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High quality video calling for Android & iOS phones, tablets, Google Nest & web.
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Google Duo has been upgraded to Google Meet. Now you can securely connect, collaborate, and celebrate with the highest-quality video calling, all in one app.

The updated Google Meet app allows you to easily and instantly video call your family and friends or schedule a meeting in advance. Connect with anyone, anywhere across mobile, iOS, Android, web, tablet, and smart devices*.

Features you can look forward to:

Host video calls and meetings, all in one place
Bring everyone who matters most together with group calling or set up your next brainstorm meeting for up to 100 people.

Access on any device
Works across mobile Android, iOS, tablet, web or smart devices* so everyone can join.

Enjoy high-quality audio and video
Low-light mode and noise cancellation allow everyone to be seen and heard, clearly.

Play with backgrounds and visual effects
Filters, AR masks, effects, family mode and backgrounds make connecting even more fun.

Share content
Present documents, slides, and more during your conference call. Live sharing allows everyone in the meeting to interact with the content being shared, creating a collaborative experience, not just a one-way presentation. You can cowatch YouTube, curate a playlist together, or take turns playing a game.

Follow along
Google speech-to-text technology transcribes your content with real-time captions**, so you won’t miss a detail.

Meet and chat safely
Video meetings are encrypted in transit and our array of safety measures are continuously updated for added protection.

Anyone can join a meeting on Meet via an invitation. However, some capabilities are available only to Google Workspace customers. Learn more about Google Meet:

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*Works on Android TV devices with Android 8.0 or higher. If your Android TV does not have a built-in camera, you will need to connect a USB camera and microphone to your Android TV device.
**Not available in every language.

Data charges may apply. Check your carrier for details.
Specific feature availability may vary based on device specifications.


•Make group video calls with up to 32 people
•Share and join group calls with a link
•Take photos of your video calls
•Try doodles, masks and fun effects with Family mode (Sign-in required with a Google account)


40 comentarios en "Google Meet 2022"

  1. My2cents dice:

    September 1, 2022 Excellent commutation. Clear no lag in transmission. Sept 22, 2022 Update, I’ve been using this app for a few weeks now and it is still an excellent app. There is no lag, video and sound quality is very good. I’ve seen other reviews that rate it low due to lag time. I wondered if the difference between their experience and mine could be that I have higher bandwidth and faster network speed. Just a thought.

  2. Great app overall. I just wish that with whatever update that was pushed out today, there was a ability to switch from light mode to dark mode in app. I opened it today and was completely blinded. I also noticed that the end call button was moved. I dont see the need for that and to be quite honest it’s a bit frustrating just looking at it being all the way to the side. Other than those changes, its an alright app! Very easy to start a video call.

  3. Overall the app is great. Picture is quality, voices come in clear, and for the most part it is easy to navigate. My only gripe is that picture in picture has not been working for me for months now and all the trouble shoots have not worked and every google search gives me information on how to get it to work with YouTube instead of google meet. If I could get some clear cut and dry info on how to fix this that would be lovely.

  4. Main issue: meet keeps turning my video off mid call & gives me an error message: ‘your device’s camera has stopped working’. After uninstalling & reinstalling the app (both duo and meet) several times, I still have the same issue. Other issue, I’m now getting a really loud noise coming from the app when I make calls. It sounds like a electronic device is malfunctioning and it’s going to catch on fire. It’s so frustrating. Edit: privacy settings haven’t been changed so that’s not the problem.

  5. Works really good, no problems and no complaints. Was really easy to use, everything worked perfectly and I was able to spend some time visiting and seeing my loved one while we talked about our day. And would recommend everyone or anyone that has someone they love and want to shorten the distance between your selves. This app sure helps. And it’s a free app so you can’t beat that. All the other apps I’ve use or tryed to use in the past did not work as good as this app.

  6. This previous review was not by me it was a fraudulently made. The previous Duo app worked great. This new meet update is horrible, I can’t get certain friends or family, right off it says they did not answer. They say their phone hasn’t even rung. It has all kinds of difficulty. I recommend you do not upgrade to meet. Duo work just fine on its own.

  7. John Moore dice:

    The app is wonderful. The quality still leaves something to be desired but that is just the state of video calling with terrible face cams on phones. Most importantly however, the fact they added screen sharing on mobile phones means I can finally use this to troubleshoot people’s devices! Google, I love you! Keep crushing it. And to all the engineers who built this feature and experience, kudos to you. Thank you for all you do!

  8. The app sucks since transitioning from DUO. I miss calls all the time, because hear nothing when someone is trying to call. There is hardly any sound whatsoever, it’s so quiet and it cannot be turned up. It used to have a loud distinct ring. I also cannot see the callers video which is also aggravating. It is a black screen, but when I call someone it says my video can be seen. I liked DUO much better.

  9. If there is an upside, it’s the video quality has improved while on battery & data saver. Downside is IT EATS THE BATTERY LIFE! I even have the app set to prevent background battery activity, prevent background data activity and to go into deep sleep when not in use so it won’t run in the background. Yes, I clear the cache on all of the apps about once a week or so. I don’t have FB Messenger on here, and never will. I think I’m going to uninstall it to get battery life back.

  10. The only problem I have found is you cannot choose a ringtone. You only get notification sounds. If you happen to be away from the phone, you miss the one quick sound. If I was just using this app for scheduled meetings, I would be by my phone. I use this to video chat with my son who lives 800+ miles away. Duo worked great because it would continue to ring and I had more time to hear it. I am looking at finding a new app.

  11. Kim Clark dice:

    The video calls are generally horrible in quality. Since they did away with Duo I have had so many issues. The most common is the video wont connect. I have a 5G and good home Wifi and it still has issues. There 2 different types of dial rings tones. I am trying to figure out what the 2nd ring tone means. I have figured out that I hear that one more than the other. Generally because it seems to indicate that the call is not connecting. Its a frustrating app for sure.

  12. D McKnight dice:

    I would love to give this a higher rating but the volume levels SUCK!!! on this using the phone. Tried to video call but the whole time I have to have the phone to my ear to hear the conversation. I suggest using Telegram or WhatsApp to video call at least you’ll have a real video call experience where you can hear the person you’re speaking with

  13. Video and voice quality can be kind of glitchy at times. That could easily be a network problem since I live in a small town though.( I know its not my phone its a new s22 ultra.) Other than that we’ve never had any problems that really matter to the functionality of the app. Works great and very convenient. We’ve used it for personal calls of course, but we’ve also used it for doctors appointments, especially during Covid.

  14. It works like a charm and both voice and video quality are amazing, as long as you have more than 1 bar. I removed a star only because I can’t find a way to reduce quality, video size, bit rate or any other way to remedy the issues when the “other caller” is away from wifi and has low bars. I understand why it might be difficult but adding the ability to “pinch zoom” or a quality/size slider to shrink the video size requested from the sender would be so helpful to reduce stuttering.

  15. Good app. My wife and I use it to call each other while traveling internationally. We can use text and data when traveling, but not calling. We have T-Mobile. Duo uses data, so it allows us to call without extra charges and fees. We tried video calling a few times. The quality was just OK. When we used it for voice only calls, the quality was really good, indistinguishable from cell phone calls. Voice uses much less bandwidth than video. Overall, it is worth it.

  16. Audio cuts out a lot for some reason. It’s done that with every phone I’ve had. I always end up switching to Facebook Messenger which works flawlessly with no audio cut outs. I’ll probably stick with them permanently for awhile. EDIT (8/23/22): Audio quality has gotten better. Not as choppy as before. Still happens once in a while though.

  17. I use this app to talk to my fiance and sister when I’m not using messenger. Pros: Its a easy app to use for video or voice call. Doesn’t drain your battery life too fast. Built into most Androids. No ads. Cons: Sometimes, the audio will mess up. Either I can’t hear the other person or they can’t hear me. Simply hanging up and calling back fixes it though. At times, My sister will call me and the calls won’t come through and vice versa. Again, restarting the app helps.

  18. I love Duo and it’s my go to video caller, But for some reason the ringtone is the same as my text notifications! With no way to change it. This is a huge inconvenience, I hardly ever hear it or pay attention to it. I use Duo very often, my girlfriend lives out of state so this is the best thing we have to keep in touch. I constantly miss her calls because of this issue. Why can’t we have the option to change the ringtone. Update! The developers immediately assisted me in my issue, issue fixed!

  19. This app is not configurable enough. It does not have good auto-muting functions so then you hear what you said from the other person’s phone. The choice between Google duo, meet, and meet (original) is confusing. I wish Google would realize the value of just sticking with something rather than providing a rotation carosel of products. Worst of all, the app automatically notifies ALL your contact who have Google meet that you also have it. Why would I want them to know that???!!!

  20. Since duo switched to Google Meet it is constantly dropping calls, can’t make calls, when you hang up the call keeps counting as if the call is still going, continually getting error messages or problem messages, dropped calls no matter if I connected to wifi or have full service, always get a choppy picture, and audio is always cutting in and out. I could keep going with all the problems I keep having with this app. Google Meet is the worst app ever!! Bring Duo back!!!!!

  21. Daisuke Oh dice:

    Google is constantly creating new video and chat apps and discarding old ones with no rhyme or reason, and Duo is another great example. It works fine but doesn’t play well with the desktop and is missing features we had in Hangouts – no way to add participants once you start a call, no way to share screen, etc. I imagine in a year this app will be shut down as well and we’ll have to learn a new one.

  22. I was happy with duo. Don’t know why you had to change it. I can’t even putthe icon on my screen for easier locating. When I tried to use my duo to locate my lost phone with my tablet like I have done before, it wouldn’t even show all my contacts. Stop trying to change things that are working!

  23. Mat Hefty dice:

    Everything is good except how it handles the mic. Durning a call background noise is always amplified horribly. A lot of times it even cuts out the audio from other person from minimal noise on my end. Makes it unusable at times. ….. Edit: Yeah thanks for reply Google but that doesn’t help. This is a known issue across many devices. You just need to fix your code. Or give us an option to change the mic sensitivity like most apps have.

  24. I HAVE HAD THE NEW UPDATE FOR AWHILE NOW AND STILL NO NEW FEATURES FOR ME! Everyone else I know has the new effects and filters. But I didn’t get any of them! It just changed the name of my app and icon when it rolled over. This is so frustrating! I have a Samsung Galaxy A21 that is running Android version 11! People I know with really old phones have all the features. I even tried deleting it and all of that.

  25. Google Duo does not work well with Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. I don’t know whether the issue is the phone or the app, but the phone does not have problem with other apps. I have been using it for more than a year and it never got fixed. It has issues with noise and hearing my own voice. It also mutes the other person while I am talking. By muting I mean it cuts the other person’s voice off. August update: it has not yet fixed those issues I mentioned in April.

  26. Insanely buggy and inconsistent, the camera toggle as well as the extra effects button simply don’t show up in calls MOST of the time. So if you open Snapchat or any other application that uses the camera, Duo will just toggle off the camera with no way to turn it back on other than restarting the call. You’d think Google could get their own apps to work on their own phones but I guess it’s my bad for commiting the sin of having an android phone for more than 2 years. What a joke.

  27. If you need to video chat I highly recommend NOT using Google Duo. To begin with it is aggressive and just pops up out of nowhere for no reason. But the WORST feature is that when you are in a phone call, all it takes is a slip of your finger and you can be visible on video to the person on the other end w/o notification and much to the confusion of everybody! Stick with Facetime, Zoom or ANY other video chat app

  28. If your phone processor is large enough, and your carrier can cover the data charge it is a decent working app. Very convenient and clear picture, but that also depends on your phone. The only main issue that I have with it is that not enough people either have it downloaded nor know about it. So if there is a way that it can be added as an app but the amount of gigabytes or megabytes can be smaller so that there is enough space or memory more people will probably download it.

  29. Love being able to talk to my husband and see his face since he’s away. Makes it seem like he’s home and it works for us! Just wish if your phone number changed it would update without manually having to do it. Took us awhile to figure out why none of our calls were going through. Also having to have person in contacts is somewhat of a pain because it’s not always his phone he calls from so then we have to make sure it’s saved in each other’s contacts and then for him erased after.

  30. I have never opened or used the app, but suddenly over the last 2 days my phone has been shutting down. I received a notification just now that this app is crashing – frequently. As I said, I have had to restart, and reboot, my phone at least a dozen times in less than 48 hours. For an app I don’t use this has become far beyond an inconvenience.

  31. { } dice:

    One of the best video chat/messaging apps available! End-to-end encryption and lossless transfer of photos/etc. Real-time chat uses very little bandwidth for the quality of the service. Fun face-following animations to use! An image apparently must be saved to the recipient’s device to be viewed with its original specifications.

  32. Sagi Eatz dice:

    Ever since duo became Google meet, it seems to be crashing more. My husband and I use this all the time when we’re away from each other. We had to start using either messenger, or our phone video chat. They both are terrible. I just updated, so hopefully they fixed all the glitches that started during the change from duo to Google meet. Still disappointed in the change, but what can you do 🤷🏾‍♀️.

  33. Horrible. Never rings, I get missed calls 20min after they have called. Doesn’t ring when I call other people either. Tried reinstalling and resetting the settings. Edit: Googles response is wrong. Calls don’t ring at all, receiving or calling. If I get notified of a call, I get notified after someone has already called so I don’t even get a chance to answer it. Google is getting rid of Duo so find a different app that actually works.

  34. Jon Doe dice:

    It is really great to speak with family especially in a different state and see them face to face. This application has changed calling for the good forever absolutely download it and use it is awesome even though Google Totally Spies on our calls, well 3 letter agency(s). Still though super convenient if you want to see family in other states at the same time. The meeting feature is excellent for conferences as well. 5 stars

  35. Jessica H dice:

    I really like the set up of the application, it is also user friendly for inviting others to a “meet”. Like any app wifi/cell service affect the quality from time to time. Overall, I enjoy the personal interaction it allows me through a device and recommend it for conversations with friends and family, near and far.

  36. I just used Duo on my Chromecast and it was awesome. The other person was just on their phone on 5G, but it was clear both in video and sound. Much better than when I’ve used a Note 20 or S20FE. The only thing I would have liked to see more of is options for interractions. I couldn’t get in-app photos to work, and it would have been great to have animations or stickers or something to include in the chat. I realize Duo is not meant to be like Meet or anything, but a few options would be nice.

  37. Good quality video calling. Why is it still not possible to convert an audio call into a video call & vice versa? There should be an on screen option to switch an audio call into video. Also, why not make phone to be in busy state when in duo calls, at least for other IM apps. While in Duo call, WhatsApp still rings. Screen sharing capabilities are amazing and keep improving on that adding new and new features.

  38. Great video quality. Perfect way to stay socially distant, and yet, still keep in touch with your friends and family!! The updates are wonderful. Much better reception, clearer pictures, and no dropped calls anymore. The absolute best calling app!! You won’t be disappointed with your experience.

  39. This is an ongoing learning experience for me. For now, I find it far easier to be a recipient in calls than an initiator as I still have to learn a bit more in feeling comfortable with the virtual experience, especially when vulnerable as well as the mechanics. All in all, calls are clear and rarely freeze. Almost as good as chatting with a person in a live circumstance. A good phone makes for a better experience. Freezing is the one issue that can be annoying, especially if it drops the call.

  40. Coolness that’s easy AF 2 use and can be super fun 2… depending on who you’re chatting with, that is, from my experience anyway😁🙃😉 I’ve just gotta remember how to change the background picture because I put a wallpaper that’s mostly black in color as mine and it makes me and especially my big curly hair look really weird because of it somehow. So, I don’t suggest a black background for yourself on here but can’t imagine how any other color might have the same issues, still, I am, no pro! ♥

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