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Stream Anime. Anytime. Anywhere.

Start watching the largest collection of English-dubbed anime and hundreds of subtitled shows from Japan on the Funimation app for Android. Stream on your time and from any place. Start your 14-day free trial today!

Funimation’s expansive library of HD, ad-free anime features movies, OVAs, extras, and the hottest, top trending shows like Demon Slayer, Fruits Basket, Black Clover, and Attack on Titan. And classics like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Black Butler — or smash hits like My Hero Academia!

Your anime adventures are about to begin!

Other benefits include:

Watch Ad-Free
Stream hundreds of new and classic anime without those pesky commercial interruptions.

Subs & Dubs
Simulcasts straight from Japan — plus new dubbed episodes within two weeks of their Japanese broadcast.

Watch Offline
Download your favorite episodes and watch on the go.

Full Control
Hooked on a new show? Add it and your favorites to the queue, skip forward or backwards in ten-second increments.

Do Not Sell My Info (For US users only):

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•General bug fixes and performance improvements


40 comentarios en "Funimation MOD"

  1. Originally it worked great but after my free trial ended and I started paying for it it started crashing a lot and when I say a lot I mean it would crash 3 or 4 times per episode and I would have to restart the app. It’s gotten to the point where it completely logged/kicked me out and I can’t even log back in anymore. It’s absolutely horrible and won’t work anymore why would I pay for something that doesn’t work this is ridiculous fix your damn app

  2. App is great on a mobile but not so much on a smart TV. Difficult to start, skipping forward or rewinding is a pain, casting freaks out every now and then. Update 11/13/222 TV app doesn’t work. It says content no longer available when you select any show to watch but it works fine on the mobile app. Have to resort to casting from mobile device which also has it’s own issues. You have to wait about 1 minute for it to load. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling app on TV which made no difference.

  3. Jasmine N. dice:

    This app is horrible. It either random skips an episode or return back to the previous episode on its own. It even stops streaming at random and freezes my Chromecast. Changing the language is a challenge. It takes forever to do that and sometimes when you change it, it’ll also go back to the previous episode. They want $7.99 a month but can’t make their app work properly. Like an idiot, I paid for it. It says no ads but all I keep seeing is ads. This is absolutely ridiculously.

  4. The user interface could use a LOT of revision. The overall look isn’t bad, but navigating it feels super outdated and slow, load times are long and in general it just feels really old. Aside from it’s clunky feel, the app itself is chock-full of bugs. Works fine for some, but I often find episodes to be out of order or gone, captions will switch languages every episode or even during, the list goes on. Funimation has a great collection but it’s frankly faster and smoother to use the website.

  5. Veronica T dice:

    Used to be really good, but I just resubscribed and it keeps telling me that no content is available to watch and logs me out of my account immediately. I got charged for my subscription but am incapable of using the app and web browser version as well. I’ve tried changing the password a couple times in hopes that would fix it, but I’ve had no success.

  6. Riy Spy dice:

    Mixed batch of shows. They have shows/movies others don’t, but will also only have 1 season of shows that have 4. Having a lot of connection issues that I’m not experiencing on other apps. It also doesn’t tell you what closed captions are for shows so you might find some that won’t be available in your language despite having a preferred language setting.

  7. The UI is garbage. If you download an episode you can’t change the settings for the captions of that episode. For some reason Subtitles default to Portuguese. If you change one setting mid episode it restarts it. Half the time the video player never plays, just showing a black screen with the title. Haven’t been able to watch anything with out downloading it. Is somehow worse than Crunchyroll. All I wanted to do was watch Serial Experiments Lain legally.

  8. This app is always buggy. I really dislike the functionality of Funimation. It really needs better features added. Some major issues… When I’m watching a show, it doesn’t always show up in my recently watched. Always plays the wrong episode that I am trying to watch. I have to click on the episode previous to the one I am on to get it to play the right one. It won’t always cast correctly and it takes a minute or so to cast. Higher price for same service???

  9. This app used to be great. I’m hit and miss on when I use it. Lately the app just keeps freezing on my phone and roku. Now it won’t even let me in before it starts freezing. To be clear, it’s not a log in issue, just a freezing one. All I get are the loading blocks across the screen. If I keep at it, it will eventually let me in, but will never play anything. More loading blocks, then says an error has occurred. Please fix this or cancel my account. No sense in paying for something I can’t use.

  10. Horrible. I just signed up for a subscription and I still get ads and I can’t even watch any shows it just keeps saying “error check your connection….” But I know it’s not a wifi issue cause when when I turn off the wifi and try using data it says the same thing. I will be canceling my subscription. Don’t waste your time getting this app.

  11. When it’s working I love it, but lately it just freezes up my phone. On my Samsung TV some days it’s usable, some days the app won’t even load at all, some days the app will load and work fine but then you try to watch a show and wait 10 minutes whiles it’s frozen then freezes again every few minutes. Roku it seems to work pretty consistently with for me, but I only use a roku at night and it ALWAYS works at night (US central) no matter the device. No internet is not the issue.

  12. ADP ersons dice:

    Being I watch for free ads are expected, but the full lack of variety, and repetitive replay of the same ad just makes it frustrating to try to enjoy anything on here. Plus 3 or more ad breaks with a half dozen ads for a 30 min anime is trash. I tried to come here to escape the YouTube feel, but this is worse in so many ways. I expected better out of this, but again disappointed in the capitalistic cash grab yall are going for. I used to think(when I had a subscription) that it was a good app.

  13. Josh Burns dice:

    Beyond tired of shows becoming “unavailable” at random. I’ve been in contact with support for weeks and nothing has been resolved..yet here I am, just paid for another month in an app that I can’t use because the 2 shows I’m trying to watch won’t work on the app, I can only watch them on the website, and apparently on the site I can’t rotate the video to fit my screen so that’s about useless too. This has happened 3 times now, the show is there, but it won’t allow me to watch it.

  14. Apparently the only subscriptions available are annuals which i had to try signing up for another free trial to avoid. Now the player: worked good for an hour or two but now it constantly buffers and buffers and trying to back out an episode crashes the entire app. So far this is only with streaming to the television, I haven’t tried the phone app as of yet but this app is quickly going down the drain. Shows also have 2 seasons max when they have up to 4 at least. Imo, i think this app is done

  15. Good Selection of anime with both subs and dubs. This fact holds true a year ago as it does now for me. Downside is the massive amount of ads and the “loading” screen. I have been sitting staring at the circle loading icon for 20 mins. I’ve tried going back and restarting both the episode and the app but neither makes a difference. I am a patient person but this app makes me want to chuck the controller at the TV or my phone at the wall. Do NOT buy premium, it is a waste of money.

  16. Red Fox dice:

    Very poor experience with this app. Videos suddenly stop playing. The loading circle is what you’ll be looking at for the most part. This service has lots of bugs. Absolutely terrible experience. Nothing has improved within the 2 years that I’ve been using it. I don’t recommend. Best to watch anime using other means.

  17. Forgettable app with few redeeming qualities. I downloaded this app after years of forgetting I even had an account just so I could watch a single show. Lagged so hard I had to use the browser to reset my password then the ads started as soon as I clicked the first episode of the show I wanted to watch. Not even 3 minutes into the first scene and bam 5 more ads pop up and almost crash the app. User interface is terrible navigation between sho lists is a pain. It can’t even remember watch time

  18. Welcome back to 1994. The slowest internet experience I’ve had in literally 30 years. I have a 250 down 90 up connection. What even are servers? Don’t ask Funimation. Be prepared to click something and wait a full 90+ seconds for the next menu or window to load. Really great nostalgia; reminds me of old jpgs. Just make sure all your settings are accurate up front because you’ll have to wait about 6 full minutes if you need to change them. Seriously crazy, a window into the past. Incredible.

  19. Ian White dice:

    The worst streaming app I’ve ever had the misfortune of using. 90% or more of the time, it can’t connect to any casting device, even when trying from multiple phones. Then if you’re lucky enough for it to actually connect, you’ll make it through about 1.5 episodes before it just stops working and you have to go through the entire process again. It use to just be bad, but recently it’s gotten horrible. What a waste of time, energy, and money. Their support is a joke as well

  20. Funimation is annoying on any long running anime. Between episodes it’ll run behind the scenes and extras of the NEXT episode. So a lovely forced spoiler. There is no way to turn this feature off. It’s not forced as you can’t skip it but it’s horrible for binge watching. Most long shows that do this I’ll go to other streaming platforms cause even ads are less annoying.

  21. Subscription is very much worth it. Rating is only for the app itself. Android app is too heavy. Heats up the phone. Needs perfect connectivity with fast data speeds. Option to change resolution or picture quality would be great. Drains the battery in one episode. Can’t charge even with a fast charger while streaming. And no there is no battery issue with the phone. Streaming through browser works perfectly.

  22. Issues with the app when casting: 1) Videos take a long time to cast. 2) Skip forward/back when watching in-app is 10 seconds but changes to 30 seconds when casting. 3) Once subtitles are turned on when casting they cannot be turned off. 4) It regularly drops the cast and has to be reinitialized. 5) Only Premium Plus subscribers can cast. Otherwise, the app has a good selection of anime.

  23. Your filters are broken. When selecting subtitled and new from the filter list it shows a ton of dubbed content that was recently updated. Please fix this issue as it makes it hard to keep up on my series. People looking for subbed Content don’t typically care about the dubbed content and vice versa. You’re just causing everyone unnecessary frustration. Separate the two or at least separate them when the filter is set to separate them.

  24. Honestly, this is the most truthful 3-star review you’re gonna see. So, from what I’ve been experiencing, I’ve come to realize: THAT THERE’S WAY TOO MANY ADS!! The ads themselves are repetitive, lack variety, and intrusive. Now as for the episodes, they are constantly freezing, and sometimes they crash. The frequency at which it freezes is 3-4 times per episode, and 1-2 times for the crashing, (and yes I counted). Not to mention, there is 2-6 ads every 5-7 minutes. [Patience is all you need…]

  25. SiltyPort dice:

    The apps great, good video quality, easy to find what you are looking for, the only real problem I have with it are the absurd number of ads. Sometimes an adbrak will have 6 ads that are 39 seconds long, and there are around 4 of them per episode. If the ads were shorter or there were just less ad breaks with less ads in them, then that problem would be fixed. But overall still a good app.

  26. Ok app, but needs improvement. When it works, it’s a great. Very often however, I found myself in the position of the app freezing, or just saying that it list internet connection (which is not true because I have other internet – dependent devices fully operational at the time of this app’s failure). My workaround for this, is to wait for the app to work; sometimes by pausing the stream.

  27. There are great shows, sometimes they play all the way through with no problems. But most of the time it constantly freezes and starts playing again with lag causing the playtime to be unsynced with audio. Plays fine for a few minutes,, freezes again and then won’t play again unless I close the app and reopen. Becomes a hassle when it does this every 30 seconds to 2 minutes of watching a show… it has done this for months now and continues to do so even with the updates to the app.

  28. Ross H dice:

    Quality of the catalog and the videos themselves are great. I have two major problems with this app that every other streaming app seems to have fixed years ago, though. 1) Even downloaded episodes take over a minute to start. I just stare at a loading wheel wondering when it’s going to unfreeze. 2) I have to re-enable subtitles every time I start a new episode. My setting on the settings page keeps getting reverted

  29. E O dice:

    The app’s pretty reliable to watch anime, I guess. Only problem is the ads. Sometimes it’s reasonable, other times not. The interactive ads tend to glitch out, so the multiple 30 sec ones are the best choice. However, even after playing 6-7 30 sec ads, sometimes another ad break will go on, then on rare ocasion, another. Sometimes the ads will blackout and not play unless you leave and come back. It’s all a gamble on how long the ad breaks go, which is why I can’t rate higher than 4 stars.

  30. I really enjoy this app. Theres just a few things slightly annoying or make it frustrating to use. would really like a skip intro button and an option to go to next episode at the end of the show. I like the Queue list but there no organization or ability to sort it. New shows I add don’t go to just the bottom or top of list but is random. I’d really like a picture-in-picture ability for the app. So my show doesn’t pause when I click home. Netflix and YouTube and other apps have this ability.

  31. I haven’t been using it for very long, but I keep experiencing this same issue. So the ads will not play. It starts the ad, then the screen will go black and there is no way for me to start the ads or anything and I have to exit the show and reopen it. Usually the same thing happens and it is super difficult to fix. It makes it so unusable. The amount of ads are also very annoying. And it needs more variety…

  32. Tom Colson dice:

    Great app, except after a certain point it doesn’t load properly. I get the ads and but then the screen goes black and nothing can be done. When I exit out of the video and click resume it takes me straight back to the ads and then blank screen again. So annoying and aggravating. This is why I have Crunchy Roll or other apps.

  33. If I am casting half the time it will skip to the next episode but at the same time stamp and when I try to resolve this somehow it ends up on an episode not even in that season. Left a review two years ago about similar issues. It is insanely frustrating especially when nothing has changed in 2 years. Came back again to double down on my bad review of this service. I love the selection but the UI is garbage and they have so many issues on ALL of their apps. It hasn’t improved in years.

  34. My only issue with the app is that I dislike the configuration of the queue list. I don’t even have a whole lot of shows on mine and It takes longer than it should to find one (I cant imagine my friend with 300+ shows on his) . A sorting option would be great and / or a grid option to fit more shows on the screen at once. It also tends to glitch and display the same shows more than once as im scrolling through my list.

  35. Kim Adamik dice:

    Major issues with the app. I pause what I’m watching for a minute or two, then press play again, it won’t play. Like it’s frozen or something. I have to completely close out of the app then go back to it, which is really annoying. It does this every single time. From what I’m seeing, this app is very buggy and they need to fix ALL of these issues.

  36. It has access to stuff i want and that’s great but the phone app loses connection if paused for a while and occasionally without cause. The app needs to be restarted to fix the problem. This does not happen on the same phone on the same network when using other streaming apps so as much as every developer in the history of forever has blamed the phone or the network connection when their apps malfunction it’s not the case here. Otherwise everything else works well.

  37. Like other reviewers have mentioned, the ads are awful. It’s not even an issue of ad variety so much as the fact that the app struggles to load and stream them to you. If you don’t have stellar internet, ad breaks can last several minutes as they are constantly paused by buffering. Sometimes I’ve had episodes become unwatchable because the app just fed me a black screen for several minutes on an ad break.

  38. easily the worst app i’ve had to deal with in terms of ability to download and watch anime, its not only dificult to find subtitles available, but they ofter run on such a long delay it would be faster to learn the language. but thats if and only if the app even lets you download them in the first place, not only does the app automatically turn on offline mode if you do anything else, but it will occasionally just refuse to work anyways

  39. The adds are far too annoying but besides that I like the captions. I don’t like how you can’t download it on your desktop because it just doesn’t work well on desktop on crome or just desktop in general. The buffering happens quite often and it can take a while to not buffer anymore and sometimes it’s just that spot in the anime as and you skip it or go back and go back in but than you have to sit through adds that are really repetitive.

  40. This app is actually really helpful I guess, but it can be quite frustrating. It is very glitchy on my TV and doesn’t track my episodes anymore. Also, when I tried to reset my password on my phone, it only showed a blank screen with nothing so I had to do it on my computer. But other then that, it’s pretty good I guess just not amazing..

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