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✍️ Note taking app - handwriting, record audio, PDF markup, planner & checklist
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~ #1 in Korea, Mexico (Productivity Paid App Category)
~ #2 in USA, Canada, Germany (Productivity Paid App Category)
~ #3 in UK, Australia (Productivity Paid App Category)
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“Let your thoughts flow with Noteshelf. Noteshelf gives you more choices in how you take notes. Whether you prefer using S Pen or typing, its fluid note-taking that feels natural as you learn or create.”
– Samsung

Noteshelf is one of the most popular note-taking iOS apps, and it is with great excitement that we bring Noteshelf for Android. You can create beautiful handwritten notes, make checklists, annotate PDFs, and type documents all in one place.

✍️ Fluid Handwriting
With Noteshelf, experience handwriting that feels just right. It is as smooth and fluid as writing with a pen on a notepad. Choose from an array of pens and highlighters in different sizes. Play around with colors, shapes, and images to create notes that are your own. So, taking your best class notes or meeting memos is now colorful and fun too! Noteshelf brings you the convenience of typing too. You can choose from many styles and formatting options.

🖊️ Stylus
We support a variety of styli for taking beautiful handwritten notes. You will never miss using a pen and notepad again! On Samsung Galaxy Note devices, we also support a quick-erase option with the S-pen button.

📝 Annotate PDFs, Write On Images
PDF annotations and markup is easier than ever! Import PDFs or images into Noteshelf to highlight, underline, or markup with our convenient formatting tools. You can edit school notes, grade papers, fill out forms, and sign documents too!

🔍 Search & Convert Handwritten Notes/ OCR
You can search your handwritten notes and even convert handwriting to text. We provide handwriting recognition in 65 different languages.

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🎙️ Record Audio Notes
Record audio as you take notes so you never miss anything important at school or work. Add as many recordings as you want and play them back anytime, even as you take handwritten notes. Loved by students while taking lecture notes!

💾 Evernote Auto-Publish
Auto-publish your notes to Evernote and access them from just about anywhere.

🎁 Noteshelf Club Exclusive
100s of beautifully crafted paper templates and notebook covers to go with your good notes. Get them for free when you signup for the Noteshelf Club!
Find paper templates for classroom notes, meetings memos, to-do lists, shopping lists, personal health trackers, journals, and many more!

– We now support a wide range of Android smartphones too.
– Squares, circles or triangles, use auto-shapes to draw perfect geometrical shapes with ease.
– Auto-backup to Google Drive & Dropbox.
– Share your notes with colleagues, friends, and family over email, Google Drive, Dropbox, and other supported cloud services.
– Keep your personal and business notes separate. Drag and drop notebooks into groups or categories easily to organize them.
– Create bookmarks in Noteshelf. You can name or color your bookmarks, to organize your notes better!

Go ahead, try the app out, and start taking some amazing handwritten notes!

Join us in making Noteshelf better at note-taking. With your constant support and feedback, we will be giving you the best note-taking experience on Android too. We’d love to hear from you—write to us at noteshelf(at)!

“Noteshelf—Digital Note-Taking, Simplified!”


- Made some UI improvements to the Club Downloads.
- Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

~ Noteshelf- Digital Note-Taking, Simplified! ~


40 comentarios en "Noteshelf – Notes, Annotations MOD"

  1. This is the best note taking app for phone I have an s22 ultra. It works really well with the pressure sensitivity of the s-pen, there’s hyperlinks, import pdfs, page templates, and you can even change the size of writing. One thing that is wrong with the app is that it lags a lot such as when switching through pages or switching the orientation (portrait and landscape). I also hope to see an eraser future the erases pixels instead of whole letters.

  2. Paris Lee dice:

    It does this weird thing where it sometimes doesn’t respond to the pen, so I have to close the app and open it again for it to work. Then, it said my notes were backed up. The app glitched and every time I opened a page of notes, they would disappear. I could tell they were still there (the panel of pages on the right had the notes, they just weren’t showing up). So I uninstalled it on my tablet (where I use it), had to pay for it again, and restored my backup and 2 weeks of notes weren’t there.

  3. Megan None dice:

    Followed instructions online to backup notebooks from another device (because auto-sync isn’t an android feature???), so I uninstalled the app to find I had to pay $4.99 to re-download as it came with my tablet. Should have just kept moving stuff back and forth manually. What is the deal with the lack of auto-sync?? Otherwise a great app, but it’s such a huge feature that leaves me wanting to explore other options.

  4. After really struggling with the app 2 years ago, it has now become my favorite on the Samsung tablets. 2 requests… 1. Maybe a widget to quickly create a new note and get to a specific note from the desktop. 2. A publishing type back up on Google Drive, like Goodnotes and Notability do on the iPad. Thanks for a great app!

  5. Anthony E dice:

    ChromeOS (Pixelbook): Sooo close to being great, absolutely love the response time when it comes to writing as well as the ability to search notes + page organization. Things keeping it from 5 stars: – Stability issues (pages freeze, sometimes flicker when writing) are common for me; – Syncing across devices would be a great feature – Have seen users report missing notes/failed backups (have not experienced this yet) Wishing the team luck on ironing out kinks!

  6. Liz Munch dice:

    This app is so close to being what I want. I use it for taking research notes, and for creating handwritten research and lecture notes. I find the general interface, paper/pen options, and exporting to be the best I’ve found. A few things I’d like to see that would make this app my absolute go-to. – Needs syncing – More control over adding/removing pages. An “add new page after this one” button. Moving multiple pages at once. – A disappearing pen/laser pointer for presentations.

  7. Rob S. dice:

    almost there, if this app could sync across devices; hands down this would blow all others out the water. its pretty easy to use and great for note taking for class. however, I do wonder with the lack of proper syncing; if im risking loosing notes! maybe if they could add PDF or doc support this app could be the app to rule them all.

  8. I got the paid version of this app for Chromebook after I realized how great the stylus response time for this app was. It is very accurate–when it works, that is. So far I have had major stability issues. The app freezes and sometimes refuses to open. The pen skips across the page and makes my notes unreadable. I recently also lost a large portion of my notes (an entire week’s worth!) and didn’t have them backed up. Chromebook users, don’t waste your time/money and just get Cursive.

  9. Overall, this is a really cool app. I love that you can have several journals, you can customize your pages, theres a ton of free templates, you can essentially create a completely digital bullet journal if that’s what you’re looking for. But every time l open the app it has to be restarted. It doesn’t matter if I had just used it 5 minutes ago, or I just restarted everything, the app needs to be restarted. It’s so frustrating. The only feature I would like to see added is a 2-pg. spread.

  10. This app has great potential! I think many of the features that are offered for Apple devices should/could be ported over to the Android version. The ability to quickly erase without having to switch between tools, either by swiping with my finger instead of the pen or using the opposite end of the pen, would be a great feature. Unfortunately, importing MS Office documents isn’t supported as the description says. I cannot import a PowerPoint or Word file.

  11. The app itself is great, and the pen input is the best in all of Android. Also, scrolling through notes, rather than page flipping, should be implemented for efficiency. EDIT: As far as I can tell, all the bugs have been fixed. Compared to the ios version, some features are still missing (vertical scrolling, some page templates), but I hope these will all be added soon

  12. Jacob Ulam dice:

    Overall, this is a solid app, but it has too many bugs. The dev team seems to be working on these, which is great though. The UI is super intuitive and useful for school notes. The only things that needs to be fixed are the bugs that keep popping up. Random line near the edge of the screen, lag, erased things reappearing or not erasing until I switch pages…. it just needs some fine tuning and it’s great,

  13. Im using the tab S6 lite, its great! I just wish it had a dark mode and the ability to choose from my own colors whenever I want to change the color of whatever I selected, instead of the default ones. The voice recorder is of a very bad quality. Also the ability to add a notebook to already grouped ones. It would also be nice if it gave me the option to select were to save exported files. For now, I’ll stick to samsung notes.

  14. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks and was great. But now there seems to be a glitch or something. I created a new folder and within it I tried importing a few PDFs but after closing the app, the imports kept disappearing. I tried closing the app, restarting my phone, creating a another new folder and start the whole process again but they stil are being erased everytime. It was fine for 2 weeks. Please help.

  15. This app is almost perfect but the ability to resize pages is not great and the standard checkered page has an unnecessary line at the bottom and you cant change the size of the grid. While I can download page templates, I would appreciate a better system built in like what Squid has. Also, I would appreciate being able to zoom in more than 400%. Other than that, I can tell the developers are actively working on improving this app and listening to feedback, so kudos to them.

  16. Fixed auto-backup, improving my star rating; however, auto-sync between devices is still greatly needed. Please add this feature. It’s necessary. Also, inking lag is still in need of improvement. Lastly, please, add the option to use a finger to erase when stylus is being used. That would be amazing. Otherwise, this is a great app and I do recommend it.

  17. alexia dice:

    I really love how this reminds me a lot to Goodnote 5. The customization, different papers (colors and lines), categories and different notebook fronts. It’s all very customizable. The only problem I have with the app is that sometimes I can’t erase some of my words after using it for a while. It DOES erase, but the ink refuses to disappear so I have to exit the app and go back in again in order for that change to appear. Other then that, I’m VERY happy with the app.

  18. Oscar Vel dice:

    The app has an incredible potential. But it lacks fundamental features, for example: I can’t change the thickness of things when I select them. The number of objects I can copy is limeted—It’s sad. I can’t personalize the colors when I select an object and I want to change its color. I can’t move through pages faster. We also need a better folder organization to facilitate finding our notebook when we have a lot of them. Hopefully, you keep improving this app in Android. Thanks if you do so!

  19. Ryan Luu dice:

    Awesome app! It exceeds my expectations in every way, and I have nothing but a small suggestion: it would be great if there is a ‘Reading Mode’ where I can toggle the top navigation bar for a cleaner interface. I know this might not be a priority for a primarily note-taking app, but I’m trying to make it my default pdf and e-book reader as well, mostly since I’m organizing all the notes for my college courses on Noteshelf, and it would be great if I can bundle my PDFs in course folders.

  20. I was using squid but became frustrated with no updates and very bad feature of not being able to sync across other platforms. I took a chance and bought this app because I was looking for a digital work planner and digital budget. I came across this app being mentioned in ETSY and I am so glad I spent the money on this. My only reason for not giving 5 star is due to digital sticker issues. I am not able to use digital stickers on the notebook. I probably am doing something wrong. Thank you!!!!

  21. This was almost going to be my default go-to note taking app. I was trying to copy and paste something that I had drawn out and did not want to have to manually do it again and again. The app could not handle “heavy selection”. It was mostly a grid that I tried to copy and this was considered too much. Also, found that when I switched between Noteshelf to another app and then switched back, Noteshelf would become unresponsive and I would have close and reopen it.

  22. I like this app for taking notes it makes it easy to group subjects and go back and forth, but it has a lot of issues with my s pen. I don’t experience any problems when using other note apps, but with this one my pen lags and I have a lot of problems with it. It also doesn’t sync to other devices which is a huge bummer. If those two problems were fixed I would definitely give it 5 stars.

  23. This is quite a subpar app with multiple bugs that prevent you from using its features effectively. On a good day, this app is extremely helpful with note taking. Otherwise, you end up wasting so much time trying to fix it, you’re better off with a pen and paper. They also removed the ability to change any typed font, a HUGE step backward, so your only chance is to write, which you can only do with a pen. If the developers could fix the bugs, it would be perfect, but I wouldn’t count on it.

  24. Loved it at first, but over the past few days I’ve had so many issues using this app. It doesn’t support large files well. The bigger the file was the more lagging and glitching I experienced. I also ended up losing a notebook that had notes for a class, it just disappeared. Wasn’t even in the trash. I did use the auto backup and I see the notebook in my drive but no way to get it back as it’s saved as .nsa and not a pdf.

  25. Good app with room to grow. I absolutely love taking notes on this app. But the syncing system that you have is not good. If you all use the same syncing system as Samsung notes and Microsoft OneNote that that alone would turn this up into one of the best if not the best. When I take notes on my tablet it’s confusing to make sure I have the same PDF when I try to find it on my phone.

  26. Despite having some missing features, when it works, it is a great app. Problem is that it frequently crashes and will delete writing from notes that I have just taken. I’m excited about the prospect of apps like this for Android devices, and again, this is a really good app when it is working. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. Maybe it works on the Pixel Slate or other devices, but if you are using a Samsung S4, DO NOT BUY this app until it’s updated with a fix.

  27. I purchased this application for my Samsung Chromebook plus. The functionality was as advertised. However, I am experiencing an extremely annoying bug which manifests itself in an irregular black rectangular region at the top of a display page. The bar seems to move from page to page in a seemingly random fashion. This is extremely annoying! The app still functions, but I find this bug so distracting that I have stopped using this app and do not recommend it.

  28. I’ve really tried with this app. I give it 3 stars because it still has the best writing experience I’ve found with any of the apps available on Android, but the app itself is still quite buggy. It consistently will delete entire pages of notes as I’m writing them, has subpar palm rejection (though I’m not sure how much of that to blame on the Pixel Slate I’m using), still doesn’t have spot erase after a year (it will only erase entire strokes), as well as quite a few other issues.

  29. Like many others have mentioned, I bought the Samsung S6 for note taking. Saw multiple videos on YT about this app, loved the features, so I bought it. HOWEVER, it lags TOO MUCH, for instance, the shaping feature works whenever it wants as well as the eraser. I keep having to quit the app, waiting sometimes AN HOUR for it to start running properly just for it to crash again after 10 mins of use. It’s very frustrating and time consuming. I see similar reviews and yet nothing has been done…

  30. I’ve tried all the apps for digital planning, and while this has problems, it’s the best there is at the moment. It consistently crashes when I drag pngs into the documents. Adding the pngs is annoying (and I admit this could be a chromebook thing) as it never remembers what folder I was in and I have to reselect everytime. The resizing is very wonky, and once you place a image you DO NOT have the option to rotate it. No option to stretch the image either.

  31. This app is the best notetaking app I’ve come across. I initially used OneNote, but the infinite page and inserting picture or PDFs was not the best experience. Squid was a favorite for me, but I wanted an app with a one time payment as well as better organization. I came across Noteshelf and gave it a go. There are some bugs with the lasso tool not working all the time, and clipart doesn’t show a thumbnail on the recent list, but with recent updates and more to come it’s only getting better!

  32. I love the app. But it crashes OFTEN. I will be in the middle of writing and the pen will stop working and I have to shut it down and reopen. I use it on my galaxy Note s10+ as well as my galaxy tab8. I also feel like being a paid app it would be great if it synced across devices like other apps. I was hoping it would have an update for this soon. It has great potential but the longer I use it the more it crashes. Also if you’re planning with it adding layers makes it even glitch/shut down more

  33. Will not meet my needs at all. This app WILL NOT sync with the iPad version and according to the developer, the iPad and the Android are completely separate. I’m not sure why the company would do such a thing. Noteself is awesome, but if it can’t sync between devices like OneNote or Evernote can, it’s pretty useless to many of use who have to work on multiple platforms. I’ve requested a refund for this app. .

  34. 1. The audio recording is finicky. I have lost multiple lecture recordings this way so I don’t even bother using the audio recording option. 2. I wish I could split screen my notes within the app. Whenever I am doing homework in the app, I want to be able to refer to my notes on a separate notebook. What I ended up doing is that I have to go back and forth between the notebooks and it can get tiring quickly.

  35. Al Howard dice:

    Spent a few hours on this one because it is one of extremely few note taking apps that interface with Evernote which is a top requirement for me. Overall, I’m quite impressed and this may become my go-to for note taking. The one critical feature it is lacking is syncing across devices. It does backups, but not sync. Their support site offers a workaround of importing from the backup folder, but this will become cumbersome with heavy usage. I had hoped to use Foldersync to work around this, but it appears the metadata is in a database rather than the file system, so this is not possible. One star down as this should be a priority fix in today’s connected world. Overall, this app does work quite well. Some of the features are a bit hidden, but thats not unusual. I did notice a few latency issues. Was not able to figure out the root cause but I had to exit the notebook and reenter to clear it. Pros: 1. Selective publish to Evernote. Select notebooks you want to sync. 2. Excellent text recognition. Even recognized my sloppy cursive writing. 3. Can select a default page background. 4. Crowd sourced database of free backgrounds is available. 5. PDF annotation works well. 6. Works in multi-window mode on Samsung devices (others too?) Cons. 1. Lack of cross-device sync. 2. Some occasional latency or freezing. 3. Pen choices a bit limited. 4. No trial option (suggestion: Trial version with perhaps a 10 note limit and maybe no publish or backup). My wish list 🙂 1. Include Onedrive in backup choices (and hopefully sync soon?). 2. Sound when writing (S Notes does this with some versions.. Slight scaping noise actually helps the feel of the note taking). 3. Publish to Onenote. 4. Wiget To display a selected note on launcher page. 5. Expose some functions as activities that would facilitate tasker automation (export/import of notes for example).

  36. What I was looking for was an excuse to kick Microsoft OneNote to the curb, but what I found when using Noteshelf for a few months now was a compelling reason to go back to OneNote. Organization of notes is not flexible enough nor intuitive. A single notebook for each homework assignment is excessive, especially with how the UI presents them. Finding the notebook from “Section 3.8” (BTW, the period in 3.8 is replaced with a space) requires scrolling endlessly through unorganized chaos. You can drag notebooks into notebooks, but that gets even more confusing as the containing notebook is now inside itself? Things get worse when writing. I do like the fact that the writing is smoothed somewhat and that it is fairly snappy on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. Often while writing the eraser tool will stop working, and the only way to get it back is to exit the notebook and go back in. This is endlessly infuriating while taking notes in lecture. Additionally when this happens any new pen strokes are not saved. If it wasn’t for the fact that I have awful handwriting and erase as often as I do, I would come back to this notebook later to find an entire paragraph or more did not get saved. This data loss is unacceptable. As a left-hander I am also frustrated with the placement of the “Back” button which I am constantly touching with my palm. My tablet has a Back button (or Back gesture), so why does this app have an explicit Back button? It’s against the Android design cues, and is quite obviously an artifact of this app’s iOS lineage. Dialogs that appear are also obviously iOS. I wanted to like this app, I really did. I even paid for it to get the advanced features. But what I paid for is a beta product at best.

  37. Promising, but strangely limited. For example on the Pixelbook there appears to be no way to zoom in and out, which for me is a must-have with a note-taking app. Also appears to be no way to edit PDF’s from Google Drive “in place” — i.e. you call up the document, edit, and the docment and its annotations are saved on GDrive. This is one thing I really miss from my iOS days with iAnnotate. Include those and I’m a very happy camper because ChromeOS needs a good Squid alternative.

  38. This is a really good note taking app. I am enjoying the experience on my Chromebook. Hanwriting to text conversion is great, as are the organization options. Some of the folder/group organization is not very intuitive, but can be used once you figure it out. It would be nice to be able to make groups before you have two notes to add to a group.

  39. VERY FRUSTRATING. I honestly love the app. I use it everyday for hours and hours. There have always been a few glitches, but nothing that I found too annoying, but when the app started lagging, then freezing, then losing the content I had just spent time writing, grrrr. lately, it just stops recognizing that I am writing, then hangs. Also issues with crashing when exporting a notebook to pdf. suggesting that it doesn’t want to export larger notebook. idk my favorite app is becoming unusable.

  40. I use a Tab S6, this app is nice but list of my concerns: No zoom box like the ipad App version. When writing I have to zoom to 400% ,so my writing is not large, but I have to slide the screen over which makes it very tedious. 2. Glitches, lags and frequently needs to restart, for example I will be writing and sometimes my words are not detected until a minute after or after I restart the app. 3. Want it to fit screen when going from horizontal to vertical or vice versa but I have to zoom the page for it to fit. There are separate horizontal and vertical page layouts but I would prefer one page layout that fits the screen on auto rotate. 4. Would like ability to backup on Onedrive since large files don’t back up to google drive and not all files transfer to notion. 5. Handwriting to text is terrible, and handwriting search stopped working. A Loose leaf College ruled page layout as well would be nice as well as the ability to save a zoom setting for each page.

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