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Create a domestic and international shipping label, track shipment status and manage your packages wherever you are with the FedEx Mobile app. Use the app to get quick rates, find a pickup or drop off location, scan bar codes, and view rewards. Enroll in FedEx Delivery Manager® to customize when and where you’d like to receive your packages.

Available in all regions
• Track the status of all incoming or outgoing packages
• Create a mobile shipment label and request a pickup**
• Enable push notifications to get updates on your shipments and a sound notification on delivered shipments*
• Scan a barcode for easy tracking*
• Find a FedEx location near you*
• View or cancel a scheduled pickup
• Create a new pickup
• Get shipment cost estimates and delivery times
• Access your shipper address book
• Log in with finger or facial recognition
• Search your list of shipments by tracking number, references, vendors and more

Available in some regions

• Enroll in FedEx Delivery Manager to:
o Hold a package at a preferred FedEx location
o Leave delivery instructions for the courier
o Sign for a package requiring your signature
o Request a vacation hold
• Reroute your package to a FedEx location to pick up at your convenience
• Ship directly to a FedEx-designated location
• Scan your door tag to get information and options regarding your missed shipment
• Access a chat assistant for FedEx Mobile app and services questions
• Create a login for more convenient tracking
• View rewards

Thank you for using the FedEx Mobile app! Have feedback? Email us at [email protected]

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FedEx Delivery Manager is only available for residential deliveries within the U.S. You must be signed in to the FedEx Mobile app and registered for FedEx Delivery Manager to use selected features.

*Maximize your FedEx experience by allowing the following permissions: Location to find a convenient FedEx location, Camera to scan a shipping label and track a package, and Push Notifications to receive notifications on a package. Also, get Sound Notifications for delivered packages by turning on sound in your settings.
**Shipping administration rules apply.


Thank you for choosing the FedEx® Mobile app! We are always making quality updates to give you the best app experience possible.

Here are some of our latest upgrades:

• Bug fixes, design enhancements, and other ongoing performance improvements


40 comentarios en "FedEx Mobile MODDED 2022"

  1. No updates on the app before they leave a slip on my door. FedEx is the worst and this app perfectly represents that. They never deliver the package to me on the first attempt so I thought that app would give me a heads-up, but it doesn’t update in time to be useful. It’s hard to believe that a company with one single focus can be so bad at doing that one thing.

  2. Great idea. Not so great app. It says maximum number of alternatives names added even though I didn’t add any. The virtual assistant says the same thing over and over. When you ask it for a real person it says click contact us for phone and email but there is not an email. And I also couldn’t get it to scan a barcode for tracking. Oh and it also crashed every couple of minutes. Generous 2/5 stars.

  3. Matt G dice:

    App is fine but notifications are awful. Tons of updates after NOT delivering package. No notification on the way, one stop away, estimating this time so you can look. Package not delivered twice now. I was home all day both days. Try ringing the bell a couple times. Second delivery I was on the porch. No one even tried. Just sent message that delivery failed. Awful.

  4. L M dice:

    Not user friendly at all. Won’t let me add or change an address, or change a delivery of an item. I’ve tried several times, all it says is “we can’t complete that action right now, try again later”. It won’t let me enroll in Delivery Manager. Update: after missing my package delivery 3 days in a row, because I was unable to change the delivery date, I now get 3 text notifications saying the package is “on it’s way” the day AFTER they gave me a “final delivery” notice. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Scott J. dice:

    The most “tracking” you’ll get is “the package is in your city and out for delivery”. Which will always be followed up with ” a delivery attempt was made”. Mf your delivering to an apartment, giving zero notice that your actually in the area and then leaving before 2 minutes could pass. I’ll never use fex ex on purpose, super counter intuitive and sub-par tracking tools actually make for express shipping useless. You will not get it any faster than USPS standard shipping.

  6. This apps absolutely infuriating. I just got a login. Online. But online doesn’t work. So I install the app to log in . And now it wants me to reset my password. I just need tracking on one package I’ve been waiting all day on. I pay $70 shipping and have no idea when or where it actually is so I’m just waiting indefinitely. Again. This is not the first time FedEx has done this. Update your infrastructure already!

  7. Could be better. It’s functional, does what it’s supposed to usually. Its drawback is that it’s delay updates need to be more consistent. It’ll say something is delayed & that’s all, it’s very picky when it tells you why or how. And even though I set it to send notifications, I sometimes don’t get notified when there’s delays only when it’s on schedule.

  8. HF dice:

    For me on an S21 this app suffers usability issues great and small: -It frequently crashes when using the store location finder feature. -For some reason there’s is a very long delay after selecting settings before the app takes you to settings. -There’s a large, distracting banner on screen (advertising FedEx Delivery Manager) that’s using up valuable visual real estate and which you cannot exit out of. -The app just crashed after I tried to use it to create a shipment. All data was lost.

  9. Ron R dice:

    Update: 07-06-2022, Looks like a lot of things have changed since my last review. I see a lot of negative reviews regarding the app. I sure hope that customers are not giving the hard working drivers/delivery personnel a hard time about the poorly functioning app system, that should fall on the shoulders of the IT personnel. It’s a nice system, but does seem to lag a bit. It’s nice to be able to track one’s delivery’s, that way one can be sure to be available for the delivery.

  10. Well….When it really matters, (At least when I am most concerned) all the technology and other channels seem to fail as far as communication goes. The drivers are awesome and really hustle. However, I have found the website, and now the app, to be very much a “Customer No Service” inconvenience! It has a place to click for signature, but it won’t let you do anything after that. Call and try to get help, everyone is friendly, but not much help past that. Sorry, but that is my experience.

  11. Mr. Riley dice:

    App is slow and has way too many long loading screens. Really annoying to have to sit through a 3 second loading screen on each option you click within the app. Especially when all I’m trying to do is view tracking information. Just an awful and time consuming experience for the user when it really shouldn’t have to be. Fix this trash. Good Lord.

  12. It works ok but if you want to just track your package, there are many better apps that are more accurate and even more up to date than FedEx’s own app. So many pointless buttons and menus that simply won’t load, like I just wanna make sure my package will be delivered even if I happen to be asleep cause believe it or not, I have a full day planned between 8 am and 8 pm on any given day. I can’t sit by the door waiting for a whole day.

  13. Yikes, I don’t know what’s happened these past few years but after 4 years of use the app is basically unusable now. Almost every tracking# leads to a “Unable to track” error. On the off chance a number does track, clicking anything else like “details” will also throw an Unable to track error. Also the digital door tag doesn’t seem to work either. Chose to waive the signature and it never actually went through, causing me to miss packages. If it can’t do the basics anymore, what good is the app?

  14. The UI is straightforward and I really like how clicking on fedex tracking numbers in the browser opens up the fedex app and allows you to track the order with notifications. However, enrolling in the delivery manager program fails to register with the error message “you are not eligible for enrollment based on the information provided”. This is really vague and doesn’t provide specific information as to why the registration failed. I was hoping this would work so I could manage a package while on vacation.

  15. I downloaded this for package notifications only. While it does provide those, they are extremely general. Most of the time it just says “pending” with no further updates until the package has arrived. This isn’t always the case, but it happens frequently enough that there is a disconnect somewhere. I had a rough time setting up notifications from the app (the setting kept turning itself off) and I had to setup from the website. Now, can you start training your drivers to actually ring my doorbell or knock on the door when they make a delivery?

  16. The app is useless. Everytime I go to enter in a tracking number to watch, I continuously get a pop-up that tells me tracking was unsuccessful at the time. I try to log in to see if that helps and I get a very similar message. Not sure why I can’t log in or track packages with an app that was designed to do those things but it’s definitely frustrating! Especially when I’m able to see the Fed Ex tracking through a retail vendor’s website.

  17. Ridiculously bad app. It gives you only enough information to be annoying without telling you the actual details you need. For instance, I just got notice a package got delivered and signed for by someone. Somewhere in Atlanta. Ready for pickup. Ok. Great. Now I have to call and ask, which tends to take a chunk of time through pushing buttons, holding, and someone checking their system. Why can’t the app actually tell you the contact info and address and what hours it’s open?

  18. I like the app. Updates are timely and accurate. App is easy to use. Setting it up is easy also. I give it four stars because it lacks features that give real time updates the day of delivery. This all state a time range when d livery will occur. Another carrier I use allows me to track the progress of the delivery in real time on a map, allowing me to stay available as delivery approaches. I lie that feature very much.

  19. Pretty complete app. Gives lots of options for notifications, gives lots of information. Just lacks a back button on it’s pages. Love that we can see our history of deliveries, but wish it went back at least a year & gave us the ability to search for all our deliveriesover the years. Right now can’t think of anything else I’d change. Oh, it’d be nice if we could track the trucks location like UPS provides when our package is out for delivery so we know when it’s close to our house.

  20. This app has issues with the tracking screen. I have v.8.2.1 (28) on a Pixel 2 running Android 10 with August security patch (current). The Shipment List tracking screen gives an error every single time I try to access the full tracking information for any and all items. “The action you requested could not be completed at this time. Please try again in a few minutes.”. Makes the app kind of useless as tracking is the number one thing I want it to do.

  21. It worked great until they decided to cover the bottom half of the viewing area with a FedEx/Walgreens ad. Now I can only view my list of packages one package at a time. Now instead of looking at a page of deliveries, which gives me the full picture, I have to scroll up and down and hope I don’t miss one. I can’t believe they ruined their own app!

  22. I didn’t choose fed ex. I have very little experience with ordering online because I recieved payment in cash for years. This year I’ve finally reconnected to the grid entirely. Nvm. To be quick. I wanted to make sure they had all the Intel possible. I spent all day trying to create an account every few minutes while waiting for the door. I’m still waiting. 2 NIGHTS AT WORK ON 2 hours of sleep roughly. Fed ex was the expensive option. I paid extra for this experience. It just failed again.

  23. The app just does not act like the ones of their competitor’s. I can be logged in, load a tracking number, add it to a watch list (which seems stupid as my address is attached, so it should already be able to access what is coming to my address) and after all of this, I hit the track button and the entire list of packages has disappeared. Nothing loaded at all… the only way to check progress is to go back to the external link and load it this way. There seems to be nothing intuitive about it.

  24. I downloaded the FEDEX mobile app to track my packages coming from FEDEX. If you use it or the company you order from does? It’s best to create an account so you get alerts on the transit of your order/s. It is concise and you can choose to be alerted by txt or email or the app alone. No regrets. Permissions are not like the app “SHOP”, which wants access to all contacts, ability to edit or delete those contacts as well as your email. Something isn’t quite right w/those permissions.

  25. I have used this app to route packages for holding on two occasions. On one occasion I drove 1 hour to pick up a box only to discover it had been returned to sender. The second time I experienced a 3 day delay. Phone support is not in sync with the requests pending and the techs give bad information. If you cant execute this app properly, abandon the effort. You’re wasting my time and money.

  26. UPDATE: The app and notification service has really taken a turn for the worst. The updates on deliveries don’t occur as often as in the past, in most cases it just shows “pending”. Also, the requests within the app for status updates on deliveries has been useless, as most times you won’t get a response. The map feature that other carriers use to show when the delivery driver is nearby… gone, not there. IMO, the app quality and notification service must improve before anymore stars…

  27. Nicole dice:

    Tracking information and history haven’t been showing up in app for weeks now. I know I have packages coming and already delivered packages that show up when I login on browser version. You’d think this issue would be fixed by now considering how many bad reviews there are about this issue. The browser version is unorganized and inconvenient so it would be nice if the app could be fixed soon. Have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple tines and on different devices, but the issue continues.

  28. Kari Hill dice:

    The app periodically keeps glitches and wipes out my upcoming tracking. It has done this now 4 or 5 times and takes weeks to come back. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, created a new account, and it still does this. It is extremely frustrating. I have quite a few packages delivered almost daily for my business and I can’t see them at all. How can we fix this?

  29. This worked fine for years but now it just opens and closes and won’t work. I tried to send a feedback report on the pop up and it wouldn’t even let me do that. It started the screen then shut down. Just go to the fedex website and input your tracking number there, this app is not working correctly, or use a different delivery service whose app is working.

  30. On Monday the app seemed to log me out of it. I have tried every day this week and it still is telling me to try again later (10 minutes). I have several packages that I was in the process of tracking and an unable to see them now. The odd thing is I go to the regular website and am able to login but again no shipments being shown there. Up until this week I was very pleased with the app as it has made it simpler to keep tabs on shipments. Hope this bug is resolved soon so that the app works.

  31. As others have said, the app used to work but for the past week or so simply won’t load. It just endlessly spins on the loading screen. Edit to reply to developer: If it won’t load telling me to tap something “after logging in” to fix it just demonstrates that you have either not read/understood my complaint or have no clue what you’re talking about. Possibly both.

  32. John Smith dice:

    Completely worthless trash. It does everything but allow you to sign into your account, noatter how many times you install/uninstall it. “Unsuccessful” is the response any time you try to log in with valid credentials, as well as now any time I try to view tracking details. Pathetic they can’t make a simple app. The app works for random tracking numbers, but so does the website. I receive many packages and simply want an app that can log me into my account. Apparently I’m asking too much.

  33. FedEx’s app is just about like their 1 800 number, completely useless! Would not even rate one star if that were an option. Behind their 1 800 number are useless employees who give out misleading, mis-information that doesn’t help at all. When the package(s) is/are delivered correctly, everything goes smoothly. However, they run around with their tail between their legs and don’t know what to do whenever something happens that is an exception to the normal delivery process. #DON’TGOFEDEX

  34. Ellen Berg dice:

    Fedex app won’t let me log in to the delivery manager. When I input my username and password I receive an error that the combination is wrong, but when I log in using a browser I have no issue. I’ve tried uninstalling the app as well as resetting my password numerous times with no luck. What’s the point of the app if you can’t log in and use the full functionality?

  35. Russ P dice:

    Just terrible. Zero notifications, why even bother having that as an option. All you’re doing is having to go in manually and check your tracking. This is not convenient nor helpful. Customer service is some overseas 3rd party BS, extremely hard to understand the accents of so-called customer service representatives. They also don’t know anything other than what you’re seeing on the website. FedEx used to be good.

  36. T T dice:

    The option to remove, watch, etc on each shipment is too small (the three dots to tap on). It’s irritating because just one slight tap can cause the shipment info to come up and you have to keep going back to the main page if you want to remove that shipment from your tracking list. Just make it where you can press down on the shipment tracking and have options pop up?

  37. App has been pretty well to me besides a few complaints. One time it kept crashing when I’d open to view tracking, so delivery was pushed another day back until I could use the door tag #. The other issue I have is not being able to use ‘hold at location’ feature until after the first delivery attempt. It keeps telling me to “try again in a few minutes”. Doesn’t work, so delivery gets pushed back AGAIN until I get the door tag number. Overall good, but glitches have been getting more frequent.

  38. For the most part tracking is accurate. I definitely think there could be more functionality and ease of use for the customer. This morning my package was left at my neighbors. But the app said left on my porch. After 30 mins of searching the neighborhood I found it. Really unimpressed that your driver marked the wrong location. Not to mention I was home and waiting so there was no need to deliver to them instead of me

  39. Mixed bag. Plus: 1. It will remember tracking numbers and give me alerts on my phone (UPS app won’t!), and 2. allow me to give them nicknames so I know what the numbers are. Minus: 1. unstable, crashes when switching screens. 2. UI loses data – when trying to nickname something and switching screens to look something up when I come back all my data is gone. 3. UI doesn’t adjust to keyboard – when manually entering tracking number have to hit escape to uncover the “submit” button.

  40. This app is pretty close to useless now. It’s been that way for some time. You pull up your All or To Me list and see several shipments. You tap on any of them to bring up details and you ALWAYS get a popup that says “The action you requested could not be completed at this time. Please try again in a few minutes.” It’s been that way for at lease a month. So much for trying again in a few minutes! also when you tap on the notifications they no longer open the app. There are many more problems.

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