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Fish Smarter. Fishing spots, forecasts, top baits and more at your fingertips
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Fish smarter with Fishbrain, the #1 app for people who love fishing.

Millions of anglers trust Fishbrain when they go fishing. Fishbrain has over 13 million users and 12 million catches logged, plus gear from over 350 fishing brands that you can buy right in the app. Fishbrain provides you with accurate data insights to help you catch more, and bigger, fish. Download the Fishbrain app today, your personal fishing log, map, online fishing gear shop, and forecasting tool in one app.

Most importantly, your fishing spots always stay secret. With our built-in privacy settings, you can choose to share your catch location – or not!

Fish smarter with Fishbrain Pro

Navionics depth maps in US and Canada or C-MAP Social – exceptional coverage and high-resolution bottom contour detail of your favorite fishing spots.
Fishing spot prediction – discover new places to fish with Fishbrain’s own AI-algorithm
Fishing spots with confirmed catch locations help you fish in the right spot at the right time.
Top baits used in your area – based on 12 million catches
Learn from other anglers. Get local tips, see gear used and share your own advice.
BiteTime™ predictions for species in your area tells you’re most likely to get a bite.
Buy best performing baits from right within the app.

Personal logbook and catch condition insights
Personal statistics where and when you catch
7-day Fishing forecast with solunar and tidal charts

Fishbrain Pro is available as an optional upgrade for $9.99/month or $74.99/year. You can subscribe and pay through your App Store account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can manage your subscriptions by entering the user settings in your App Store account after the purchase. Auto-renew may also be turned off from there.

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You can also use Fishbrain for free and it will give you amazing on-water and off-water experience.
Map with fishing waters, most of them has reviews and information about on-site amenities, such as ramps and docks.
Info about species that inhabit these waters
Bite time prediction for 1 species and how many times each of them were caught there.
Fish recognition tool to help you upload your catches in seconds
100% location privacy for your catches
Personal catch statistics on which species and with which baits you made
Personal catch map and digital tackle box
Free delivery on orders over $50
Free delivery on orders over $10 for Fishbrain Pro anglers
Over 300.000 product ratings and reviews from anglers
Gear recommendation based on catches
Weekly deals and discounts

• Find nearby anglers to fish with.
• Share your catches with anglers like you. Saltwater, freshwater, bass or catfish – they’re all on Fishbrain waiting to cheer you on.
• Join fishing conversations, in private groups or one-on-one.

Privacy policy:
Terms and conditions:

Fish Rules is a private company and not associated with regulatory agencies that maintain pass, or enforce fishing regulations. Links to official regulations can be found here:

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We revamped the tackle box to make it easier to add and remove your fishing gear. You can find the tackle box in your logbook.


40 comentarios en "Fishbrain – Fishing App MOD"

  1. Too pricey for years old data. Most posts were 3+ years ago in my area, the PNW. I’m guessing people switched to something else because fishing is big here. Besides all of that-I keep having errors where pages won’t load etc so I’m trying to cancel sitting the 3 day trial. It’s keeping me in the pro version even though I’ve cancelled several times. I’ll be speaking to my credit card company if the payment is taken. The app isn’t worth it without species & current info etc.

  2. Tyler Wood dice:

    Paid for the subscription for a month and was not satisfied, not only that but they have taken away all functionality of the free version (which it should be like every other social media platform). Now you can see what body of water anybodies catch is in, meaning all you see is a picture of a fish but no idea where it was caught or what was used, takes away 100 percent of the functionality of this app and I am disappointed, had the app for a long time but it’s time to delete at this point.

  3. Mac Jig dice:

    I had the paid version for quite a while but basically decided that it was useless and not worth the money. The location finder was basically unusable and would sometimes take me to or show places that didn’t exist. I canceled my subscription and now my feed is completely messed up. I can’t see current pictures or even my own pics in the feed portion. When I go in, it takes me to the same old post. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app and that didn’t work. Too much time wasted already.

  4. Recently, FishBrain removed the names of the waters from their app. I have Pro subscription, but still is very annoying to have to click on each post to find out where. The removal of the water names from the free tier is going to drop the general user base to nothing. If no one is posting then all the paying people are also going to leave eventually. If it’s not changed within my pay cycle I’m ready to end my subscription. Otherwise the paid tier made sense with location before the change.

  5. John dice:

    Good app. Helps me find fishing spots near me that I might not know about, especially when I’m in unfamiliar areas. Removed one star because a lot of spots have incorrect names and locations. It’s gotten me lost and in a completely wrong area looking for a spot that are miles away. Edit: Now giving one star because they made it so you have to be premium just to see where someone caught their fish on your feed when it was free before. That’s super greedy and I’ll be using it a lot less now.

  6. The cost of the app is too high for what little you get and free version used to be awesome. They are pricing themselves out of the game and they need to lower their price if they lowered it to .99 cents and returned the free version to the way it was then I think they could turn around but it might be a little too late. In all honesty this used to be a great app but they have chipped away at the free side so much but didn’t give you anything really useful in the pay side.

  7. The free version of this app used to be great, then they greatly reduced its functionality. The paid version isn’t bad but its hard to justify paying more than a a few dollars a month for what is essentially fishing Facebook. Since getting rid of my subscription now the app is pretty much useless with feeds never loading etc. Disappointing but there are others out there and maybe some healthy competition will help them get back to what they once were.

  8. We pay for this app and I’m about to cancel it. First of all the app crashes literally every 1 min. As soon as you start looking at the map it shuts right down. Also tons of fake accounts that falsely put out information. If they would fix the map issue I would rate this better and possibly stick around. At this point I’m going to cancel it.

  9. Very confusing to use, you need to go in knowing a good amount of information already, and so many options. Horrible when you need to watch tutorials just to figure out how to customize what you’re looking for. Now let’s talk about unsubscribing. It took me pressing ‘unsubscribe’ AT LEAST 5 times to do so, and they swap the positions of unsubscribe and stay subscribed buttons throughout, AND on the last one unsubscribe doesn’t even look like a button!

  10. Running across multiple fake accounts that post stock photos. The reporting prices seems to be straight forward and then you click “send” and it takes you to an empty email. What’s the use of a reporting follow of the end result forces the user to collect all of the information manually? Big miss. App works ok. Had issues posting a catch on a pond, app forced me to select a nearby stream not the big local pond. Another big miss.

  11. Wont load the past few days and it just says “oops refresh” which does nothing. Picking a location to get updates in does nothing, continuously shows me fish info across the state instead of the area or lakes I’ve picked. …..but the link to upgrade to pro seems to work when nothing else will, imagine that. They’ve taken away more and more info and features from the free version trying to get u to upgrade. App is going down hill.

  12. I live 10 minutes away from 2 popular lakes and 30 minutes from the ocean. I had to pick something irrelevant during setup and find out how to unfollow it afterwards. The feed and groups display the same content multiple times over when scrolling. The “new messages” button never goes away, even if there are no new messages. Last straw was when I silenced notifications, and a pop-up forced me to re-enable them if I wanted to continue using the app. Good ideas, execution needs work.

  13. The features of the pro version of this app are nice and worth paying for, in my opinion. The catch location and lure data is helpful. However, the app is not the smoothest to navigate. It is a pain to be able to see local catches, and not just all catches globally. Also, when adding gear to your profile, there is a list of brands;however, when you click the brand name random gear of all brands comes up. It would be nice if you could see only gear by that brand, as intended.

  14. I have been using this app for a good 4 years now, and unfortunately, it has been going downhill for around a year. The basics all work great, like finding where a person said they caught something or trying to look for new lakes, but some of the more nuanced little things have been slipping. For example, when trying to look at comments, it just shows a blank tab or how the screen stutters when scrolling for a longer time. This app is cool, but seriously need a lot of bug fixes for simple tasks.

  15. This is not an overly impressive bit of software. It’s more of a bragging board for good old boys and the like. It is constantly trying to sell very expensive fishing tackle. The “UPDATES” nag balloon keeps popping up all the time and forces you back to the top of the screen. None of the information about local successes or catches is actually shown on the map section. Over all, a very expensive disappointment. Also, I tried to cancel it twice now and I just got charged again even though I’ve removed this thing from my phone. In short, an OK app but, not stunning and at $20/quarter, not a wise investment.

  16. This app would have 5 stars but keeps telling me we all need a refresher, more than half the time it will not load up, therefore I can do nothing with it. Idk if it’s because I won’t upgrade to pro but I won’t upgrade until the free version is proven consistent. The overall idea of the app and being able to connect with others that enjoy fishing, being able to help others, and get tips plus new locations is awesome. Please fix

  17. A nice idea, but needs work. Two things that are lacking: (1) Ability to add fly pattern used (it currently only allows you to choose from a very limited list of patterns); (2) Ability to add the name of the water where they fish was caught (again, it currently only allows you to choose from a limited list, which is often not accurate for small streams & ponds).

  18. Idea behind app is great, but glitches constantly. Some days I keep getting the refresh message, and can’t access at all (like today). My notifications preview works quickly, but take a day or so to load on my notification page, since the beginning. Logging back in after a re-install last week, I kept getting timing out error messages when I clicked any option. The app won’t even load for me at the moment, but keeps sending me notifications. I wouldn’t pay for the premium again until you guys get these issues fixed.

  19. I’ve been using Fishbrain for years and there have been some growing pains along the way, but I’ve always enjoyed using the app and have considered it a good resource as well. It’s fun to have a social media geared around fishing, plus it’s useful to track catches/species/personal bests, weather conditions, way points, lures, and everything else. Being able to see your entire catch map and overall statistics are some of my favorite features.

  20. Pretty solid app to get some info on waters you’re fishing on and building a community. Three stars because they’re super aggressive about you upgrading to the paid version. Also, it always flips my picture from portrait mode to landscape and there’s no way to edit it in the app. I reached out to customer service a month ago and I haven’t gotten a response yet.

  21. It’s alright. It serves a great purpose but it’s buggy and really slow. When you go to notifications to see comments and replies on catches it doesn’t load them. Another thing is, the location of catch is very inaccurate. When trying to get navigation directions for the body of water it takes you to the wrong place and it doesn’t even take you to the location where you can actually access the body of water. You need to fix the app because i expect to pay for premium features that actually work.

  22. Too many bugs. Consistently fails to deliver what I paid for. Exact catch locations are useful when the app works. Whole thing randomly won’t load, or the catch locations can’t be retrieved, or clicking a notification may cause the app to crash. Practically worthless. Obviously, I can’t fish every day, so it would be nice if this app worked as promised when I do find the time to go out.

  23. Good app but there’s two things that suck… 1. The entire interface resets if you leave the app to go to another app. So I’d you’ve spent 5 minutes finding just the right spot on a map, then you go to another app, when you come back it’ll completely reset and you’ll have to start all over again. 2. I spend most of my time in areas that have no cell phone connection so it really sucks that I can’t download the maps and locations so I have access to them when I don’t have access to the internet

  24. 4 stars because it has a lot of features for recording and sharing your catches. Prose: Meta data is taken from your photos to record time and location of the catch, which is quickly added to the information about the catch. The app will also attempt to identify the fish. Cons: If you upload a photo and set it to private, the photo is still shared publicly. When I click on the notification bell, the information is in Spanish and I can’t figure out how to change it. Subscription is expensive.

  25. Chi Yates dice:

    Good if you’re a newbie…. The maps of the waterways helped me out a bunch. Not that accurate in some spots but manageable. The preloaded depths is also useful while navigating waterways. I’m not sure how they determine their hot spots because it seems they never really change and are hit and miss……mostly miss. The app is also buggy when changing layers and scrolling in and out.

  26. Great idea, and they kinda pull it off. However I wanted to use this app to find more little otherwise hidden places to fish, BUT when you log in a catch, you can pinpoint, almost to the square foot, where you caught it. But when you submit the catch, the app rounds it to the nearest body of water that is on whatever list if lakes IT has, even if it’s miles away. IT IS INCREDIBLY INFURIATING!!! Other users will log a catch and you want to know where they caught that and all you have is COMPLETELY false information. It’s one of the few things in life that gets me angry.

  27. I want to love this app. It has a lot of promise, i really like the depth maps as someone who fishes from the bank often. However the user interface is kind of poor, and none of the filter settings for my feed work. I’m tired of seeing catches from places out of state, even though I’ve modified my filter to only show catches on my home lake. Also at times a lot of the map features refuse to work, like spot prediction or catch positions. If i pay for it, i want it to work.

  28. I use to love fishbrain they even sent me some stickers and a hat for being a frequent user etc. Seems they keep adding more features and now a new stories feature. App crashes all the time now, maps and location crash and or gives a blank cream colored screen. Wheel spins constantly when clicking on someone’s catch. I pay for this app the past couple years. You are making the decision to not renew real easy for me. Stop adding new features (stories) and fix the bugs that are occurring now.

  29. I have never wasted so much time looking for fishing spots in my life. The locations are so innacurate. i dont know why they cannot just drop a pin on the map. especially for rivers it can put a spot on the map but be 6 miles down the road. then i spend so much time hunting down an access point and never find one. so close to being a great app but you waste so much time trying to decipher the location you may as well just find it another way.

  30. Upgraded to the pro version and I’m not sure it was worth it. My biggest issue is the weather portion, not even close to being right. I checked the tide (low at 537) awesome, so I blast out of work early. Get to the flat…..its a falling tide well on the high side. Check with the weather station low tide is at 954. Not a huge issue but the pro version should be a 1 stop shop for all the info. Same as other reviewers the app is not as good as it once was, oh the bite times, don’t bother

  31. Jesse Nino dice:

    I recently got the pro membership q few days ago and have had it in the past as well. I love the app and want to keep it. My issue that I am having is when I subscribed to the pro version I thought I was just gonna be paying for a month, I did notice the year amount on the plan I choice but thought that was just telling me how much it will end up being in the long run. I was shocked to find out I got charged the whole year instantly. I cannot afford that right now and would really like a refund.

  32. Kevin dice:

    App has a ton of potential but they continue to change things. Now I can only see the last 10 catches at a spot. I’m assuming if I paid, I could see the rest. They did something similar with the lures last year, but changed it back. I get not seeing exact spots, water depths or even lures for free, but this is social media. Looking at posted pics should be free. Another app allows a lot more..

  33. The application is decent but it would be nice if you can set a radius for the posts in the feed. I don’t want to see catches in my feed from the other side of the state. The developer should also consider changing the requirements for sharing a catch so that the user can either create a new location or tag an existing spot. The species lists get messed up and you can tell the fisherman has wasn’t actually at the location they tagged their catch in by looking at the pictures.

  34. A nice idea, but really poorly executed. Want to filter posts by month? There’s a feature that let’s you select months to filter by, but it shows posts from some unelected months and hides some posts from the selected months. Think that selecting water bodies to “follow” means these water bodies will be the only ones to show up in your feed? No, you’ll continue to get posts from not-followed bodies of water in neighboring states. Could be a great tool for research and tracking for activity, but if instead an exercise in frustration.

  35. This could be an excellent app but the depth contour maps do not actually show any contours on any waters. They initially showed (which is why I subscribed to the pro version) but after about a month, they stopped working on both Android and iOS. I’ve cleared the cache (Android), deleted all data (Android), and un-installed/re-installed the app (Android/iOS). I even did a factory reset on my Android (for a different reason) but after re-installing the app, still no contours.

  36. Well recently I went to upload a catch and the app was saying it needed access to photos… all access was available for the app and it kept repeating the same message and nothing changed. Even reached out to tech support through fishbrain with no changes or updates. Extremely disappointing and you have lost an app user until this issue is resolved. I know I’m not the only one that has dealt with this type of failure.

  37. Issues with selecting gear, particularly Bait. Selection is slow and arduous. Bait brand is in alphabetical order but you cant jump to the letter. once in the brand of your choice, bait type is not in alphabetical order. once you click on your bait, it has to load the various types which the app fails to do 9/10 times. The search function is very limited, basically search is useless for bait selection. please fix these issues.

  38. From three stars to one, because they don’t understand that the sidebar for the log book button and layers buttons takes up way too much of the map. If you take a screenshot and draw lines, it’s almost 1/4 of the width of the screen. It is obnoxious. I asked my friends who have this app and they all agree on different platforms it is the same, that should be able to be hidden or it should not be so large. This is poor app development, it is not our devices, it is not user error.

  39. Great app, and since the most recent updates, they fixed bugs so you can at least see maps now. I still wish you had the option to zoom and move maps around. There are some names of fishing spots I’ve never heard of and the small map shown doesn’t always help to give a good bearing on where it is.

  40. Great app. Very responsive when it comes to feedback on bug reports. Deducting one star because they really need to rethink their pricing model. $19.99 for three months is kind of steep especially when you’re also serving ads. I understand being able to survive on ads alone is tough so I’d be happy to give a couple bucks a month

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