towers etc. BUT their customer service SUCKS and I don’t mean a little bit. you get hung up on, disconnected, and when you call back you hasve to take the same steps over again that they can CLEARLY see that you just took 5 mins ago with another tech. If you have problems look elsewhere on the net.

  8. I have had Google Fi for around 5 years. Lately I’m getting notifications that my voice and data services have been turned off by my carrier. My payments come out automatically and method is up to date. This only happens a few times a week at the most, and it only lasts for a few minutes, but still… I’ve contacted CS a few times to no avail. There are a few places in my home where my call quality is really bad. This didn’t happen when GF was using Verizon.

  9. I’m using the flexible plan because WiFi is available in so many places. By off chance I need data anywhere, I can just turn on data on my phone. If I want to make sure I never use data at all, I can turn data off in the Goggle Fi app, but that requires WiFi to undo. Point is I’m saving money, get access to decent phones at a low price spread out over 24 months if I’d like, and still get the service I need as I like it.

  10. Was approved for financing which would be more than enough to cover the 2 phones for myself and my wife. I was unable to add both phones to the cart for some reason. I ended up reaching the max credit check limit for the day and had to buy one phone and will wait to order the second one financed. I wish the cart was easier to navigate. everything else with the actual cell service itself and data plans is fine.

  11. After the most recent Android update mobile data does not work. I will consistently have an exclamation mark over my data and have to turn on airplane mode on and off again to get data back for 30 seconds to 1 minute at max and then have to repeat the process over again throughout the day. This is the worst cell provider I think I’ve ever experienced in my 20+ years of using cell phones. There is no support available that can do anything or knows anything or has any power whatsoever. 0/5 ⭐

  12. I switched to Google Fi from another prepaid plan. I’ve almost never gone over my data on my previous service and have had it since 2013. I switched because I use lots of data and travel, i have a pixel as well. It’s not unlimited. I will be switching back to my previous plan where it’s 3x the data for the same price. Dummy me for thinking this was a good option. I reached out to customer service only to find out id be price gouged to get additional data.

  13. Sean Monk dice:

    I’ve been trying to enable “chat features” for three weeks in the messages app but because I’m a Google Fi customer, it doesn’t seem to work anymore. Since moving to a 6a I can’t use any chat features (read receipts, full quality pictures, etc). I guess I should just count this as one more thing that doesn’t work right with Google Fi like reliable wifi calling.

  14. The app I like. But the service is so bad I have to switch. I’m missing texts left and right from iphone users. Absolutely unacceptable. I’ve tried everything to fix it and at the end of the day they said, “I may miss texts from iphone users.” Casually. Like it’s fine. Byyyyye.

  15. Tim Wick dice:

    Overall we are not put off by Fi. We have been custers for 3 or so years and have not found a comparable service that we like better. The service is not terribly robust in my rural area. It works well when we travel and certainly in cities. We pay as we go and have 5G in our town, but things like Google assistant can lag if we are not in ideal reception.

  16. Google, phone service isn’t for you. For some reason I use way more data with this company than any other I’ve used. The coverage is horrible. And even with full bars the data still barely works. Your charged in the middle of the pay period for some reason also. Overall not that great. $89 for 16gb of data after a $10 discount for new sign up. With partial coverage in my area and I live in a large well known city so there’s no excuse.

  17. Steve P dice:

    I’ve had Project Fi since the first year of availability. I’ve always recommended it for being so travel friendly. Every year it served me well traveling from Brazil to South Africa. Yesterday I got a notification saying that my Google data service will cease unless I return to the US where my phone is intended to be used. I have been abroad almost two months. Despite having unlimited data plan I only use less than 5 GB/ month even abroad. Turns out Google Fi is travel unfriendly after all

  18. If the travel benefits have you thinking of fi: reconsider and/or expect it to fail and have a backup plan. If the unlimited 2nd tier carriers have you thinking of fi: just get vsible and mint. Fi is not good anymore. It failed me overseas and I had to buy local sim cards. Used to be good, now it is just one of the worst options for everyone. You will have poorer service, everywhere and you can count on fi not being there when you need it most.

  19. This app needs some help, there used to be a way to actually contact customer service but half the time it won’t let you, and if you happen to have issues with your Google pay profile, and have to remove your card, your whole service gets messaged up and you have to pay more money to have your phone turned back on. This app needs serious help, and international calls were checked on. No wonder half my calls are going to the wrong place! Thanks Google. 😖

  20. Why is Google Fi the best service for saving you money? The data never works (even in the middle of a city), so your data costs stay minimal. I try and try to use my data when out and about, but to no avail. Thank you, Fi, for saving me thousands of dollars a year by limiting my data usage! (But for real, get any other cell phone carrier. Lack of service from Fi means it doesn’t matter how good anything else about it is.)

  21. Matt B dice:

    Setting up an old phone with a data SIM. Activated SIM online with the primary account. On install and startup, it downloaded the Fi app to phone and it asked to activate again (why?). Signed in again as primary account holder and activated, but don’t want that acct on this device, so removed it. Then the app relentlessly kept pinging over and over to activate SIM again even though it’s working now. Edited settings to block app from notifications. App also won’t update from play store (errors).

  22. Carrie L dice:

    Cheap, reliable, but lacks the ability to add stand alone cellular smart watches. If you don’t use much data, OR spend most of your time at place where your phone can connect to a wifi network your bill will be very reasonable. In the next year, I will likely be switching to another provider that supports stand alone cellular smarts.

  23. The VPN with FI used to work great, but after much back and forth google support cannot figure out how to get it to split tunnel as it once did. So I can no longer access anything in my smart home locally any more without manually turning off VPN. Doesn’t appear I can leave a review just for VPN, so I will leave it as a part of FI as security of it and function should be number 1 priority.

  24. Mark Wiker dice:

    Coming from Republic Wireless after the buyout by Dish, I was looking for a reliable, long-term service that would not change contract terms. To my surprise Google Fi was highly competitive with major cellular carriers. In addition, Fi offers tiered family plans. Since I’m an original pixel XL user, transitioning to Fi was a seamless process.

  25. It’s really hard to use a phone as a phone that can’t connect and it stay connected to the network. I was forced to upgrade my 3a to the 6a and it is a huge downgrade. Why did the NEVER once have a connection issue? This is just a Google problem and Google needs to suck it up and fix it. There have been two updates since the above review and I’m doing this from my home Wi-Fi simply because I drove the 5 miles from where I work and now can’t hold a basic network connection….

  26. I have had Google Fi now about a week worst decision I ever made. I switched from T-Mobile after being a loyal customer for 10 years. I brought my phone over and was told it was compatible then after activation and talking to customer service I was told I needed to buy a new phone from them to enjoy full benefits nothing works when I need it too sometimes I get calls sometimes I don’t. Sometimes my texts and data works sometimes it doesn’t. Google please do something to help.

  27. PFS dice:

    I’ve been a member since November of 2015. Back when it was known as project Fi. I did my research. Made sure the phones I have support the T-Mobile bands at a minimum, haven’t had any problem. This has changed. I’ve been losing data service when I go down the street. Airplane mode is the only way to recover it. Now, the data service doesn’t even work. Not even with airplane mode. The ROG 5s is fully supported by T-Mobile. Their site says so. Support for Fi? Just tells me to get a new phone.

  28. I decided to try google fi for better data/hotspot usage. I signed up for the Unlimited Plus plan, which is suppose to be the plan for people who use a lot of data and hotspot. It’s suppose to be unlimited data. I had it less than a week and my data was slowed down to next to nothing. I can barely load a web page, and forget about downloading an app. And support has been no help. Needless to say I’ll be canceling and going back to my previous carrier. I’m disappointed in you google.

  29. It has been the best service so far (quality wise), cost is higher than others I have tried, but the reason I got it is because it works well when I am in Mexico. Usually I have to restart the phone when I cross and then will work in Mexico 🙂 I wish the cost was lower for 1 line, prices go down when you add more lines, up to $20 per line when you have 5-7 on a plan. I pay $50 for a single line sooo yeah no discounts for me. I use to pay $20 with Mint but unreliable service when in Mexico 😓

  30. Google Fi service sucks. I am regularly without service in the places that I spend the most time like work and home. Calls drop and text messages go undelivered. I’m really regretting signing a contract with Google. Their devices suck too. I have the Pixel 6 and my husband has the Pixel 6a, and the screen on mine sometimes doesn’t register when I touch it, so I have to click the same thing two or three times to get it to finally select/open.

  31. Nick M. dice:

    The app is absolutely beautiful and a pleasure to us. Wish every cellphone company had such an app. However, the service is not that good. Like someone mentioned, one of the reasons to get the fi service is their reasonable international pricing, but It does not work that well once you travel. I constantly struggled finding good network and it seemed that most of the networks internationally were blocked and you only have access to one which was known to be a budget one.

  32. GoogleFi has worked really well for me since I travel a lot internationally. Until yesterday. My service was denied without warning because apparently I’ve been primarily using it outside of the States. I can understand if that is the case, but it would have been great to get a notification or warning. Instead of just being stranded without service and having to get back into WiFi and contact customer service in order to figure out what happened.

  33. Chimmy O dice:

    I recently went on a trip to the UK and my plan was upgraded to unlimited international plan. When I got to the UK it never worked even though the UK is in the zone of where I can use the international plan. I wasted money switching to the plan. Because I had to get a UK temporary sim due to it never working. Not only that, the signal is always so weak and sometimes drops in the most random places while here in the states. It’s incredibly frustrating how bad it is.

  34. Hands down the worst service. I was really excited to switch to Fi being that I’m already apart of the ecosystem. Had the phone less than a month and was never able to send or receive text messages. I have called customer service multiple times in regard to the issue, and keep getting the runaround with troubleshooting steps that I have done multiple times to no avail. I reside in a good service area, and 5G is always full. So I’m extremely confused and why this is an ongoing issue. Disappointed

  35. Simple and easy to navigate. My only serious complaint regards the plans themselves. Why the lack of ability to add Data-only sims to all plans? Also, you’re clearly a second-class customer when your signal strength is very weak. But, that’s to be expected from a piggyback network. I’d still recommend Google Fi for anyone who may need to travel abroad. The app itself requires few permissions, so it’s not as invasive as things like Verizon’s horrid app that tries to burn apps onto your phone.

  36. Horrible. Go through the process of selecting plans, choosing phones, only to be told service not available in my area. Okay, that’s fine. They ran my credit anyway. When I contacted support, they told me it was absolutely available in my area and after being strung along for well over an hour, it’s not compatible and my credit was dinged for nothing but their amusement apparently. Don’t recommend.

  37. JD dice:

    They recently decreased the price and simultaneously increased the amount of unthrottled unlimited data from 22 GB to 50 or something like that. Which was very nice. The coverage can be quite spotty especially in rural areas. I’m a taxi driver and I go on long trips frequently, so this service was not good enough for me. But if you don’t travel a lot and you’re in a well covered area, this could be a great option for you.

  38. GoogleFi experience has been terrible. 1. I subscribed to the service for the international data but it was cut off because i was traveling too much 2. Data speed internationally were very poor compared to local plans 3. I was forced to buy an android phone as the hotspot wouldn’t work on iPhone 4. Activation was confusing and customer support experience disappointing

  39. Mark dice:

    The app has no more complicated compared to the site; which is to say it’s simple, to the point, and without bloat. The service and app have been great for me and my somehat minimal, solo plan. As someone who makes no more than 20 calls a month, texts for TwoStep Auth and delivery notices, who has to rely on wifi due to poor cell area; it works great.

  40. Currently using google fi. – “Simply Unlimited” means 22gb of a data then you throttle so slow you got almost nothing. Claiming it’s simply unlimited is a bald faced lie. 256kbps is dial up. 22gbs vs streaming is a drop in the bucket. I’ve used google fi for about a year. Financed a new phone. Currently looking to pay off the phone early so I can switch. My phone shows 4 bars with LTE but gets zero data and won’t send texts at my work. Once I’m home it’s fine but everyday at work. Got nothin.

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