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Call, search, navigate, and more—all with your Google Assistant.
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Google Assistant is an easy way to use your phone and apps, hands-free
Get Google Assistant for hands-free help. It can help you set reminders and alarms, manage your schedule, look up answers, navigate and control smart home devices while away from home*, and much more.

*Compatible devices required

An easy way to use your phone and apps
Quickly open your favorite app, navigate your phone and manage your phone settings easily – turn on Do not Disturb, adjust your bluetooth and airplane mode settings and turn the flashlight on, all using just your voice.

“Open YouTube”
“Show me my photos from Hawaii”
“Turn on flashlight”

Stay in touch with hands-free calls, texts, and emails
Stay connected to those who matter most. Make calls, send text messages, and look up emails to your contacts.

“Read my unread texts”
“Call Carly”
“Text Sam ‘On my way'”
“Show me my emails from Michelle”

Stay productive while on the go
Get things done using just your voice while on the go – set reminders and alarms, manage your schedule and tasks. Look up answers and get help with directions and local information. Try saying:

“Remind me to buy milk at 7pm”
“Set an alarm for 7am”
“Set a timer for 5 minutes”
“Add eggs to my shopping list”
“What’s my first meeting tomorrow?”
“Gas stations near me”
“Navigate home”

Helps you stay one step ahead
Get proactive information and contextual reminders to help with just what you need, right at the moment you need it. And for the things you do regularly, you can create automatic routines to streamline your day even more.

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“Good morning”
“Good night”
“Let’s go home”

Control your smart home even when away from home
Your phone is the remote control to your smart home. Adjust the temperature, lighting, and control your smart appliances, even when you’re not at home.* Try saying:

“Turn the lights off”
“Broadcast “I’m on my way” to the bedroom speakers”

*Compatible devices required


We've added shortcuts to make it easy to launch Assistant actions. Long press on the Assistant launcher icon to try them out.

• Expanded support to Android L and Android tablets
• Bug fixes and improvements


55 comentarios en "Google Assistant MODDED 2022"

  1. It works when it wants to. I loved using it, what happened? Something I did? I retrained it multiple times. Rebooted multiple times. Sometimes works, most times it doesn’t. Please fix ASAP! Any updates? I work in I.T. and this would NEVER be acceptable. Taking way too long to fix. How about backing out your update which seemed to cause the issue. And stop telling people to retrain. I’ve done that multiple times to no avail. Epic fail Google!

  2. When I first downloaded the app and used it for work, home, and travel it was awesome. But since the late August early September update, I constantly get a response from assistant: “Something went wrong…” I have tried to reset assistant, turned off data and wifi (rotated them), and Uninstalled and reinstalled. Nothing seeks to help getting assistant to work. Google really needs to investigate and send out a patch.

  3. When Assistant is working properly, it’s great! Unfortunately, that is almost never the case. Saying “Hey Google” (or OK Google), 90% of the time she doesn’t answer. Voice recognition is set up correctly, & since she does answer the rest of the time, I’m not sure what the problem is. Also, she tends to go off randomly. I guess it hears “Hey Google” when I’m talking to a friend, or something on TV sets it off. But it’s really annoying that it answers when I DON’T want it more often than when I do

  4. I do find minor issues with the speech recognition. Sometimes it’s amazingly off from what I said. I can’t figure out how to make it do some of the things it’s meant to do; like dictate a message (it says it cannot), or sometimes it’s hard to get it to call a contact if it starts with “Dr.” or most other titles. Also, doesn’t respond to the “Hey Google” prompt a lot of the time. It could use some tweaks. It’s a good tool for when you need to be hands-free, but needs to work more efficiently.

  5. This feature has become completely pointless. Literally does nothing except verbally respond. Doesn’t do anything else. It won’t open any apps or other features, it doesn’t show any results or give any indication of trying to produce results. Absolute waste of space on the device. And yes, I’ve already tried all the basic stuff to make it work. No, it does not work.

  6. k s dice:

    It’s really annoying for Assistant not to respond more than 90% of the time when I’ve got it set up properly. It’s also annoying to have to wait for a tone to tell it what I need. This is especially frustrating when driving since this is the primary reason I use it. I never thought I would say that I like Alexa better than Assistant. Also, I really dislike saying “Hey Google” or “OK Google”. There should be something simpler that isn’t so many syllables. Please fix this.

  7. I love google assistant but recently it does not automatically start voice recording anymore. I say “hey google” it vibrates and opens the app and appears to be listening but does not record what i’m saying at all. i have to manually click the button again, to have it start recording…utterly annoying…please fix this. i googled a lot and did not find a fix for my issue…

  8. No longer works like it used to. Doesn’t open podcast when requested although it acknowledges the request and says it is playing but never plays. Home button on my phone Sony Xperia 5 ii home button no longer functions like it’s supposed to before these recent updates. In fact, navigation and closing windows, going back no longer functions like it used to. It wasn’t broke. Why are they trying to fix it? I would like to roll back.

  9. I have Quick Phrases turned on so I can answer or decline calls and shut off or snooze alarms with my voice but that never works. I only have American English as the language I use and speak to the Google Assistant and I have restarted my Google Pixel 6A but it still does not work. I heard back right away from the developer on ways to possibly fix my situation. I will try them and let you know how it goes.

  10. This app is useless since you can no longer use it when the screen is off. I switched from iPhone most specifically because Siri was not working well & That’s because Apple plans it that way. Unfortunately, planned obsolescence is not illegal. Is there a beta version that allows you to use assistant with the screen off? This would be wonderful for information, including setting a timer, appointments. Traffic & more I would consider third party apps If I could inspect the code for traps .

  11. I have used the assistant on previous phones to my general approval. The current software appears to be both more efficient and to have broader application-without the bugs and proprietary properties inherent in seemingly “free” alternatives. Thanks google- I don’t know the catch (your motivation or profit pitential) but really don’t care how your people find the drive to continue to improve and innovate in a market segment which you obviously dominate; but… Thanks for everything.

  12. Dutch Nyke dice:

    The voice recognition seems to work when it wants to. Might be tied to the security updates for Android. One week I was able to set reminders without unlocking my phone which was great, then it stopped working. The settings in the options don’t change so I never know when a feature stops working. Annoying as hell. I might need to make a call, or get some quick directions but I can’t unlock while driving, so really sucks when it stops working.

  13. First, anyone saying it’s not hands free needs to set up “Hey Google and voice match” in settings. Once you do that. You can say “Hey Google” and it opens, even on lock screen if you want. Personally. I like the app. I was able to ask multiple question and have it read the information to me. Which was very helpful while driving. I didn’t have to look at my phone or touch anything to get what I needed. It’s not perfect, but it does a lot and is helpful once you set up the right access.

  14. I don’t know what update went through, but now Google Assistant says it’s doing whatever you ask it to do, but the new automatic text entry box stays up on the screen and prevents anything else from coming up. (Yes, it still recognizes my voice. That’s not the problem.) This is incredibly frustrating. The internet search results are also not nearly as accurate as they used to be. I’ve tested this several times. Why did you fix something that wasn’t broken? Samsung Galaxy S20+, Android Version 12

  15. Larry Long dice:

    Absolutely worthless… voice match works fine but instead of bringing up the microphone to give a command, it brings up the keyboard. You then have to tap on the mic to bring up the voice option. Which defeats the whole “hands free” benefit. Update 8.29.22:. I anticipated getting it the fixed response, same as everyone else. I have already “re-trained” the voice match several times. It’s not a problem bringing up the Assistant. The problem is the “hands free” option isn’t coming up first.

  16. If I could give it a zero I would. This just does not work. IT IS SO FRUSTRATING!!!!! You have to touch the darn search feature to even use it. Totally defeats the purpose. You have to keep turning it on and then it immediately turns itself off when you leave the settings. I have retrained the voice so many times that it boggles the mind. Still does not work. I have uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail This is TRASH!

  17. Chesa cole dice:

    App is really not worth having anymore. You have to physically touch and hold the button to use it. That defeats the whole purpose of trying to use a hands free assistant. Next if you try and turn the hey Google option it’s a waste of time. It will simply turn itself back off as soon as you leave assistant settings. Don’t bother searching the web for solutions because none of them actually work.

  18. Jerry Roy dice:

    One of the most useful features is now gone? Location based reminders can no longer be made via voice commands? Things like “Hey Google, remind me to buy batteries next time I’m at Costco” no longer work. I used this feature quite often, especially when driving because I can’t create a reminder manually without pulling over. It was a great tool when you don’t want to forget something you thought of while on the way somewhere. Siri just got way more attractive, as my kid smugly pointed out.

  19. Absolutely the most frustrating piece of software I have ever used. There is nothing to like about the assistant. The only way to fix this is to throw it away. I hate how useful features are being removed from Android and being replaced with the assistant. For example the android 11 power button menu. Replacing the most useful thing from Android 11 with the worst software I have ever been forced to use. Stop forcing me to use this horrible software.

  20. Doesn’t work consistently. It used to work reasonably nice, but recently mostly does work. I juyneed it to read web pages. It doesn’t respond to my call ‘ok Google’ at all. Few months later, it decided to change to keyboard mode, and when I asked it to read a webpage , it asks me to go to settings turn on “text contest”– which has been on forever. Why can Google just leave it alone when it was working.

  21. Awful. Doesn’t even come up half the time after pressing the home button for literally forever. That’s not even the worst part. See it used to have an extremely useful feature called “what’s on my screen” and then Google randomly removed it for absolutely no reason and replaced it with lens and search my screen with lens, which doesn’t work nearly as well and may as well be pointless since it only work in chrome and Twitter… And that’s it. Please fix your app Google, it’s not that hard.

  22. It just doesn’t work. Previous app was great. I’d say ,OK Google, set a timer”. I have been through the setting multiple times. I have retrained the voice. Google assistant has never responded to “Hey google” it just doesn’t work. Please go back to the old app and get rid of this software that doesn’t work.

  23. Assistant doesn’t respond to “Ok Google” 95% of the time and will open up at random times for example when I’m talking to a friend and say something like “Did you see that”, Google assistant will open and start listening. Really inconvenient when I’m doing something and my hands aren’t free to use my phone. I’ve redone my voice multiple times so I know it isn’t that. I also can’t get it to read what’s on my screen, it constantly tells me there’s no webpage open even though there is.

  24. This “Assistant” continues to be a broken assistant that is similar to a broken clock in how often it works. For three years now people continue to complain about Assistant resetting the default music player to YT Music instead of “No default player” so we can use the apps we paid for, in the Google Play Store. This is the sort of thing that needs to stop – this is the definition of anti-competitive behavior.

  25. Gavin dice:

    What happened? All of a sudden my voice activates it but I have to type instead of talking. Checked input settings and the preferred input is voice. I’m sure Google won’t fix this and I’ll have to uninstall it and reinstall clear cache and whatever else I can. Not sure when the last update was but settings shouldn’t change unless you do it yourself.

  26. Joel Dress dice:

    I had the same thing happen to me as did Larry on 8/22, and prior to that it was working as it was supposed to. I was pissed and I thought something had been updated and skrewed it up on me. I kept trying it over and over hoping it would go back to mic control as before but no. And then I remembered the old trick of rebooting, and, ah it worked and it went back to the way it was supposed to- mic voice command! So relieved 😌

  27. Keeps Popping Up Even After Disabling I just got a new pair of Bluetooth headphones, and when they are connected the Assistant keeps popping up. I’ve disabled my Bluetooth controls and everything in the Assistant, including deleting the app from my phone, but it keeps popping up. Nothing more infuriating than trying to watch a video during lunch and every 5 seconds the “Your Google Assistant is ready to get things done” frame around the screen. Even as I’m typing this.

  28. This app no longer works correctly. The OK Google feature doesn’t work at all, the app no longer responds to any voice activity, and the settings are too overcrowded and complicated. don’t bother responding with suggestions on how to fix it cus it’s your responsibility to ensure the functionality of your apps, not mine. If this service won’t work then your users will find another that does. Point blank. Get it together Google and stop switching up on us cus it breaks our trust in your company.

  29. Driving mode doesn’t work as advertised… It’ll pull up Google maps and navigate, but there is no Google assistant bar at the bottom with the app launcher. If someone calls me, it does not stay on the navigation screen. If I use voice commands to open Spotify while driving, it opens in a non-driver mode which is dangerous.

  30. I noticed that recently, some of the best features here stopped working. Previously, when I activate assistant, I get quick options like “search inside screen” that I use to quickly copy text and search images. Those options don’t show up anymore. Even worse; when I ask “What’s on my screen?” assistant opens my display settings instead. It’s horrible!

  31. How do I turn it off except while driving? It’s annoying and unnecessary for me, but I can’t find the essential setting. While driving, it can answer and accept calls and texts. However, it doesn’t read any texts. It just asks for my response. To what? And I need a big clock on it while I’m driving. Once the text reader, on-only-while-driving, and the clock issues are resolved, I expect I’ll like it fine.

  32. This could be a great app if I could get it to work. I want to just be able to say “Hey Google” and it automatically hear me and respond if it’s in my purse or wherever. I set it up to do so but it NEVER works. It would also help if they would allow templates and/or copying and pasting. I set up several things to happen when my alarm goes off but each time I set a alarm I have to click all of those things all over. Ineffective! I will say the phone screening is THE BEST! That’s the only feature

  33. Cyborman X dice:

    I use this app all the time when driving or when my hands are occupied. I keep finding new features on it that make life a little more convenient. My main issue with it is that it can be flaky. Sometimes it responds when I don’t want it to, and sometimes it doesn’t respond at all. I use it most to play specific songs or switch playlists while driving. It simply stops working sometimes. If it were more consistent, I’d give five stars.

  34. I didn’t think it could get any worse. Your system is the worst I’ve ever seen. Reply; I don’t even know where to begin. Routines don’t work. Ones set to a time don’t activate. The ones that are voice activated, half the time activate another feature or refuses to hear me. I have to retrain my voice because out of no where it’ll forget how to even listen for simple words. Maps is ridiculous and dangerous. Not a single bit about the Google assistant works even remotely close to properly.

  35. Ryan dice:

    I rely heavily on Google Assistant for work, school, and day-to-day tasks like setting reminders, timers, searches, etc. Within the last month my Google Assistant is deactivating itself. I have cleared the cache for both Google and Google Play services, but nothing seems to work. It is frustrating to have to keep manually enabling the Assistant from the settings menu.

  36. Doesn’t listen. At all. And then the rare time it does, It stops listening half way through telling it what to do. It’ll get half way through my message I’m asking it to send, and then the entire thing will disappear and I’ll have to scream hey Google 20 more times, just to get it to wake up and start all over with the text message or whatever I was doing. This gets very very aggravating. Makes Google useless. The past few months it, Google maps, and everything else Google have became garbage.

  37. It is great for certain things. I like how it is integrated with Maps. But it comes on randomly FAR too often. It randomly activates all the time when I never asked it anything. I have been embarrassed by it more than once. I can see this happening occasionally but it happens EVERY DAY. Usually more than once. It is too sensitive. Fix this please!

  38. Developers responded quickly to my review Thank you 🫶 Update** Sept. 2022 when assistant does actually search it works. A lot of the time it’s been responding with ‘worling on it” “Almost done” and other phrases but can’t seem to do it. Now screen won’t get out of way for what’s been searched or asked of it. Yes it does recognize my voice everytime. Lately this app has been janky. I rarely use it now because for past few months it’s not working like it was.

  39. Used to love Google assistant, not so much now. It used to make an audio response to “hey Google,” now it opens a text box and keypad. Not useful for hands free while driving. Seriously, frustrated to the point of considering an iphone. Please, don’t tell me to “put it in the forum,” I’ve been there and done all of the suggested fixes, and Nothing worked. Your team of “experts” is as useful as this “hands free app”.

  40. Out of no where, it just will not work. A week later, and nothing. I can’t even open the settings and get a notification to check my connection, despite my connection being fine. Anytime I try to use it, it says something went wrong. I’m ready to switch assistants and phones altogether, forget the Pixel 6 and Google Assistant!

  41. JSF Echo dice:

    This app will not respond to my voice or the microphone at all. I am inputting this with my voice feature on the keyboard. So I know the microphone works. When I push the microphone button on the bottom of the screen to open assistant, it does nothing. It does not respond to my voice at all. This just started like 4 hours ago. I’ve tried to look at permissions. It’s grayef out. I’ve looked a notifications that’s also grayed out. It just stopped working. I’ve rebooted. I’ve reinstalled. Nope.

  42. Attention anyone who ever used a reoccurring reminder, you can’t delete/edit them. The buttons you see are useless. If you set up a daily reminder that is no longer relevant, too bad, I hope you enjoy seeing it every day for the rest of your phone’s life. I spent over 2 hours with the help desk trying to fix this and the ultimate answer was- you can’t fix it, but maybe try doing a factory reset. You mean I have to lose everything on my phone and MAYBE your delete button will work again? Nope!

  43. This thing constantly spys on you and frequently pops up when not called for. I’ll be strwaming netflix and it will randomly pop up and try to search for whatever audio it picks up. I thought you’d need to say “hey google” to get it to pop-up, but it will pop-up for anything, even things that don’t sound remotely like “hey google”. This app is far more trouble than it’s worth. I’m saving myself from the frustration by simply deleting this app.

  44. Google Assistant is okay and cute for local things on your phone and or small services. When you need it to do the heavy lifting as in working in tandem with smart home apps etc., you’re in for a headache. I haven’t bought or found one home smart device that easily connects with Google Assistant, yet for that matter the same goes for Alexa. Same old story everything worked fine until the “UPDATE”.

  45. Up until the most recent update, I would get directions automatically when driving mode loaded whent phone connected to my car. These directions would be for work in the morning, appointments, or even home after work. Nothing any more. I also looked at all the links Google has been replying with, all worthless links to put the blame on someone other than the developers. Admit to the bug and just fix it already.

  46. More than half the time it doesn’t respond to “hey Google”, when it does beep it doesn’t follow the command. Doesn’t understand me 96% of the time, no matter how clearly I pronounce things. And I’ve got the option on that says it’s supposed to help it learn how I speak or whatever. Only works OK when it decides to. Very frustrated with it. Seriously considered switching to IOS because I’ve never heard of so many people having these issues with Siri. Get it together Google.

  47. Overall I have had a reasonably good experience; however, since Oct 2022 the service quality has downgraded. Standard commands that used to complete successfully still do, but now 30-60 seconds later an error message saying “Something went wrong” occurs. Annoying and no way for me to diagnose the problem or how to report it.

  48. Andy P dice:

    I’ve had three phones with the Google Assistant; for two of them (Pixel 2 and Pixel 6) it was so-so but it worked with non-Google apps. Now, the latest update made it so that the assistant won’t work with any non Google Messenger texting platforms. There’s no reason for this because it has always worked with textra– my preferred texting app. If I was okay with having my choices limited I would have an iPhone. Taking away functionality with an update isn’t an update– It’s a downgrade.

  49. Greg dice:

    A really great app. Had issues recently between Google Maps and Assistant which caused problems on Android Auto that have since been corrected. Can ask just about anything and get an answer, complete tasks, set reminders, tell jokes, play songs and much more. One change that would be nice is add the same search and answer capabilities on Android Auto as on phone (e.g. tell me about the atmosphere on Jupiter, who played Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, etc.). Otherwise, fantastic.

  50. Hey Google is becoming exceedingly slow and at times totally unresponsive. I have several speakers around the house and I have adjusted the sensitivity on each but the problem persist. All the speakers worked flawlessly until about 3 or 4 months ago. I guess I got spoiled and still look forward to an immediate response.

  51. slow hand dice:

    A great app that just stopped being helpful, the “OK Google ” was a very helpful tool , but sence the last Google assistant update, quit functioning properly, with the Android Auto App. Where I really got the most handsfree use of the assistant app, now when carring out an Ok Google command the mic stays on for 60 seconds indicated by the green dot in the top right corner of my phone’s status field , before turning off & allowing for any new commands, very unsettling to deal with while driving,

  52. The whole google ecosystem sucks. Google Assistant doesn’t work majority of the time as it won’t respond at all. Their notifications are 3 hours late notifying you that something triggered the cameras or even when someone comes to the door. I don’t know what Google is doing but if they are trying to lose customer’s this is the perfect way to do it. I definitely am doing and will continue to let’s potential customers know about there problems and advise them to use something else.

  53. This thing has a lot of customization option however it is not fun to talk to which I could look past if it had any shining qualities beyond a lot of customization, it doesn’t understand any kind of speaking besides a tone you’d use to communicate with an almost deaf elderly person. Heaven help anyone with an accent more complex then standard American.

  54. Mr.Bobcat dice:

    Update: 29 Oct. 2022 it still will not answer me while my phone is in my pocket. Please fix it.. After it got an update it will not work when my phone is in my pocket. That’s not a good thing Google… Excellent service works great. I even have fun using it, I enjoy using it every day and night Great work Google! It would be a nice option to be able to change the voice to a male voice.

  55. Trash. Here’s my running list of issues. screen stays on after task. no chime?!? have to scream to activate sometimes. sometimes, have to unlock phone just to get it to respond. keeps asking to text “John Doe, custom…is that right?” when the contact doesn’t have a custom number. tells me voice actions aren’t available for that app (apple music).

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