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Don’t know the name of an insect or a spider? Just point your phone’s camera at an insect and let the learning to begin with the Picture Insect & Spider App.

Explore the marvelous world of insects & spiders in a snap. Whenever you want to know what that insect is, learn the taxonomy of a spider, find out more about a butterfly, Picture Insect & Spider Bug Identifier app is your mirror into the insect planet on your mobile phone.

It is an all-in-one spider identifier, butterfly identifier, and bug identifier. With its user-friendly interface, all you need to do is take a picture of the insect you want to ID and you will be provided with loads of information about that insect.

Picture Insect & Spider is a window to better understanding the wonderful world of insects. It can automatically identify more than 4000+ species of insects. Our team has been striving to develop the most accurate and convenient tool for image recognition and has served over 30,000,000 users all over the world.

Key Features:
– Instantly Identify 4000+ species of insects & spiders
– Identification accuracy rate of 95%
– Rich learning source about insects & spiders
– Intuitive interface with friendly tips
– Keep track of identified species in your personal collection.


– Accurate and fast insect & spider identification results
We instantly identify insects & spiders with an accuracy rate of 95.28%

– Over 1000 species of insects in our database
Whether you need to identify an ant, a butterfly, a beetle, a moth, a bee, or whatever other insects you find in and outside your home, the Picture Insect & Spider Bug Identifier app is the tool for image recognition of insects.


– Insect taxonomy
Picture Insect & Spider Bug Identifier app gives you in-depth information about insects. Learn about an insect’s structure, appearance, evolution, species that can be confused, characteristics and so much more.

– Get answers to questions that bug you
Picture Insect & Spider Bug Identifier app in collaboration with experts answers questions that people often ask when it comes to bug identifier mysteries. What does a blue morpho butterfly eat? How long does an insect live? What are a spider’s enemies? Is this insect harmful to humans? You ask, Picture Insect & Spider Bug Identifier experts answer.

– Keep track of identified insects & spiders in your personal collection
Insect identification records are kept in the personal collection. Feel free to access them anytime or share with other nature lovers who might benefit from or be interested in bug identifiers or insect identifier apps. Nature ID is a click away.

So, next time you go camping and see a beautiful butterfly you want to identify, take a photo and let us do the work of insect identification. By the time you say ‘Picture Insect & Spider’, we will have accurate results and answers to your bug id questions.

Picture Insect & Spider Bug Identifier app is ready to install
We identify insects & spiders all
Big or small
And the ones that crawl


- Improved identification accuracy. Also added more interesting content for insects that are active in the season.


40 comentarios en "Picture Insect & Spider ID 2022"

  1. I’ve used it for years and have accumulated quite the impressive collection. Bugs are usually easily identified, though the more miniscule insects (freckle sized or smaller) are harder for the algorithms to identify unless you have a super good camera. I rate it five stars because it’s an incredibly reliable thingy. Though I don’t like that it requires wifi, I can understand why.

  2. Absolutely LOVE this app, it’s helped me identify pretty much every bug I’ve shown it so far, and I’ve shown it many. Easy five stars~! As a side note, I have had a problem with it loading pictures I’ve already taken, I guess because I have so much stuff on my SD card that it takes a while to process it all, aside from that the camera ID is perf.

  3. The app is very good at its main job of identifying bugs. Sometimes when there are many similar species it doesn’t get it exactly right or even have them all in their database, so you have to pull in other sources when a 100% sure ID is important. This would be a 5 star app if they improved the collecting aspect of the interface. I’d love the ability to add notes as well as tags or create albums. Also, ID correction seems to go into a blackhole and does not update the title in your collection.

  4. I tried to ID an insect in my yard beyond the reach of my WiFi and it wouldn’t take a picture of it because I had no Internet connection. Lots of bugs are out in the field or garden where WiFi doesn’t reach. I think the app should still take the photo and identify it when back at the house. Otherwise the ID seems quite accurate.

  5. Never took the time the time to review an app before but this is one is so cool that I have to. 5 stars because of the concept, keeps me more engaged with real life learning about the thousands of species of insects in the world. I love adding pictures too it and expanding my collection, my younger cousins say it’s like pokemon in real life. Only complaint is the in app camera takes a while to load, but if you take pictures with your own camera and upload them in it works amazingly.

  6. It’s a quite interesting app. Instant gratification I say. I have over 120 snapshots and I’ve only used this for a few days! It definitely makes you more curious. I find myself searching for bugs. I think this would be a fantastic activity for parents to do with their kids. Or even to be used in science classes or camps and workshops. I do think a little more information should be given though. I feel like I am left hanging sometimes, if that makes sense. It’s a great app and I def recommend it!

  7. It works. Once you open the app, click the “X” in the corner of the ad to continue (you don’t have to pay to identify ANYTHING) and camera at the bottom to identify what you are scared of. The ad at the beginning is very menacing and deceitful, and if you aren’t paying attention, you will pay for something completely different.

  8. Rayle dice:

    Update: the in-app camera is very slow and unresponsive. It takes 2-3 seconds for the camera to actually take a picture and by then, the insect has usually moved or the camera loses focus; both result in a blurry image and poor results. It makes using the app frustrating. It’s awesome when you do get a good picture though! It’s fun discovering the bugs around you!

  9. I absolutely love this app.! it has successfully identified every insect I have taken a picture of so far. The app is beyond easy to navigate. I have tried a few other apps to identify household creepy crawlers but they didn’t work all that well. They either misidentified the insect or saw too many ads to successfully pinpoint what kind of critter I was taking a picture of. Ads are a big turn off LOL. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone looking to identify any kind of insects.

  10. August 95 dice:

    Amazing and Perfect! I just put a photo of a bug and it tells me what it is! Even old pictures of random bugs i thought were cool from months ago sitting in my phone gallery. Instantly and correctly identified. So far it’s worked for bugs in different life stages such as a caterpillar that becomes a moth. It tries to get you to buy premium, but i just closed the pop up and it seems to work just fine for free so far! Love it!

  11. It is very accurate and indispensible if you love nature’s creatures. I highly recommend the app. However, sometimes i open the app and it wants to know what the correct identification is and I have no idea what insect it is talking about? The frustrating part it will not let me get off that window to use on another ID. The only way I’ve found is to restart my phone which is very troublesome!

  12. Very good system for identification, but you need to use this to enhance your own taxonomic knowledge. Do t depend on it 100%. Had a scenario where the app was convinced it was looking at a bedbug, when the animal was clearly some type of beetle. Know your bugs a little first, or at least the difference between flies, true bugs, arachnids, hymenoptera, and mites is a good start. Then snap away and see all the neat little subspecies you can find!

  13. K W dice:

    Uploaded pictures of two different types of caterpillars/ worms. The suggestions were way off. The results didn’t match at all. Absolutely no help. It also makes you sign in with your google account (android phone) before you can use it, then redirects you to the purchase options page every time you click the back button.

  14. For the bug enthusiasts or those who just want to know before we hit the panic button. This app is definitely a must have. Ive identified so many insects, some harmless and some can be a bit toxic. Either way this ap definitely helps. Just snap a clear photo while keeping a safe distance and the app does the rest. Love it!

  15. I use this app pretty regularly to ID bugs in my garden, around the house and that I find on trails when hiking. It was especially useful last summer when I worked for a summer camp at an environmental center. When the kids ask “What is this?” I’d not only be able to tell them what it is, but satisfy their endless curiosity with some interesting facts about it or show pictures of its larvae/nymph stage. I was learning right along with them! I’d highly recommend this app to anyone!

  16. As long as you are using this to identify a few bugs here and there, it’s not difficult to use as a free resource. If you’re cataloging some huge number of little critters then you’ll have to pay. It has been accurate a large majority of the time (and each attempt makes the AI better if you remember to give quality feedback), so I’d say that if you are considering paying, it’s probably worth it.

  17. This app is fantastic. $30/year is well worth it to have what is basically a real life pokedex. I feel excited to find new bugs, and look for them when I’m out and about. It has it’s flaws, namely that the picture has to be perfect which makes flying bugs harder to catch, but there’s a feature to upload a picture from your phone in case you don’t get the app up in time which takes care of the problem. All in all, a good app worth the purchase. Great for people with kids, and anyone who ❤️s bugs

  18. Great idea! Bad execution. Love everything about this! I just wish you could add more then one picture especially. It would make identification easier. Sometimes one angle just isn’t enough. Also being able to give a description with each photo could be helpful as well. Since some cameras aren’t the greatest. Maybe a “other defining features” option where posters can verify the colors or anatomy of the insect if the camera can’t quite get it all in its glory. Otherwise love the app!

  19. I really like the app. Upon closing, I wish that the app would allow you to leave something as unidentified when you’re unsure of the actual identification out of the choices given. I also wish that the app would show more stages in the growth cycles of the bugs that you’re trying to identify. Other than those two things, I think that the app is an awesome tool.

  20. EJ Wessel dice:

    I like the app, but it does tend to be inaccurate. There used to be a cool feature where you could browse insects people around you had found on a map, but theyve removed it. There was also a feature where you could ask everyone for ID help, which was fun. I wish they would come back. A location feature would be nice to check for insects found in your area. I am in Germany and get false IDs for bugs not in europe. I do like the app overall tho.

  21. I used it for 6 months and it was okay, but now it freezes up when I try to upload a photo, and I am being asked to subscribe to a free trial or “continue with limited version.” The “continue with limited version” button does not work It is impossible to initiate a free trial without credit card information being retained. And I don’t trust Google. I do not think it is accurate enough to charge $19.95/year. 50% accuracy in my experience.

  22. Spot on… so far it’s identified everything I’ve thrown at it and it does so pretty dang fast! It also has a pretty impressive amount of amplifying information for each “bug” you identify. It’s simple & straightforward; it does everything it says it can do and even a little more. $20 a year is a pittance compared to the knowledge it delivers almost instantly. I love it… Great download! 👍

  23. This app is SUPER impressive. I’m not sure which AI library they use, but it’s clearly very good. It seems to accurately differentiate between similar species very well, and even works when the picture isn’t great quality and/or at poor angles (as is often the case when capturing bugs.) There are some premium features, but thankfully basic image recognition is free! (Click the “Continue with limited version” button on the start screen.) Thankful ad-free is an option, though.

  24. They force you to do an expensive annual 7-day trial to try. I tried it and it got the bugs I was looking for wrong (although, I think it works as a decent app for bug checking, in general). So, I immediately (same day) went to cancel, but it says I’ve signed up for a year. If I find that I do not get charged and don’t have to contact Google, I will change this rating and comment. UPDATE: I had to request a refund from Google. This might just be a mistake in the way they setup their subscription.. but, I see there’s other reviewers with the same problem. They should fix it.. or simply not offer the trial.

  25. Thad Myers dice:

    Trying your app now. I just have 1 problem with a reply to a comment made by a user. You said that all apps do free trials the way you do. Charge the user automatically after the free trial is up. All the apps I have installed on my device doesn’t do it that way and I have a lot. After the trial is up, then it goes back to the free version unless you opt to keep the premium. Yours charges automatically, I do not agree with doing it your way and will be uninstalling. This is a trick to get money!

  26. This app used to be great. I used it about 20 times/day to identify spiders and bugs. Thry updated the way you upload pictures a couple of weeks ago, and now it crashes every single time. Not only that, it won’t even let me load a photo to begin with. It’s apparently not compatible with certain Androids. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, restarted my phone and all the typical stuff. It’s useless to me now. I’ve moved on to other apps. I was about to sign up for the paid version sadly.

  27. My kids use this for their insect unit for school and it is great. They are always outside searching for insects now. Of the few different possibilities of species the first has been correct 98% of the time. It keeps a log of all the pictures you take and saves the information about each with the options to click frequently asked questions.

  28. I was thinking I would use it for the trial period and cancel but it is a really great app to use with my young son who is obsessed with bugs. We now have a “collection” in the app of bugs we have photographed and piece of mind to catch when he is “playing” with something venemous. So far it has identified 100% of bugs – mostly spiders. Really awesome and worth the money.

  29. Great app. Hardly ever wrong. Most of the time when there was a mistake, it was because the picture was not clear enough. But they do offer three or more other options that it could be. The only complaint is … with over 10,000+ pictures, it would be nice to be able to be start the search where I left off … in my bug id folder … instead of having to scrooooooooooollllll through them all at the beginning again.

  30. j w eber dice:

    I wanted to identify a small flying insect. I submitted the same photo 3 times. The app first identified it as a head louse, then a house cricket, and thirdly a jumping spider. I already know what those bugs look like. This was a small bug, about 8 mm long, with legs, antenna, folded wings all in focus. None of the 3 candidates look anything like the photo. I’d love to post the photo so you can see what the app missed. Don’t bother signing up. You will just have to cancel.

  31. Great app. It helped me realize that an “evil flying cockroach” was actually a relatively harmless Brown Prionid or Longhorn Beetle on the first try. The app got it from a blurry photo of the top of the bug AND the bottom. Solid application of machine learning. I really wish this app was a one time payment situation, as I don’t do subscriptions. Great for a one-off situation, and if one is constantly around unfamiliar insects, probably worth the fee.

  32. Works amazingly if your curious about insects you see. My phone camera isn’t great so the pictures come out blurry and sometimes causes wrong reading but that is not the fault of the app itself and still actually gets the correct insect most the time despite bad picture quality. I don’t have the premium version because I can’t really justify it as someone who just uses it when they are curious but the free features are pretty much everything I need.

  33. Eric Ott dice:

    Very Inaccurate! I am a Pest Control Technician and thought this would be a quick and easy way to identify specific breeds of flies, ants, etc at client locations… However, I have not had ONE SINGLE Accurate and Positive Identification of ANY Pests. Multiple times, for example, I have tried to identify different breeds of flies, but the app only returned results identifying the pictures as cochroaches and wood ticks…. not even close…. at all. Added: Not “pesT”… its identified NO pesTS!

  34. I love using this app to identify all my favorite insects! I never knew the names of most of them, and looking up a butterfly on Google is DIFFICULT. Sound familiar?; “No, it’s not that one… That one LOOKS similar, but…” I don’t even have to worry about trying to describe it properly! Just snap the picture and there’s your match!

  35. It satisfies my curiosity, but there are limitations. It would be nice to have the option of selecting what stage in the life cycle the insect is before taking a photo to identify insect. At the very least, when an insect is identified there should be pictures of it in all the stages of its life cycle. The app will often show photos of every life stage except the first one, egg. When I’m trying to figure out what bug is eating my clothes knowing what its eggs look like would be very helpful.

  36. They require you to sign up with a card for the trial, which is fine, but the cancellation option in the app doesn’t cancel. It just sends an email which got sent to spam that tells you to cancel in the play store. Clearly they want you to think that cancelling in the app actually cancels so that you continue paying without your knowledge. Super scummy.

  37. I canceled this way prior to the end of the free trial, on 8/5/2021 and still got charged. I purchased a new phone and the app was on installed on the new phone and that evening I got notification of being charged. I emailed multiple times to know avail. So we’re airing dirty laundry in public. I want a refund and would like it processed soon.

  38. I love this app! Very helpful and quick results. I like that it gives info on each insect. Tells you if its harmful to humans, animals, plants and environment. Its usually very accurate on identifying if your picture is clear enough. If picture isnt as clear it has more than one suggestion to help identify.

  39. Love the app! We recently moved from a humid Midwest ecosystem to the Southwest Desert. We use this app and Picture This (plant identifier) frequently to learn about our new ecosystem. Occasionally the picture to insect match is not precise, either because of poor lighting/angles, so I really like that the app suggests multiple matches which gives enough of a lead to perform more indepth research. I rarely pay for apps, but this is one I find very useful!

  40. Audrey L dice:

    I highly dislike insects. The first time I used this I had come across a bug I’ve never seen before and once I took a pic and it showed me what it was, I was able to see that although it looked gross, it wasn’t poisonous, it didn’t bite, and it didn’t carry any diseases so that helped. I even checked the accuracy by taking the name the app gave me and putting into Google which showed pics of the exact bug that was in front of me. So I’m sure this app would also be great for insect-enthusiasts!

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