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Answer quick surveys and earn Google Play credit with Google Opinion Rewards, an app created by the Google Surveys team.

Getting started is easy. Download the app and answer basic questions about yourself. We’ll then send you surveys around once a week, although it may be more or less frequent. You’ll get a notification on your phone when a short and relevant survey is ready for you, and can receive up to $1.00 in Play credit for completing it. Questions can range from, “Which logo is best?” and “Which promotion is most compelling?” to “When do you plan on traveling next?”

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• Now available in Colombia, Finland, Hungary, South Africa, and Vietnam.


40 comentarios en "Google Opinion Rewards FULL"

  1. Not great, not too terrible. Biggest issue is the lack of surveys combined with the expiration date of the points you earn. After one year, each set of points you earned expires, making it near impossible to save up more than 5 or 6 dollars per year. Its a waste of time to bother with this app unless you only use it for a few bucks each year to be extra frugal.

  2. Changingy review from 5 to 1 ⭐. It started out great. Lots of surveys, lots of rewards. For the past couple of years I’ve gotten 2 surveys per month for a total of $0.20 per month. If you don’t use the reward within a year, they take it back. So some months are negative gains. For the past 3 months, I received 1 survey and got $0.10. it says I accrued $39.00 since I downloaded this app. I think I’ve used around $8.00. I’ve never been able to get a ove $10.00 I rewards at one time.

  3. I LOVE this app! I don’t get the surveys all the time so when I do get them – I DO THEM! Never missed one. You get on average I think $0.10-$1.00 per survey. They’re usually 1-5 questions. Mostly multiple choice (usually only 1 box to leave feedback on your choice). Then you can spend your money in Google play. I personally like to save up & buy movies with them. I’ve been using app for about 1 year & have purchased (and rented) a few movies so I’m happy with the free easy money! Thanks 😊

  4. I LOVE this app! I use it to pay my YouTube Music script. I read the negative reviews on here and hope they all realize that they need to keep ALL their notifications on, especially locations. Driving by different areas and locations is how to get more and more surveys. There’s also time limits to finish the surveys. I’ve received over $200 since 2019. It’s 100% free and 100% worth it, I promise.!!

  5. Lee B dice:

    I really like these Google Opinion surveys because I feel that my feedback is a lot more likely be used to improve my experience across a wide variety of areas than with other feedback/review options. They are interesting and easy to complete quickly, and the rewards, while individually small, always feel appropriate to the amount of time invested and they add up over time to a meaningful, useful amount.

  6. The surveys are quick and usually pretty simple. This is a nice way to build up a little credit in the Play Store. So whenever I feel like making a purchase, I generally don’t have to pay very much, if anything. Also, the credits have a 1 year shelf life (each individual amount expires exactly 1 year after it is earned) so I don’t have to worry about letting the credits build up for a few months. All in all, very impressed with this app. 😎👍

  7. John Young dice:

    Easy money! Renting or buying movies is how I spend my rewards. Stupid not to participate. Answering general questions helps having to see ads that don’t matter to you in particular and seeing some that do if you answer the questionnaires honestly. Never personal questions. You just can’t lose with this. It’s not a get rich quick thing. Sometimes I’ll upgrade to an ad free version of an app I like, but mostly it’s free new release video rentals for me.

  8. Eryn Pluim dice:

    Have loved this for years, but now it’s broken and no one cares. I’ve earned quite a lot of money, but the amount shows up only in the app. Even if I click on the “use at play store”button, my balance shows as only $2 – not the actual balance. I’ve emailed support, which is apparently just a bot that redirects you to the help faqs. I’ve searched, and it seems others have this issue as well with no fix.

  9. I really like this app! I’ve had it installed for a couple years now, on a few different phones and I haven’t experienced any issues to date. Although the payout is usually small, I like that the money is credited to my Play Store account instantly and the surveys are fairly short. For about 30 seconds of my time the reward is usually between .10¢ and .30¢, not too bad in my opinion!

  10. Took a while for me to get many surveys rolling in, but the more I did the more they sent … eventually. Now, I make more than enough to cover my YouTube premium account. However, I am migrating my music and video services elsewhere brcausr I still miss Google Music and want to try out Spotify, too, so I am not sure what I apps/books/movies to use it for. I like shopping It will will be fun to choose new things for awhile to build a library of apps, games, and media for free, essentially.

  11. Years ago I used to receive all kinds of surveys, usually at least one every day. The number of surveys I’ve been given over the last year have dwindled though and reduced themselves to opinions on my most recent Google search. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still quick and easy money that can be used in the PlayStore. You aren’t going to make loads of money but it’s enough to cover some ad-free app upgrades or some micro transactions in a game. I wish I had more surveys but free is free!

  12. Jo W dice:

    I love it, takes 5-20 seconds depending on the amount of questions, usually only 1 or 2 questions & pertains to what you searched last to what store u just visited. I’ve never had more then 8, still less then a minute of my time. The small amounts add up quickly, I usually use the money to pay for a new app or app extras, paid my YouTube premium account with it a few times. All in all I’ve probably made about $20 in about 3-4 months. It’s free money & worth doing.

  13. It’s easy to use and does what it says. Opportunities come pretty frequently based on your lifestyle- if you do a lot of in-store shopping then you’ll get rewards fast. Not high in payouts per opportunity but they add up fast and load straight to your Google Play account. My only reason for 4 Stars is I think it would be nice to see occasional surveys that are longer than 1-3 questions with a higher payout. As well as the option to load a digital receipt to get the $0.30 instead of the $0.10.

  14. it started off really slow, I any surveys, like 1 for 10 cents then nothing for months and months, I was honestly ready to uninstall it to free up space but then they suddenly began to trickle in. Now I get one every few days at least sometimes more often sometimes more than one a day and they pay between 10 cents up to 60 cents and it adds up. I love it now bc I always have some playstore money to use for in app purchases

  15. Sue M dice:

    Only rewards program worth using. I’ve had it for a few years, and its easy to use. The rewards really add up. I’ve used my rewards for travel guide apps, camping app subscriptions, etc. You can buy e-books, movies etc. Great for people that spend money gaming , its like getting extras for free because it’s tied to the app store!

  16. sheri dice:

    great app overall especially if you leave your location on anyway. Most surveys pay out between $0.10-0.25 but some are more. very few that I have been offered have been more than 50 cents. It does add up overall. I have noticed if/ when you get a new phone it seems to take a while to start getting them again. the more places you go, the more surveys you get. I’ve had the app for about a year and a half and have been paid out about $75 total.

  17. I’ve had this app on and off for about 4 years total. Over that time I’ve gotten about $100 in Google play credit that I’ve use for movies and books. it’s well worth it, there’s no ads, you get the credit straight away and you just have notifications on and do a survey when it pops up. Tip: turn location on for more surveys

  18. Alejandro dice:

    The only thing that’s missing is that it allows you to be able to transfer your rewards to either PayPal or bank, I’ve seen and read only to be done on a iPhone. Rather to be keep as Play Credits, I would rather prefer to be transferred to an actual account. Even if it’s small amounts, still…money is money. Make it happen Google!

  19. it’s literally just Google (the company) giving it’s users free Play Store credit for answering the occasional survey about their shopping, youtube, and google search histories. surveys take me between 5 and 20 seconds, and rewards average between 10 and 30 cents, with occasional higher (50 to 80 cent) reward as well. sometimes when making a purchase, my google wallet doesn’t show the proper total of saved credit, but i’ve always been able to use all my credit regardless.

  20. the good: easy money, reminds you of the time until it disappears, use to buy currency on my fav apps. can use to purchase e-books. the bad: you have an alotted time frame to use it or lose it, if you miss a survey you can’t go back and take it, grants random small amounts of money (I’ve had from 18 cents to 78 it is completely random)

  21. My one issue is the receipt scanner. I would be super happy to submit receipts, however the lack of an upload option prevents me from doing this. More and more resale locations are going paperless and I won’t always have a receipt to scan, but I will have a receipt and digital form which I would be happy to upload. I don’t know why it would be a challenge to add this option. Also, it would be beneficial to have the option of adding a small description when an “other” is chosen.

  22. “Surveys” are typically 1-5 questions, multiple choice and it’s an easy way to earn extra money for Google Play. I have earned well over $20 worth of credits in just a few months. Don’t expect big gains fast but it’s nice when you go to cash out an realize you have some credit towards your purchase. I highly recommend utilizing this service

  23. Great way to provide some feedback on things I use or go to. Surveys are always random & usually based off recent visits to locations via in person or online. I always answer honestly so if the survey doesn’t apply to me I appreciate I still get rewarded for the time I took to answer. I noticed once I hit a $10 balance I was able to cash it out and use it. I am almost to $10 again so it doesn’t take long for me to build up.

  24. Lindsay D. dice:

    survey offers dont occur consistently enough for me. sometimes it seems like months go by before i get notified that one is available for me. sometimes I even have to go in and open the app just to restart it or “wake” it up as if it’s just been lying dormant all that time or something. i really dont know. it would just be kinda nice if a survey could come around a little more often, maybe once every week or two or so instead of such looong breaks in between sometimes. 😐

  25. Geo E dice:

    Easy to use. There was a period of time where the app wasn’t giving me surveys or options to rate, and the Google team was less than helpful in explaining why. But that’s what companies that are too big do…stop, cancel, omit, block and do so without explanation. Edit: Moved to 1 star. Not getting any reward options. Not sure why. Used to be almost daily, now it’s never.

  26. BlurrFilms dice:

    Garbage support. My app has been giving me error messages when I’m up to date. I took the app off and downloaded it back. It doesn’t even let back into the app now. I emailed the support email and they sent me a lazy email saying to check their help center. I didn’t see the answer to my issue in the help center. I sent another email just to receive the same message. Don’t bother trying to get actual help when they lack the ability to help you.

  27. eugene bob dice:

    » If you’re not in a hurry, you’ll accrue enough credit to buy whatever you want in the store without spending any actual money. I’ve probably spent like 50 bucks over several years of using this app. » The questions are quick and simple and rarely take longer than a minute to answer. » The reward is usually between 10 and 60 cents. You get the credit immediately after you answer the questions and the credit expires in a year.

  28. I love these surveys and the recent addition of receipt tasks (upload receipts based on where you physically shopped) – they’re quick and I can use the credits earned on Ebooks, Audiobooks, Games, etc. in the Play Store. The credits don’t expire for a whole year, so you have plenty of time to use them. I highly recommend this app!

  29. I’ve amassed a bit of credit that keeps me from spending real money on in app purchases, but that’s over the course of several years. the rewards could stand an increase given the value of the data they’re mining from it. otherwise, unobtrusive and simple to navigate.

  30. Do no-strings-attached surveys for money. No ads, no frills, no bull. Credits can be used in the play store for ebooks, apps, games, etc. and inside of apps for in-app purchases. Most surveys take 10 to 20 seconds and I’ve earned anywhere from $0.10 USD to almost $3 per survey. Surveys can be as simple as “how often do you buy beauty products” or very in-depth “what do you think about x service.” I wish surveys were more frequent but I’ve earned $73 over 2.5 years.

  31. this is absolutely the best! I get a small notification that I have a question (and it’s trophy, makes you feel good). You click on it, answer one or more questions, and you make $0.10 up to 50 cents per question. It builds up fast! Believe me, and it stays accessible so you can use it for any Google games, rent movies on YouTube, etc. So easy and it comes in so handy!!

  32. S W dice:

    I like the app, it only take seconds of my time to answer the surveys. I’ve seen reviews that say their rewards disappear. I thought that also until I realized the setting for play store purchases and subscriptions was set to use my reward money before my card on record. Once I changed that setting no more missing money. I had my daughter put it on her I-phone (I have an android) and she hasn’t been given any surveys. I’ve made over $20 in a month!

  33. Awesome way to earn free credits for Google Play Store! Which you can use to pay with anything you normally would have to purchase in the Play Store, or if you don’t have quite enough credits earned to cover it you can always apply what you do have for partial credit or keep going till you earn the amount you’re looking for! And the surveys are SHORT and doable, no more than 3-4 questions tops in my experience. If you ever buy anything from the app store this app is a must.

  34. The frequency of surveys is sporadic, sometimes spanning months without a survey to receive rewards, and then when I do get a survey, it seems the rewards vary from as low as $0.10 to as much as like…$0.64, which is obviously nice. Mostly a good app. just some improvements that I think they could make.

  35. Semvhu dice:

    I haven’t received any more surveys since I upgraded from a Pixel 2 to a Pixel 6. I’ve searched online and no suggestions I’ve found work. I’ve contacted them via the help menu multiple times and receive no feedback. Before the upgrade, I would get surveys practically daily. None at all since the upgrade. I really like the app and like getting and submitting surveys, but a suspension of surveys just because you changed phones is unacceptable. What’s the point of even keeping the app any more.

  36. The surveys are generally very easy and the rewards are great! The only thing is previously you could use the rewards to purchase music on Google Music. Now that it has gone away, there isn’t much I use the rewards for. It would be nice if you could cash them in for gift cards or something if you don’t buy books or in game purchases.

  37. This is a great app that offers surveys (usually multiple choice) that will give you credit (money) for the play store in $0.10 – $2.00 increments. The only issue I have with it is that for iPhones, they default your payment to PayPal instead of the playstore, which makes sense I just wish they gave up that option here.

  38. It’s a good source of pocket change. The surveys are random in frequency and ask questions about your shopping habits (from your location history), search results (from Google searches), and your YouTube watch history/preferences. Answering a survey usually gives less than 50 cents. I use the balance to completely pay for my monthly Google One subscription. Be aware: your data is more valuable than the amount they pay. I never upload shopping receipts (nor should anyone), and I still get paid.

  39. I have used this app for at least 10yrs and have accumulated over $150 in Google play money, if not more. I highly recommend it, the surveys are easy. I must add that if you are not honest in your answers you will get less surveys so don’t lie thinking you will get more Google play credit. I use it to buy premium apps, pay subscriptions or extra things in games since I refuse to buy them with my own money. I will never be without this on my phone. I see it as a necessity.

  40. Great app for making a few dollars over an extended period of time – to get Google play credits.. Doesn’t add up to much, but it’s a nice little extra treat. Wish they would add more surveys so you could accumulate a little bit of credit for little bigger app purchases.

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