Bingo Aloha- Live Bingo Cash MODDED 2022

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🏝️Enjoy rich bingo cash live experience. Play bingo cash at home and write your own bingo story 📖 today! Blackout bingo, multiple bingos, cash bingo all in Bingo Aloha!🤩

Enjoy rich bingo cash experiences in intricately designed modern cities, historical relics, and natural wonders.
Have fun in blackout bingo, multiple bingo, and classic bingo. and other innovative bingo modes! Explore your bingo cash story. Play bingo at home! FREE COINS AWAIT EVERY HOUR.
Unlock more vibrant bingo games with different bingo callers’ different bingo story.

Play bingo cash in a matrix of featured rooms! Explore the gold mine, bake the cakes, and unveil hidden treasures with us in this myvegas bingo live game!
Finish quests, collect items, and play minigames to win prizes! Play this bingo cash at home and release your bingo frenzy.
Exclusive collectibles await in featured rooms! Get the blackout bingo pop, collect items, and write your bingo story!

Mini games are offered non-stop to fuel your bingo frenzy. Play bingo live with others, collect items, and have more fun in our mini games!
New mini games just keep on coming! Keep the fun going when you see blackout bingo pop at home!

Boost your bet on bingo cards to win more in bingo games.
Use various Power-ups, and increase the winning odds when bingo at home!
Customizable avatar frames and daubers to fuel your bingo frenzy!
Aloha Wheels are available everyday to help continue your bingo story!
Play blackout bingo live with different bingo callers!

Bingo on Hawaii beaches, in Egypt deserts, and play blackout bingo on freezing Iceland.
Play bingo at home, and tour around the world with myvegas bingo story on your phone! Blackout bingo, jackpot bingo, and additional featured rooms await!
Climb on the leaderboard in the weekly league event and earn cashbacks for each round you play! Coins await to fuel your blackout bingo frenzy.
Monthly challenge is always there for you!

Bingo Aloha is a lucky bingo game. Time to write your own bingo story in this bingo live game!
Follow the bingo story and you will find an amazing world.
Challenge multiplayer bingo live games in real-time. See who is the luckiest!
Play bingo live with pals around the world. Compete to rank up on the bingo leaderboard!

Daily bonus is ready every day you log in! Your bingo caller is waiting. Grab up to 2, 500 bingo coins and play bingo at home! Start your myvegas bingo story now and see bingo pop with your own eyes! Why not try blackout bingo live and win HUGE?
Harvest your crops for an extra freebie hourly bonus. Classical myvegas bingo live experience at your fingertips! Never played bingo at home before? Follow our tutorial and get extra bingo bonus coins. Your bingo caller welcomes you to this bingo game!

For questions or technical issues contact us in-game support or email us at: [email protected].
Follow our Facebook and Twitter for daily freebies@bingoaloha

Bingo Aloha contains optional in-app purchases. This bingo game is intended for an adult audience and does not offer real money gambling or any opportunity to win real money or prizes. Success within this bingo game does not imply future success with real money gambling.


Happy New Year!
Light up the lantern, get ready for the new year and win your first jackpot of 2023.
Bug fixes and game improvements


40 comentarios en "Bingo Aloha- Live Bingo Cash MODDED 2022"

  1. I don’t recommend. Currently, this game REQUIRES you to update it. It’s no longer a choice. It takes up way too much space on my cell phone. Was fun at first however as of late, I can only play a few minutes a day due to lack of coins (which are required to play.) Also the game has become inundated with endless ads. It’s unfortunate that what originally was a fun game has turned into garbage so quickly – not to mention it crashes constantly. Check out the other Bingo games. They’re way better!

  2. When I first started playing this game it was great now within the last couple of weeks it’s starting slow down and freeze them just stops in the middle of playing is there some bugs that need to be fixed if it continues I’m going to uninstall, but overall the game is Great and not really expensive to top up on coins or jewels but please fix whatever is going on with the game.?? Thank you.Netta

  3. I LOVE this game! I’ve played a ton of different ones and this is by far the best one, hands down. There are constantly different ways to collect coins, power-ups, etc., which allows the game to be still very much enjoyable even as you progress. There are always a bunch of mini games and competitions, tournaments and challenges to play as well….which definitely keeps me hooked on this game. Easiest 5-star review, ever. 👌

  4. J. dice:

    The user experience is frustrating. The number of pop-ups, required taps to get to a game, and the overuse of animations is too much. This one gives marginally better daily credits than the other game but it’s not enough to offset the general annoyance of the UX and the buggy system that crashes half the time.

  5. Fun at first but harder to play and progress as you level up. They make the challenges more difficult and they charge you more for the monthly passes. Im at level 175 and Im at a point where I may walk away. I play this game daily several times a day and they still hold me back from leveling up in my league. Quickly losing interest and on the lookout for a new bingo game.

  6. Tonya C dice:

    This is a cute and fun game. With that said…its only fun for about 5-10 mins. The amount of coins it cost to play versus the amount you get when you collect is ridiculously off point. It takes all day to get enough coins to play two cards, then your done. Games are meant to be fun and relaxing. This makes me feel like it’s a passive aggressive way to get ppl to spend money to buy coins. No ty. For this reason, I will be uninstalling.

  7. Dee W dice:

    I loved the game. I loved the different rooms, challenges, and mini games. The gameplay is smooth. The sound good. I loved that there were no mandatory ads. The only thing I didn’t love was the amount of money I had to spend to keep going. There are A LOT of chances to earn coins and other items. BUT. To buy into seasonal runs of prizes or your piggy bank or coin packages is more $$ each time. I love the game. I just can’t afford it anymore. I may come back to it if possible.

  8. I love this Bingo game!! The game is rewarding and fun to play! Just when I think I don’t have coins to play, I win! And when I do get low, I just wait a few hours and earn more coins! I haven’t spent but a few dollars since I’ve started playing. You don’t have to purchase anything just to advance. You only purchase things for enhancing the game your already playing. I read a lot of other posts about ads & game crashing, I have never had any issues like that. It could be their system!

  9. I like that you get crops to harvest every hour to get coins back with each stage you pass. It’s better than other games where you often hit a roadblock on how to “pay” for the games. As an added bonus, if the game glitches out, it will refund your coins/powerups spent. However, the glitches happen a lot, sometimes making the game unplayable. The final nail is that the ads work only maybe 30% of the time to give you whatever incentive is promised-most of the time they crash and restart the game.

  10. This game is fun. However the more you level up, the less you can play. Unless you want to spend actual money, even then I don’t think you would be getting much more. I was almost to leave 80 and could play 1 round of super (I think, the one before epic) with 4 cards a day. Really sucks to cause I really did like they game. Make it to where we can play more for free or at least by watching adds then I’ll download again.

  11. I would really love this game if it were not for the endless sales ads! Also too expensive and crashes too much! When you leave one room to play another, you can’t even choose because the ads pop up so regularly you don’t have time to press a button! Look around, you guys, we’re dealing with inflation/recession; people don’t have REAL MONEY to spend on these games when you don’t get anything for it!! UNINSTALLING NOW!!!

  12. Whatever This game is super cute and would be totally addictive… But they make it impossible. The winning payouts don’t even cover the cost of being able to play the game! Like really? It’s ridiculous. Fix this problem… Maybe make it a small monthly subscription. Maybe a little more for premium subscription with extra bonuses. I’d be willing to pay $15/mo for regular and maybe $20/mo for premium.. it’d attract more players and get a lot of subscribers. Just my opinion..

  13. At first they give you lots to play with until about level 30, then you can barely play. Too many side quests and with all the advertising you watch to get extra coin is not worth it to play. Today the game won’t even play at all. Every time I open it crashes. It was fun but not worth playing anymore. Just another money grab game with bugs in it. Uninstalling.

  14. Lori Sohn dice:

    I just started and my home wifi is off right now so connections are a little spotty right now. However, when I CAN connect, it’s been a lot of fun! I run out of coins too easily and I absolutely refuse to pay for coins! I live off of Disability, so I can’t pay for them either way. Keep up the great ideas you come up with!

  15. I’m getting really annoyed by the fact that it seems like the more money I spend on this game, the harder it becomes to get bingos and reach goals. It should be the other way around. Loyalty and money spent should be rewarded! I know you will claim that its “all random” but everyone knows that’s bullcrap. Algorithms are built into every program and not only have you made it difficult for me personally, but you have made it increasingly difficult to meet goals in the mini games like col

  16. Red McG dice:

    If you pay any money, your wallet will be lifted which I personally don’t find fun. Initially this was a fun game, but the higher up I got the more problems I had with the game. It would freeze, restart itself and not accept the bingo. The points and add on bonuses would be lost. I had paid for some of this. I did the contact us, and that was a waste of time.

  17. This game is 100% pay to win. At first they give you lots of coins, gems, power ups, etc. But once I reached level 30 I started realizing I couldn’t even play the game anymore because of a lack of coins. They have a couple side things for you to be able to get bonus coins, but you have to be able to play bingo to do said things. The only way I could get enough to play a round is through purchasing- the game was fun while it lasted though so if you don’t mind spending a lot of $ I recommend this.

  18. At first I really loved this game but now it’s getting harder and harder to win and the coins that you win for completing each level aren’t really matching up. For example you only get 2500 coins when you complete an area BUT if you want to play higher on the next area it’s something like 6500 coins… Plus the stuff we get daily for signing in isn’t enough. I understand they are a pay to play game and want you to buy coins to keep playing, but it’s getting a bit ridiculous.

  19. I’ve already submitted a review that I’m having issues and you guys said responded back that it was fixed. However it still has the same issue. The special extra game in here for Coin Castle is awful. Every time I play the coins after a while it kicks me out and then it gives the coins back. And it keeps doing it. It’s done at every single time I’ve tried to play it and I’ve tried to play it almost every day at least couple times a day.

  20. Now in order to receive the little daily perks by watching the videos, you have to watch multiple videos of these commercial ads to get the perk. Instead of just one like it used to be. I’m not even going to bother with them anymore, sitting through the ads is bad enough but for a few diamonds or 25 coins, not worth it. I also don’t like when you play bingo and it automatically daubs the number your trying to press that was called and won’t let you do it. Seems kind of rigged to me.

  21. I hit level 27 and there’s no way to play anymore.. The game isn’t balanced at all in this aspect. The videos you can watch for coins give very little. (Not even enough to play one game) I also went through all the side mini games for extra coins. For $5 you can get like 1,200 coins which is only enough to play a couple games, maybe 3 (if you’re lucky) Anyways this game is designed to be pay to win, if you’re looking for a free game this isn’t the one for you.

  22. 2nd review. 5 stars initally. Looks like editing the 1st isn’t an option. Started out great. Progressed pretty fast but after completing the first 3 levels, there’s a slim chance of your numbers being called, Bingos even slimmer. The cost of cards increase by 200% each level. Great idea and grafics are fair but mostly the same set up as other bingo games. I lost interest fast although I love Bingo games. Some improvement needed for sure.

  23. Quickly gone downhill over past year. Used to love it because it did not contain annoying ads or visual distractions. Now, there are flashing buttons and pop ups all over the screen, something called Master Design is linked, and the prompts to spend money occur nonstop. Makes me sad because it used to be such a fun game.

  24. Could be fun, but it goes way too fast and you can’t control the speed at all and if you need to set it aside for second, which I do constantly, you can’t begin to catch up. It should allow you to choose draw speed and/or have an easy pause key on the desktop. Uninstalling.

  25. Love this game. 😀 Well, I guess all good things must come to an end. I have to change my rating to a 3. After you fork out money for more coins 🪙 the game starts to crash. Now the app just opens and closes. Go figure. Updated rating back to 5. Thanks developer for responding to my issue expediently. This happens to be the best Bingo game out there and it’s travesty when it’s not working 😢. Thanks!!

  26. miranda S dice:

    Changing my review a bit. Once you get through the first couple islands, its hard to get a bingo. And the daily bonuses are not enough to play a game with a shadow card, let alone the side games. You have to watch videos to get more, which is a nice option, but annoying. I get they want to make money off you buying coins, buts its a bit to ridiculous.

  27. Cat C dice:

    My review keeps getting deleted. I like this game. I just wish you could do collections more than once in regular rooms and be able to use your wilds in the special rooms. I think both those things and the fact I mostly get treasure and coin power ups when I have tons of others could be changed. Also, the rewards really aren’t that great for a lot of things. Like 40 coins or even 100 but games cost 400+ to play…

  28. the game is fun and keeps your attention with it’s different rooms and side themes, but there is something inherently wrong when despite multpl bingos, you always lose credits. This game is all about separating you from your $. Addictive? Yes, but also costly. There are ways to earn credits w/o buying, but honestly who wants to ck. in multpl x/day for a few days but not play in order to get enough credits to play a few games? Which is why I’ll be deleting this game.

  29. The email address you gave comes back mailer demon, undeliverable! Nothing on my end got fixed! The Voyage Star is over now. I still cant get into Design master without getting kicked out of the game! Now instead of fixing the old problems, we now have a new one! Magic evolution! I cant click on any of these without getting kick out of the game! Thanks for the 300 coins but that wont even buy one card!

  30. After playing this daily for weeks all of a sudden it will not open. It states that the unity engine cannot start. What do i do now? Love this game. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Restarted phone and tried everything i know of. Help. After reading all these reviews looks like we are all having same problems. I got storage error also. I tried to email to thae address you gave. It was returned could not send.

  31. Absolutely WORST “customer service” ever!!!!! 🤬 Uninstalled after fighting with them for a week! The game crashed last week, I was unable to login for several hours to collect coins to play. I contacted Support as soon as I was able to login & continued to play while waiting for a response. I gave them a reasonable amount I needed to keep playing & continued to play, even paid for coins while waiting. They offered a small fraction of what I was requesting & that was it. I’m done! Not worth it!

  32. This game has all the potential: great graphics, interesting gameplay, decent challenges. BUT INSANELY INFURIATINGLY RIGGED. The ads are longer than the rounds, the bingos get called so fast you barely get a chance. Spending actual money on coins only makes you lose even faster. It is impossible to collect coins to play more. It is insanely frustrating especially because it is actually a super fun game.

  33. Have been playing this for a long time. Always enjoy my time spent and it is very possible to play without ever spending any money so this company is customer sensitive. However, with every update it changes…mostly visually, but sometimes they take freebies away that, at times, they give back. This last update, Jan 20, 2023, was the worst change, visually, they have made. Unnecessary changes and they also removed the one free rocket booster we get a day.

  34. I have been playing this for almost a year and am level 176 I believe, but when I logged in tonight to play my progress has been reset all the way back to level 1 but my coins, gems, power ups, and tickets weren’t touched. I logged in and out of Facebook and nothing. This is ridiculous I’M NOT STARTING OVER! Update: I already have as much info as I could but yet you want more? It’s a game and not worth that much trouble. I deleted it.

  35. The sound keeps going out and the game will start with numbers already called and you have to hurry up and daub the numbers and with no sound you can’t hear the new numbers coming up and you end up missing a bunch of the numbers! It’s very annoying and I don’t know what to do to make the sound work! It works whenever it wants to!! I’m getting ready to delete this game if it continues to be silent and the game speeding up at the beginning and you can’t catch up!

  36. Jen C dice:

    This was the best bingo I’d found, then they updated it… In order to build up coin I would replay prior levels but they blocked that from happening I’m assuming to force you into spending money on the game…. crazy! When I asked about it the reason was to help newer players… Block the ones that have been playing a long time!

  37. Most days it’s really fun to play. The last few days not so much. I was on the same game for over 10 minutes while it loaded my winnings. Half the numbers I couldn’t even play th e next game because it was so slow. I bought one of the packages and have only gotten to claim a few prizes versus the other games that I play. This is usually a daily for me. Please fix the slowness of this game. It’s the only bingo I like.

  38. Edit: The issue is it wanted me to delete damn near all my apps just to play this one app. Definitely needs to be uninstalled. Takes up way too much space each update. So the update is buggy? What is going on? Now I can’t play at anymore because the download doesn’t finish installing. Please fix because it allowed me to spend my money but won’t allow me to play. Weird

  39. Love but don’t. Was very addicted to this game and loved that I could spend a little to get the golden pass and u would get all these perks. Well after u finish the first golden pass u have to buy yhe next one and u get less and less the more u buy. U pay over 4000 coins to play 4 cards and u have to win on all 4 cards like 6 times to win enough back to play another game. Oh and I have never won the big amount on the wheel no matter if I pay for an extra spin or not. And u never win a huge prize

  40. This app is in desperate need of an update and IMMEDIATE ATTENTION of fixing and LOTS OF IMPROVEMENT! LATELY.. it’s moving and loading extra slow! Sometimes not allowing me to open it at all! Please show immediate attention to this matter and fix the issues or I will be forced to uninstall! Thanks

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