Pocket Quest: Merge RPG 2022


Grow the world in this unique deck-building rogue-like RPG!
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A brand new adventure awaits in this roguelite idle RPG! Collect as much coins and loot as you can each run and compete for the high score!

Build your own world by placing buildings, terrain, and enemies to master the loop!

Collect powerful artifacts and talents to grow permanently stronger and increase your chances of survival!

Explore different worlds with hundreds of monsters, no adventure is ever the same twice!

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Bug fixes and performance improvements

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40 comentarios en "Pocket Quest: Merge RPG 2022"

  1. They copied the gameplay of loop hero but somehow managed to make it less fun than watching paint dry. People are reporting that items are dropping but are somehow disappearing which is true. The 2nd biggest problem is all the bugs that are literally game breaking. For example, today’s challenge run has a modifier that allows you to put double the tiles per loop but on loop 8 you get 11 tiles when you can place 12 and the run just stops there. -10 energy and everything you earned from it. Trash.

  2. Havok Fz dice:

    It’s entertaining but it has some major flaws: too much energy is needed for each run (10 for regular, 20 for daily) and each energy point takes 10 minutes to charge and leveling up doesn’t fill or increase the measly 30 max you have. The runs become way more difficult than you can handle quick, and you end up wasting your precious energy, and leveling you camp doesn’t really help as the bonuses you get are random.

  3. Thank you for fixing the items that disappeared during the stage. 1. 100% crit rate bonus to enemy that have full hp is not 100% crit. 2. Castle leveled max at 88 and can’t upgrade any further. 3. Epic items still missing, because we can only collect 6 items at a time.

  4. xhero 71 dice:

    Yes this is a new concept, but this is just like any other game, very repetitive (in the long run), specifically, too grindy. The game entices new players with their new concept of merging “landscape” power ups in a rouge like style. This maybe on the early stages of its development, but adding more characters and traits isnt gonna make this worthwile, since the main point of the game is just grinding for materials to merge and leveling up, no twists, while everything else is won by Luck.

  5. New concept, very fun so far… only played about 15min but i like it Edit: still having a lot of fun, agree with the other reviews of it being very rng, but that doesn’t really bother me… my problem is that potions use stamina (which isn’t explained anywhere in the game) so if you’re up against an enemy that hits hard you just use all your pots without being able to attack, maybe intended, but seems a bit counterintuitive… otherwise fun game

  6. DJDemon24 dice:

    So far it’s a pretty good. I havent gotten too dar but its honestly just merging and managing your items you get so far. Its simple to learn and honestly relaxing to play in a way. Just sit there and watch a show as you just merge and battle. Not much more too it besides keeping your items in check, and making sure you place strategically for your placements to merge.

  7. I would rate this higher if it wouldn’t toss away gear that I haven’t sifted through. Low end items are staying to be picked through while high end gear doesn’t show up when a loop is finished. Looks like your copy and paste game has more bugs than a crackhead’s mattress. Also, I reported your involvement with hiring a team to leave bot reviews on your game.

  8. So far so good. I enjoy being able to set the path for the hero. I have to think about the placement of path peices as well as if they are beneficial, in that do they provide items, health, or xp.

  9. Beta Sloth dice:

    4+ Hours in. It’s Loop Hero’s funny looking step child. Minimalistic Ads, fun and balanced. Was one small bug at level 3 which prevents any input, but it fixed after closing and reopening the app. No bugs or problems other than that.

  10. FINAL REVIEW: Serious RPG Devs should REALLY consider implementing this type of RPG game for their projects! Having FINALLY beaten this game, I can say to ANYONE that doubts the quality of this game not to give up on it so quickly. In spite of issues, the ride is WORTH taking in the long run! Thanks to the Pocket Quest Devs for providing this fresh take on an RPG I wish there were more of! #ALM (All Lives Matter)

  11. Good Game. I like the progress and the challenging rounds each time. It makes one reasonably think and plan when acting in, before and after battles.

  12. Not sure what happened, reached stage 3 and now none of the buttons work. Can’t continue playing, can’t collect chests or change screens. It registers that I’m pressing the buttons but simply nothing happens.

  13. It’s a good game, don’t have a lot of ads, you can create differents kinds of build, it’s easy to learn how to play, and it’s really free you can get good stuffs without pay for it.

  14. Very fun! The thing I like MOST about it is that you don’t have to micro manage it. You manage it when you finish a loop/lvl up, but that’s it.

  15. I love the graphics and it’s so cute. The Gameplay and Sounds are very okay. Can you put on shop a watch adds to get Rewards And keep improving your game and Can you make a FB Page of all of your game like merge drafts war. 100/10 stars

  16. Overall good game with casual strategy good for wasting time. Decent graphics but could be better, and I hate energy systems, just let me play your good game!

  17. gaining xp dice:

    This game is amazing I wish there were more heros and I wish there was a level select because sometimes ur just on a level and it’s too hard but you want a casual experience. But this is still fine

  18. Can be improved. Maybe put the boss like an event fight. Items you loot from loop 10 is pretty much useless because you can’t equip it for the boss fight. add x4 battle speed. add details to skills and items. and maybe instead of totally discarding a loot, it would be better if the discarded loot is turned into XP.

  19. Stage 13 – Mobs level/dmg increase dramatically. Can’t get pass to loop 3 due to poor item(low stat) & low hero level (only level 2 despite of stronger mob). Store – No confirmation when buying items. Accidental taps will automatically purchase the item (I was saving it for 10 draws) Loop 10 every stage – Level 11 items drop but can’t be used. (Atleast put a stash tile where the character can stop over to change equipped items. Potion – Wolf potion regen interrupts hero atks.

  20. Anthony T dice:

    Fun game BUT at higher loops, you’re finding dozens of gear but only a handful show up after the loop for you to choose from. It’s either a glitch or intentional. Either way, it ruins the game ALOT. When you see multiple EPIC gear during the loop but you don’t see them after the loop, it kills it. 4 stars if changed.

  21. Okay we are going back up to 4 stars on this update, it’s beautiful and exceptional, there is still room for improvement though

  22. The game is cool but I see a lot of items that I won on battles and it never appeared to choose when I finished the run in stage. And I’m on stage 12 and I didn’t unlock the daily challenge. A lot of bugs.

  23. From 1 star to 5 stars. I have finished the first 21 level but I keep playing it. Please give us more level and content.

  24. Ewa Oh dice:

    Great game until a recent update broke it. It now pops up as a blue screen with all the UI jumbled up top and bottom. Very sad.

  25. It is not P2W. It is only rng based. The upgrades outside the game are so minimum they don’t matter. There is a problem with chances during game eg dodge %. tracked it for a while as big numbers matter, the maths are wrong. In higher levels if you don’t get a weapon with decent damage every 2-3 loops it is over. Nothing else matters as much. Finally drops in game are funny, loop 8, 6 drops, 4 of them lvl 1 common, 3 of them armors and 2 of them shield. Finally, the content gets repetitive

  26. Whats the loint of this game. Its not idle, not even strategical. Upgrades barely do nothing. Grinding takes forever. Even higher gears feels like doesnt do much. Why also add drop items at loop 10 if you cant wesr them? What are those dungeon spawns when adding environment buff when monster and boss monster increases each round. Whats the point of buffing out???

  27. This game is a blatant rip off of loop hero which is 100 times better than this but if you did like the concept of this game I would highly recommend loop hero you can it on steam and it is a well made and great strategy game that even has a story thats interesting

  28. I like the loop and building concept and gameplay. Game runs smoothly and has a clear and easy to navigate UI

  29. The game design is very pay-to-win. Ever since the update, the balance on damage between the enemy & the character became dogsh*t especially on daily challenge

  30. Nice game, but overall fairly short. Finished the 21 levels currently available without really pushing. Hoping that more get added soon.

  31. ROBIN dice:

    kind of just a less fleshed out Loop Hero. just left me wanting to play that game, instead. this is a decent enough free alternative, i suppose. not a big fan of the bright colours, nor does it really feel like it has enough depth or detail. not bad, though.

  32. Alec Kowa dice:

    So unlike other posts ive seen I havent found the RNG to be a big problem. Ya some runs you just get smacked and others you just wreck anything that moves, as I would expect of a game like this. My issue is the game takes forever boot up, once its running its fine, quick and smooth, quick transitions and no lag, but the starting funovus screen takes over five minutes, and I just dont have the patience for that EVERY time.

  33. Pretty fun game but a bit repetitive. Only issue I found was at stage 12 loop 10. I brought the skeleton boss to an empty health bar and I kept hitting him but he wouldn’t die. (Trying a 2nd time to see if the same bug persists)

  34. Good time waster just installed it to waste my time.. havent played it yet since a lot of peoplr says it has a lot of issues so 🙂

  35. Elena dice:

    It’s alright but it needs to choose whether it’s and idle game or not. It’s not engaging to play and there’s a lot of waiting but it can’t continue without your input. There’s also really no sense of progress

  36. There needs to be more content. Why isnt there a survival mode with like 50 or 100 rounds that we can play? Missed opportunity tbh.

  37. This is a very good loop hero mobile adaptation. Almost hit everything right in terms of gameplay design. But the progression is slow and gated by monetization.

  38. Very fun so far, I’d recommend checking it out yourself as some of these reviews that are lower stars sound like they don’t understand the rogue-like gameplay and gave up early.

  39. This game is so much entertaining and fun. No bugs and it runs super smooth. I like it, 5 stars.

  40. Love it. Great gameplay and very interesting. Not too many ads and they aren’t invasive. Art style is really nice and runs very very smoothly.

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