BallisticsARC MODDED 2022


Map based ballistic calculator, atmospherics, and range card.
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BallisticsARC by GeoBallistics, LLC

Pro Version is a 1-time in-app purchase

-All modes available for 1 custom rifle
-Free integration of WeatherFlow products

-Unlimited Custom Rifle Profiles
-Save and Export Range Cards
-Opt out of Ads
-Kestrel LiNK Compatibility


In order to add additional rifle profiles or save/export range cards, you must purchase the Pro version. You can manipulate the free custom rifle to become any caliber you like as often as you’d like, BUT if you want to perform the tasks stated above, you must purchase the Pro version. It’s that simple.


Chart Mode creates a traditional style data chart from point A to point B. Like all modes, it is immediately responsive to weather updates and other changes.

Map Mode utilizes Google Maps to build range cards, and it range targets with GPS coordinates. This program offers the user the ability to plan on or off-site range cards with immediate ballistic solutions. In addition, the user is able to save and load these range cards for use at their convenience. This mode overlays crucial external ballistic data on satellite imaging in order to display a bullet’s performance along it’s path. It is our hope that the concept of GeoBallistics will present an effective way to educate shooters on external ballistics as well as promote ethical and accurate shooting.

Comp Mode is similar to Chart Mode, but users are allowed to enter a course of fire with varying azimuths and ranges to produce a list of line-item solutions. This is perfect for precision rifle comps or long 3-gun rifle stages.


Thank you for your support and please reach out to us if you have an issue. We are very responsive and eager to fix any issues that arise. Hiding behind poor reviews doesn’t serve anyone.


Added support for latest WeatherFlow devices


40 comentarios en "BallisticsARC MODDED 2022"

  1. J dice:

    I’ve been using this app for over a year now, and I’m extremely well pleased with it. This app allows you to become a much more informed distant shooter. I was turned onto the system in a long distance shooting class. I was amazed at how many things I could do on this app. Shooting distances over a thousand yards because I can put my data in this app and get the calculations needed to make adjustments on the scope for the shot. First gun on it is free nothing to lose.

  2. Update 2: Cross checked against Strelok Pro ballistic table and they are very close to each other, and Strelok was very close to range data at 1K yards. GeoBallistics has a very cool map feature that is highly useful for quick ranging holdovers based on distance, direction, and terrain features. Highly recommend this app! I would like to be able to modify the table and add inch columns as well, and it helps for training to have the Spin Drift and Coriolis separated out, as well. Otherwise, this is an excellent tool for planning and in the field! Previous review: Developers are very responsive and want to help. Looking into my original questions, and they are helping to check everything out. Works great for collecting density altitude data up update ballistic drop and windage effects. Strelok does both, but doesn’t update the main solution table with the current weatherflow meter data. I will be cross checking both at the range soon, to see where each one accels.

  3. Awesome calcuator. Perfect range finder in map mode. The user manual is kind of confusing, or maybe I’m just an idiot. I don’t completely understand how the trueing works. Overall, I have no regrets about getting the full version. I just need to mess around with it a bit more since I reload my own ammo. 6.5 ELD-X.

  4. Absolutely love this app. Was a little hesitant to spend the money on it but after a year of solid info I don’t regret it. Only thing I would love the developers to add is possibly the app already calculating the feet per second based on the barrel length that could be part of the initial rifle profile you create with every gun. But that’s just me being me not wanting to spend money on a chrono and not having access to one.

  5. Great app! Looks like most of the 1-star reviews were people who somehow couldn’t figure out this simple app and were too lazy to reach out to support for their questions. I found this app is super easy to use with the only exception being adding and deleting range cards to get rid of the Texas info. Took 5-10min to sort that out and I was off and running. Very accurate ballistics calculation as well, all the way out to 1,250yds for me. The competition and map pages are really nice too for PRS matches. I would definitely recommend.

  6. I use this to compete in NRL22 style matches and it has worked great for me. I love the match card feature where I can build cards for each stage the night before a match then get my atmospheric conditions day of and have good data. I use the WeatherFlow weather meter for gathering data. Customer service is awesome. Had an issue, filled out the form on line and had a response in minutes not days. Definitely was not expecting that. Thank you

  7. Extremely useful app. I like that it has a library for projectiles, ability to ‘true’ up your data and can connect to a Kestrel or Weatherflow for atmospheric data. The ability to position the firing point and target onto satellite imagery in order to generate a firing solution is a really nice touch.

  8. App is great but extremely annoying that after factory reset of my phone it doesn’t recognize the pro version I paid for. Still waiting for the dev to reply, pending review of the rating. Review edited after getting support from the developer.. App is great, support is awesome, android seems to be the culprit for the glitches. Keep up the great work guys.

  9. It works great. Free for one rifle, paid version for more and you can download and sync. All the bad reviews are ding dongs that xant figure out that the little pencil ✏️ is edit. I know its hard lol. Just change the default rifle to you caliber/ specs and rename it. Easy.

  10. Max Blue dice:

    Hi everybuddies! I almost never post a review on an App, and guess it is the first. The developers of GeoBallistics deserve a tribute. I’ve contrasted the stats to the web-based legendary JBM solution together with endless sessions afield and everything marries flawlessly up to supersonic range. The UI is clutter-free and very intuitive. The Map mode is a double-check tool to verify Rangefinder stats. Additionally, as a bonus it gives me quick online Altitude which my RF lacks. I feed pressure, temp and angle from RF. My RF native solution is only accurate up to 450 m. From there on, I use BallisticsARC & JBM. I wish there was charts in “click” since I’m so much used to dialing as clicks. Overall, this is the cheaper than dirt masterpiece for LR hunters and shooters. Thank You So Much.

  11. Ivy several ballistic calculators including strelok, Hornady, and some others. I continue to return to ballisticsARC because it just works absolutely flawlessly. When hunting open areas, I love the pot on the map feature as it also helps to give me safe shooting corridors. It’s everything you need all in one! The only thing I could consider an upgrade would be sorting different bullet profiles with similar rifles instead of making a new rifle for every different type of bullet you use!

  12. Great App. I have used it ot to 1760-yards. Account holders can now save their Rifle Profiles with the most recent updates. Unfortunately, I cannot up my rating to 5 stars because they made the default settings in MILS without informing users. Since my scopes are MOA this caused me to skip rounds off the ground in front of the targets my first time out. This could have been disastrous and could have cost me my very expensive club membership.

  13. Great app for field or range! In hunting or NSSF the tools we have access too=wide range of cost. Can hunt successfully/compete w/ top level & @ budget comp is more difficult, but possible, +who in this genre field or range, doesnt want to challange. My goal at 12 was hit at 30 when I hit 1 mile consecutively4x, & I set a new goal. This app aided has value & use, so 15 is worth it, u question proof, kestrel ft is point. I pay again & prob more! Developers of quality apps deserve support!

  14. very user friendly, would like some further clarification on settings (such as elevation and windage offest) would also like to be able to remove some charts… for instance if I’m shooting between 200 and 500 yards I dont need to see my 50yd increments starting at 50yds other than that this app as been very useful

  15. On it for one minute and already annoyed. Wanted to try out the free app to see if I would like to purchase. Hit the button for location and its got me somewhere i’ve never even been. Help button is worthless Need something designed with the field guy in mind not the computer savvy.

  16. Its a bit different then what i was used to and I didn’t understand it at first so I gave it a 1 start. The app said in response to my review to contact them and i did. Joe (from the app) called me and we talked about the info on my set up for a half hour. Now I can say that I absolutely love how this app, works especially the map portion for a range. The customer service alone was worth the price of the app. With out a doubt this will be my ballistic app from now on.

  17. C Walker dice:

    Great features I have not seen elsewhere such as the competition card, map function. The Weatherflow device integration is excellent. Swift and excellent support when requested as well.

  18. Excellent app for a variety of shooters. Combines ballistic calculator, with mapping, and can set multiple targets. Range cards, and pay the one time fee for multiple rifles and such.

  19. Awesome app that makes long range shooting a breeze! I would definitely like to see .458 SOCOM and .30 Nosler added to the ammo library in the future but other than that it’s great and very easy to use!

  20. The FREE version is great but for an extremely minimal fee, buy the **** PRO VERSION *****. You get variable locations, more than one rifle and multiple range cards. I had a minor musunderstanding with using the app, but I’ve had the best after sales service from the developers, and immediately. To say this app puts AB etc in the dark, is an understatement. The others don’t have satellite views that allow a line of chord to be done immediately. **** JOE, do you have the 245 grain Berger listed?

  21. Tested the free version for distance (dont always have the range finder with) looking forward to using the full app, and seeing how close the charts are. The replies to the 1 star reviews made it completely worth it

  22. Worked great for me until I purchased a kestrel 2700 and used it in conjunction with the app. Now when I open the app and click on the weather tab it automatically crashes and return me to my phones home screen!

  23. Mike Hurst dice:

    Love this. Map keeps defaulting to a range in N Tx but maybe cuz I’m still using the free version. Quickly pick up new ballistics in the huge library or add your own. Very nice and easy to use!

  24. Just got the app and love it. Only improvement I would make is to add a tool to help figure out how many clicks to adjust your scope. Not a big deal though easy enough math but would be nice. Major thumbs up great app.

  25. Eric Ford dice:

    Been using this app for a couple of years outstanding! Had an issue with restoring worked with customer service and they dialed it in. Great product outstanding service!

  26. Great app for long range shooting. Does everything you need from kestral but for cheaper and helps you build data for your range cards. Highly recommend getting the kestral adapter and going premium.

  27. Getting setup with the App I had some self created issues and contacted Geo Support to figure out the problem. Within an hour they emailed me back then recommended I call them. They treated me like a shooting buddy and went out of their way to familiarize me with the App and made additional suggestions to get me started! THAT is what product support should be like! Joe you are the best! Jim Barfield…

  28. William K dice:

    Links up easy with the weather flow meter, and very accurate. this app is actually a little bit more consistent long range than the shooter app.

  29. I’m very satisfied with the WeatherMeter and BallisticsARC app. My only concern is with using Google Pay to unlock app, after using Google Pay I now have unauthorized charges on my debit card. Use a different option to pay for full access of app such as PayPal via your website, then give a code to unlock app.

  30. Almost perfect, I only wish it gave me the ability to have scope adjustment clicks on the chart.

  31. Chart mode stopped working, getting zero info out of this app now Was working just fine. Samsung s9. App still works on an old iphone!

  32. Joe and Jeff are great, answered my email in less than 30mins, This app works, test gps ranging out to 300 yards and a first shot hit on steel plate with new gun and ammo with just a 100yd zero . Great Job guys

  33. Just bought app like some features like the map. Will try it out and see how i do with it but should be great for competitions. Need to play more with it but hope to give it a 5 star review later.

  34. It all works great. I am using blue Weather flow with the app and it hooks up no issues.

  35. Best app for long range shooting that i can find Eric cortina i where I heard about this app and I LOVE it is very easy to use i recommend it to who ever need a app that really works 👍😁

  36. I have used this app for a while now and it has gotten better with each update. I love the range card functionality.

  37. The app is easy to use and understand. I cant wait to hit the range and confirm my hold overs

  38. Best ballistic app I have used! Once I trued the zero and the velocity everything lined up.

  39. Downloaded it, registered and the ap wouldn’t let me login and it defaulted to 6.5 creed more which I dont have, so even after they it’s free for 1 rifle if it’s not a 6.5 creed more you are screwed

  40. A lot to get out of this solver, been using it for 2 years and still learning new things using it.

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